Bebeh shoulder bunneh

Um, how lucky is this girl? Sooooooooooo luckies. Will you please check out this bunnulence.

bunny love, originally uploaded by Saraide.

Eva H., you are a SUPER SLEUTH!



  1. mspamjen says:

    OMG – so fuzzy and so cute.

  2. OMG OMG OMG…I want one.

  3. snorgler says:

    You’re nobunny till some bunny loves you!

  4. metsakins says:

    Bunny tocks!!!!!

  5. awwww looks so relaxing!

  6. OMG!!

    The feets! The ‘tocks! The nosicle and muzzlepouch!

    That bun has it going on.

    (posting posthumously, as the cute kilt me ded — again)

  7. Wish my bunbun would snuggle like that…she is sooo cranky…she growls at me. Ever heard a bunny growl…it is scary!

  8. WOW! I’ve never seen such a relaxed bunneh!

    Deb – LOL! No, I haven’t! But that’s hilarious!

  9. It’s even funnier when she beats up on the cats…now whose the predator???? It is much crazy around my house.

  10. The one thing that could possibly make this cuter is if babeh were napping while mama reads a bedtime story. And she does this every night? Lucky girl.

    BTW, what’s the towewlie for?

  11. isn’t a bunny on yer shoulder THAT relaxed the apex of life we all dream of? how can you go on after experiencing that? that bunny’s so swoonable

  12. Heavenly says:

    Yeah, my buns aren’t snugglers either, only with each other. This one is anerable, but I wish we could see the ears!

  13. actually i don’t know who i’m more jealous of….. the girl because she has bunny that is so relaxed or the bunny ’cause (s)he is so relaxed

  14. why the towel though? is this bunny incontinent? (I am just trying to be less jealous, here)

  15. Pat Trenner says:

    Okay, WHO snorgled its ears off?

  16. baby bunnies have no idea that they will hate that when they grow up

  17. Karebear says:

    Where can I buy myself a Shoulder Bunneh™

  18. hee hee, my flemish giant babeh keeps trying to get on my shoulder… my neck is covered in scratches from his paddle-sized feets!

  19. that is the cutest thing ever. what an adorable bun-bun baby. and look at that smile on her face. i am having extreme feelings of jealousy and envy right now.
    it would help my stress level so much if i could have a baby bun sleepin on my shoulder here at work.

  20. Awww – bunbun!

    I too have a non-snuggle-bunny. The first time I heard her growl (which sounds exactly like a small dog) I stared, and then cracked up laughing. She rearranges my rugs and digs in my trash. I tried to get her to pick out a husbun at the local shelter, but she beat up all the other boys.

  21. Say, did that little critter come from the Boneless Bunbun Ranch???

  22. Shannon Johnson says:

    I want the bunny! I think that would be lovely.

  23. *laughs* husbun…. *laughs again*

  24. Heavenly says:

    Haha, Wendy, my girl is a tough bun too! She loves her brother, but sometimes she’s really mean to him. She’s like half his size but she totally dominates him.

  25. I love the over-the-shoulder, Diana glance the bun is giving us.

  26. Ooooohhhh so sweeeeeeeeet! Shhh!! Don’ wake da’ bunbun! S/he must be SOOOOOOOOOOO soft! ACK! *grabby hands* I wanna!

    You TOO can have your very own bunnehs, and this kind doesn’t need food, just love! (Psstt… I’m working on getting a discount code for us!)

  27. Our buns would very much disapprove of this public display of interspecies affection. They have no problem doing all kinds of obscene things together tho. Especially when the kids are watchin, too, “Mommy is he hurting her?” Lmho…

  28. Cute bunneh, and cute girl too.

    What a sweet happy pic.

  29. musicchick2-
    ok. gotta have the bun bun slippers. do you think they’ll give us a discount code? I’d love to get a discount, but I gotta have em! sooner the better!

  30. Ahh! The unmittigated overly cute bunniculance!

  31. does want!!

    can’t be too jealous tho – my 14 lb french lop sometimes cuddles like this. tho her legs still rest in my lap 🙂

  32. ThreeCatNight says:

    A bunny shoulder warmer!
    Can I get one?

  33. dwine:

    why the towel though?

    it’s to cover the girlie’s rack …

    she is very thoughtful;

    and very lucky to have a little cuddle-bun on her concealed rack …

  34. R. Moore says:


    Those feets, that face… It cannot be real!

  35. oh my god!!! i want to kiss that buns little nose!! i want a pet.

  36. Lauryn S says:

    She’s too sweet to be real. My bun growls too…and if I tried to do that, she would just thump on me. I’m very envious. What a cutie!

  37. hihi the towel is to protect her from lil bunneh accidents

  38. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Are they are sale? I want one.

  39. DasBoots says:

    I choked when I saw this one! That super softness all warm and snuggly in the nape of your neck must be FUZZY HEAVEN!

