I’ve got the tiniest cookie

in dee world!

And now I’m gonna eat it

chomp chomp chomp


Please tell me you ALSO have the tiniest baking oven, Trudi H.B. 😉



  1. The Rat is almost saying..hey..my cookie..not your cookie..leave my cookie alone..have to eat it now or i will lose is..grompgrompgromp

  2. The little chocolate chips! HOW

  3. …that OR this is a f*ing big rat

  4. That’s some high BEF goin’ on there.

  5. Please suh, I want some more.

  6. Collie Girl says:

    Is that a piece of cookie crisp cereal?

    That little guys looks suspiciously like a bona fide RAT creeping around the house putting his nose in places it doesn’t belong!

  7. I think that cookie might be a Chips Deluxe Gripz bag.

    Rats are the best pets! I’m never getting any again, though, b/c both of mine died from cancer and it was really depressing.

  8. my immediate thoughts were “either that rat got into the cookie crisp or we have a monster of an infestation!!”

    either way, its still cute!!!

  9. If you give a mouse a cookie…

    ..it looks like this. <3

  10. sebastiensmom says:

    Awww, what a lucky squishy ratling!

  11. Fuzzybutt says:

    “The fair is a veritable smorgasbord orgasbord orgasbord…”

  12. Emi…you beat me to it! That was the first thing I thought of when I saw this picture!
    Such tiny hands! So cute! But doesn’t he seem like his eyes are looking two different directions?


  14. donutbill says:

    I would comment, but I am now *DEAD!* Cause of death: Cute-rat-overload!!!

  15. That rat is SO UGLY but that cookie is freaking adorable!!!! How about a C.O.X.C.U. on the cookie…

  16. SQUEEEE! It’s a little wall-eyed cookie-eater.

  17. eeee!! rats rats rats!! Much luff! Thanks for the rat pic!

    Fuzzybutt – I was thinkin the same thing. Now that song will be in my head the rest of the nite, at least.

  18. Hahahaha…he DOES look like Templeton from Charlotte’s Web!

  19. This is my favorite rat ever! He’s all “Alms for the poor?”

  20. He has mastered the art of two-handed cookie eating. If I had a cookie that big, you can be sure I’d be two handed eating it as well!

  21. One Eyed Daruma says:

    This is the Marty Feldman of Rat-dom.

  22. Oh wow. I have to cook rat-sized cookies now. I don’t care if it IS just cookie crisp!

  23. He has the sweetest little look on his face – like he is so grateful for the cookie ! Such a cute rat !

  24. Dog lover says:


    Cute rat, too!

  25. I wish I could give him a tiny little glass of cold refreshing milk to go with his cookie….this is making me hungry!

  26. Cookies? For BREAKFAST??

  27. Just for everyones info, Fudge here is a girl.

  28. michellemybelle says:

    It’s the real Ratatouille – he made that cookie, didn’t he?

  29. I <3 this site, but I'm always wishing it had more rats... so YAY! This makes me want to immediately go get some cookie crisp for my ratkins.

    (also, he’s not wall-eyed — rats just look like that when photographed from head-on)

  30. Ah, what a sweet little rattie! Reminds me of mine when I give them dog biscuits.

  31. Another Angela says:

    LOVE the ratties!! My rats’ eyes look like that when they eat too (I call them shrimp eyes). I recently heard it was so they could look far around behind them while eating, to keep an eye out for danger. Makes sense to me. This little guy is very sweet and now I’ll go snorgle my bunch 😉

  32. I can has cookie!

  33. Little ratley eyeballs all bugged-out with bliss!! HOW HOW HOW did he get that cookie!?

  34. Another Angela says:

    Oh yeah, and for those who love rats, there is now a lolrat site:

  35. Why does this poor baby look like he’s been backed into a corner?

  36. Fudge is getting a bit upset about being called a boy…it’s not her fault she has facial hair and a deep voice.

  37. Another Angela says:

    I thought she might be a gal, but couldn’t tell from this angle 😉 She is very very sweet Trudi, and maybe a little rascal too?

  38. Looks like a Mini Chips Ahoy (TM) to me. Yumm.

  39. I think she’s beautiful! and VERY feminine! 🙂

  40. Gendo Ikari says:

    Is it a tiny cookie…
    or a giant rat!

    /rolls for initiative

  41. Furbabies says:

    Iz in ur kuburds eatn ur kookees.

  42. Thta rat is “wall-eyed” as they say in the South.

  43. hooray! i love rats! more cute rat pictures, please!

  44. eww. not cute.

  45. All rats are “walleyed” – their eyes are on the sides of their heads because they are prey animals. Bunnies are like this too.

