Meerkat Friday: Caption Contest!


Ruhmember, Meerkat Manor season 3 premieres TONIGHT at 8:30PM e/p On Animal Planet. Check out the Meerkat Manor preview here…

Caption any one of the redonkulous pics below and you could win a prize pack of: an adorable Stuffed Dog, a Dog Bowl, A T-Shirt, Small Meerkat Stuffed Animal, AKC Dog Championship DVD, Hat, and Meerkat Mask. All from Animal Planet.

One winner, with the best caption, will be announced Monday morningk. Go for eet!

Picture 1:

hihihi, stop tickling me!!!, originally uploaded by SophieMuc.

Picture 2:

Where… where… ?, originally uploaded by Hyggelig Photography.

Picture 3:

Good luck! We’re ANXIOUSLY AWAITING your capshuns! 

wildveronica, originally uploaded by Veronica Belmont.




  1. frida_fan66 says:

    Picture !: Yes sir…deep tissue massage combined with pebble therapy does wonders!

  2. My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father. Now prepare to die!

    (No Meerkats were harmed in the making of this film)

  3. Oops, that was for Pic 1

  4. Saint Stryfe says:

    Picture 1:
    Top Meerkat: “Jerry, please explain what we’re doing again.”
    Bottom Meerkat: “I know Meerkat Manor is a great spot, but I have so much more range, I know I can get even bigger roles. Now common, I have an audition to be Heart Attack Patient 3 on the Christmas Episode of ‘ER’ this year and I’m not going to miss out, now help me rehearse!”

    Picture 2:
    Wow, the mandrill is holding up that new Lion Cub again. Eh, ya know, Circle of Life and all that.

    Picture 3:
    Meerkat who is getting bitten: “Bret, if I told you once, I told you 1000 times, I’m Richard, not a large grub.”

  5. Pic 1: Aaaaas yooou wiiiiish!

    Pic 2: What’s that, up in the sky? It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s… oh crap, it’s a predator, ruuuunnn!!!!

    Pic 3: I give you best nosejob you ever seen. Big discount!

  6. Oh, and pic 4, in the proud tradition of LOLcats:


  7. mpkalypso says:

    Picture #1: Tickle Torture!

  8. Spacemouse says:

    Pic #3: “Which part of ‘Shut Up’ didn’t you understand?”

  9. Pic 3: “Hey, you got a little booger there. Yep, right… right… there… hold still, I’ll get it for you.”

  10. Pic 2:

    Whaaa?! We’re on Animal Planet??? Quick, look busy!

  11. Picture 2: Look guys, it’s the ice cream man!

  12. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Pic 3.
    You forgot our annivesary.

  13. 3: Your nose, let me taste eeet, your boogers, zey are so sweet.

  14. Picture 1:

    “Sanka, are you dead?”
    “Ya man.”


  15. punkinberry says:

    Picture 1: “It … was … Guido … Avenge me!”

  16. Pic 1:

    Top- “Just hold still! I’m trying to give you CPR!”
    Bottom- “Aaargh! I’m fine! I’m fine!”

    Pic 2:

    *sings* One of these guys is not like the other…


    One looking at camera- “What? I don’t see it; what’re we looking at again?”


    Director- “Cut! Curious Meerkat #9 is off his looking at the camera again!”

    Pic 3:

    Left- *sigh* “Okay, let’s explain this kissing thing again…”

  17. Picture 1:

    “My dahrleenk, let me lay you dahn for a leetle kees.”
    “Bah, you has eeten gahrleeks again?”

  18. Picture 2:

    “Dear frehns, did you knerw that hulding your cheen up makes you luhk theenner in front of ze camera?”

  19. Pic 2 =
    All your manor are belong to us!!

    Pic 3 =
    R: Just go with me, here. I read these new kissing tips in YM magazine.
    L: What’s YM?
    R: Young and Meerkat. Anyway, this one’s called “The Plaque Remover.”
    L: I think you should cancel your subscription.

  20. pic 1:

    CPR? I can’t even spell it!

    (shoutout to Dr. Dolittle)

  21. Pic 1:

    Nononono…I gotta pee! hahaha I gotta go pee!!

    Pic 2: Remember? Like in Independence Day ?!

    Pic 3: And the dentist not ONLY clean my teeth..he whitened them as well..TAKE A LOOK!

    Pic 4: I wish the dentist would have done my teeth half as well as that meerkats (sad)

  22. spatialbean says:

    Pic #3 –

    I had garlic for lunch…how’s my breffs?

  23. Pic 2: Look! There’s Barry Bonds’ latest home run ball! Quick laddies, get it! We can make a pretty penny off it on eBay!

  24. Pic 3: Smell my breath, dammit, smell it NOW!

  25. Pic 1: Wake up, wake up! We’re on Cute Overload!

  26. Picture 3

    R: Man I want to look good for the ladies this season

    L: I hear yah man, do you know you got something right here *points to nose*

    R: Get it quick here comes Gloria

    L: *chomp*

    R: Thanks man

    L: Thats what wingmen are for

  27. Pic 1: No, thank you! I have already had zee free KAT-SCAN today!

  28. 1.
    Hey bebeh, come here and give me lots of keess!

  29. Pic 2: LOOK! LOOK! EVERYONE! Eet is zee Mommeh Ship!! Someone must have Phoned Home!!! Le Huh? Oh no-it eez meer-ly zee Animal Planet Helicoptaire-not zat zere ees anyzing wrong weeth zat!!!

  30. Pic 1:

    “Either get off my foot, or lose some weight.”

    Pic 2:

    MCat 1: Is it a bird?
    MCat 2: Is it a plane?
    MCat 3: No it’s SUPER MEERCAT!
    MCat 4: Or maybe a vulture?

    Pic 3:

    Fuzzy had been so worried about his first kiss, but Brenda still thought he was cute.

    Pic 4:

    “If I hadn’t put super glue on my fingers, I might have been able to climb out this hole. Is that a storm cloud?”

  31. Joonaire!! Eef I have told you once I have told you a thouzand timez-you MUST brush zee teeth before zee Meerkat Manor taping!! Oh Mommeh!!! Le chillz!!!

  32. Pic 2: LOOK! LOOK! EVERYONE! Eet is zee Mommeh Ship!! Someone must have Phoned Home!!! Le Huh? Oh no-it eez meer-ly zee Animal Planet Helicoptaire-not zat zere ees anyzing wrong weeth zat!!!

  33. 1. Quick, start chest compressions!

    2. Which one of you guys will flag down the ambulance.

    3. How many times do I have to tell you not to cry wolf with those prank cardiac arrests???

  34. Picture 1:

    Spock held Kirk as he fought the insidious alien mental atttack!!!

    Picture 2: “Can you smell pizza?”

  35. pic 1:
    Squinky? Squinky?! Dude.. it was just a hawk, c’mon already!

  36. pic 2:
    Stop! Everyone stop! Do you smell that? That sweet aroma tickling my very soul? Mmm…grubs!

  37. pic 1: “Ahhh…that’s the spot….You’re so good with your paws (masseuse).

    pic 2:
    LOOOOOK…it’s the Mothership!!

    pic 3: Don’t bite off your nose to spite your face!

  38. Picture 1 :

    Ahhh, right there. That’s the spot.

  39. kk3 LOL, we had the exact same

  40. Picture 1: *Tickle* *Tickle* See what happens when you try to sleep in?

    Picture 2: Was that the dinner bell? I swore I heard something.

    Picture 3: Give us a kiss, luv. Biting come later.

    Picture 4: I’m a meerkat! Look, guys! I’m a meerkat!

  41. pic 3
    ow… I told you… uf… that your braces… ow… would get caught… OW! STOP IT! on my nose ring! Oh no, what are we going to tell my Mom?

  42. pic 1 – prepare to be meer-malised pic 2 – it was a relatively poor turn out to the first annual Uncle Fester look alike convention pic 3 – hey, i was just air-kronsching, is it my fault if you were standing in the way?

  43. Peg of Tilling says:

    Picture #4: Sheila had a lovely sandwich at the meerkat picnic.

  44. Picture 1: The finale to Donizetti’s “Lucia di Lammeerkatmoor”. Our heroine, sung by Dame Joan Sutherkat, has just finished her mad scene to thunderous applause at the Meerkatpolitan Opera House.

  45. Pic 1: Bottom ‘Kat: Dude, yer doin’ the CPR wrong! You gotta flip me over first! We’ll never get our certification..

    Pic 2: “Man, Bob… what did you EAT? That was some righteous gas.”

    Pic 3: “I can’t believe you lost your nose hair clippers AGAIN…”

    Pic 4: Girl: Hmm… I think I took a wrong turn at Albequerque…

  46. Picture 3: “I’m sorry, Nigel. I thought it was a snozzberry”.

  47. Pic 2:
    “I for one welcome our new alien overlords.”

  48. Stephanie C. says:

    Picture 3: When I said, “Kiss me, you fool,” this was NOT what I had in mind!

  49. Pic 1:
    Top Meerkat: “I know why this happened…I never see you standing up straight anymore”

    Bottom Meerkat: “Owwww….owww, right there, right there.”

    (and another for this pic)
    Pic 1: “Can we at least have dinner first?”

  50. Picture one:
    I gots to clean yous now says little meerkat and tackles big meerkat
    but I hate being groomed let me go .

    Picture two: hey gang what is that in the sky?
    I don’t know says another ?
    I know what it is , its that lion flying thru ther aires from over at Kruger
    Not funny says momma meerkat got to the tunnel!!!

    Picture three:
    I told you momma would not like that flying lion trick chomps mouth

  51. Picture 2: “Dang it, Rhonda! We bring the entire family to WallyWorld and NOBODY remembers where we parked the car! And no, kids, we are NOT going back into the park so get back here!”

  52. pic 1: top kat to bottom kat – your eyes say no but your leeeps say yes, yes, yes!
    pic 2: coffee’s on at irma’s den…and she’s got danish too!
    pic 3: mmmm…tastes like chicken.

  53. Stephanie says:

    Pic 1:
    Meerkat two: HAHA! Psyke!

  54. Picture 3: You can pick your friends………you can pick your nose………but you CAN’T pick your friend’s nose……..okay I guess you can!

  55. radiogirl says:

    Pic 2: What, it’s the Rapture already? But I haven’t finished the latest “Left Behind” novel!

  56. Picture 2: OMG!! Aaaah, look up there!! Okay, now that they’re distracted let’s make our escape!

  57. Picture 3: You know, I don’t think this is the most effective way to clean my teeth.

  58. adinaduke says:

    pic 1:
    is it so wrong to play doctor with your sister?

  59. Rita Marx says:

    Pic 1: “Koochie koochie coooo. I wuv you”

    Pic 2: “Did someone say, ‘Free pizza’?”

    Pic 4: After undergoing regression hypnosis therapy, the patient discovered she was a meerkat in a previous life.

