Happy Birthday Sparky, Chief Significant Other!

Hedge6Happy Birthday Spark-a-ru, the manly inspiration for Cute Overload!Looking forward to celebrating many, many, many more with you!Enjoy this hedgie (thanks Parsley Soup!) with some delish salted caramel ice cream!XoXo,AmoiseP.S. Meg and Sparky are celebrating, she will be back with loads of cuteness tomorrow!



  1. Happy Happy b-Day!

  2. Too. Cute. To. Eat.

  3. Happy 3rd birfday to Sparky, apparently! I wish you menny menny more.


  4. Gumbercules says:

    Now I have to wonder if Sparky is a dog, a cat, or a child…

  5. Gumbercules – Sparky, he of the Roofees-interview fame, is our beloved Meg’s hubby!


  6. Oh, and the cake is adorable!

  7. Is this hedgie what they mean when they say ‘soft kronsche’? 😉

    Good to know the cute dried up for a happy occasion though.

  8. Amoise, C.S.O. says:

    Sparky is Meg’s hubby, the manly inspiration for Cute Overload!

  9. Happy birthday Sparky, Have fun Meg. May all your cakes be Ice cream cakes. The bestest kind ever.

  10. Amoise, C.S.O. says:
  11. R. Moore says:

    Many happy returns of the day, Sparky!

  12. So Meg and her hubby are both leos! That… makes so much sense.

  13. Shannon Johnson says:


  14. TheHonourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Have a sparkling Birfday Sparky.Have you still got your magic piano?

  15. Wait, I’m confused. Sparky is 3 years old and Meg’s hubby? “Hubby,” as in male HUMAN companion? But he’s 3!?

  16. Rebecca, silly, he’s not 3 years old. He’s 3 HEDGEHOGS old, which is, like, 34 or so.

  17. Happy Birthday Sparky !!!!
    What kinda cake is that ?

    I hope the parting does not get out of hand over at the CO headquarters their will a lot strange looking posts if it does!?!?!?!
    half cat-half ferret.,
    half horse-half moose
    who knew?????????

  18. Happy Birthday.

  19. Happy Birthday, Sparky!!!!!

  20. My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with a girl who saw Meg eating ice cream with Sparky at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it’s pretty serious

  21. Looks TOO good to eat!

  22. CBF good one!

    everyone else – that may look 2 good 22 eat but if its ice cream I’d make the sacrifice.

    Sparky – Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!!

  23. happy birthday Sparky!

    I always thought Meg and Theo.. silly me.. sorries


  24. LOL CBD, Save Ferris!

    And ice cream cake-it reminds me of the Carvel Ice cream cakes of my youth in New York. Oh how I love the little chocolate crunchy bits in the center. What are those made of?

  25. Oh, and happy third birthday, Sparky! Were you born on leap year?

  26. oh my,…. must try to make that cake!!!

  27. I agree Norty.

    Recipe and Directions for this cake… DO WANT!

  28. we cud use a smarties as nose

  29. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Happy Birthday Sparky!

  30. michellemybelle says:

    What fun! Yay for Sparky and Meg – and thanks, Chief Sister Officer!

  31. happy birthday sparky!

  32. lol cupcake!

    i love those cakes. my mum used to make them for parties when we were little

  33. Have a Sparktockular anniversary of your birth!

  34. Argentee says:

    The cake piccy came from here http://www.parsleysoup.co.uk/getrecipe.php?section=kids&recipe=hedgehog_cakes and yes! There is a recipe!

  35. Yitzysmommie says:

    Happy Birthday Sparky. May you have many many more.

  36. Laurie C says:

    T – does Meg know you’re talking about Sparky’s ‘tocks?

    Anyone who inspires the cute deserves the most excellent birthday every. Go, Sparky!

  37. Laurie: no, but *I* do….hmmm….

  38. Aww…Happy Buffday, Sparky! Celebrate by spending the day as you did your first (laying around naked while your every need is provided for)…

    And while the hedgie-cakes look delicious, I’ll need reassurance that “salted caramel” flavored ice cream wouldn’t ruin it all :-p I remember trying salt on my ice cream as a kid: I can…still…taste…the nastiness…BLECH

  39. Wow, two birthdays in two weeks! Happy Birthday!

    And that is the cutest cake — and cakelette — I’ve ever seen.

  40. And the hedgie cake is vegan — that is teh awesum!

  41. Happy Happy Birth Birth Day Day!

    (lameo version of the happy happy joy joy dance/song)

    Bestest wishes and funz for yew both. & Meg, I can sympathize having a SO who has a b-day close to yours. (they get more presentz I swear!)
    BUT still, happy day to both of you.

  42. happy birfday sparky!

    that cake looks too good to pass up! may i have some?

  43. What kind of dog is Rufus?! I want!

    Oh yes.. Happy birthday Sparky!

  44. Peg of Tilling says:

    Happy Birthday, Sparky!

    The hedgehog cake recipe looks like a British English translation of Wacky Cake–it’s on epicurious.com and probably a million other places on the web. Easy-peasy tasty recipe…mmmmm chocolate cake.