    Hokay, you see how you can see the whites of the rat’s eyes in the bottom corner? That’s because when rats are happy, they grind their teeth and their eyes pop out a bit. It’s called bruxing, and I think it’s adorable.

    Why yes, I am a rattie fanatic, why do you ask? =^_^=

  46. How do we know that’s not a GIANT rat eating a normal-sized cookie?

  47. likes pinwheels says:

    great…i have that song stuck in my head too now. well, that part. it’s on loop in my head because i don’t really remember the rest. thanks fuzz!

  48. I lubs da squishes 🙂 Boy, do they ever like chocolate!

  49. The wheeeeeskars…they keeeeeells me with the cuteness.

    And the dainty leeetle fingertips and immaculately manicured nails.

    I’m actually thinking about getting some ratties 🙂

  50. Oh you should defintaly get some ratties, they are the coolest pets ever..

  51. Rats, so loveable.
    When we had rats I would make mini pancakes for them when we had pancakes for breakfast and mini cookies too.
    They meke lovely pets estella.

  52. awwwwwwe, too prosh. I lurve the pic, both for the wee sweet animal and the wee-est cookie in dee world

  53. WiccanWolf says:

    Yes, rats are fantastic pets. I just brought home an incredibly cute maile grey capped hairless. He’s about 2 months old and the first thing he did was crawl up my chest and sit on my shoulder.


  54. Shut UP!!! That is the BEST PICTURE OF A RAT EVAR!!!

    DAMN.. I want to *meep* her on the wittle nose.

    I’ve said it before. .and apparently I’m going to say it again (and again) Just when I think I’ve seen it ALL.. and can’t possibly be pwned by the Qte any more.. this happens..

    *shakes head*

  55. Trudi, Fudge is such a dainty little rat lady! She needs an itty bitty china plate and a tiny linen handkerchief to dab her mouf. Then she will let out an itty bitty burp and say, “Exsqueeze me!”

  56. Another Angela — thanks for the rat page! I’m totally rat obsessed and always looking for new rat websites!

    Trudi HB — Please apologize to Fudge for me for calling her a boy. I hadn’t refreshed my page in a while and didn’t see your comment before I posted. My girls would be pretty peeved if that happened to them.

    (Well, Pancake would be peeved. Peeve is always peeved, because that’s her name!)

  57. and i thought the cookies from my old easy-bake oven were small….

  58. Peeve, I love it, such a cool name.
    Fudge forgives you and wishes she could meet your girls so they could all share cookies and milk together, and chat about boy rats

  59. Another Angela says:

    WiccanWolf, no buddy for your widdle guy? They are social animals and need pals (same sex)! Anyone wanting a rat for a pet? They make wonderful pets, but please have an experienced vet and be prepared to pay for the occasional bout of antibiotics for the common respiratory ailments, and for spaying or surgery to remove tumors. They are not the maintenance-free pets some people imagine.

  60. Yes Fudge has a buddy, her name is popcorn. I always have two rats, like you say very social animals. As for vets bills, yes I have had a few. $400 for one little rattie. She developed respitory problems and cancer as well.
    They are quite high maintance animals, but well worth the effort. I love my little ratties

  61. Ok, this rat had me squeeing out loud, though I don’t like rats too moishe!

    Cute cookie too! Awwww.

  62. Another Angela says:

    Two of my boys had tumors removed several months ago (about $150 each), but they are doing so well, I have no regrets at all. They just get more and more affectionate as they grow older. Thanks for the cute photo Trudi!

  63. She is so cute! I wish rats were human sized so you could give them a hug.

    Another Angela – Thanks for the rat site. Did you notice the rat named Flea, under the heading “Do not want”? He/She is actually making an obscene paw gesture. And rats usually look so well mannered.

  64. …he’s going to want a glass of milk.

  65. acelightning says:

    This reminds me a little bit of the hamster with the World’s Tiniest Cheeseburger. But in this case, the cookies already come that tiny – no need to try to find microscopic chocolate chips! And rattikins looks very happy with her snack 😉

  66. Oh, yes — Peeve and Pancake would love to hang with Fudge and Popcorn (also great names!) They would share some of their favorites, as well — Kix and Chicken Noodle baby food!

  67. That cookie looks delicious! Where can I order some for my lot? 😉

  68. Rats rock! They are smart and c-u-t-e. My BFF has one and her bounds up to me for a frito-lay corn chip. I’d give him one and he stashed it under her daughter’s bed. This went on for about 20 mins (so cute when he stood on his back legs and stretched out his little front paws for the corn chip). After he got his pile stashed away, her dog crawled under the bed and ate it all! Poor Mr. Skibbles!