  60. Suz in Jersey says:

    #1: Meer, far, wherever you are

    my heart will go on

    #2: Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

    #3: The competition is fierce on the Meerkat Manor/America’s Next Top Model crossover

  61. adinaduke says:

    pic 3:
    (all muffled and mushy mouthed) me braces stick to your braces!

  62. Kate,

    Apologies, but #1 should be: “My name is Inigo Montoya. You leeked my father. Prepare to die!”

    Hee hee!

  63. adinaduke says:

    pic 1:
    is it so wrong to play doctor with my sister?

    pic 3:
    (all muffled and mushy mouthed) me braces stick to your braces!

  64. Pic 1. MK1: “cough cough. I can’t make it. Go on without me.” MK2: “I shall never leevz u”

    Pic 2. “Boss – Da plane, da plane!”

    Pic 3. “Now seez here. Get me some grubs see. If u do not, I make a you smells my breath, see.”

  65. Picture 1: “Okay, okay, UNCLE! I’m sorry I ate your Lunchable!”

  66. Picture1
    “Sir,if you touch me there again, I shall scream”.

  67. Pic 1: “Come on, Mr. Frodo, I can’t carry it for you, but I can carry you!”

  68. Picture 1:

    “Bob! BOB! Are you okay?” (Pause) “Oh stop it, Bob. You are not going to impress the ladies with your I’m in distress routine.”

    Picture 2:

    “These family picnics are great, but I think we forgot to figure out who was bringing the food.”

    Picture 3:

    “Okay, smart guy, now say it again. HOW bad to you think I smell?”

    Picture 4:

    “I think I’m taking the research portion of writing this meerkat paper too far.”

  69. Pic 4: Watch what you say… she’s no meerkat, but no one has the heart to tell her.

  70. Positive Jube says:

    pic 3 – tree snorgling only results in one thing…. splinters.

  71. KSechrist says:

    Caption for #1:


  72. Picture 1:
    Oh, you have some tension here in your rotator cuff.

    Picture 2: It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… SuperMeerkat!!!

    Picture 3: Dude, it’s called personal space. Read about it.

    Picture 4: Meerkat announcer: “We’ve spotted a strange animal off in the distance… she seems to be mocking us!”

  73. Pic 3:

    that’s not how you snorgle, THIS is how you snorgle!

    *careful wif the teefs!*

  74. Pic #1:

    Kat 1: [Dramatic music swells] “Tell my wife… I love her. Everything’s… getting dark…”

    Kat 2: “No, Julio, don’t go!” [Sobs] “Noooo!!!!”

    Narrator: “Stay tuned for scenes from the next As the Manor Turns.”

  75. Caption for #3: (Heavy NooYawk accent) “Stick yer nose in my bizness and dis is what you get!” Total gangsta!!!

  76. Pic #1: “You seem to be carrying a lot of tension right here. How does this feel?” “Oo, oo, ouchie, awwww.”

  77. Pic 1: But, Mom! We were just playing! We didn’t mean to break your dirt vase!

    Pic 2: The third annual fireworks show was a sellout. Of course, there’s always that family that has to walk in front of everyone because they arrived late.

    Pic 3: First kisses are always awkward. You’re never sure exactly where your lips will land.

    Pic 4: She wanted to be a meerkat for Halloween, but she forgot her costume. Maybe by acting like one, she could be one anyway.

  78. Pic 2:

    “It’s a plane!”
    “Ben, what should we do?”
    “You can be at the beach in an hour. There might be survivors! And you are one of them. Go!”

    (only works if you are a “Lost” fan!)

  79. Pic 1:

    “Not tonight dear, I have a headache.”

  80. Liz Tracey says:

    Picture 1:

    “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!”

  81. pic 1 yes, I’m ok. But look! Abbbalanch!

    Pic 2 Do you smell that? I think teh kitteh had an accident,ok, everyone spread out so we can find it before the vicar comes for tea…

    pic 3 This is what happens at the end of the lady and the tramp spaghetti moment…

  82. Bridgemix says:

    pic 1: Pinned ya again!

  83. KristoCat says:

    Pic 1: I told you, honey, right now I JUST NEED SOME SPACE OK??

    Pic 2: It’s a bird, it’s a plane…

    Pic 3: You have something on the corner of your mouth… there. I got it.

  84. picture 1 “stop it!! hehe, i can’t breathe! hehe, i’m gonna die! hehe”

    picture three “you can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose….i guess this guy never heard that saying”

  85. Pic #1: “dahlink! dahlink! wake up! it’s time!!

  86. Pic 1: AAARGH! Where did you say you learned shiatsu?

    Pic 2: Da plane! Da plane!

  87. #2:

    Quick, people are watching! Remember, make them think we’re cute fuzzy animals and know nothing about those so-called alien abductions!

  88. Pic 1. Yes yes, Iz sure, three buffalo just over zat hill over derz.

    Pic 2. They totally felz for it, “look an elephant”, hurry letz get out of here.

    Pic 3. HOOOONK!!!!

  89. 1. Now, I’m concerned that you’re carrying a lot of stress in your shoulders…


  90. Elizabeth says:

    Pic 1:
    M1: I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!
    M2: That obsolete cultural reference hasn’t been funny for ten years. Get up already, and get over it.
    Pic 3:
    M1: Got your nose!!!!
    M2: If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times YOU’RE NOT ACTUALLY SUPPOSED TO GET MY NOSE IN THIS GAME. *sighs* Some meerkats never learn.

  91. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Picture 1: For the last time I’m Up Already. Now turn off the Alarm and Let Me Sleep. ZZZZZZZ

    Picture 2: The Plane The Plane

    Picture 3: For the Last Time I Brushed Them Already.

    Picture 4: That’s quite a hole you’ve dug for yourself.

  92. Kim - Mommy of Nike, Spot, Winston, Tiger and Scooter says:

    1.) Is that your spot, I got your spot didn’t I – you luv it soooooooooo….

    2.) We all pray to you – LORD MEERKAT!!!

    3.) I told you NOT to kiss me like that in front of everyone.

    4.) I don’t even know what to say about this one….

  93. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Picture 1 Looks like the dude on top is giving CPR

  94. Pic #2: “Look – that one – doesn’t that cloud look like an elephant?”

  95. 1: Aww…how’d you find me? I guess I’m not very good at hide and seek.
    2: Standing ‘Kats: Yay! Macarena!
    Moving ‘Kats: We are *so* outta here.
    3: Left ‘Kat: Um, I don’t think my nose makes a very good toothbrush…
    Right ‘Kat: It’s not like we get dental with our insurance!

  96. Pic 3:

    Iz my first kees too, Raoul, but I still finks you’re doing it wrong.

  97. Pic 1: “I’ll never let go, Jack!”

  98. I vote for Kipling:

    Picture 3: “I’m sorry, Nigel. I thought it was a snozzberry”.

    Posted by: Kipling | Aug 10, 2007 at 05:00 AM

  99. Picture 1: I saw this move on UFC last week.

    Picture 2: Do you smell food?

    Picture 3: Do I need any orbit?

  100. Pic 1:

    Pic 2:
    That boom mike is sooo close to being in the shot, totally gonna ruin the whole reality show feel here, boys…

    Pic 3:
    You CAN pick your friends nose!
    (explanation: You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose.)

  101. Pic 2:

    “Those ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ group numbers are getting more and more authentic.”


    Cat Deely: “These are the girls… and here are your guys!”

  102. Picture 1:
    MK1: Hmm… well it looks like SOMEONE hasn’t been flossing twice a day. You have a serious cavity between D2 and D3, and that’s just the beginning. And, omigod… is that… you have a frigging SCORPION TAIL stuck between your back molars! Gross man, I’m not playing dentist anymore.

  103. pic 1: don’t you die on me! don’t you die on me!

  104. penguinlover says:

    #1: How many times do I have to tell you? We are MEERKATS not POSSUMS??? We do NOT play dead when there is trouble, we run!!!

    #2: Cloud watching: “Seriously, that cloud over there looks like a giant grub!” “Where? I just don’t see it, but this one here looks just like the scorpion I had for breakfast!”

    #3: “Did the whitening treatment work, man?” “I don’t know, but you have a huge grub in your teeth…right here…”

    #4: These scientist types that study animals really do get into their work, don’t they?

  105. Picture 1 – Stop it, October is breast cancer awareness month!

    Picture 2 – Someone order a pizza?

    Picture 3 – Aww, Mom, everyone from class is looking.

  106. Jess, LA, CA says:

    #1 – The knot eez een the uppar back. I will smooth eet out, non?

    #2 – Just what is that thing on Devil’s Tower?

    #3 – A kees to build a dream on

  107. MaggieBelle says:

    Pic 1: “Lenny, not tonight. I told you I have a headache.”

  108. mervtheflamingo says:

    Picture 1:

    “You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can be used against you in a court of law…”

  109. #1: “Say uncle!”
    #2: “Who’s grilling?”
    #3: “Hold still! I’ve almost got the grub out of your nose”

  110. Picture #2: “MOM!?”

  111. #3: U gots a booger.

  112. Picture #1: Does it hurt when I press here?

  113. Pic 1: “How’s the pressure?” “Good, thanks.”

    Pic 2: “The fireworks were much better last year.”

    Pic 3: “Ur Rife, dis boogie is stuck!”

  114. Picture 2-OK WHO let that one?? OMG those burritos.

  115. jessiesgirl says:

    Pic 1: “Could you move a little to the right? I’ve got a huge stress knot above my shoulder.”

    Pic 2: “Okay all you single ladies out there — the bride is about to throw the bouquet! Are you ready? 1… 2… 3…”

    Pic 3: “Do I have something in my teeth?”

  116. Picture 3: Now that’s teamwork!

  117. Ashleigh Sullivan says:

    Picture 1:

    Yeah, yeah right there! That’s the spot! My back has been SO tight lately.

    Picture 2:

    Look up! It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s…

    Picture 3:

    Can’t really decide if I want to kiss you or bite you.. you are just too cute!

  118. I love the Inidgo Montiya one 😀

  119. Picture 1: “CLEAR!”

  120. #1: “Just Kiddinks!
    I are not dead.”

    #2: BAROO?

    #3: No talk for you.

    #4: “…’different’ how?”

  121. Pic #1: I SAID, 5 more minutes!!!

  122. #1: Heheha – OK! Haha! OK OK! I promise – no more wet willies!

    #2: Ah darn – I thought THIS was the Harry Potter line…

    #3: Doggone it Frank! I’m tellin ya – you need to get glasses!

  123. Picture 1:

    John! John! Speak to me! SAY something!

    Picture 2:

    Allright boys, who scared off the stripper?

    Picture 3:

    Um … hon? You gotta keep your teeth IN.

  124. Picture 3: I Eeeeeat your face.

  125. 1. Clear!

    2. Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Super Weasel!

    3. Mmmm, tastes like chicken!
    — or — Gotchur Nose!

    4. When I get nervous I put my fingers in my armpits and sniiiiffff! Superstah!

  126. 1) Don’t you quit on me!

