Our Story So Far

Reykjavik Ricochet Ragdoll: known as "Rikki" to the council, born to Kenya in county CatCave, squire of Bounce, terror of Spot, and all-around mooshie doodle…

Rik1   Rik2   Rik3

…and now, Chapter Four in the Rikki Saga:

Yeb, we lubs heem.  Bery buch.

(As with all the feline royalty in his line, he possesses the power of Humans R Teh Dumb, which is probably coming through in my typing… it might also explain why we thought he was a girl for two months.)



  1. MonkeyAnn says:

    Huh? I’m sorry, I didn’t understand anything about this post.

  2. Click a few things, MonkeyAnn! The photos are links!

  3. You’re Back!!! We missed you guys so much! Thanks!

  4. Well at least the name Rikki is good for guys and gals! (I hope that’s his name – ish a bit confuzed….)

  5. yes Theo lubs us veddy much…(wipes tears from eyes)

  6. Tooooo cute for words!!

    (And I’ve been having C.O. withdrawls!!!)

  7. Oh my gosh, that is the funniest comic I have ever seen! It perfectly illustrates me! I posted it in my “cube” at work. Thanks Theo!

  8. smokeyJoe says:

    teho, didn’t you lift da tail and see the little grapes?

  9. Smokey —
    1) he was FLUFFY
    2) exactly how big do you imagine kitten-grapes *are*?


  10. Michelle says:

    Aww. They grow up so fast. I got an 8 week old on Friday July 13th. This is her pic. http://i18.tinypic.com/522rlp1.jpg

    She has a name now. It’s Jacey.

    Her is a ittle wittle ball o fire these days. Feisty McFeistersons.

  11. Teho to the rescue! Yay for fresh Qte!

  12. MaliceAlice says:

    Yes, that graph perfecty represents me near cats, puppies, small dogs, babies and cute shoes. Who’s the precious slingback pump? You are! Yes, you are!

  13. Yay! New cute!

    Rikki is such a handsome boy.

  14. Michelle- sweet kitten! Yay for adopting black kittehs!

  15. Thank you Oaklandcat. Since I’m sharing this is my other cat, Sabrina:

  16. Shannon Johnson says:

    Kitteh, I wants, I wants

  17. A beautiful, beautiful boy.

  18. Yitzysmommie says:

    Thanks, Teho. The shakes, runny nose, gooseflesh & tummy upset of withdrawals are starting to settle down now.
    RIKKI IS TEH CUTE!! Mooshie Doodle indeed.

  19. blueberry says:

    YAY! NEW QTE! thank you sooo much theo! rikki kind of looks like shadow (go back through the archives for one of the boxed cat pics)

  20. Blueberry — right here:
    (I don’t think Rikki’s colorpoints are going to get quite that dark, though.)

  21. Theo, Rikki is gorgeous. I just adopted a new 4-month-old today whom we thought was a boy ’cause it looked like there were fuzzy nutters. But we were deceived. Gravy is a girl (with super-cool polydactyl paws). Right now she’s in the bathroom in quarantine from the old resident cats, Buddy and Snack.

    Any 4-month-old advice, peeps? We adopted our other two cats as adults, so I have no experience with babies.

  22. Michelle, adorabuhls bebeh and beautiful beanbag chair, too!

    Teh Qte is back — woo hoo!

  23. I like the way Rikki-worshipper has Rikki-color-coordinated necklace. Classeh!

  24. Alexis: Gravy? AND Snack? You got to be kidding!Those are the best pet names evah! For reals! And you all know how we feel about Buddy…

  25. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Sweet fudgy-nose kitty! *smooch*

  26. Do you think being a minor internet celebrity and universally adored will get to Rikki’s head?

  27. Also, I’m pretty sure that comic was based on my elder sister. She’s a straight A student who squeals like a little girl at kitties and goes into the high pitched baby voice when there is a cat about. And we have FIVE.

  28. Russia– prolly. You know Buddy’s IMPOSSIBLE now.

  29. Well, thank you! Buddy’s official name is “Rocket,” though my boyfriend originally wanted to name him “Office.” Sometimes we call him “Toilet,” in honor of the large porcelain bubbler with which he is obsessed.

    Snack got her name because she loves to eat. No mystery there.

    Gravy is so-called because in spite of her tabbiness, her big ol’ polydactyl feet are all brown, making it look as if she has dipped them in, well, gravy.

  30. Bubbler! Your from Wisconsin doncha know!

  31. Theo I was having withdrawel symptoms over here I was begining to wonder if you had abanded us or something ????
    I need My daily CO fix, I am starting to settle down now too. Rikki is too cute for any scale the just melt to the floor at the sight of him.

  32. after the sqeees! and LOLs and gasps for breath are duly dealt with…

    I have a request: pleez to change “born of CatCave” to “born of Kenya”

    the lovely mother of teh Prince Rikk should be given her props

  33. Oh, no, I’m not from Wisconsin. But, dontcha know, the boyfriend is from Minnesota. Oh, yah.

  34. (All apologies if I’ve offended our chief Minnesotan, Theo, by the way. I only kid because I love that accent… not to mention the boyfriend…)

  35. Teho, are you keeping Prince R or adopting him out?

  36. *rises from death bed* Finally, I can stop dying of qte withdrawal.

