People, don’t make me create a new category

You know the deal—three photos with the same topic, and it becomes a category of it’s own. Just HOW many geckoes have we seen licking things? MORE THAN THREE! But do we make it a CATEGORY!? DO WE!?


Sanders K., I can’t possibly make a decision in this state. You decide. And nice coffee stirrer licker.



  1. Oh my stars and little fishes,that IS cute overload. I guess I never thought of their sweet little tongues in there. AWWWWW!!

  2. R. Moore says:

    Ew, lizard spit in my tea!

  3. I adore the tonguelets. They make me think about cute in a new way. Even so, I must vote for keeping only one category devoted to leecking. Why separate tonguelets into species ghettos? Let all the little pinknesses combine!

  4. TheHonourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    I lurk and leek, lurk and leek.

  5. Margaret says:

    Mayhap it is time for reptiles (& amphibians) to have their own category.

  6. That’s a gecko from where? I don’t remember seeing any in Florida with a fun blue coat like that.

  7. I shall leek all along the whole stick just like thees….

  8. WOW, I’m absolutely for a new category! Go for it!!!

  9. He almost looks like a itsy bitsy doggy, with his tongue hanging out !

  10. What about a category called “Leezard Lickies”? 😀

  11. acelightning says:

    Yes! “Lizard-Licked” as the newest category! (*IS* that little guy a gecko, though? The color and the shape of the snout are both a little odd for a gecko…)

  12. Meg, I think a category named Teeny McToungersons should suffice, that way tis not restricted to repitiles

  13. Itty Bitty Licky

  14. pie and chips are my favorite!

  15. I vote for a new catergory even if I can’t spell it right ??!!!

    That is so cute but Mr. McButtersons is still my favorite one.

  16. Its tongue is nearly as big as its head! New catergory, please!

  17. Yes! New category for the lizard lickers!

  18. I’m with Teeka: What about a category called “Leezard Lickies”? 😀

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  21. I like Erin’s idea: Teeny McTonguersons. There are already a couple of posts that would fit, featuring hammie tongues and such.

  22. “geckos n sticks”

    “geckos n buttah”

    “the mcgeckersons weel leek you”

    “leetle hands want butta”

    “teeny mcgeckersons reachin out wif teeny hands n teeny tongues”

  23. omg LOOK at the little gecko tongue! I lurve it.

  24. Ritabby, me too! But only if they’re fwee! *giggles*

  25. Maybe a new category of “cute things licking things?” Or a new rule of cuteness: “Animals licking things are cute”?

  26. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    This is just too much qte before coffee…


  27. Goodness that is cute!
    This NEEDS to be a category – seriously, that is too cute!

  28. Geckers R lickers!

  29. Holy cuteness! I think that lizard is trying to hit on me!

  30. Sander K. says:

    I’m on Cuteoverload! I’m so happy!

    But I have to vote no, though. I live in Thailand and there are geckos everywhere but very seldom I see them licking anything. I didn’t even know they had little red tongues until I saw this one.

    Btw, it is licking starbucks coffee from the stirrer. Latte, with sugar. So you know what to serve, people.

  31. Definitely need a reptile category (not necessarily devoted to leeking – anything)! Except for the big Cuban anoles and the chameleons, I don’t know one lizard from another, so not sure what kind of lizard that is, gecko or otherwise. But here in South Florida, I’ve seen lizards that dark colored from just emerging from the dark or deep shade, such as from under whatever that piece of furniture is. CUTE!

  32. I saw that pic and immediately thought of “A Christmas Story”. How cute!

  33. well I don’t think anyone can deny that gecko tongues AND toes are uber cute. I vote Aye!

  34. AuntieMame says:

    I *hope* that’s a coffee stirrer and not an icy pole…

    Gah! The leetle fingers are as cute at the tongue!

  35. New category please, and I like the Teeny McTonguersons suggestion.

  36. Yitzysmommie says:

    Dittoing the Teeny McTonguersons suggeshe.

  37. Those cute reptiles need their own catagory.

    Awesome pic.

  38. Yes, that is a very cute picture and requires it’s own catagory.

  39. guineapiggin9 says:

    Wookit his widdle tongues!!! *dies*

  40. The hovertext!!! The hovertext!!! I love it.

    I don’t know if we have enough geckos to make a separate category out of it. I am, however, all for a category of nothing but leecking and tonguage.