  127. Picture 1:


  128. Jessamyn W. says:

    Picture 2: “Ahh, I told Johnny that ‘kat’apult was a bad idea….”



  130. Picture 1:
    “OH stop!! it tickles!! Hahaha!! Stop it before i- bwahahahaha!!! Ok ok, i get it, you can stop now…”

    Picture 2:
    “Thur it is, dontcha see it? Its another of them weird UFA’s or sumthin’ like that!! Quick call the hotline, they can’t say it’s not real, we all saw it!!”

    Picture 3:
    Betty’s first kiss with Bob wasn’t exactly what she thought it would be…

    Picture 4: Sally just wasn’t like the other kids….

  131. Pic 2: Well, not really a caption, the pic needs audio, the “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” theme. First thing I thought of when I saw this pic.

    Pic 3: You’ve got some spinach stuck in your teeth. Let me help you with that.

  132. Picture 1: “Annie, Annie, are you okay?”

  133. Catherine says:

    Okay, okay!!!! I was just kidding!

  134. Catherine says:

    Pic. 3
    Can you hear me now????

  135. Catherine says:

    Pic 2
    Ok kids, but don’t go too far.

  136. Catherine says:

    Pic 1
    I’m TELLING!!!!!!

  137. Catherine says:

    Pic 1,
    Okay, okay!!!! I was just kidding!

  138. Catherine says:

    Pic 4,
    Hey, who kissed the frog???

  139. Catherine says:



  140. Catherine says:

    ….a baby left alone in the desert and raised by the Meerkats.

  141. Picture 1:

    “I said ‘No Happy Ending’!”

  142. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Catherine that is funny. That should win.

  143. #1 Picture

    Client Meerkat – “Does this come with a happy ending?”

    Massage Therapist Meerkat – “Umm. No.”

  144. wait wait wait… does it say only 1 person gets the prize? i thought it was whoever got the best caption each photo. so it just chooses one of the best from the 1’s that get chosen for captions?? ok, i’m confused…

  145. #3 Picture
    (In Homer Simpson Voice)

    “Mmmm. Boogers.”

  146. #3 Picture
    (In Homer Simpson Voice)

    “Mmmm. Boogers.”

  147. Pic 1:

    Top Meerkat: You can’t die!

    Bottom Meerkat: Strong am I with the Force, but not that strong.

    Pic 3:

    “Ah ha! Caught you red nosed! You WERE in the cookie jar….mmm..chocolate.”

  148. Meg: You deserve every penny you are making off this.

  149. Pic #1 : I said, who’s your daddy!

  150. #1) Ahhhh, that’s just the right spot! I get so tense these days!

    #2) Wow, IMAX theaters are really impressive!

    #3) HONK

  151. Picture one: Okay, I know you are just faking it. You got about ten seconds before I actually start mouth to mouth. Ten…nine…eight…

    Picture three: Listen, the other meerkats stole my toothbrush this morning, I guess they thought it was funny. Just give me a few more seconds and I’ll be done here, squeaky clean.

  152. ThreeCatNight says:

    The Meerkat Version of The Godfather:

    Don Vito Meerkato greets Bonasera on the day of his daughter’s wedding:

    ” Godfather, I believe in America. And now, Godfather, with great respect, I bite your nose!”
    “Bonasera, I’d rather you’d kiss my paw!”

  153. Picture 1:
    SOMEONE CALL 911! Hold on Charlie! Don’t go towards the light! 1…2…3…4…breath and 1…2…3…4…breath

  154. Mina Calanbriar says:

    Caption #1: I got you , babe! (sung to Sonny & Cher tune)

    Caption #2: Holy slugs! Al Gore WAS right. Global warming is for real!

    Caption #3: Congested, huh? This should clear you right out!

    Caption #4: What Flower the Whisker meerkat matriarch would look like if she were a human. She’s thinking “Mozart! GET AWAY FROM CARLOS! I MEAN IT!”

  155. Pic #1: Now let’s see, is it tilt head, lift chin, check breathing…or is it check chin, lift head, tilt breathing?

  156. Picture 1:

    Meercat pulmonary resuscitation, stat!

  157. Merkeet Manner (Season 1)…I duz CPR on u

  158. picture one:

    meerkat on ground: “gahk!”

    Meerkat standing: “Don’t you die on me! One and two and three and four and five and BREEEAAATH!”

    picture two:

    Meerkat 1: “Huh. I guess we were wrong about that whole ‘kite/weight ratio’ thing.”

    Meerkat 2: “Yup. So … how long do you think he can hold on for?

    picture 3:
    Meerkat on L: “You know, there might be an easier way to do this?”

    Meerkat on R: “Hold still … I’m almost done. OK! Gimme the nose ring!”

  159. hee hee… gotta give this a try.

    Pic 1: “Yep, there’s definately something stuck in your throat… dear GOD what HAVE you been eating?!”

    Pic 3: “Dude. Personal space. We’ve talked about this before.”

  160. Picture #1 – “a little more to the left….. ahhhh that’s it”

  161. Picture Three:
    Meerkats make their first tentative steps into the alternative world of body piercing. Notice how the dominant meerkat female is the first to undergo the strange nose piercing ritual.

    Picture One:
    “There’s a what in my where?!?!?!”

    “What do you mean you can’t find the acupuncture needle?????”

  162. #1) MC1: “Oh no! He’s dead! Now how does that CPR go?”
    MC2: “Hey, I’m trying to have a nap”

    #2) Waiting for the Great Pumpkin.

    #3) “Fine! I brushed my teeth! Is *that* clean enough for you?!?”

  163. Pic 1
    Uncle, say Uncle!!!

  164. Sheri Lockwood says:

    For Pic 1: How many chest compressions before we give the “kiss of Life”–did any one call 911?


  166. pugmamatimestwo says:

    Picture 3: “Kiss me! Kiss me like you’ve never kissed me before!”

    (Or does anyone still remember Hot Shots: Part Deux?)

  167. Picture 1: Just a wee bit to the left.. aah, that’s it!

    Picture 2: Finally, a UFO that knows meerkats are the true leaders of the Earth!

    Picture 3: Yup, that bagel you had this morning WAS tasty!

  168. Pic 1: Hurry in now and you too can get a free massage from Meerkat Mesees!

    Pic 2: (whispered conversation between the meerkats on the rock)
    sitting kat: Haha! I told you they’d start looking up if we both did!
    standing kat: *snicker* Shhhhh!
    sitting kat: You still owe me $5

    Pic 3: *voice in the background* Oh oh, this one’s gettin’ real grumpy now!
    (meerkat baring teeth) You heard Steve (Irwin)! DON’T muck with me!

  169. ohh my i die when isaw your blog… it issssssssssss soooooo cute.

  170. Pic 1:

    Nipple Twister, AAAAAAHHHH!

    Pic 2:

    MK on the right, in the front just said,
    “Look the sky is falling!”
    and as everyone looks up at the sky, he smiles at the camera and says, “Heh, heh, suckers.”

    Pic 3:
    I TOLD you, no tongue!

  171. Photo 1:
    “Get off me, Frank! I said I had a headache.”

    Photo 2:
    “I told you we shouldn’t have invited Linda…three margheritas in and she’s on the roof flashing the neighbors.”

    Photo 3:
    “Do I have something in my TEEEETH?”

  172. Catsquatch says:

    Pic 1
    “A little more to the left… yeah, right there, that spot has been just KILLIN me!”

    Pic 2
    “Im tellin ya, its a weather balloon, not a UFO.”

    Pic 3
    “Hold still, you got a booger right… there.”

    Pic 4
    “Maybe if I play this teensy tiny harmonica very sweetly, the Meerkats will get close enough for me to PET THEM!”

  173. Picture #1 – oooohhh yeah, thats the spot!

    Picture #2 – The meerkats enjoying a day off watching the Blue Angels perform overhead.

    Picture #3 – Holds snout closed while growling “you must never talk about the meercave, its my secret hideout”!

  174. CareaBearaSara says:

    Pic 1: Hold still I have to practice my CPR skills so I can pass the babysitting class! You know how many kids are around here I’ll make so much money!!

    Pic 3: If only I had opposable thumbs, I could pop your zit better…can’t wait till you’re done with puberty.

  175. pic 1: you seem a little tense between the shoulders, let me take care of that for you.

    pic 2: the mother ship is landing!

    pic 3: i know you love lady and the tramp, but we need a grub to reenact that scene…

  176. Pic 3

    Fine. Next time you floss them yourself! huff

  177. 1- meerkat 1- “oh my god, oh my god bob! BOB WAKE UP! no i WILL NOT let this happen!”
    meerkat 2- “GOTCHA!”

    2- “i smell…..STEAK!!!”

    3- “make sure you floss regularly..”

  178. Picture 3:
    “Do I have grub in my teeth?”
    “No, but you breath is horrible.”

  179. Pic 1: One onethousand Two onethousand Three onethousand. Curses, Jim, you will not leave me now, not like this! Breathe! Nooo, Jiiiimmmmm!!!!

    Pic 2: (Three on all fours): Yeah, I know you all think you’re pretty hot, but for real, you are taking this business of walking around with your noses in the air a little too seriously.

    Pic 3: I know you wanted to spice it up in the bedroom, but sweety, this just is not sexy.

  180. Pic 1: “Now…does it hurt when I push here?”

    Pic 2: “Would you look at that cloud? It looks like a bunny!”

  181. #2

    Yes…We hear and obey you Master. They shall all perish.

  182. Picture 3:
    “Nom nom nom tas-tes like chee-ken”

  183. So far, I still think Meg’s hovertext caption for pic #1 is best! I’m leaving it…

    Pic #2: “Bogies at 10…11…wait, no: 12 o’clock! Sweet Jesus, we’re surrounded! DUCK & COVER!!

    Pic #3: “Bogies? I can has your bogies?”

    Pic #4: “Hmm (Mnawm mnawm mnawm) those ‘cats are onto something…”

  184. 1. “You eeediot! I said CIRCULAR motions! No tip for you!

    2. “AAAAAHHHHHNNNNN!!! Ice Cream Truck!! Do they have scorpion flavored?”

    3. I do not like your tone sir, so I shall stuff my nosicle into your general direction. Oops, this was not exactly what I’d had in mind. Forgive?

  185. Pic 1: Scene from ‘From Meer to Eternity’ starring Dirt Lankatster

  186. pic 1: unless this massage comes with a complimentary robe, i want my money back.

    pic 2: if i build “what” they will come?

    pic 3: this may not be the time, honey, but my braces are stuck on your nose ring…

  187. Juan Padilla says:

    Pic 1: UNCLEEEEE!!!!!

    Pic 3: Dude, your breath smells fine. Now get off me!

  188. Pic 1:
    Duuuuude!!! Dooooon’t!!!

  189. #3

    Mr. Chomps: “For Halloween I will be the scariest vampire! I must practice now. Muahahahaha!”

    Mr. Chomped with nose full of meerteeth: “I sink you missth by deck.”

