I need bigger powsches.

Sure, I can carry around 18 McGrapersons in my current powsches, but if I’m to be truly happy, I need MORE ROOM! I need saddlebags, totes, purses extra room—whatever it takes. To carry MORE!

Chmurka a little full-cheeked…, originally uploaded by pyza*.

Here… I’ll show you—I will never be truly satisfied until I get a larger set of powsches.

Ashley S., nice sending-inning.



  1. Sarah Lynn says:

    poor little hammy. the filled powsches will never really fill the void you feel inside.

  2. Awww….

  3. heartbreakingly cute! the video slayed me. the cool hammy artwork on the wall! so, so sad. hang in there, inadequate pouches and all.

  4. That hamster cage is fancier than my apartment !
    You’ve got it good little hammie…. I’m jealous !

  5. TheHonourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    What a darling little film.
    Store any more and you’ll splode.

  6. Aaaaaaw. Poor thing. It’s hard to be a hammie.

  7. I laughed outloud, for real…LOL! The music, the caption, the timing of the caption, the whole video…it was just great! You can totally feel the mood there.
    Hammy is all like: *Stares at food bowl* so close…yet so far!

  8. Three phrases should be among the most common in our daily usage. They are: Thank you, I am grateful and I appreciate.

  9. is that food all around her?

  10. It’s constipation

  11. nice cage interior design!
    hammie with designer pouches is veli cuuute too.

  12. What terrific first pic there!!! That really had me laughing !!
    Pleases sir put me downs I just ates me lunch? or was it dessert I don’t know but put me down or your gonna be wearing my fooods !!!!!

  13. violetgreen says:

    OMG, there’s a little roll of toilet paper hanging there! And the expression when you ask her what’s wrong…so full of hammy yearning!

  14. it’s not that hard to work it out. SHE’S LONELY.
    Nice cage but she’s on her own. I’d be sad too.

  15. Simply. amazing.

  16. MommaMackie says:

    Look, she’s a young actress and every young actress seems to think that they’ll go further if they can just get “bigger ones”.

    Maybe she should ask her vet about “implants”?

    Naw, even I can’t see her with “sillycone” pouches, sorry…..

  17. Maybe some hammy plastic surgery is in order? Bigger pouches please!!!!

  18. Hahahaha is amazing

  19. Chmurka melted my heart. *sigh*

  20. Yitzysmommie says:

    Oh Chmurka, I think your powsches are perfect, and you are adorable!

  21. pouch augmentation?

    oh dear. don’t do it chmurka! you look great the way you are, and there are such things as pouches that are too big.

    lovely hammie apartment.

  22. This reminds me of one of my favorite far sides where a couple of very posh cows living in a fabulous abode are quietly drinking their chardonays, and the pearl clad woman cow leans over to the pipe smoking man cow and says, Winston, I’m not content.

  23. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Awwwww, sooooo sad little hammy. Darling video. Get happy soon little guy.

  24. Anybody remember doing that thing as a kid where you smoosh your cheeks forward with your hands and say “Pweash Mr. Bush Dwivooh-pweash open duh door!”

    LOL with the appropriate Far Side reference, CuteBaby!

  25. a cinematic masterpiece. two thumbs up.

  26. Manda, we always said “chubby bunny.” Try it!

  27. OMG that’s some powschitude!

    Love the teensy paws.

  28. Brilliant.

  29. this is so very sad.
    i hope that hammie is feeling better.
    i hate to see such depression in someone so young. maybe the mashing of the food in the pouches has something to do with sitting in the bathroom all day?
    poor baby.
    Nice digs though!

  30. I don’t care bout me pouches I’ve winneded the game:


  31. ur boyfriend wears those pouches the other way round

  32. Poor kid. I’m sure she’s just going thru a phase. We all do.
    I do like the buddy suggestion – is she a only child?


    Maybe she is just full! I often find myself wanting to eat more and just can’t. But stare at my food so longingly…

    LUFF the pad! That is the happiest hammie house I have ever seen. Gives one inspiration, does it not? Makes all other hammie abodes seem inadequate!

  33. Now why hasn’t this been classified as “Cute or Sad?”?

  34. DecK9 — you were saying?

  35. Flamenca Mama says:

    Cute lil hoarder!! Love the background with the drawn in hammie friends.

  36. Ypsidixit says:

    I had to check that charming name…turns out “Chmurka” is Polish for “small cloud.”

    Fanciest ham digs ever!

  37. Um.. Is it healthy for hamsters to be sitting in an entire room full of food?

  38. Shannon Johnson says:

    She should get bigger pouches. Is there a genie in the house?