    (If you want to try the hedgehog recipe as posted I’d bake at 350F, not 400F…cake nerd, sorry.)

  45. there is WAY too much hidden talk on here LOL I was majorly confused. Well..Happy THIRD hedgehog birthday to the HUSBAND?


  46. That cake scares me. Almost as much as the idea of vegan cream cheese. What the heck goes into that? Condensed non-dairy creamer?

    Although admittedly, the baby is cute.

  47. Did anyone click on the “salted caramel ice cream” link!? I’m soooooooooooo going to that ice cream shop the next time I’m in San Fran!! I will be ordering the Honey Lavender ice cream & the Balsamic Strawberry pie.

  48. Gives another meaning to “I’ll eat you with a spoon.”

  49. Persephone says:

    Jwlls — Yes. Oh my god. I can has pineapple mint popsicles now? 🙂

    Happy birthday, Sparky!

  50. bunnajenny says:

    Happy belated birthday Sparky! My dad made me a chocolate hedgehog cake for my 9th birthday. He made the quills by cutting Cadbury’s buttons in half and sticking them in the cake. Happy memories of a delish cake.

  51. So Sparky’s not 3 and the cake’s not ice cream, but everything’s good anyway and we’ve had some cute new CO posts. HBD Sparky and anyone else who’s not 3 today.

  52. mervtheflamingo says:

    If you’re not in San Francisco (and you’re rather close to Columbus, Ohio) you should DEFINITELY get Jeni’s ice Cream. They do Cocoa Curry Cocoa, lavendar wildberry, mango lassi, salted caramel, and other WONDERFUL homemade flavors (occasionally butter, various wine flavors, etc)

  53. Happy b-day to teh Sparkster! I hope his cake really is a hedgie (with a higher numeral candle).

    Nice post, CSO!

  54. R. Moore says:

    And after ice-cream you should go to this little Greek place I froget the name of… It’s either on or just off of Polk somewhere 😛 The food is delicious, but the best part is if you have to go to the bathroom you have to walk through the doors to the back, out another door, and wait outside (hopefully when it’s raining) to go in. When you’te in the back there’s usually clothes hanging to dry and stuff from the buildings around you.

  55. Tofutti-brand vegan cream cheese is a soy-based product. I use it in icing and other things. They also make a good vegan sour cream and vegan ice cream sandwiches.

  56. Oh, thank goodness, the 3 is only there because Meg used the pic from the recipe rather than a pic of the actual cake. We will all just assume that Meg’s version turned out just as cute. When *I* do fancy cakes like that, they NEVER look like the picture. 😦 But I’m sure Meg is way better at it.

  57. Happy B, Sparky!

    I did click on that ice cream shop/bakery/whatever’s link, and was immediately captivated by “chai spiced milk chocolate.” Me and my ice cream freezer are gonna spend some quality time, this weekend!

  58. Kiragirl says:

    I love the phrase “Chief significant other.” If he’s the Chief SO, who are the others? (Things that make you go hmmmmmm, in sing-songy voice.)
    Happy Birthday Sparky and take a big slice out of life & cake.

  59. VERY glad Meg is not married to a three-year-old. Besides the EWwww factor, I’d hate to go without CO while she served her sentence. It IS all about me, right?

  60. Persephone – Yes, meet us in SF so you can has pineapple mint popsicles now!

    mervtheflamingo – Why can’t they have that sort of place here in So CA!!? Though we do have Pinkberry! Yum!

    R. Moore – You’re teasing us with non-directions! I love SF!

    RJ – That was my 2nd ice cream choice! I will be so jealous if you live in SF and are going to enjoy the “chai spiced milk chocolate” ice cream without us!

  61. Wow this looks like it was made out of my Kentucky Bourbon Chocolate Mousse recipe posted here:



  62. Wow this looks like it was made out of my Kentucky Bourbon Chocolate Mousse recipe posted here:



  63. “Kentucky Bourbon Chocolate Mousse”?!?! YUM!

    Can we start throwing that at ‘Nuffs?

  64. valerie von Eye says:

    i want to see a picture of them. sparky and meg.

  65. I’m really late to the party, but Happy Happy, Sparky!!!! Yay for you! Yay for birfdays! (And yay for incredibly cute hedgie cakes!!!)

  66. oh my gawd, that is the cutest and most delicious looking thing EVAR! I would really have a hard time not eating it! and then when I was eating it, I would feel sad for enjoying such a cute hedgie cake so much.
    What I’m trying to say is, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPARKY! a little late but ‘sokay. you don’t know me so you’re not expecting a present. my sister on the other hand…
    *nibbles fingernails*

  67. acelightning says:

    I bake and decorate cakes semi-professionally, and I specialize in cakes that look like some sort of non-cake object – an 18-wheeler, a magic castle, a pizza, a pirate’s treasure chest full of gold and jewels, a mug full of beer, a pizza, etc. I am *SO* stealing that design!


    thank you CO!!