  190. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Pic 2: Waiting for the Food Drop

  191. 4. We will be featuring “Mona the Meerkat” on an all new epsiode of Girls Gone Wild.

  192. Pic 3: ‘You know how to whistle for meerkats don’t you?’

  193. Oh no! Aoife stole my caption! I too thought of the “Close Encounters” theme for picture 2, first thing.

  194. Shannon Johnson says:

    I really can’t think of any captions, but I think the pictures are so cute.

  195. Picture 1: “Stop moving! I need to find your Xiphoid process.”

  196. Picture 2:

    How The Grinch envisioned Christmas morning in Whoville…

    “Three thousand feet up! Up the side of Mount Crumpit,
    He rode to the tiptop to dump it!
    “Pooh-pooh to the Whos!” he was grinch-ish-ly humming.
    “They’re finding out now that no Christmas is coming!
    “They’re just waking up! I know just what they’ll do!
    “Their mouths will hang open a minute or two
    “The all the Whos down in Who-ville will all cry BOO-HOO!” “

  197. homer mariner says:

    Pic #1: (during meerkat wilderness rescue course…) Ooh, I can’t wait for the part where we practice mouth to mouth!

  198. pic #1:
    “yaiiiiii oh gawd, my hamstring!”
    ” I TOLD you not to show off like that! *sigh* You okay pookie?”

    pic #3:
    meerkat #1: hunny, let’s go dancin’ tonight!”
    meerkat #2: not interested.
    meerkat #1: but I’m bored!”
    meerkat #2: so?
    Meerkat #1: *growls, steps closer* I’m also pms’ing.
    Meerkat #2: *gulp* dancing sounds great!

  199. Pic #1

    Joo are so teense, bebeh. Joo been keeping zee watch too long. Let me help joo. Jos’ relax. Oh!, Deed I hit a painful schpot. I sorry.

  200. RufusXavierSasparilla says:

    Pic 1: meerkat on bottom: Julieet, thou wert faking its? AHHH, now I die for NOZTHINGS?!
    meerkat on top: Dude, you forgot to bring the sword.
    director: CUT! Dammeet! Amateurs, you are all le fireds.

    Pic 3: Seriously, Stan, I still just don’t find you all that intimidating. Now please, stop. *sigh*

  201. Pic #1:
    Top Meerkat (Jack Bauer): “You WILL tell me what I need to know! WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR?

    Bottom Meerkat: Alright, I’ll tell you! Pleeeeaaase, have mercy!

  202. Pic 1: There’s nothing, Sam… nothing between me… and the EYE!!!

  203. Pic #1
    Kay!Kay! I geeve up. I’ll stand looksee then.

  204. Pic 2: Awww, man! It’s time to go back to our planet now…

    Pic 3: Brother, you owe me BIG time for this…now just hold still.

  205. This nosicle is not as tasty as it looks.

  206. Please dont’ make me go to rehab! I won’t go! No! No!

  207. Picture 1: Don’t worry – I know CPR! Now is it 1 breath for every 12 compressions or 2?

    Picture 2: We’ve been waiting for days and still no sign of Supermeerkat!

    Picture 3: You got a little something on your nose. Here I’ve got it.

  208. kitty-bit says:

    Pic #2: Dad: Ok, kids, time for the fireworks! Jimmy, go the popcorn?
    Jimmy: Check
    Dad: Jane, got the soda pop?
    Jane: Check, dad.
    Dad: And the blanket? Who’s got the blanket? Aw, crikey, I forgot the blanket!

  209. Picture One:

    Lola: You mean…you were faking a heart attack just to get me to do CPR?!?

    Steve: Hey, with a tail like yours, who can blame me for tryin’ to get a l’il action?

  210. Picture 1:
    Ohhhhh…Ahhhhhh…yeah..right there…that’s the spot!

    Picture 2: At the “Meat MeerKat”
    Meerkat on the rock: “Dude! Check out that hottie!”
    Meerkat by the log: “Whatev man, she’s waaaaaay too tall for you.”

    Picture 3: Wait, you’ve got something on your nose, let me get it for you…stay still! Eh!

  211. pic 1: stop tickling me (giggling) I’m going to pee my pants (giggles again)

    pic 2: did you see who moved in nextdoor.

    pic 3:yup, your tooth is loose.

  212. Julie Barman says:

    Pic #1: “It’s OK! I know CPR!”

    Pic #2: “Is that a monolith?”

    Pic #3: “Hey, do I have something in my teeth?”

  213. radiogirl says:

    Pic one:


  214. Mom! COme quick! A poptart is stuck in the toaster again!
    pic 2
    Did someone fall in the fire again? I think that is the Survivor medivacs!
    pic 3
    Kissing would be better if Flower had sprung for orthodontia! This underbite is dangerous.

  215. Picture 1: Oh hi! I thought you needed the CPRs!

    Picture 2: Three running meerkats: “Yeah yeah, it’s up there just keep looking…we’re not running away from home or anything so, yeah, don’t look down!”

    Picture 3: How you know he’s just not into you.

    Picture 4: After three hours in the meerkat exhibit, no one had the heart to tell Veronica the truth.

  216. Cassandra says:

    Pic 1: NOOOO!! MAAA!! I had a bath just yesterday!!!

    Pic 2: Yumm!!! Someone’s baking meercat cookies!!!

  217. Picture 1: Over to the left just a little, okay, now up a tad, ehn, that’s just right!

    Picture 2: Does anybody else smell barbecue? Bob can you see what the neighbors are having?

    Picture 3: All I said was we should’ve turned south at the big rock and east at the skinny tree – geez! You don’t have to bite my head off!

  218. 1. I’m tired of playing ‘possum, let’s play otter.
    2. I think I hear the ice cream truck!
    3. Eetz meerly a love kronch.
    4. There are easier ways to get onto C.O., my friend.

  219. Picture 2:

    Whoa…who knew us meerkats were so aerodynamical…

  220. sashamonster says:

    Picture 1:

    Meerkat 1: That’s quite a knot you’ve got there.

    Meerkat 2: Work it out! I can take it!!

  221. Picture 3

    Honey, I know I said I’d love you whatever, but have you been licking your butt again?

  222. Tracy Wilson-Tucker says:

    #1: What have you done with the pickles???!!!

    #2: Where’d it go?

    #3: You can’t get this at Starbucks.

  223. Teri Dumbrigue says:

    Pic 1: Yo creo que tu eres un gordito muy simpatico!

    Pic 2: Woop! Woop! Party over here! Woop! Woop!

    Pic 3: I told you…NO OPERA!

  224. Picture 2: Does anyone else hear “Also Sprach Zarathustra”?

  225. Trinky dink says:

    Picture 1:

    “Hey! Don’t rub so hard! I don’t think that this Rolfing thing is really for me!”

    Picture 3:

    “I’ll do it for you this once, but from now on you’ll have to remember to carry a hankie!”

  226. tenderoni says:

    picture 1: You seem a little tight here… I know this hurts but trust me, it’s worth it.

  227. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Picture 4: Down on her luck and no place to call home. Mr. and Mrs. Meerkat took Veronica into their home.

  228. Picture 1: “Help, help, I’m being oppressed!”

  229. pic 2: Who farted????
    Not me. Not me. I don’t smell anything!

  230. Picture 1:
    Meerkat on ground: It wasn’t me, I swear!
    Meerkat on top: Yeah, right, like my underwear got up on the flagpole by magic! You Could have at least used clean underwear!

    Picture 2:
    Meerkat1: The sky is falling!
    Meerkat2: What?! The sky is falling?!
    Meerkat3: What?! The sky is falling?!
    Meerkat4: What? Ow! The sun is bright!

    Picture 3:
    “My date’s here! Quick! Smell my breath…is it clean?”

  231. Connie Warmath says:

    #1 – Please stop practicing CPR on ME!!!
    #2 – Da Plane, Da Plane …..What’s a plane???
    #3 – You can pick your friends but you shouldn’t pick your friend’s nose….

  232. VenusStar says:

    I only did the first one…

    picture1: I told you, I didn’t take your scorpion! I don’t even like them! Why won’t you BELIEVE ME?

  233. Pic 1
    “Say Uncle…”

    Pic 3

    “Up a little…now left…a little more.. THERE. Scratch.”

  234. Picture 3:
    “Now hold still dear. Quit squirming. You’ve got a little smudge…” spits onto smudge
    “ewwww! why can’t you just use water?”

  235. John Nondorf says:

    photo #4:

    Actually, I prefer meerkathryn.

  236. for Picture 1:

    “Then roll the Meerkat in crunchy coating before baking.”

  237. Piktur 2:

    Its a bird! Its a plane! Its a FROG!


  238. Picture #3:
    “Yessir, Dale. I see wha ya mean. Dis shoor is a hard one. *eehhh ehhh* Dagnabit, I almost had it, hold still, Dale! *gnaww, nibble, CRUNCH* HOTDOG, I GOT IT…How’d you get dat up in der?

  239. *Titanic theme playing in background*
    “Promise me, Rose. Promise you’ll never let go!”
    “I promise, Jack.”
    *Celine Dion belts out: “Nearrrr, Faaarrrr, whereeeeeverrr you arrreee…”*

  240. 1. oh, please- you KNOW I WAS safe.

    Meerkat !: Nope. Don’t see him.
    Meerkat 2: If he’s more thatn thirty minutes late, it’s free!
    Meerkat 3: Dang! Shoulda asked for extra larvae!

    3. Nosey: You can’t be serious.
    Toothy: Lemme just try it, okay? My denstist said-
    Nosey: I call bullsh#t- meerkats don’t have dentists.
    Toothy: well then, who gave me this ‘Mister Floss-A-Way’ lollipop?
    Nosey: I have no idea,but the fact remains that we as meerkats have no dental insurance.
    Toothy: Hey, YOU voted for the guy, I didn’t.
    Nosey: Point taken…use my nose.

    4: Now, I just have to get one of the males to notice me….

  241. (That was for Picture #1: the Titanic post)

  242. ctunightfall says:

    1: -WHERE’S THE BOMB!?!
    -For the last time, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    2: Somebody set us up the bomb.

    -Geez, I’ll get right on it Jack.

    4? I’ve gone undercover as a human. They’ll never see me coming.

  243. Caption of Pic two, of the Meerkittehs looking around intently:

    “Is that the Ice Cream Truck?”

  244. Fanny Bonney says:

    #1. I’m a goner, Al…the money is hidden in….ahhhh

    #2. “on a clear day…on a clear can see forever…and…ever….”

    #3. Nope. It wasn’t an ace after all…you win.

  245. Top: Don’t worries
    Bottom: i knows CPR

  246. Picture #2:
    *Rocky Horrow Picture Show music…if you please*
    You put your hands on your hips…And pull your knees in tiiiiggght. You do the peeelvvic ttthhhrrrruuussttt, you’re going insa-aa-annee. Let’s do the Time Warp aaagaiinnn!