  39. What a cutie pie! This is my new computer wallpaper 🙂 I love hammies!!!

  40. that’s not all food… some of those are bedding pellets…

  41. hamsters do that if you clean their cages too thoroughly and don’t add back in any of their old bedding–they don’t recognize the cage as home, and so they stuff their pouches with food and wait for you to take them home. Add something to the cage with their scent (like some of the unsoiled bedding) after cleaning to avoid hammie depression

  42. Normally, I’d agree with the “roommate” suggestion, but isn’t this hammy a Teddy Bear hamster? I seem to recall reading somewhere that it is strongly recommended that Teddy Bear hamsters live alone, because they’re not very social with one another. I may be totally wrong with this, though. Can anyone back me up?


    Looooooooove it! Thanks for saving my day, Chmurka!

  44. a reader writes says:

    The hands! The tiny, perfect little hands…uh, I mean, paws…

  45. I think it’s just cute, no sad.

    What an anerable hammie! Such impressive powsches. And her cage is a very artistic living space. Her person has a fab sense of design.

  46. yes this was cute, but way cuter is this picture of said Chmurka

    I swear, it’s way cuter ! “I want tofu!”

  47. Have you seen this one?


    Do not mess with this ham!

  48. Carrie Hamster LOVER says:

    Ok, this is seriously most likely the most adorable hamster EVER.

    If you go to Flicker and have the time to browse all of her pictures, you can even see bebeh pictures of her! She’s a Hammie Ham Ham! OMG!

  49. Carrie Hamster LOVER says:

    I can’t stand it LOL. I had to close the window cause I was LOL too LOL at work.

    Some of the pictures look like she gets handled a bit rough though

  50. LesbianNeoCon says:

    Redonk – absolutely 100% redonk!!!

  51. To the person who said hammie needs a buddy – in my understanding, hamsters are not good in groups. They do better with their humans.

    To the person who thought the hammie was surrounded by food – nope, those are bedding pellets. In fact, I used to use the same bedding for my rats. ^_^ They did try to eat it sometimes, but that’s because rats will try to eat anything you put in front of them…

  52. Just want to agree with the keeping-her -on-her-own point. She’s a syrian hamster (also known as a golden hamster, “teddy bear” is a long haired version but still the same species) and they are solitary creatures. To put two together would lead to fighting and possibly even death.

    As a human slave to a long line of these little guys my anxiety dreams now take the theme of having too many syrian hamsters in one cage and no where to separate them all too.
    You know you’re obsessed when they haunt your sleep!

  53. girlnextdoortn says:

    So no one else was reminded of the superNintendo version of Legend of Zelda, where every once in a while the tree or the fairy or whatever will tell a story set to music, and it’s closed-captioned but the image is just of the tree kind of moving or looking around?

    No one?

  54. Great BEF & I lurve the little black ears and teensy paws.

  55. I second Judy B. Dwarf hamsters do well in pairs, but Syrians are loners–they get in serious fights if they are housed together.

    Anyway, what an adorable little hammie! She may want bigger ones, but her pouches are so big, my hamster Phadeus is jealous of her! He can’t stuff his pouches NEARLY as full!


  56. you know what she needs? she needs hermione’s magical handbag from book 7. the harry potter fans will understand.

  57. I’d be depressed too if I were forced to live in the midst of all that clutter!

  58. Have there always been spam posts here and I just never noticed?

  59. That poor baby is sick from eating all that food that is all over her house. She is fed way to much.

  60. Hahaha, i luv chubby cheeks!

  61. Not all of that around her is food, only the little bowl has food in it. Hamsters should always have access to food – they won’t eat themselves sick or to death or anything. Also, to 3rd (heh) what others have said, she doesn’t need a friend. Syrian hamsters MUST be housed alone; they are solitary animals. Finally, that cage looks like a hamster heaven, not cluttered. Hammies love having lots to do.

  62. Oh, Chmurka is just at that age. Hamolescence doesn’t last forever, just let it run its course.

  63. Tugs — heck yes, and that’s the way it’s supposed to be, if I’m on top of things.

  64. Thanks, Theo.

  65. AliceTanzer says:

    I like how everyone thinks that she’s in a cage full of food. Those would probably be bedding pellets.

  66. pinkdonut says:

    I’m a total sucker for the cute lil hairs on the cute lil nosicles.

  67. little gator says:


  68. i think shes adorable.
    i hope she has a wheel in her cage to run on too.
    she is quite pleasantly “plump”, her pouches are so full in the photo you can see the pink of her cheeks showing through the hair!
    too cute.