  41. Shannon Johnson says:


  42. I second the Teeny McTonguersons category.

  43. ThreeCatNight says:

    Is he any relation to that GEICO Cockney-gecko dude?

  44. ummmmm have you seen ?????

    you should most def ask if you could post some of her stuff :3

  45. How about “Geckos Lickin’ Things”?

    Otherwise, I too like “Teeny McToungersons”.

  46. I think one leecking category serves our needs, but I’m happy to partake of teh Qte, no matter how it’s sorted.

  47. noodlehead says:

    i like ccat’s. (even if it wasn’t a category title, it sure sounds like one.) nothin but leeking and tonguage sums it up right there

  48. I don’t think we need a whole new category just for gecklette tongues.

    Tongues in general, fo’ sho!

  49. Lizards who can’t hold their lickers?

  50. chimera17 says:

    With all due respect, WHY are you thinking of making a “geckos licking things” category when all reptiles and amphibians are just filed under “unusual animals?” And there are about 50 species of animals filed under “pocket pets?” There may be new categories needed, but that’s not one of them.

  51. Blakeney says:

    I vote 2 new categorys – one for Teeny McTongersons and 1 for reptiles/anphibs!

  52. Chimera17 — Teh Qte™ is more about the silly than the science, y’know. (also, in biology, a “chimera” kinda defies categorization… so I’m finding your comment a little funny… can’t help it)

    For the record, though, I’m with Pheas & Lurker. Especially since *I’m* generally the one who actually sifts through *all* the old posts, retroactively adding new category tags where appropriate, science or no.

  53. A Noun (is a person place or thing) says:

    So are we to assume from this that geckos only like breakfast foods?

    It is the cutest meal of the day…

  54. i do not think so

  55. wants 2 categories!
    (agreein’ wif the aboves)

    1. Teeny Tiny Tonguersons

    2. Weptiles n’ Whamphibians!

    Needs! Do Want!

  56. Silent Meow says:

    Apparently this gecko is so desperate for coffee, he is licking every last remaining drop of coffee off the coffee stirrer.

    He’s just like me this morning.


    That is my kind of coffee gecko.

    Just make sure you put soy milk creamer and sugar in his.

  57. Prick Up Your Ears says:

    I didn’t know Gekos had tongues. He’s a cutie, though.

  58. Silent Meow says:

    Prick Up Your Ears, if geckos didn’t have tongues, how could they eat things? Swallow them whole like snakes? I thought all along that they must have tongues. This is just proof that my hypothesis is correct.

  59. metsakins says:

    ‘ow ’bout –

    I’ll shall leeck it

  60. NEW CATEGORY!!!!

    There is nothing cuter than a gecko tongue.

    Except perhaps two gecko tongues.

  61. Lickin’ Lizards?

  62. Wouldn’t that fall under “I shall leek you”?

  63. “Hey, who ate the ice cream bar?!”

  64. Altho I like “Lickin’ Lizards as suggested by Pepe, I agree this falls under “I shall leek you.” My eyes are having cute splosions.

  65. Although extremely afraid of anything reptile I have to admit the this is cute…really…cute…unbeliavably for someone that will run screaming from any sort of reptile…I FIND HIM ANORABLE!!!!!

  66. John Dough says:

    Why not call the new catagory “Lizard Lickins”.

  67. chimera17 says:

    Teho, my point was more like people (including myself) have been asking for a bunch of new categories for ages (ferrets, lions and tigers and bears, oh my!, scalies and slimies, whatever.)I guess it’d be kinda hard to do now, what with the various pic being buried deep in the archives. Ah well. I still think this falls perfectly under “I shall leeck you.”

  68. OMG look at that teeny tiny tongue!!!! Yes, I think they’ve earned their own catagory.

  69. Silent Meow says:

    I definitely second a new Teeny Tiny Tonguelettes category!

  70. baskinglizard says:

    I would love to see a new category for reptiles and amphibians and fish – there is very little cuter than a tiny geckoface. 😀

    however outside that, I think keeping this little guy/gal in with ‘I shall leeck you’ is fine.

  71. Is it just me, or does it look fuzzy?