Meerkat Friday: tiny masked banditoes

Taking tenative steps forward! Ehn!

Obviously, they’re heading over to the Caption Contest.

DSC_8181, originally uploaded by brrm.

Arthur B., excellent find, my bruthuh.



  1. I must start watching this show.

  2. fizzygrrl says:


  3. fizzygrrl says:

    Nooooo!! I was un-bleened!!!

    Some awfully cute fuzzy-kins up there though.

  4. I work with a guy that I call Meeerkat.. Seriously.. he acts and looks just like one. And that’s not a dis. It’s a total compliment. He’s inquisitive, moves quick and is cute as hell.

  5. firefinch says:

    Meerkat Friday is so much better than Hawaiian Shirt Friday. Luv the meerkittens.

  6. MeerKatLvr says:

    Cute lil inquisitive puffs of meer-kitty-tude!!!

  7. Saint Stryfe says:

    King Leonitas: “LET LOOSE MY DOGS OF WAR!”
    ::Meerkats come out ehing::
    King Lonitas: “…. okay, Larry, seriously, we need more vicious dogs of war.”

  8. My friend’s head would go splodey if she saw this site! She loves meerkats! I can see why; they’re soo adorable.

    *dissappears to email friend to check out site. waits to see if friend’s head explodes*

  9. I had a bad feeling when I posted that someone else was going to whip out the “bleen.” Jeeeeez.

  10. just looked at other meerkitten photos on flickr — head going to explode from all the cuteness. i want one!!!!!!!

  11. Hey Saint:

    “Cry Meerkat
    And let slip the kits of ehn!”

  12. OMGz, I am getting no more work done today. I will sit and stare at this picture instead.

  13. The one in the middle looks so mad because he is the fifth wheel..I’ll go out with you babeh!

  14. Oh look at the little round heads! I’ve watched the show. Interesting stuff.

  15. Can I take them all home with me? Right now? Please?

  16. “We can do this! We’re the Goonies!”

  17. Little guy to other little guy while putting hand on his back: s’ok Tommy, we’re ehn this together.

  18. Ohmygosh. Can I have one? Or five?

  19. Lurve the little dewd (or dewdette) with his paw on his bro’s shoulder.

  20. Cassandra says:

    Ye gads this is adorable! And of course, RobynE is right, these guys are clearly the goonies. The little guy in the middle looks like he’s about to do the truffle shuffle!

  21. Mary (the first) says:

    Part of the fun of this show is the names they’re given: “Pancake”, “Bubble” and “Squeak”, along with Mitch, Daisy, etc. I can’t help wondering what this little five-some is called.. Teto, Marvin, Michael? (ok that’s probably not accurate. You know who I mean.)

  22. What about meerkats *in* Hawaiian Shirts? Dancing to Tom Tom Club!!!

  23. Nooooo! Not more kats! Too freaking cute to see a whole gaggle of wee ones! I like the last pair, the one has its arm around its buddy. Awww.

  24. the wobbly fuzzy joy!!!

  25. Lets start a band in the garage?

  26. Shannon Johnson says:

    So cute.

  27. donutbill says:

    Hey! Those banditos stole my pretzels!!

    Help! Poliiiiiiiiice!!!!!

  28. SQUEEEEEEEE!!! I’ve never seen such tiny bebehs before!

  29. teeny-tinies! *passes out*

  30. Robert M. says:

    Sure, it’s now Saturday, but what about an RCMF, Theo?…

  31. lil_cutey says:

    !!!! o my gosh! dat iz soooo cute! They r lil fuzzykins. They r sooo adorable. This site haz d cutest pics of animals eva!

  32. where is our babysitter I is scared out heer says one babeh, here let me rest my head on you will that make it better???
    Yep a wee little bit, thanx

  33. just when i thought my morning was going wonderful, here comes bebeh meerkittens to make it fabutastic!

  34. Ooh Ooh! I gots a great caption for this one.

    Middle Baby Meerkat:
    Heeeey! Where’s my buddy!? I can’t go on the field trip without my buddy!!!!

  35. Warning, though, about Meerkat Manor: It’s full of the cute, yes… but also some really depressing stuff.

    End of season 1: “Will Brave Little Shakespeare survive?”

    All of the hiatus: “Will Brave Little Shakespeare survive?”

    Beginning of Season 2: “Oh, no one’s seen Brave Little Shakespeare in months. He must be dead. Moving on…”

    I love meerkats — cutest animals ever — but not sure if I’m up for Season 3.

  36. (The two on the right):
    1: It’ll be alright.

    2: Are you sure? Mom’s gonna kill us when she sees we used all her eyeliner!

  37. Sherri – I thought I was the only one who got depressed from watching that. There’s one episode where a baby was lost and died and that was pretty much the end of my relationship with that show.

  38. hahaha… This is what happens when Yossarian is told to babysit. Now, you can’t see it, but about a quarter mile to the left, he’s hitting on Pancake.

  39. SeaBreeze says:

    ‘Meer, kitty, kitty! ‘Meer, kitty, kitty! I got some fresh treats for you! ‘Meer, kitty kitty!!

  40. LisaHoneychan says:

    I’m with Sherri and metaskins on Meerkat Manor. Totally adorable animals, but NOT the best of watchful parents…I was upset about poor Shakespear as well…The show did a horrid “cliff-hanger” getting you worried about the poor lil’ guy, and then..”Oh, he must be dead” I can’t bring myself to even watch season 3.

    Plus..They aren’t the smartest of creatures, and it’s a bit frustrating to watch them make poor choices!! *LOL* (i’m only partly-joking)

  41. luvinmalssomuch says:

    The little one with his hand on his buddies shoulders. They are so adorable.

  42. collegebuddy says:

    The one in the center looks kinda PO’ed.