  69. Mikeyfur says:

    Oh, little hammie, it’s only food, it’s not love. . .

  70. I love hamster pictures and all but I find the video pathetic. It does not look well. I kept waiting for some sort of “pay off” in the words on the screen but unfortunately in my opinion it ended sad. Nothing wrong with documenting the sad as well as the cute but frankly, I don’t need it on this site. The top photo ok, but what could be a dying or at the least miserable pet should not be here. Just my 2 cents not worth the paper it is not written on.

  71. [/nuff]

  72. I’m such a dork!!!lol That was sooooooooooooo sad!!!!Poor ham-ham…

  73. adorable!

  74. Lex - Be says:

    Well, this was sad. Looked like someone who has too much and isn’t happy. Too much pictures in my own opinion. Seemed like a golden jail. (this is just an opinion, but apparently the hamster is ok, so it’s fine then 🙂 )

    Anyway, beside the little fat side of Chmurka (thanks for the traduction to Ypsidixit, indeed it is a nice name! And I don’t know about hamsters, so maybe she’s not fat) but I looooove the nails!!!
    Holy molly!
    It’s so clean and perfect, and the fingers *squeeeee* tiny they are! 😀

  75. Don’t be sad girlfriend! We will def go shopping for dem bigger powches you can has, and den go gets us a manicure wif my friend here:

  76. Theo – Thanks. Keep up the good work. You are the cat’s meow!

  77. 😉

  78. Michelle says:

    No new posts in 2 days? Surely there isn’t a shortage of cute??? Is there?

  79. a different Laura says:

    Ack, I’m having cute withdrawal! I need new cute today!

  80. yes! more new cute please!

  81. Here- i can has some cute for ya:
    Check out the leeps.

  82. Question for rat lovers… do any of you have neurotic cats? I would like to adopt a former lab rat, but I don’t think it’s fair for the rat to have three (actually two, the third wouldn’t give a rat’s patootie – pun intended) felines salivating at its cage.

    Please advise… Thanks!

  83. ahhhhhh.
    thanks for that cutebabyfix, was almost going through withdrawls. puppehs fixed me right up! oh! yes the leeps are to die for. me wanna hold, kiss etc!

  84. OMG! Chmurka goes outside on a tiny leash too! How Qte is THAT?!


  85. oh my god. knock it off.
    you’re KILLING me with the lil leash!!!!!

  86. Stephanie says:

    She is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m so happy you take such good care of her. There should be more people like you in this world.

  87. Hi. I’m really happy my video got so popular and that Chmurka got so many enthusiastic comments! THANK YOU! 🙂
    Now, I feel the need to answer some questions, and comment some nonsense I read here:
    1. Chmurka is not sitting in a room full of food – it is not food (I mean, come on..) – it’s bedding pellets, just like some people said 🙂
    2. Chmurka is not depressed because I cleaned the cage and she doesn’t feel her scent – believe me, that’s not the case, never is, actually. Thank you for the advice anyways 🙂
    3. She is not fed too much. A hamster cannot be fed too much, really. Shawna put it right: “Hamsters should always have access to food – they won’t eat themselves sick or to death or anything”. If a hamster wants to eat, he will eat. If he doesn’t, he won’t. Hamsters don’t eat themsleves to death just because there is lots of food on its plate. Hamsters are not stupid.
    4. Chmurka is not lonely – syrian hamsters are solitary creatures, hostile towards each other. Thanks again, Shawna 🙂
    5. She does not “get handled a bit rough”, I’m not a 6-years old kid to do that 😛
    6. “I’d be depressed too if I were forced to live in the midst of all that clutter!” – hmmm, ok, thanks for letting me know… But believe me, hamsters love to have many toys and things to play with. They get bored very easily.
    7. It’s not a toilet roll there in the background. It’s tissue. Makes some difference (and disables some crude jokes)
    8. She does have a running wheel in her cage, of course she does! 🙂
    9. Yes, Chmurka means “Little Cloud” 🙂
    10. User called Paladin wrote: “pathetic video… what could be a dying or at the least miserable pet should not be here…” – Chmurka is not dying and nor is she miserable. She is young and healthy. It was a MOVIE. It was meant to be FUNNY. Do you get it now?
    11. Lex-Be wrote: “this was sad.. looked like someone who has too much and isn’t happy. Too much pictures in my own opinion. Seemed like a golden jail” – can you please tell me what is your point? Hamsters live in cages / tanks, just like people live in houses. I adorned Chmurka’s house to make it look prettier and more cheerful. What’s wrong with that? Do you think Chmurka could be a bit sad cos she doesn’t like a particular picture on her wall? 😉
    12. Chmurka is not fat. She just has a tendency to be ball-shaped. Hamsters have different shapes. She is a bit on the plump side, though, true…
    13. Check out my Flickr site and my other videos on You tube to make sure she is perfectly OK! 🙂

  88. Teh beedy eyes! Teh nosicle! Teh leeps! Looks like a Lion. (should we get in the car?)

  89. you’re an awesome hamster owner Pyza, and Chmurka looks very happy! Ignore those folks who don’t know anything about hammies.