  247. Jenn Smyth says:

    Picture # 1
    Huuuuuneeeeee, oh hunnneeeeeee…time to get up now. I have made deelishus pancakes and they are getting coooolllldddd….

  248. MB Bridgers says:

    Picture 1: “I said lower!”
    Picture 2: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a … goshawk…eeeeeeeeek!”
    Picture 3: *sigh* “Dig deeper and you just might find something.”

  249. Pic 1: “Indy! Cover your heart! Cover your heart!”

  250. #1:”Hurry, got get Lassie. I need help.”

    #2:Guy in lower right hand corner says: “Like they never saw a Zepplin before?”

    #3:”I’m talking to you chump!”

    #4:Found living in a pile or petrified dinosaur dung…

  251. pic 3: How’s my breath?

  252. Francesca says:

    Picture 1: “C’mon Mom! I said, just five more minutes!”

    Picture 2: – “Looks like rain.”
    – “Finally. It’s like the friggin’ Kalahari out here.”

    Picture 3: “Now you listen to me, Soldier! You call me ‘SIR Zaphod’ you got that? Now drop and give me 20.”

  253. Pic. # 1

    “All give you the Back rub of your life, if you’d just lie still a minute, Geez”

    Pic. # 2

    “Look – Up in the sky – it’s a Bird – It’s a Plane – no, it’s Meeko the wonder Meerkat”

    Pic. # 3

    “I’m gonna get that moll off your nose if it’s the last thing I do!”

  254. #2: Don’t cut of your nose to spite your face–I’ll take care of it *evil grin*

  255. Oops that was for pic #3!!

    Don’t cut of your nose to spite your face–I’ll take care of it *evil grin*

  256. Picture 1: Mama Meerkat: “It’s time to gooooooooo!!! Get uuuuu-pppp!!!” (singsong)
    Teenage Meerkat: “I said 5 more minutes. Gosh!”

    Picture 2: King Meerkat on the rock: “I say, is that a swarm of crickets over there?!?!”
    [Everyone looks, EXCEPT the 3 mignons of the leader on the rock…]
    Mignons: “Go go go! We shall steal everyone else’s deeeelish dinners!”

    Picture 3: Bob Meerkat: “This is just the worst tasting pickle I’ve ever had in my li… Sorry Joe. Didn’t see you there.”
    Joe Meerkat: “It’s cool. I liked it.

    Picture 4: Queen Veronica clears the way for her Meerkat subjects.

  257. Picture 1: “Blarg!!!”

  258. #1:

    Bottom Meerkat: *just barely starts to put on some Axe body spray*

    (girl Meerkat comes flying out of nowhere and affixes herself to boy Meerkat like a magnet)

    Bottom Meerkat: Dang! That stuff really does work!

  259. pic #1
    “Stop playing dead!!!! I told you it scares the little ones! “

    pic #2
    “Ok here’s the plan. Half of you look up, a few look to the side, and I’m going to take these three with me. We will confuse our prey & then tickle him unmercifully until he gives us the goods!!!”

    pic #3
    “I’m not telling you again–you are in MY DANCE SPACE!!! Now back up & no one gets hurt”

    pic #4
    “OMG we did it, we did it, we did it!!!! We found the first genuine giant doughnut fossil! Call Guiness!”

  260. #2) Who fahted?

  261. Pic 1: Ah, a little to the left, leetle more…YES, THAT’S THE SPOT.

    Pic 2: It’s a bird, it’s a plane…

    Pic 3: Uh, you’ve got something on your nose…here let me help you.

  262. Picture 1:
    And here we see Michaelangelo’s lost masterpiece, “Pieta Suricatta”

    Picture 2:
    “The Claw!”
    “The Claw is our master!”
    “The Claw decides who will stay and who will go!”

    Picture 3:
    “It’ll only hurt for a second, and tonight you’ll get a visit from the tooth fairy.”

  263. Picture 1: “Hey, I signed up for the hot oil massage, not the shiatsu!”

    Picture 2: “OMG! What is that smell???”

    Picture 3: Apparently Bartholomew had never learned what to do with his nose during a kiss.

  264. MeerKatLvr for pic2 says:

    “Ok, guys, this is how we’ll play it. Teams 1 and 2, you stand around looking sweet and innocent. Team 1, stare off into space. Team 2, look off towards the distant horizon. Team 3, you’re with me. I want you to very discreetly pick every pocket you can. Go for the high-end electronics and hand-helds … those will fetch the best price on Ebay.

    “Oh, and Joe, look straight into their eyes the whole time. Keeping them mesmerized is key to the success of this whole operation. We WILL raise enough money to buy off the guards and free ourselves from this prison!

    “Ready, everyone?”

  265. Photo #1:

    “…and I do some graphic design work on the side, you know, between jobs…”


    “…so one of my clients gave me this Burke Williams gift certificate for Arbor Day…”


    “…and I thought, what the heck! I never do anything for myself…”


    “…so I signed-up for the Extremely Buff and the Pure Relaxation…”

    “…niiiiiice…well our 50 minutes is up, so I’m going to go outside after I take your robe out of the warmer. Just come out when you’re ready, ok? Just take your time. You’ll want to drink lots of water, ok? Thaaaanks.”

  266. Picture 1: “Thanks for letting me practice for my cpr class on you”

    Picture 2: “Any of you get the feeling we are being watched?”

    Picture 3: “No. your teeth don’t smell any worse than before you ate that”

  267. Pic#1: whiny meerkat voice: “But I wanna play NOW!”
    pissed meerkat voice: “Can’t you see I’m trying to sleep here!”
    Pic #2: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s SuperMeerkat!
    Pic# 3: I’ve always wondered what meerkat nose tastes like…
    Pic#4: And on your left, we have the often rumored, rarely seen giant hairless meerkat.

  268. for picture number 2.

    Spaceballs?!?!1 Oh no, there goes the planet!

  269. Picture #1: I’m not touching you!

  270. Picture 1:
    “Then let us be rid of it… once and for all… C’mon Mr. Frodo… I can’t carry it for you… but I can carry you! C’mon!”

  271. Maureen G says:

    Pic 1.

    “Gimmee da remote! Gimmee da remote! Meerkat Manor is starting!!!”

  272. Picture 1:

    “Not so hard, Stanley! Geesh! What do you think I am, bread dough? A woman asks for a massage, and what does she get? Mauled, that’s what!

  273. Maureen G says:

    I mispeldid. change to:

    “Gimmee da remote! Gimmee da remote! Meerkat Manor is startink!”

  274. Picture #2: Plagued with budget cuts, airports are considering a new alternative to Airflight Control Towers.

  275. Picture 2: “Surrender Dorothy?” Who’s Dorothy? Let’s go ask the Wizard! He will know!

  276. PHOTO 1:
    #1: “does this tickle”
    #2: “heheheeee no!”
    #!: “what about…HERE!?”
    3: “And Here?”
    PHOTO 2:
    “It’s a boid! It’s a plane! It’s……….Fred! Stop throwing pebbles at us again!
    Meerkat in the front: “Hey, when did the camera guy show up?”
    PHOTO 3:
    “Look deep into my eyes…I shall put you een a trance and stick my nose on yours!”

  277. Picture #2: Waiting for the Meercat Kohutek.

  278. #2: Duh standing Meerkats are all like, “Wheres?” And the crawlin’ Meerkats are all like, “We must attack dose humans who is writink stupid captions while day are not lookinks!”

  279. Helene L. says:

    Picture 2 :

    “Goood, it works every time: watch up, then everybody does the same and you can sneak a soft cronch on the aloe plant without nobody notifing. I’m a genius!” (Say in Sid from Ice Age voice or John Leguizamo)

  280. Picture 1: UNCLE!!!!
    Picture 2: One Meer after another “Hey everyone Smell…” “It’s ummmm cherry”…”no Strawberry”…”no I think it smells like chocolate”…”no no it smells like potato chips”….”no it smells like mikey over there”…
    Picture 3: Meer getting bit:”I think that’s maybe NOT how the Eskimos do it honey”
    Picture 4: “I wanna be a Meer”

  281. pic 1 – “CLEAR!”

    pic 2 – “Charlie Murphy’s cooking Johnsonville Brats!”

    pic 3 – “scuse me, you seem to have a little something stuck in your teef.”

  282. Pic 1: “I thought I told you, NO BOOK 7 SPOILERS!”

    Pic 2: “What is that? It looks just like an enormous… “
    “Wang. Pay attention.”
    “I was distracted by that giant flying…”
    “What’s that?”

    Pic 3: But you can’t bite your friend’s…wait, that’s not right.

  283. One Eyed Daruma says:

    hee hee…these are funny – I can’t wait to see the pictures. Damn corporate monkeys block flickr. But my imagination is getting a work out with the captions submitted so far!

  284. Sue Rollinson says:

    picture 2 : “It’s a bird!.. it’s a plane!..It’s Supermeerkat!

  285. Caption for #3:

    [Meerkat on the left]

    “I don’t even know you any more.”

  286. Picture 1:
    Darling, I love a vacation without the kiddies… a little to the left…

  287. Furbabies says:

    Pic #1
    Stop laffing at me! That’s how they said to do it in CPR class!

  288. Picture 2: “Hey! Down in front!”

  289. Furbabies says:

    Pic #1
    MOOOOOM! Bobby won’t give me back my worm!

  290. Furbabies says:

    Pic #2

  291. Furbabies says:

    Pic #3
    I said I had a headache!

  292. modulegirl says:

    Pic 3: “Okay, now blow!”

  293. Pic 1 –

    Oh yeah! That’s the spot!

    Pic 2 –

    Well, Bob, the neighborhood watch seems to be going better than I expected. However, I don’t think that we’re all supposed to be out here at the same time…

    Pic 3 –

    Meerkat 1: You’ve got something on your face. Here, I’ll get it.

    Meerkat 2: Mooooooommmm!!

  294. Picture 1:
    Dude, I’m no dentist, but that sure looks like a cavity.

  295. Ms Jessica F. says:

    Picture 1: Everyone knows the best way to protect the remote is by Sitting on eet! No one changes dee channel when Meerkat Manor is on!

    Picture 2: “Show’s ON everyone! Hurry up or youll Miss it!”

    Picture 3: Mamma Meerkat “Did you brush your teeth? They dont SMELL brushed! No TV till you Clean those Canines, young man!”

  296. Picture 1: Medic!

    Picture 3: (biting meerkat)Got your nose (bitten meerkat) ow.

  297. Picture 1: “He’s dead, Jim!” “Get off! I’m not dead.”

  298. bonus caption Pic 4 –

    The burglar was reported to be very nonchalant about the heist at the burrow late Thursday afternoon. Witnesses reported that she was already making use of the Meerkat’s harmonica before she had even fled the scene of the crime.

  299. #2: “I don’t care if he did steroids or not, I’m catching that home run ball.”

  300. Laughing Stone says:

    Pic #2:
    With their captors distracted by a funny-shaped cloud, the three heroes make their escape.

    Pic #3:
    When invasion of personal space goes too far.