  69. OK, so I thought I had an actual rat phobia. But she is adorable! Look at her itty bitty hands! Do pet rats have to live in cages or can they roam around the house?

  70. This is the cutest pic eeeevvveeerrrrr *sing song voice*

  71. the tiny hands!!!!!! S/he looks like my sister when we were kids, sneaking in the corners to eat sweets before dinner time LOL

    Very very cute!

  72. You want half?

  73. uk at my teensy handies awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  74. Katzendogz says:

    Trudi, you must tell us where that cookie came from!

    The Cookie Crisp and Grips cookies are good guesses, but you can tell those have been mass produced. This tiny cookie looks homemade.

  75. Yitzysmommie says:

    OOO, look at Fudge’s wee leetle handses!
    Trudi, here’s my funny rattie story: I work at my city’s homeless clinic. One of my fave street teens came in one day with her pet rat – a white one, not a street rat :-). She put said rattie on my neck to hang out while she went to the bathroom. At just that moment, the BOSS came by with yet another tour. As he was introducing me as the pediatric nurse, the Qte rattie poked its head out of my collar, causing the guests to gasp, me to laugh and my BOSS to roll his eyes in a “NOW what’s she up to?” manner. He still occasionally asks me if I have any pets with me when he brings tours around.

  76. Yay! A rat!
    I have 2 rats and would totally love to see more lovely ratlings on this site! Props for this post of a cuteness little rata. I want more!
    Yay rats!

  77. Elizabeth P says:

    Thank you for posting a rattie! I bet he would share his cookie if he really liked you. All of mine used to throw food at me. 😛


  78. Shannon Johnson says:

    How cute is that? The rat has his own cookie.

  79. Hmm – the rollover text is McGlurpersons. That sounds more like a squooshy nom-nomming term to me – Perhap for a crispy thing like a cookie it should be McKronchersons?

  80. Carrie Hamster LOVER says:

    i think he’s all adorable being all wall-eyed and eatin (kronch, kronch) his widdie biddie tookie!

  81. ThreeCatNight says:

    “I didn’t know Chips Ahoy made cookies in my size!”

    (Definitely not an NYC subway rat; too polite and hesitant-looking. Our rats would grab that sucker out of your hand!)

  82. I, too, could only think “If you give a mouse a cookie…” when I saw this picture. So cute!

  83. i love how his eyes are going in slightly opposite directions…. so adorable!

  84. Ms Jessica F. says:

    CooOOOOOOkie Crisp!

  85. Ok, to put everyone out out of their misery. the cookie is a nestle cookie crisp.
    I found the cereal while in Indonesia, we don’t have it here in New Zealand. Hopefully Fudge doesn’t become to addicted to them.

  86. This reminds me of a book… “If you give a mouse a cookie…” It actually exists!

  87. Please, ‘suh may I have ahnuthah?

  88. Fuzzybutt says:

    **great…i have that song stuck in my head too now. well, that part. it’s on loop in my head because i don’t really remember the rest. thanks fuzz!**

    Sorry pinwheels! But, really, there are so many other awful songs you can have stuck in your head! 🙂

  89. WiccanWolf says:

    Actually we bought him for company to the rat we currently have…so yes he has a buddy. 🙂


  90. creepyhazel says:

    “I made you a cookie, but I eated it!”

  91. Apparently, Remy has moved on to his pastry rotation in culinary school…

  92. cgoof,YEs they can roam about the house but they will want a cage for feeling safe and you will want a cage for them too and you will want them only out while supervised.
    They are wonderful pets but they chew on wires, curtains furniture you name it they will naw and pee and poop.
    so. WE had ours out a lot and they enjoyed it but we also had quite a bit of destruction too.
    But they love to be with you and cuddle and they do recognize everyone in the family too. Templeton our first ratty even knew my daughters regular friends and attended softball games and was very popular.

  93. I love that look on her face. That sort of momentary pause, considering if she should defend her cookie or if the camera will back off on its own. XD

  94. creepyhazel says:

    I think I see the tail of another rat near the side of the picture.

  95. OR “R” for world’s largest Rat

  96. Love the animal pictures on here!!

    Keep up all the excellent work.

    Darren House

  97. Yes there is another rat hiding, her name is popcorn, she’s a little camera shy, unlike Fudge

  98. The sequence of my thoughts when I looked at this photo:
    1. “Awww, ‘If You Give a Mourse a Cookie’!”
    2. “Hold it! Oh my… it’s a RAT…”
    3. “Oh wellz, still cute!”

  99. What a cutie! I love rats so much ;). Way, way, WAY nicer than my hamsters have been, the little turds :[.