  90. I need a new post, pronto!!! I’m having withdrawls, people. I just might dissent on over to ugly overload…oh wait, they haven’t posted anything new in THREE DAYS. What’s going on in this world? I’m having a panic attack!!!!!!!! Cute hammie, though. Hammie, do YOU have any new posts in there?

  91. I love this hammie and her big (but not big enough) powsches!
    Anyone who’s going through qte withdrawals is welcome to check out my new leetle bloggie – I just started it so bear with me! And if you have “submishes,” send them!


  92. ug
    pyza.. you’re awesome, your comment was even better than the video…

  93. Chmurka is too cute! Not just the picture and video in this post, but all her pictures and videos- it’s all awesome!

    I only have one question: How can a video this cute not be part of the CuteCast? I looked and looked and it wasn’t there…

  94. Did you peeps crash the server for The Daily Kitten (kidding!)? No new posts here so I went there and their server is down! Wah!
    Thank goodness Pyza has so many adorable pics of cutie pie Chmurka 🙂

  95. Yitzysmommie says:

    Pyza – Thank Goodness Chmurka is here. I keep looking for CO updates, and I’m sad there are none but Chmurka is SO ADORABLE and I love her cage too, so I’m not falling over sobbing.
    Thanks for your notes 🙂

  96. I love how everyone has emergency back-up sites in case there’s a shortage of cute on CO. XD

  97. Oh! Speaking of cage-mates, I need the advice of a hamster expert. I’m considering rescuing a female baby Dwarf hamster. She’s about a month old, and she’s currently in a cage with her sisters (with whom she gets along very well). I’ve done some reading, and I’ve noticed that while most books say Dwarf hamsters CAN live in pairs, a few say it’s PREFERRED that they live in pairs. tbh, I’d be a lot happier with just one.. Could anyone please tell me what would be best? I don’t want a depressed/bored ham~!

  98. Pyza – Chmurka is adorable! I am a sucker for rodents. I agree with Yitzysmommie – her picture makes me smile every time I check CO.
    I am also glad to see that you referred to her “toilet”. My husband always makes fun of me when I say something about the rabbits’ or guinea pigs’ toilets.

  99. Hammy angst. Who woulda thunk?

  100. An entire day with NO NEW POSTS

    Burn this place down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. Kaye,

    While Syrian (“Teddybear”) hamsters are solitary, dwarf hamsters are quite social. In the wild, they live in colonies. So, while they *can* live by themselves, they usually are better off in pairs or larger groups. (Girls with girls or boys with boys, obvy… or you will witness the mind-boggling speed of exponential procreation.)

    Litter-mates usually make good cagemates, although occassionally you have a case of sibling rivalry, and it doesn’t work out. Introducing two hammies that are not litter-mates is sometimes tricky and must be done carefully. Usually, the younger they are the better. Needs to be done in a neutral area.

    Sometimes, though, even two hammies that have been together for awhile end up having to be split up because of irreconcilable differences. Yep, even those tiny little hammies have their individual personalities.

    There’s some good general info on the website of the California Hamster Association: http://www.geocities.com/calhamassoc. (I’d include a link, but I don’t know how.)

    Hope this helps.

  102. Exsqueeze me, but I would just like to say, that I checked in here at least 30 times at work to get my Qte fix, and am now starting to twitch and get heart palpitations. HALP!!!

  103. SPB – wow, lots of information there! Yeah, that did help. Thank you! 🙂

  104. CatViccER says:

    Chmurka is so qte it’s making my teeth hurt – I’m gritting b/e I must nibble those eahrse. Probably the cutest thing I’ve seen in ages – can I have a hammie in a house with 6 kittehs?

  105. Crazyleggz says:

    el oh el

    This was absoTOOTly adorable!!

  106. OK Jen and others. Give Meg a break. Things We Cannot Know Of may be happenin’. Happy browsers of Qte should not be harpy demanders of qte. Backup site finders are welcome.

  107. Boo-Urns says:

    Check out this other shot of Chmurka on her little lead:


    Completely anerable!