  301. 1.EEEEKKKK! You’s SOOOO right! It IS way scarier when you have de mask on. So sorries I didn’t believe you’s before

  302. Picture 1:

    Meerkat 1: Give eet back!
    Meerkat 2: Over my dead tocks!

    Picture 3: I shall nip you with my mini-fangulars

  303. Tom Anderson says:

    So not cute. Get a life.

  304. Picture 3:
    Meerkat 1: Could you open your mouth a little wider, please?
    Meerkat 2: Are you sure you’re a licensed dentist?

  305. pic #1 –
    nope, no cavities

    pic #3 – do my teeth smell funny?

  306. Drama's Mama says:

    Pictures #1:

    Bottom: We have to stop meeting here like this, Mario. I think the meers in Picture #2 are onto our affair.

  307. Drama's Mama says:

    Pictures #1:

    Bottom: We have to stop meeting here like this, Mario. I think the meers in Picture #2 are onto our affair.

  308. Drama's Mama says:

    Pictures #1:

    Bottom: We have to stop meeting here like this, Mario. I think the meers in Picture #2 are onto our affair.

  309. Drama's Mama says:

    Pictures #1:

    Bottom: We have to stop meeting here like this, Mario. I think the meers in Picture #2 are onto our affair.

  310. Drama's Mama says:

    Pictures #1:

    Bottom: We have to stop meeting here like this, Mario. I think the meers in Picture #2 are onto our affair.

  311. Drama's Mama says:

    Pictures #1:

    Bottom: We have to stop meeting here like this, Mario. I think the meers in Picture #2 are onto our affair.

  312. #1
    That’s it. That’s the spot. I think I pulled a muscle when I was trying to move that rock!

    What? I didn’t think the fireworks started til later.

    Got your nose!

  313. If you’ll allow me to reach way back for an X-files reference:

    Picture 2:

    We want to believe!

  314. #1: “I know, man, I know, but certification in meerkat CPR is going to make me really marketable, you know, and in this volatile job market, I gotta take advantage of every training opportunity. Now just lie still, wouldja?”

    #2: “Anyone else smell cookies?” “Cookies?! Where???” “I smell ’em too!” “OMG COOKIES!!!1!”

  315. Pic #1: For the last time, I’m a big boy now, stop grooming me!

    Pic #2: “The Kalahari is alive, with The Sound of Meerkats”! Soon to be made into a major motion picture!

    Pic #3: “I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse!”

  316. Picture 1:
    Now class, let’s demonstrate the proper form for CPR…questions? Comments?

    Picture 3:
    Ummm…I think you missed me neck.

  317. Picture 1: “Just a little more down…say – did you trim your fingernails this morning?”

    Picture 2: “I dunno, but they’re all over the sky!”

    Picture 3: “In yer face, dorko!”

  318. Picture 1:

    Meerkat 2: *whispers* take care of cute….

  319. Pic 1: No I’m not playing dead I really am dead…
    Pic 2:Bar-Bee-Cue? Wheres?
    Pic 3: yups, my face DID freeze like that!

  320. pic 1: That was fun Auntie, can we do it again?

    pic 2: Um Dad, Is the car supposed to be hanging over the cliff like that?

    pic 3: How many times do I have to tell you. My whiskers are not dental floss!

  321. Picture one:

    Meerkat one: “Check out the grub I had for breakfast!”

    Meerkat two: “You mean the grub you’re about to cough up for my breakfast?” *does the heimlich*

  322. Picture 3:

    “Maybe we should try a tissue…I just can’t seem to reach with my fangs!”

  323. Picture 1:
    yeah…right there…a little more pressure. Dude, my traps are tewtally sore from that squash game.

  324. Picture 2:

    While the tribe’s elders await the comet’s approach with eager anticipation…the younger and less spiritual make a run for it.

  325. Carlos, is there something in my teeth?

  326. Picture 4:

    After a night of heavy drinking, Jane found that the sorority sisters had glued her hands to her mouth and left her to fend for herself in the African bush.

  327. Juan Padilla says:

    Pic 3: Wow, those Whitestrips really do work.

  328. Caption for Picture 4: The magical and mysterious meercatus humanus, enjoys a snack before going on the hunt…

  329. Pic 4: The fairy granted Flower the meerkat her wish, to be human…

  330. Picture 3: Gotcher nose!

  331. M Katrina says:

    Picture 3: Worry not! I shaal find aut where the dinner went by the means of my supasensees!

  332. Picture 2: Up on your feet! Now everybody CONGA!

  333. Pic 2: “What was that?!? Quick, before the hyena comes! Dig a tunnel, dig, dig a tunnel…”

  334. Picture 2:

    Three markeets running away: “Aha, we’ve distracted them…now to eat all the cookies. Numnumnum.”

  335. Picture one: Pinned ya again!

    OR: So where did you study chiropracy again? The Cracker School of CrackerJacks? Where is that located, ‘zactly.

    OR: Fire in da hole!

    Picture 2: Westward HO!

    OR: OMG you guys, the papparazzi are back AGAIN! There’s goes the neighborhood!

    Picture 3: Hey dude! You gots somethin’ in your teeth! Hold still now, I’ll get it.

  336. EEK! Picture 1 comment 2 SHOULD read:

    So where did you study chiropracy again? The Chiropractic School of CrackerJacks? Where is that located, ‘zactly.

  337. guttersnipe says:

    #1: I told the girls at work, if I don’t get a massage soon, I’m gonna die. Just die!

    #2: Welp, the fireworks are almost over; let’s go now and try to beat the traffic.

    #3: I believe our love is a mixed delight.

    #4: T’hell with it –I’m not hu-MAN anymore; I’m hu-MEER.

  338. Kellyhalia says:

    Picture 1:



    It can be CPR times now?

  339. Suzanne Edwards says:

    Picture 1:
    Top fellow: This is the best way to …
    Bottom dude: YIKES! I TOLD you I’m ticklish!!!
    Picture 2:
    I have a bad feeling about Betty’s boyfriend. None of US can fly……..BTW, has anyone SEEN Betty lately?
    Picture 3:
    Eddie! You’re right! Your boogers DO taste like mine!

  340. #1…PURPLE NERPLE!!!!!!

  341. Pic 2: I think we’re almost at the fair! Can you smell the mini donuts>

    Pic 3: A good friend will tell you when you’ve got something in your teeth. A great friend will actually go get it.
    “No tongues!”

  342. Suzanne Edwards says:

    Picture 1:
    Top fellow: This is the best way to …
    Bottom dude: YIKES! I TOLD you I’m ticklish!!!
    Picture 2:
    I have a bad feeling about Betty’s boyfriend. None of US can fly……..BTW, has anyone SEEN Betty lately?
    Picture 3:
    Eddie! You’re right! Your boogers DO taste like mine!

  343. My god, I wouldn’t like to have to judge this, this is an amazing response.

  344. Picture 1 caption:

    “Anne, Anne, are you OK? Somebody call 911!”
    Meerkat CPR Class

  345. Picture 1: Spit it out! I told you never to eat those nasty bugs! Spit…it…out!

    Picture 2: It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s super-meerkat!

  346. Picture 1 caption:

    “Anne, Anne, are you OK? Somebody call 911!”
    Meerkat CPR Class

  347. Pic 1:
    a. I give you a deep tissue massage to get out all those knots thinking about hawks, and the Commandoes.
    b. Ahh… that’s the spot.

    Pic 2:
    Quick! If we all look up at the same time, everyone else will try to figure out what we see! ::snicker:: It’s working!!

    Pic 3:
    a: You have left over grubs on your nose ::munch munch:: ..I must ::munch munch:: clean it up.. ::munch munch::
    b. But Mu-oooohhhm! The others are going to see and make fun!!

  348. Pic #1: This is just gonna show up as “miscellaneous” on the credit card, right, Sheila?

    Pic #2: Those of you whom I’ve asked to stand: Congratulations, you’re moving on to the next round of “You’re the Timon that We Want”! Now get to work on those fan kicks!

    Pic #3: I hate to tell you this, Todd, but that’s not a meal worm you saw up there.

  349. Pic 3:

    You have a little something there, let me get it for you.

  350. Pic #1:
    “breathe! breathe!”

    Pic #2:
    “Beam me up Scotty!”

    Pic #3:
    “Did you smell my breath? How about now?”

  351. Silent Meow says:

    Photo 1:
    Meerkat 1: Hold still while I practice for my CPR certification!
    Meerkat 2: Stop! Stop! It tickles!

    Photo 2:
    Where is the restroom? We have to pee, and now!

    Photo 3:
    Your teeth stink and look gross. You seriously need to floss.

    Photo 4:
    Thank you very much, Mr. Meerkat, for a wonderful evening! (blows kisses)

  352. Picture 1: I knows you took my buggy. Now gives it back!
    Picture 2: Does dat plane seem awful low to you’s guys?
    Picture 3: Mosh peoples use toofpicks to clean dere teefers, but you can twy your nose

  353. Pic 1: This spot seems tender. Tell me where it hurts…you guide me….

    Pic 2: Did you see that? Was that Superman?

    Pic 3: Ha! Got your nose again, sucker!

  354. Picture 3

    I swear Lucille…that dental laser treatment whitened my “pearlies” by at least four shades!

  355. Pic one…

    One and two and three and four and…someone else do the resuce breathing! I’m doing the chest compressions!

    Pic two…

    I can’t tell from here, you need to stand back to back to see who is taller.

    Pic three…

    After I’ve trimmed your nose hairs I’ll do your eyebrows.

    Pic four…

    Sure you can invite her to Thanksgiving, but don’t be surprised if Grandpa Meerkat says she doesn’t fit in.

  356. robbi karpiak says:

    for picture #2: Oooh, the neighbors are cooking barbeque again! Last one over there’s a rotten egg!

  357. Pic 1: “Use this Elvish cloak, and the orcs won’t see you!”

    Pic 2: “I just remembered, you’re not supposed to look directly at an eclipse…”

    Pic 3: “There’s something stuck in your teeth– ME, you moron!”

  358. Picture #1:

    ..and 3 and 4 and… Come on, Jim! …and 1 and 2 and… Breathe dammit!”

  359. OMG Meg, that was the best hover text evar!! (“Marge! My sciatica!”) I say LOL all the time but I literally did laugh out loud on that one.

  360. Picture 1:
    “Can’t you see…I love you!”
    “aaaaahhhh!!! NOOOOO!!”

  361. pic1:
    “I’m dying! I’m dying!”
    “Take it easy brother, I’m givin’ you a heart massage”

  362. Pic 1:
    (top kat) – “For the last time! No, your morning breath isn’t getting any worse!!!”

  363. Pic #1: I said I wanted a “fat grub,” NOT a “back rub”!!!!!

    Pic #2: “LOOK! A BIRD OF PREY!!!” and thus the three Meerkateers made their escape!

    Pic #3: NO! I will be on! Not you! Jus loookit dis smile!!!

  364. picture 1
    I told you I have a headache!