  40. My bunneh lies over my shoulder.
    My bunneh looks over at me.
    My bunneh lies over my shoulder.
    My bunneh is quite snorgalee.

  41. Ok, all together now..



  42. Yes, I believe the towel is for catching little bunny poops and stuff.

  43. I am reduced to a shell of my former coherent self, such is the power of this bunnulence.

  44. Y’know, we have a lot of rules regarding ears, how small, how large, relation to eyes, etc.

    Do we need a “where’s the ears?” category?

  45. This needs a C.O.X.C.U. on the bunny’s head.

  46. Mook, niiiiice.

  47. donutbill says:

    OMG! Look over there!!

    (Steals bunny while she looks.)

  48. OMG..the animal must be dead doing that!

  49. kittykatt says:

    The bunny makes me think of my kitty mouse and how he cuddles with me…. so cute !!!…. cute bunny bunny btw… 🙂

  50. the towel is in case bebeh gets too much more comfortables it might go on beatiful young lady.

    Bebeh is so relaxed I was wondering too if it came from a boneless bun-bun ranch. We do need a close up on that buns face I think its smiling !!!!!

  51. I feel sooo relaxed looking at this bun. he’s so comfy…
    I can almost see/hear him sigh.
    she’s wearing a Tee so I dont think the towel is to cover her rack. It’s more of a snuggle rug for the bun – you wrap him in it when it’s time to move him… not that i would do it in a hurry…

  52. Heavenly says:

    I second the “Where’s the ears?” category. That bun in the bath from a couple days ago could be in it too.

  53. I bet the towel is especially for the fur from fuzzy bun buns. That stuff gets everywheres!

  54. Soooooooo cuddly! I always have to stop myself from buying baby buns at every pet store I go to because I just have a soft spot for them. I’m lucky though, my Mickey and Audrey will do this with me if I catch them in a good mood and I lie very still. If I move at all, they usually claw me as they jump away.

  55. Adorable bun ‘tocks (buntocks?) aside, this girl has really nice teeth.

  56. “Dis me mummy, and I lubs her.” Yeah, I remember when my kittens were bebees and like that. Then they got to be teen-agers and got all “who me”? no, noes I don’t snuggle anymore, I are big grown up kitteh nao. You got food?

  57. Your no Bunny till some Bunny Loves you!

  58. Deb – I’ve heard one of my buns growl. He even lunged at me and bit me. I had it coming though because I had the nerve to bring the scent of a new bunny into his territory. It was actually scary – I had to jump up on the bed to get away from him. My husband thought it was kind of funny – like getting attacked by a teddy bear. Fortunately, he has grown to accept the new bun as long as she is not in his territory.
    He also hums when he is happy or excited. Has anyone else heard their buns do this? When he knows I have a special treat for him, he will run around me in circles going “hmm hmmm hmm”. It is pretty cute. He also used to do this before he was neutered and was “in love” with one of our cats. Fortunately for the cat he did not have a clue about anatomy.

  59. BTW – She is pretty lucky – such a sweet and affectionate bun.

  60. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    My Bunny valentine
    Sweet comic valentine
    You make me smile with my heart.

  61. acelightning says:


    I miss my bunnies *so much*. But my landlady will only allow me my big ole cat. And I’m not sure I could take any more heartbreak when my bunnies go to join the Rabbit-In-The-Moon 😦

  62. …And they called it …


    Awww! 🙂

  63. Question for all you folks w/growling buns (esp. girl buns) – are your buns spayed? Not trying to sound all preachy here, just that all off my girls calmed down considerably once spayed – no more growling, lunging, biting of mom, etc. Though Mo does still grunt occasionally.

  64. i want to kiss the bunneh butt. is that wrong?

  65. This is the cutest bunny I’ve ever seen – hands down! I have had many bunnies in my lifetime, but I’ve never been lucky enough to get one to snuggle me! She looks so darn comfy and precious! I just want to hug her and kiss her and squeeze her and call her George (Bugs Bunny reference)!

  66. How old is that bunny? I’ve never had one or even held one. She’s laying there like a baby. I can almost imagine her wearing a diaper on those cutey tocks. She’s got the life!!!

  67. Hi everyone! Thanks for all the compliments to my bun. Her name is Bear, she’s about 9 weeks old, and is the snuggliest bunny ever. I hope she stays that way when she grows up! (And yes, the towel is because she’s not litter trained yet.)

  68. Elizabeth says:

    The girl looks like Scarlett Johannson from the Nanny Diaries trailers.

  69. What in the name of sporks? Bunneh cheesecake poses?

  70. What in the name of sporks? Bunneh cheesecake poses?

  71. /looks at her bun and asks him “Odin…why don’t you do that?

    Lucky you.

  72. I think this one needs to be posted again because after all, it’s now, ‘Tocktober!!

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