    Mooshie doodle! Yay, a new phrase to use at work!

  37. I love this post. It wonderful to have seen Rikki growing up in front of our eyes. Yay for house of Teho for providing extreme amounts of cuteness on the web! *squishes kittehs* Rikki’s so very handsome. *sigh*

  38. KDub — we adopted Rikki out back on the 6th of June… TO US!

  39. R. Moore says:

    I like how the Canadian and … hey, what ARE people from Wisconsin called?

    Anyhow, the accents sounds similar. My grandparents end half their sentences with “eh”. Sentences are better as questions, eh?

  40. thanks most kindly. Kenya is making happypaws and I bow to you, cleaner-of-Prince-Rikk’s-litterbox, bearer-of-the-cammer-stap, thrower-of-the-regal-piglet

  41. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    Grapes?? Fuzzy nutters?? I’ve other ladies call them Pom-Poms, ya know, those cheerleaders thingys.

  42. He is so incredibly snorgable looking. I’m extremely jealous of you for getting to cuddle him whenever you please.

  43. Teho comes thru in the clutch! Yay!

    My fave is that video of Rikki and Mr. Bounce. Doesn’t get much better ‘n that.

    Mooshie doodle. Ha!

  44. We were Jonesin’ and we got Rikki!

  45. Hey, Theo… tanks for the Rikki update. But is our Meggie ok? What’s up? QTE withdrawals aside, we care about our MegMoo.

    Just wondering. Hope all is well.

  46. Roger,

    Those of us blessed enough to hail from the great state of Wisconsin proudly take on the moniker of “Cheeseheads”.

  47. michellemybelle says:

    I know it’s been said a zillion times (837,942 by me alone), but it’s just been such a joy to see Rikki’s life from the beginning!
    (and I hope Meg’s okay too!)

  48. him Rikki getting so beeeg!

    an stripey!


  49. Such a beautiful little kitteh!

  50. Don’t feel bad about thinking he was a girl for two months. We had “Chester” for a month before we took “him” to the vet and had to change “his” name to Isabel. She looks a lot like Rikki but with longer hair.

  51. AuntieMame says:

    It’s Teh Rik! Huzzah!

  52. wow theo, rikki-kitten is indeed growing like a weed – but he’s growing into a beautiful cat!

    and his fur looks like it belongs to a stuffed animal lol

  53. Awwwwww……RIKKI!!!!! SQUEE! He’s so freaking handsome I can barely stand it.

  54. acelightning says:

    Wow, Rikki’s grown so fast! He’s gorgeous, too. (And I was also beginning to wonder why I wasn’t getting my daily fixes of Qte.)

  55. The cuteness is blasting way off the Rik-ter Scale.

  56. It’s… Rikki the cotton ball kitten! *applause* He’s still cute. His eyes don’t look blue in this picture… are they blue anymore? Did his change? If they did, what a tragedy… I did so love Rikki’s blue eyes.

    (And the comic thing is SO true… in the Paradise of Squeeing that is the shelter Kitten Room, my speech degenerates to a two-year-old level, i.e. “You’re fluffeeeeeee!”, “Cutsie cuppycakey!”, etc.)

  57. CCat — them eyes is still blue, all right… but the color was thrown all out of whack in the photo by the camera flash (and subsequent digital correction; yes, I ‘shopped the YEEM out!)

  58. And the day is saved, yet again, thanks tooooo The Powerpu- I mean the CATCAVERS!!!

    LOL. I love the “What n Bast’s name is this all about?” look on his face.

  59. Rikki looks like he’s rather miffed at having to interupt his nefarious plans for a snorgling.

    Theo, I’m still amazed at how different all of the kittens are. Do you have any idea of the father…er…fathers?

  60. TheHonourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Rikki sure is a handsome boy.

  61. Erm. “Mooshie. Doodle”?

  62. I don’t get it

  63. ‘reykjavik ricochet ragdoll?’



  64. ThreeCatNight says:

    Kees me, kees me, kees me, you delicious face, is all I can say.
    (I am mush now)

  65. Reykjavik Ricochet Ragdoll: known as “Rikki” to the council, born to Kenya in county CatCave, squire of Bounce, terror of Spot, and all-around mooshie doodle…

    Lurv the re-write.
    Lurv lurv lurv the kitteh!
    But I Get to meet my Mommy’s Butterscotch Ice Cream Kitteh in 4 days!!!!
    Yes be jealous. Be very very jealous. I only hope I am worthy of her attentions.

  66. OK let’s see…

    Shaz — not an inkling, not a sausage, not a snippet, not a schnorff.

    Theresa — I find myself calling him “MOOSH!” a lot. Don’t know why.

    Holly — it just is. Hey look — kitty!!!

    Dwine — “Reykjavic” because he started out all-white, like snow, so of course we had to name him after the capital of Iceland. Yeah. “Ricochet” because he frequently behaves as if he’s got a butt full of bees… and “Ragdoll” because even though he’s a mutt like the rest of the litter, he does look remarkably like this:

    Metz — have fun!