  365. Lilithpilith says:

    Photo 1: I really think it’s the desk chair. Not enough lumbar support.

  366. #1 no, no, no you can not teekle my peekle.

    #2 morning calasthetics do wonder for moral.

    #3 i like it when you leek my my teeth. don’t ask questions, just please, leek my teeth.

  367. Drama's Mama says:

    Pic #1:

    Bottom: Honey I’m willing to experiment with you, but something doesn’t seem right with this Kama Sutra pose.

  368. Drama's Mama says:

    Pic #1:

    Bottom: Honey I’m willing to experiment with you, but something doesn’t seem right with this Kama Sutra pose.

  369. Drama's Mama says:

    Pic #1:

    Bottom: Honey I’m willing to experiment with you, but something doesn’t seem right with this Kama Sutra pose.

  370. Drama's Mama says:

    Pic #1:

    Bottom: Honey I’m willing to experiment with you, but something doesn’t seem right with this Kama Sutra pose.

  371. Drama's Mama says:

    Pic #1:

    Bottom: Honey I’m willing to experiment with you, but something doesn’t seem right with this Kama Sutra pose.

  372. Drama's Mama says:

    Pic #1:

    Bottom: Honey I’m willing to experiment with you, but something doesn’t seem right with this Kama Sutra pose.

  373. Pic 1 : I said NO HICKEYS!!!!

  374. Picture #1 – Stay with me Carl, I need you the kids need you!

    Picture #2 – Holy crap the UFO is real

    Picture #3 – Quit trying to steal my eggo, or next time I’ll bite it off

  375. jodi connors says:

    Picture #1: Say Uncle, say Uncle. I’m the star of this show, got it?! UNCLE!!!!

  376. jodi connors says:

    Picture #3: You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you CAN’T pick your friends nose! Now, come on!

  377. Picture 2: It’s a bird! It’s a plane!…
    Meerkat in front: It’s…me on camera! Ohhh yeeeeeessss. ::strikes a pose::

  378. Pic 3: Um… PMS today, dear?

  379. Pic 2: Hmmm…I smell barbecue!

  380. Picture 2: Ok, you can look around but let’s all remember where we parked the spaceship.

  381. Pic 1: Dear, please tell me… how did you like the grub Scorpian-Helper tonight? It was vegan, you know.

  382. Pic 1: I need 15 CCs of tasty scorpion. Stat!

    Pic 2: Look guys, this family portrait is never gonna come together if you don’t look directly at the camera.

    Pic 3: You had a bug on your nose. I’m just grooming you, I swear.

  383. Pic 1: Are you sure you brushed your teeth, young man? Let me smell your breath.

    Pic 2: We shouldn’t have stopped here. This is bat country.

  384. picture #1
    (in snootiest french accent)
    non! i am ze cutest! admeet it!!!!!

  385. Dominique says:

    Pic 1: Oh my, yes, yes, right there, right there. I feel like I’ve got a knot the size of a boulder there. And might I say, for someone with such small hands, you really know how to use them! I’ll be recommending you to all my friends.

  386. Pic 1: “Dude, I don’t think CPR requires tongue.”

  387. the certified puppy snorgler says:

    pic one:
    oh my gahz, le earthquake! hold moi Pierre, just hold moi tight!

    pic two:
    operashon desert lunche in effect. Squad 1, on the lookout. Squad 2, advance the diggingks. We have 2 meerhours ’till operashon dinnerz. GO!

    pic three:
    Is thar somethingks in my teef? is thar? IS THAR?

    and of course, pic 4:

  388. Alex Erde says:

    Picture 2:
    Ohh it is Godzilla, has he come to save us!?

  389. #3. For the LAST TIME… I don’t want to smell your breath!!
    #2 Does anyone smell bacon?

    #1 i told you…I DON’T want a dang massage!!!!

    #2 Lauren: Dom I told you not to kiss me at the end of our dance!
    Dom: Sorry, couldn’t help myself..I was thinking of Cat….

    #1 That’s not how you do CPR.
    #1 of course I’m not ok, you fool! go get help!

  390. mervtheflamingo says:

    Pic 3 :

    Schnozzlewhite ™: the schnozzlewhite toothwhitening system

  391. Picture 1:
    AHHHH! Yes! That’s the spot!

    Picture 2:
    All: “The sky is falling?”

    Picture 3:
    “I’ve already told you for the third time…. no desert before dinner!!”

    Picture 4:
    “…Just minding my busine…. what? You act like there’s something strange going on here!”

  392. Picture 1:
    Kat 1:Hey buddy, are you still alive? Hang in there..I’ll save you. [begins CPR]
    Kat 2: Dood, what are you doing? Get off me.

    Picture 3:
    Kat 1: Err, you got a little, got a little something. Lemme get that for you. [gets him on the nose]

    Kat 2: Where? Did you get it?

  393. pic 2 Well, don’t that beat all, Harry’s spaceship really does work!

    pic 3 Junior, how many times do I need to tell you to quit putting rocks up your nose!

  394. Pic #1:
    Annie Are You OK?
    So, Annie Are You OK
    Are You OK, Annie???/?

    Pic#2: cuteoverLORD?? WHAT?!?!?????????

    Pic#3: Suck it and see!

    Pic #4: Oh boy oh boy oh boy, Meg has her work cut out for her! Genff!!

  395. for picture 2:
    omg, it’s the mother ship

  396. Pic # 4:

    This girl was found at the Meerkat Habitat at the Columbus Zoo one week ago. Her first words to the zookeepers who found her? “Chickapee, chickapee mizmay.”

  397. “No, no, no! COUNTERclockwise. Can’t you get anything right? And where’s that kid with my latte?”

  398. Pic 1: “No, no, no! COUNTERclockwise. Can’t you get anything right? And where’s that kid with my latte?”

  399. Picture 2: Duuude, I’m serious, man. Like two seconds ago, a UFO was hovering RIGHT HERE. Really, I wasn’t trippin’ out this time, guys! C’mon!

  400. Picture 3: Ooh yes, you’re quite right, your breath has improved since you started using that special Mint Blast toothpaste. Mmmmhmn.

  401. kissamummo says:

    (Is this the place to answer, I wasn´t sure is it in here on should I send mail.. well, I´ll put it here..)

    pic 3: “Iz there.. something in my teeth?” *says in Ace Ventura-voice*

  402. Pic#1 “I’ll go for the Swedish massage today…. and don’t forget the happy ending!”


    #1 “Yeah… a little to the left, down… Ah! Ya, that’s the spot…”

    Pic#3 “How you doin’?”


    #3 “Grrrrrrr!”

  403. vajdaj2001 says:

    Photo #3:
    Nope. I don’t smell it. You definitely don’t have scorpion breath. But yer gots a little schmutzie there between the two front toofies…looks like a couple o’ centipede legs.

  404. picture #1:

    tell me again, exactly where did you say you heard about this “sand surfing?”

  405. Picture 1: (In best ER doctor voice) I need an ounce of Epi–STAT! Don’t give up on me man!

  406. Pic #1 (Maury Meerkats): Baaaybeee (sniff) baaaaby! I was 237% sure those were you pups!!!

    Pic #3 (Meerkat BFFs): I said, Do I have SPINACH in my teeth?!

  407. picture 1

    You have the right to remain silent… Stop resisting… STOP RESISTING!

  408. OMG! OMG! We’re on Cuteoverload. Quick everyone voque.

  409. the last one:
    I m in yar face
    eating yar noz

  410. One Eyed Daruma says:

    1. Yea, yea, right there…that’s quite a knot. I never should have tried to move that piano by myself.

    2. Come on guys! I love that look-up-until-everyone-else-is-doing-it trick! Now let’s go prank call someone!

    3. Yes, I told you already, you got the blueberry stains and onion smell offa your teeth. Now back off before people start to stare.

  411. lilymomilly says:

    Picture 1:
    Tommy! I swear I have noooo idea where your skateboard is! Serious!

  412. Jan Spencer says:


    Picture 2: (whispering to buddy) “Hey, if we both look up, then EVERYONE will look up! heheheh!”

    Picture 3: “HONK!” Gotchyer nose!

    Picture 4: “I’m ready for my close up Mr. DeMille!”

  413. Pic 1 :
    Top: Hey cmon wake up! You’re gonna miss all the looking out!
    Bottom: Go away, it’s sunday morning!

    Pic 2: What a show! Aren’t u all glad I told u about the meteor shower?

    Pic 3: See I told u, no bad breath!

  414. pic 1
    “he’s dead Jim.”

  415. Picture #1:

    Boy Meerkat: Frutanya, yes, yes we must!

    Frutanya: No, Samsonite! It is forbidden! Our love must remain pure, pure as the mountain snow.

    Samsonite: But Frutanya, I…I luff you.

    Frutanya: Samsonite no! No my husband will find out!

    Samsonite: Then I shall kill myself! URK!

    Frutanya: Samsonite! NO!


  416. Ryan Gotto says:

    Picture I:”At Mount Doom”

  417. picture 1
    top meerkat: Mom sed u waz adopted!
    bottom meerkat: NOT HUH!!

  418. Picture 1:
    Ewwwwwww deewd! You have RANK breath! what’d u eat? a millipide!?

    Picture 2:
    Meerkat 1- I say it’s a bird!
    Meerkat 2- It’s totally a plane!
    Meerkat 3- DUCK IN COVER ITS A HAWK!!!

    Picture 3:
    Mooooom! leave me alone! everybody else has blaack noses!

    I know honey, but your’s is so deelitefully pink, i must snorgle it!!!


  419. (pic #2)

    “Do you smell pizza? I smell pizza. ANYBODY ELSE SMELL PIZZA???!!!…”

  420. Picture 1:

    Picture 2:
    “That cloud looks like my mom.”
    “No, it looks like a grub.”
    (up front)”You’re all nuts.”

    Picture 3:
    (Left) “Dude, we are so not going to get any chicks if you keep doing this!”

  421. Picture 1: Aaah! That eez the spot. You haff the mageeck touch.

    Picture 2: Where? Here? There. Here? No, there! There? No! Here!

    Piture 3: French’s Mustard. It’s really that good.

  422. Pic. 1

    AHHHH! That’s my problem area right there!

  423. Picture 1. You’re not going to smell anything on my breath. I told you I didn’t steal your last KitKat. Now, get off.

    Picture 2. It’s a bird, it’s a plane. It’s Super…
    Na it’s just Ray thinkin’ a kite again. I swear he’s gonna get himself killed one of these days.

    Picture 3. Ow! Didn’t I tell you to eat lunch? I’d swear I told you to eat. Man, your breath stinks.

  424. Jessamyn W. says:

    Picture 3: *nawm, nawm* Yummy nose…though it COULD use a bit of pepper…

  425. Picture 2

    Prairie dogs got nothin’ on us.

  426. Picture 3: Maybe eef I bites off your noze, you won’t smell so bad….

  427. Pic 1:

    Dr. Challenger pressed the secret entrance to the broken meerbots’ treasure compartment. There it was…the meercrofilm!

