(Sausage shaped) Bed warmer!

Look at this lil’ sausage-shaped Bed warmer. On the clean linens, even.






  1. Adorable!

  2. oh such an adorable baby. LOVE the feetie pads! and the binky tail! its too much cute-ness.

    Meg- i thought you were going to be out partying today! what up?
    (not complaining of course)

  3. AuntieMame says:

    Heh! My browser isn’t set for full screen, so all I saw was the COXCU notation at the bottom. How did I know it was going to be Mr. Bedwarmer’s tocks and tailio in the CU? 🙂

  4. AuntieMame says:

    And the little crossed feets, of course…

  5. metsakins says:

    Is it tocksday?

  6. Persephone says:

    I love how Jack Russells get that forlorn, thoughtful look. “Oh, I was just thinking of how the smell of your linens brings back my long-forgotten memories of summers in Provence… I was so innocent then.”

  7. Those little crossed feet kill me. So effing cute!

  8. Those little crossed feet kill me. So effing cute!

  9. This is a cute little pic and I love dogs What is his name?

  10. eeeek!
    Tocks and Toes!

  11. LOL! Those crossed feet are adorable!

  12. Heees back legs look soooo short in comparison to his front legs! Or is that just because s/he’s got them all cross-ded and schtuff? *tilts head to look more closely* Baroo?

  13. Yes, Persephone, I was thinking along those lines too, Like he was thinking, Back in ze day, when I left ma sweet cherie… She had such a cute derriere…*sigh*

  14. Here is a hugs for you Babeh:

  15. i ruv jack rotten terrors 🙂 do these come in slippers too?

  16. I love the dainty little crossed back paws, all “I may be tuckered, but not TOO tuckered to still be decent” and stuff.

  17. ThreeCatNight says:

    Such delicate terri-tocks, and the crossed leglets are too cute!

  18. omg, wee jack russell! look at its little feet crossed at the back. so freaking cute!

  19. dawg tawks, y’all.

  20. musicchick, Jack Russells do come in a short-legged variety. Maybe this is one of them.


  21. R. Moore says:

    Aw, what cute wittle tocks! Jack russels have the bestest tocks.

    If only they didn’t have quite so much energy… I had one when I was rather young and he was a ball of fire.

  22. awww i want to poke him/her 😀

  23. Mary (the first) says:

    In addition to the tocks and the crossed toesies, please let me comment on the wonderfulness of his COLORING. The white stretch with the brown bookend ears-eyes/tail smudge.. TOO MUCH!!!

  24. I have a JRT now – and I’ve always said I didn’t want another one – but looking at this photo makes me want one BAD.

    *scoops up the pup and runs*

  25. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Awwww feetsies crossed are sooooo cute. I’m going to curl up right next to him.

  26. He is ever so modest with his little drumsticks crossed.

  27. metsakins says:

    Kitten – Before you take that pup I must test it for snorgableness. That should only take several weeks!

  28. The crossed legs are too too much – but are those toenails painted?!?!??? Scrutinize with me, won’t you?

  29. They do look unnaturally pink, Shannon.

  30. i have one of these bed warmers =)

  31. aren’t those little legs sexy .. hahah

  32. Since there’s been so much Wisconsin talk lately– think we get this little guy a start in the Miller Stadium Sausage Races?

  33. metsakins says:

    Shannon – obviously instead of posting checks I’ve been analyzing and scrutinizing and I think you may be on to something

  34. OOPs– that should be Miller PARK, not Stadium.

  35. YAY! *sings and dances* Jack Russell Terrier! Best dogs EVAR!

  36. genmachaita says:

    is this model available at Bed, Bath & Beyond?

  37. genmachaita says:

    is this model available at Bed, Bath & Beyond?

  38. HeidStar says:

    Ay! The stubbage! It’s keeling me ded. I’m seriously jonesin’ for a puppeh and you peeps are Not. Helping. One. Bit.

  39. quick snorgle
    ahhh I feel a little better
    to my peeps worried about our dog Dusty I’ve posted an update on my vox blog.
    Thanks for all the love & care!

  40. Clean linens or photoshopped linens? It looks like there’s something on the bed behind the tocks in the close-up that was removed in the full picture. I spy a cover-up! possibly inappropriate material? Secret documents? Suspicious, for sure..

  41. that is adorable to the highest rating ever !!!!!

    Love the crossed tocks and toes can we look any more comfortables their little puppeh or what ?

    Yes me snorgleing you…

  42. The crossed legs remind me of a roasted chicken. Mmm…roasted puppy.

  43. hahah omg..that is soo adorablee!!!!

  44. Yeah! Meg and her wordsmithiness is back!

  45. Dog lover says:

    What a cutie, in daydreamer mode!!

  46. eikoleigh says:

    omg, those little crossed legs are just too cute, and all topped off with that itty bitty tail….

    eek! I want to smooshy-hug him….!

  47. well I noticed the pink toes, but the photoshopped bit. Glad I am not a CSI….. (Good luck on your test, sis!)

  48. freetomato says:

    I haf a 12 lb speckalicious rat terrier whose my footwarmer bellyrub fix with her frecklebelly dot head self. In fact, its late, it’s Speck cuddle time!

  49. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    I tick the tocks.

  50. That little leg cross in the back is too much!! TOO CUTE!! I…..must……look……awayyyyyy

  51. This reminds me of the weiner dog with the “chicken stix”….anyone?

  52. I have a short-legged little jackie called Cinnamon who does this once in a blue moon. She’s cute and loves to jump into bed with me early on a Sunday morning! 😀

  53. Shannon Johnson says:

    So cute. i love the paws

  54. JuliaJellicoe says:

    I smell a crossed-legs category …

  55. Brak_Silverbone says:

    The daintily crossed ankles made me LOL!

  56. Oh so edible! *munch munch munch*