Yep. You warshed ’em cleeeeeeeean off.

I can’t even hear you now. Thanks.


Bailey V., please tell "BunBuns" you’re suuuper sorry.




  2. Pink bunny shampoo in the background. Not as disapproving of a bunny.

  3. I think the bunny disapproval here rivals the kitty vengeance of post-bath pets. Perhaps we need a side-by-side comparison… No, that would be too scary. Maybe on halloween. With a disclaimer/MPAA rating.

  4. sarah lynn says:

    well, the ears are always the first thing to go on the chocolate easter bunnies….

  5. Spryte808 says:

    I remember seeing a forward going around during easter, something like the bunny gets his ears chomped off and then his ass is the next to go!


    oh wait… that didnt sound right.

  6. public service announcement: bunnies should never be given a full bath like that. they can get very sick if you get them entirely wet. i have two pet bunnies and see far too much ignorance about how to care for these cool pets. i just want to make sure nobody gets the wrong idea about how to care for these guys =)

  7. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    I totally disaprove of my hairwash.

  8. Stephen Silk says:

    [sings] I’m gonna wash the ears right off of my hare…

  9. Not disapproving yet, still in shock!

  10. Is that *rabbit shampoo* in the background!?!?! I hope it provides lift and body with a fresh scent. For fluffeh bunnehs.

  11. book_monstercats says:

    Oh noes. Not a disapproving bun. But wait….. until he ees dried…..

  12. he/she is too cute can we get a shot of this bunneh when he/she is dry and see what it lookos like dry PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you

  13. Stephen Silk – you made me totally groan with that pun!!!! Good job!!!!

    Arifa – why does it make Bun-buns sick to have a full body bath, please? Just curious…

  14. Spryte808 I think the pic of the choc bunnies goes like this…..

    One bunny has his butt bitten off the other one his ears. The one with the bitten butt says “My ass hurts” the one without the ears says “What???”.

    It makes me laugh out loud every time I see that!!!

  15. Bunnygirl says:

    Awww, poor bunny! Bunnies don’t need full on baths (if their bottoms get dirty, just dip the bottoms in some water–try to avoid getting anything else wet). Bunnies are excellent self-groomers, like cats. They don’t need baths and the chemicals in shampoos can be bad for them and wet fur can leave them at risk for illness and fly-strike.

  16. Yo! Teho! Quick with the peace sign dude, this bun needs your assistance!

  17. …oh wait, I just figured out what you were talking about. (I claim Monday morning brain)

    Those were RECURSIVE BUNNY EARS, silly.

  18. See how the bunny in the pic on the shampoo bottle has particularly perky ears? Obviously Bailey did not read the directions first!

  19. LOL!!! Cutie.

    Tehooooo! It’s raining and I can’t go out and you made me hungry! 😦

  20. I could always post a really un-appetizing link…

  21. No, silly! OF COURSE you switch the earses off for the bath!

    This is your first do-it-yourself bun bun, isn’t it?

  22. Awww it reminds me of my bunbun who I had to put to sleep just a week ago 😦 I had 9 wonderful years with him. I never fully washed him either, just his bum area if he got it dirty.

  23. Yes, though this is adorable, please never give buns a full bath. The stress alone can be extremely unhealthy for them and leave them at risk for illness.

  24. Nice Christine says:

    Theo, I forgot about the hilarious double bunny ears from yesteryear!!

    CBF, thank you for the reminder. My tiny laugh-tears thank you as well.

  25. what is the back ground story on this lil wet bun?
    looks like he got into something nasty!
    i’ve never heard of bathing a bunny, but (ha) i’ve never seen a “dirty bunny” either.

  26. Best. Caption. Ever.

    Dunno why. It cracked me right up.

  27. one of the erins says:

    The caption made me laugh right out loud. I think it just hit me in the right spot today.

    About the bunny washing, I was told (back when I had one) that buns have delicate systems and that being wet gives them too much of a chill, and could make them susceptible to being sick. I don’t know anything about what else has been explained, but it all makes sense to me.

    As long as we’re at it, if anyone is worried about their bun, I was also told by a vet that the first thing they do when something is wrong is they stop eating… so keep an eye out 🙂

  28. Yitzysmommie says:

    BEST [COMMENT]: Stephen Silk. Take a bow, Steve!
    BEST CAPTION: Meggers. Ditto, Meg.

    [Just a little edit, there… – Ed.]

  29. awww, poor dirty bun bun… sadly sometimes they do need a whole bath.. but I figure someone who’s taken the time to find BUNNY SHAMPOO (I luvs it! too funny!) is likely to take the time to care for their bunny after it’s bath.
    My first bun loved to swim… he lived 12 1/2 years! ♥

  30. Bunsicle says:

    I gave my bunny a very light bath. Where he likes to flop, he tends to get shavings all over him, and sometimes he sleeps under his water bottle and his fur gets wet. Shavings + poop + wet fur = bunny needs a bath. I usually fill the tub with just half an inch of water, put him in there and use a washcloth.

  31. one of the erins – Thanks for passing on important bunny information.

    You should also watch out for a decrease in size or quantity of droppings. My rabbits’ vet told me bunny problems are usually related to diet. If they show signs something is wrong and you are unable to get them to a vet right away, use an eyedropper to give them up to a half cup of water.
    My buns each had an episode of colic. I had to give the first one water and mashed pellets to get her eating again. I also gave her a very gentle belly massage. I think this helped because this was all it took for the other bun to get back to feeling himself.

    BunnyBooBoo – I am so sorry about your loss.

  32. Shannon Johnson says:

    Poor little wet bunny. Dry him off quickly.