    Pic 4:

    She knew where her allegiances burrowed.

  428. Allegances, not allegiances.

    Darn spelling!

  429. Picture #1:

    You are not the boss of me…my mother is!

    Picture #2:

    Waldo? I don’t see any Waldo? …What is a Waldo?

    Picture #3:

    Wow! Your teeth are the cleanest!

    Picture #4:

    Veronic demonstrates how her lengthy fingers are perfect for eating scorpions and millipeeds!

  430. Joannie Baloney says:

    Pic #1: “oh, oh, right there…no, no, up, to the left…. Hey buddy, lose the claws!”

    Pic #3: ” I got a nose for bad news and Bubba, you need to just grin a bear it!”

  431. Joannie Baloney says:

    Ooops, sorry about the typo:

    Pic #1: “oh, oh, right there…no, no, up, to the left…. Hey buddy, lose the claws!”

    Pic #3: ” I got a nose for bad news and Bubba, you need to just grin and bear it!”

  432. OMG people! Srsly, if you’re going to enter a caption, read all the captions that’ve already been put up. Way too many repeats!

  433. Picture 1:
    #1 Meerkat: “How does that feel suh’? I sense a lot of tension here” (does chopping technique up and down #2’s back). “Just let me know if the pressure is to your liking” (pumps lotion in hands and continues massaging).

  434. Picture 2:

    Announcer: (whispering)
    This is so exciting. We’re at the very first Meerkat tennis open where Natramishkikov has just served her first ball.


    …and Milashivovich returns!

  435. pic 1. Right here? it hurts right here?

    pic 2. I see him, i see him! IT’s SANTA CLAUS!

    Pic 3. GAWD, you never listen. I told ya, meerkat got your nose is worse, then just cat got your tounge.

  436. Picture 3:

    Meerkat in background: “Seriously dude, he’s not gonna move. You already knocked his furry black hat off, just do it!”

    Meerkat #2: “Okay, here goes” (looks around nervously and leans in guard’s face) “SUCK IT!!”

    Meerkat in background laughs uncontrollably…

  437. Picture 4:

    No matter how hard she tried, Veronica just never felt like she fit in at Meerkat Manor.

  438. Picture #1:
    Meerkat masseur: “You guide me. Your muscles are soooo tense!”
    Meerkat recipient: “Ohhhh, that’s a little too deep, there. Could you possibly retract your claws, too? Thanks!”

  439. Picture #2:
    Are you there God? It’s me, meerkat.

  440. Picture #3:
    Any sudden movements and the nosicle gets it, you got it? Now hand over the spiders and scorpions, reeeaaalll sllloooowwww.

  441. Stephanie Chin says:

    Test starts now: “Annie, Annie, are you OK? Check for breaths, pulse? No pulse, start compressions..

  442. Pic 1: “MOM!! I don’t have to get up!!! It’s SATURDAY!!!!!

    Pic 2: (Off-camera voice:) “Okay, Frank, now throw that bone up as high as you can and the rest of you make the ape-sounds, yeah, just like in ‘2001’!”

    Pic 3: “What did you say, Private Smartass?”

  443. Jan Spencer says:

    OK, one more for picture number 2:

    “SURRENDER, DOROTHY!” Dorothy? Who’s Dorothy?

  444. Picture 1: “oh noez, Cute Overload! Initiate CPR!”

  445. Picture #3 “Honk-CHEW”

  446. Joanne Hudson says:

    1. No no I’m fine. But it’s my leg.
    2. The plane boss, the plane.
    3. Thanks. That always happens with spinach.

  447. Barbara Levy says:

    Picture 1: – Go ahead, say uncle! Say it!

    Picture 2: It’s a bird, it’s a plane!

    Picture 3: Gotchyer noooose!

  448. pic #1: woo-hoo! Hee hee, *snort* ha ha-okay, okay! I give, I give! I’ll tell you where the berries are hidden!!

    pic #2: No! Over to the left – doesn’t that cloud look like Flower?

    pic #3: When mom came to visit, I knew it was going to be a bad day – she’s always so critical!

  449. loizhanne says:

    #1: Okay, but next time YOU get to be the victim!
    #2: The Stepford Meercats…
    there are strangers
    among us!
    #3: So sad when Nature runs
    out of Kleenex…

  450. 1)Sorry, there’s a rock on my side of the bed!
    2)Hail, Caesar!!!
    3)Is that you, Maude?

  451. shoenmadchen says:

    #1. Okay, okay! My lunch money is in my sock!!!
    #2. Okay, now what?
    #3. Do I detect a hint of minty freshness?
    #4. Did I leave the gas on?

  452. #4: This is what a donut looks like when you go off your diet pill.

  453. loizhanne says:

    oh, yeah, number 4:
    Reassured that her lips were still in place, Veronica pondered her next move.

  454. Pic #1
    Coochie coochie coooooooooo…

  455. #1
    Lois: “Superman- I told you that rock was KRYTONITE, but nooooo.. you dont listen to me.
    Meercat Kirk (in front of rock) Beam us up, Scotty…
    Bill-Aw, Come on Hillary-
    Give us some sugar.
    Hillary- Not on your life, Buster!!!

  456. Picture 1: Oh, yezzzzz, that’s the spot!

    Picture 2: What IS that thing…?!

    Picture 3: Can you hear me now!?

  457. Pic1:
    “One… two… three… four… [puff]… HANG IN THERE RALPH!… one… two… three… four… [puff]… BREATHE, RALPH, BREATHE!”

  458. Picture 1: Do not make zis deefeecult. Ve haff vays of making you talk, yes?

  459. picture 1:
    meer 1: STOP EETTT!!!
    meer 2: ehn! ehn! pleassssse just one huggles!!!??
    meer 1: NOI!! GIT OFF!!!

  460. Picture #3: (Sigh) “You know, Larry, if we could just talk about this like civilized individuals…”

  461. Picture 1: “Romeo?…Romeo!”

  462. Pic 1: Yes dear, we can talk, we can talk! Now pleease get off me.

    Pic 2: Incoming!!

    Pic 3: John, I’ve already told you – I don’t like nose nibbles.

  463. pic 1 : “oh yeah… right there… use a little more oil”

    pic 2 : meerkat #1 “There goes Harold again up killer mountain again”
    meerkat #2 “you’d think he’d learn after the first 2 times that he can’t fly”

    pic 3 : “ah mom i just wanted to see how many pennies fit up there”

  464. Picture 1: CPR, CPR!
    Picture 2: Wow, thats a big meteor…
    Picture 3: And this is how you bite someones nose off…

  465. Suz in Jersey says:

    Oh, can we post more than once?

    #1: Um, I don’t think this is going to get us on the endangered species list…

    #2: FIRST!!!!!!

    #3: You may hab by dose, but I’b sleeping wib your wife!

    #4: Meerkat is as meekat does.

  466. MeerkatFridayCaptionContest:
    pix1 : “U likeet?u likeet? Oooyesss… i likeet…vvvurry niiice… vvvurryvvvury niiice..”
    pix3 : “Emm… yuh nose shud be on ma nose… and ma lips on yuhs, no?”

  467. 1. Oh Yes
    2.lift off
    3.Did I get it?
    4 Copy Kat

    Great pics by the way

  468. Jessamyn W. says:

    *sigh* Mom! She did it again!

  469. Pic 1: I do not either have chewing gum in my mouth! See?

    Pic 2: Kids, run for the space pods now! Planet Meerkat is under attack!

  470. pic 4: “The 1-inch-harmonica is humiliating alright but this venue is just too much!”

  471. Picture 1: No! It can’t be the end of Harry Potter! I will simply die!

    Picture 2: It’s a bird! No, it’s a plane! No…it’s…SUPPERTIME!

    Picture 3: Your nose…I vust have eet! It is most deelicious and wonderfully shaped! Nom nom nom

    Picture 4: No matter how hard she tried, Veronia was unable to fit into the meerkat culture

  472. Ariana S. says:

    Picture 1:
    …8…9…10…And El Meerkatador wins again!

    Picture 2:
    Meerkats: The Musical

    Picture 3:
    Don’t make me angry…You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

  473. Hmm, maybe I shoulda posted here first-
    Pic 1:”Eh, how aboutta some mouf to mouf?”

    Pic 2: “Hey, mom” “Yes, dear?” “Can rheenoskerusus fly?” “No,why would. . . oh my, RUNNNN!”

    Pic 3: “Jes..Jes…I teenk I got it..chus a lil bit more”

    Pic 4: “Um, there are meerkats waiting down here you know!”

  474. pix 1 – Meerkat on ground: “Hey! Easy wif yuh naaails!” Lil Meerkat: “Sorry g’vnor”

  475. Pleeeease! I am just keeeeding! Please, stop weeth the reverse CPRs! (Eet is teecklish, choo know?)

  476. Pleeeease! I am just keeeeding! Playing dead, no? Please, stop weeth the reverse CPRs! (Eet is teecklish, choo know?)

  477. Pic 1: “Um, Larry? I don’t think you’ve quite thought this lion tamer skit through.”

    Pic 2: *Dun…. Dunnnnn… duuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn DUM DUM! Dum dum dum, dum dum dum…*

    Pic 3: Well, that’s one way to deal with out-of-control nose hairs…

  478. Nora in Philly says:

    Pic #1: Bottom Meerkat, giggling helplessly: “Jerry, I TOLD you reading the Kama Sutra was a goofy idea!”

    Pic #2: As the mother ship approached, an alert lookout spotted an unauthorized photographer, and the defense troops mustered.

    Pic #3: “Sorry, Jerry, it’s doing nothing for me.” (Reference back to pic #1)

    Pic #4: “Living ‘green'” had some some effects which Elizabeth hadn’t expected.

  479. For Picture 1:

    Not tonight honey. I have a headache

  480. Mike Edwards says:

    Pic 1 “He looks pretty far gone, I’m not sure the CPR is going to work. Anyone have a defibrilator?”

    Pic 2. “Look! Up in the sky! It’s Superman, no, it’s a plane. Run you idiots, it’s a freaking hawk!”

    Pic 3, “If you don’t have the money by Friday, I’m going to fit you with a cement overcoat, capishe?”

  481. 1: “And the-e-e-en, after you check for the meer-pulse, you apply meer-compressions thusly.”

    2:Are we on yet?
    Camera 3?
    Camera 7?
    Awman…GUYS! We GOTS to pull this show together! We are PREFESHONALLS fer crienouloud.
    um, Tina, can I have a touch-up here, my whiskers are totally starting to lose shine.

    3:Ub…yesss. I ab sdarding do sense sub slight…bidderdess…regarding the liddle kiss I gave yer cousid yesderday…

  482. People, it is 11:58 California time, and you are OFFICIALLY OUT OF CONTROL with this caption contest. I’m gonna be up for the next 8 hours picking the best ones.

    BEST OF LUCK and thank you to ALL who participated. Rockkin.