  67. HeidStar says:

    Rikki’s super handsome growing up pix confirm it. Mamma Kenya sure had herself (at least) one Fancy Man!

  68. HeidStar says:

    For the curious. People from Wisconsin = Wisconsinites (formal/official); Cheeseheads (informal/unofficial)

    Plus, there are actually distinct regional dialects in Wisconsin which you can detect when you cross the Great Soda vs. Pop dividing line. It’s true youse guys. I grew up there once hey.

  69. Laurie C says:

    That narrative sounds like the voice over preamble to a superhero story. Which, I guess, is distinctly appropriate.

  70. “Anyhow, the accents sounds similar.”

    Um…no…no they don’t…

  71. thanks for the ragdoll link, theo… they are stunners arent they.

    how about this little fella here (OMG):


  72. so but then his mum is not a Ragdoll, then?

    (I am fascinated but also a bit slow)

  73. oh and HeidStar: wisconsonites cant be cheeseheads because the Dutch have that nickname. so its taken. find a new one, please, thank you.

  74. HeidStar says:

    I dunno about that claim dwine…I don’t *think* the Dutch have these:

    I’m thinking you’d be in for a VERY difficult time convincing die-hard Wisconsinite Cheeseheads to embrace a new nickname.

    If it’s any consolation many Wisconsinites also claim Dutch ancestry (myself included). Oh, and earlier, I meant to say, “I grew up dere once hey.” Temporarily forgot my deese, dats, deres and dose. I’ve been too long away from the homeland. 😉

  75. I find it hilarious that the tone of the post varied so much when you thought Rikki to be a girl, `twas all flirtatiously divalicious… and now, apparently suddenly not. I would guess that the kitten’s actual behavior and personality didn’t change once his `grapes’ were sighted!

    Goes to show, I think, how much people attribute characteristics on animals on the basis of the percieved sex. Geesh.

    [Oh whatever. You have fun with that. – Ed.]

  76. HeidStar says:

    U zegt kaaskop, I say cheesehead. U zegt aardappel, I say potato…

    Hey, look at Rikki! Isn’t he Teh Qte!!1!

  77. And T-O, kitten-grapes are tiny, but SOME of us managed to correctly identify the sex of certain kitters what were born in our yard and now terrorize our house and blog. (TK, As Seen On TV… er, CO)

    Metz! You must give us more pictures of that kitty when you’ve met.

  78. mervtheflamingo says:

    Sir Real,

    Did you just complete a women’s studies or feminist philosophy course? Yeah, I can tell. Setting up straw men (or is that straw womyn or straw people)to over-dramatically “defeat” on a CUTE website. Sad Sad Sad.

  79. Suda Nim says:

    Teho, speaking of kittehs, what was the outcome with Bou and her brood?

  80. I have a kitteh who looks a great deal like Rikki, only mine is now seven years old. I’ll chime right in with the concept of assigning characteristics to an animal based on what we perceive that animal’s gender to be, because Niko’s name was originally Eliza. He was quite a fluffy kit, and he needed a fancy, pseudo-snooty name. One day, he was sitting in my lap while I was talking on the phone to a friend. He was schmoozing around, and all of a sudden I said, “Oh my God, Eliza has balls!”

    We had to find a new name pretty quickly.

  81. Actually, Rikki *was* quite a different cat with his whole batch of littermates around. Very affectionate, but a whole lot quieter and less rowdy than he is now. We were really surprised when he turned out to be a big talker and a rampaging maniac. I guess he figured it was up to him to expend as much kitten energy in the house as his whole family had before!

    Suda Nim, last time I was at the Humane Society, the foster coordinator said Bou was doing well; the drainage tube from her mastitis operation had been removed. Things seem to be healing well.

    Some of the kittens made it, but I don’t want to say much more about the rest. It was all too grim and sad. 😦 They started out with big odds against them. Some were fortunate enough to pull through.

  82. ((huggs)) Jaye & Cat Cave Defenders

  83. mervtheflamingo – Well no, sexism is rather an ongoing concern for me, seeing as “you’re soaking in it!”. Humans are immersed in it, and usually unknowingly, unless it’s pointed out, as with Palmolive. 🙂

    Changing metaphors, it’s a lens that people see through, apparently even when it comes to cute animals.

    If you want to admonish someone for what I see as ridiculous (NOT redonklous) concerns, try the people who seem to care urgently whether a pink-blanketed ferret is a male or female, or what sex a dog is before they can offer their own dog for a `date’… if they can post that, I don’t feel badly about speaking up once – ONCE – out of all the many times that I’ve encountered gender stereotyping on this site.

    The animals almost certainly don’t care what pronoun we use, or whether we feel it’s urgent to choose between pretty and handsome as a description, yah, so in a way, whatevs.

    Buuut these preoccupations are but an extention of what is usually done to/by humans. And that gender stereotyping, brutally enforced in many ways, brings about pain, power inequity and suffering. Yes suffering for all, including the masculine men, I would argue.

    _Darn_ cute kitty, and obviously regal. 🙂

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