  33. ThreeCatNight says:

    “I’m gonna wash that Bun right outta his ears,
    I’m gonna wash that Bun right outta his ears,
    I’m gonna wash that Bun right outta his ears, and send him on his way!”

    (with profound apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein, wherever they are)

  34. Yitzysmommie says:

    OY! TCN – stherious sthnickering going on when I should be working….

  35. It’s not bunny shampoo. It is just human shampoo with really bad logo design from the Taiwanese dollar store down the way.

  36. TCN beat me to it! 😦

    If bunners there got into something icky, a bath may have been necessary for his health.

    But still Disapproved of.

  37. They need a whole bath when you have two of them and one decides to show the other who’s boss by PEEING ALL OVER HIM. That’s when you need a full bath. But then you towel dry them, then do a little fluffing on low speed hair dryer (hare dryer) and you swab out the earses with long cotton swabs to make sure no water gets trapped in the earses, and then they’re fine.

    (I’ve hat pet buns for over 50 years now. Litter-trained, leash-trained house buns, even before they were popular. Yes, I DO know what I’m talking about.)

  38. If bunnies can’t get wet, what happens to wild bunnies when it rains?

  39. Hi all,

    Just letting everyone know BunBuns needs a bath every so often as he is a much older rabbit and tends to have GI problems (handled with medication) and gets droppings in his fur. The scissors are next to the cage because I have to cut some of them out once in a while. He is a a 2x5x2 NIC cage, has the run of the house- and was dried off quickly by the hair dryer on low after this.

    He is from 3Bunnies Rabbit Rescue and I can assure you he is well taken care of. Thanks for the concern, and I do advocate major research on house rabbits before considering adopting.

  40. Hot bun in the summertime…

  41. Hey, Bailey… thanks for reassuring everyone that BunBuns has a loving mommy that takes good care of him. (Although, anyone that names their bun “BunBuns” must be a good mommy, right?)

    And thanks to BunRab for loving buns for such a lonnnggg time. 😉

    And to BunnyBooBoo, might heart goes out to you. I also had to put down two of my buns — a very difficult thing to do, but the most loving thing to do for them. It’s been quite awhile now, and I still miss them terribly.

    And Meg, thanks for all the smiles, laughs, and occassional gafaws. 🙂

  42. You can apologize all you want, but he can not hear you!

  43. yum chocolate bunny ears. and tails.
    The best parts of any chocolate bunny.

  44. I figured he must have gotten into something to warrant a FULL bath! Oh, they do not like that.
    My Bun-Bun is 7 years old, and he has a delicate tummy, too. Scissors and an occasional “bum-washing” are usually enough, but sometimes you just gotta wash the whole bun, and then deal with their disapproval! As messy as baths can get, the disapproval is the WORST!

  45. A clean bunny is a happy bunny!!

  46. Heh. BunBun’s giving us some lip.

  47. Novawolf says:

    So cute! I love the teeny little fuzzy footsies at the bottom.

  48. CUTE. I’ve only ever given one bunny a bath….my little rabbit decided to weave in and out of a bicycle chain. Picture it – white bunny, black grease.

    Had to give him a bath. He was extremely pissed and cleaned himself for about 6 hours after. At least we got the grease off though!

  49. Miss Ruth says:

    I’m sure the “How Clean Is Your House” ladies would have something to say about this whole situation: cleaning an animal in the kitchen – my word!

    Hey Bailey, did you put Bunbuns in the dish rack to dry?

  50. LOL “hot BUN in the summertime” – now I have that song stuck in my head and I have to go warsh my ears off!!!!!!!

  51. krikri — I am still stuck on “Napping in a Cucumber Hammock.” (Hilaire, Meg, but CHEEZ already — I may be resort to the llama song for relief!)

  52. Miss Ruth – People wash their human babies in kitchen sinks. I’ve washed my guinea pigs in the kitchen sink and one of my cats likes to sleep in it.

  53. We need a C.O.X.C.U of bun buns lips…

  54. Er, that’s “may have to resort to.” Note to self: no late-night posting!

  55. I totally agree with you Tugs, but Kim and Aggie seem to have a bizarre aversion to it. And I roll my eyes at them.

  56. Mmmkay. Bunnies can be bathed if it’s really needed. The problem is that rabbits take a long time to dry, and their body temperatures can drop, and they can become lethargic.

    Baths usually aren’t advised, mostly because it causes a lot of stress. But if it’s needed, water isn’t going to kill them. They just hate it. So don’t bathe your rabbit unless it is totally, and completely needed. Those situations do happen occasionally.

    If you do have to bathe your rabbit, have lots of dry towels available. You’ll have to towel dry them. Don’t rough them up like you would a dog- soak up ALL he excess liquid and then gently rub. You’ll probably go through about three or four large bath towels. I’m not kidding.

    But yeah.

    Cute picture!

  57. Why on earth would anyone bathe a rabbit? If he has a trouble with his stomach, you should probably look at what he’s eating. He probably get something (he probably likes very much) but is not very good for this particular rabbit.

    Very nice picture b.t.w.

  58. OMG is her name really BUNBUNS???? My Bunny (RIP) was also called BunBuns. 😦

  59. You have warshed me into a punk haredo! I will disapprove through my exceedingly cute nostrils! GNAAARHH!

  60. Wait a sec. What’s so bad about bathing bunnies? I did it a lot to my bunnies and they all were fine/stayed alive and healthy for years. I’ve never had a sick bunny. If a bunny gets peed on, and spends the entire day playing and digging holes in the dirt, it’s GOING to get a bath.