  108. Boo-Ums – OMG, that pic is SOOOO Cute! Thanks for pointing it out!

    BJ – you’re absolutely right! And for the rest of you… please remember that this is Meg’s personal blog. If you’re a blogger do you write an entry every single day? I know I don’t! And Meg DOES have a very time consuming full time job with Apple, a husband, family, friends. Give her a break. See in the right hand margin here where it says More! More! More! Those are links to more cute-itude on the interwebs. And don’t forget http://www.icanhascheezeburger.com and http://www.stuffonmycat.com. Whee!! It’s a cute-a-palooza!!

  109. That hamster has a tiny cage, and no little house or spot to make a nest and store her food.

    Sad really. She just stores it in her pouches because there is no other place to put it.

  110. The reason little Chmurka looks sad is because, as a fan of the modernist stylings of the Bauhaus movement and Le Corbusier, she can’t stand being in such an overly decorated cage. Get rid of the kitsch, campy decor and give the poor ham the stark modernism she craves.

  111. lol, Chmurka looks sad because she knew what dumb stuff people were going to say about her….
    rofl @stark modernism

  112. Riiiigggghhht, essacee. And if we saw a picture of you sitting on a chair in the corner of a room, that would mean your entire house was that one room and you were always confined there, right? Because one picture can capture the entirety of your existence?

    LOL, it cracks me up that Chmurka gets to go outdoors on her little leash. Cutest thing ever! Who knew they made hamster leashes??

  113. Pyza – your outfits are almost as cute as your hammy!

  114. Don’t know if it’s been metioned, but cuteaddict.com is a great site, while we await Meg’s triumphant return. And no it’s not my site, but it’s simply dripping with Teh Qte.

  115. anner I second that, those shoes in the anerable photo of Chmurka on a walk are seriously cute.

  116. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Pyza, Your outfits are just adorable as well as all the pictures of your hamsters. I can see that you love them and they are well taken care of. There are always going to be people with negative attitudes.

  117. argh! i just checked for my a.m. cute fix! no new posts yet!
    i’ve had an anxiety attack and had to take medication to keep it under control.
    i hope meg returns soon….
    may have to go to emergency room….

  118. omg! that lil hammy looks soo sad! hang in there lil mchammyton! we wuv you!

  119. browngrl says:

    I too am waiting anxiously for more cute stuff [pacing, pacing, pacing]please hurry

  120. Yitzysmommie says:

    Here’s a site for CO addicts in withdrawals: http://www.randomkittengenerator.com
    Very useful to stave off the CO jonesing pains….

  121. donutbill says:

    Bigger POUCHES?! The darned thing is just two big pouches as it IS!!!

  122. metsakins says:

    a random kitten generator…if I had known the assignments to write random number generators in college were going to be put to such an application I would have been much more excited 🙂

  123. I hope there’s no new Qte because our gracious hostess is having some big-time and well-earned fun IRL.

  124. Thank you for the pics, Metz. They were cuties.

  125. Meg Moooo, please come back soon! I’m dying for a fix!

    In the meantime, fellow withdrawal-sufferers, post your animal pics STAT!

    [cracks whip]

  126. luvinmalssomuch says:

    How do you put pics over here??

  127. luvin, if you have a pic site or a blog where you have pics, you can post the links here. just put the url in yoru name link or your comment

  128. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Thanks Metz I’ll give it a shot.

  129. luvinmalssomuch says:
  130. panda tongue! LOL
    wee little soccer or is that a volley ball?

  131. psst. more butterscotch ice cream kitteh pics at my vox…

  132. I love how McPandersons matches his soccer ball!

  133. luvinmalssomuch says:
  134. Pheas, omg so squeet!
    I love your petz names too! So Cute!

  135. metsakins says:
  136. Argentee says:

    Now I’m starting to worry if Meg’s ok… Hope she’s just off having loads of fun.

  137. metz- thank for the pics.
    i have told the ambulance drivers they can leave now.

  138. Yitzysmommie says:

    Thanks, Metz! I have that vey same cooler at work – must check it when I get in for a kitten (YM, hoping).

  139. you who are in withdrawls may want to have a look at my beee-u-tee-ful puppeh.

  140. Yitzysmommie says:

    Pheas, luvinmalssomuch, metsakins, SQUEE!!
    Thanks for the pix.

  141. metsakins says:

    don’t be jealous..but I get to post a whole year’s worth of check stubs Yay what fun

  142. Ya know, it’s weird. This site and another one I come to one a multi times per day basis have both not updated in about the same amount of time. This isnt the first time either, lol. Going thry serious withdrawals….

  143. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Thanks for the pics Liz.
    I think they are on break on the side bar they have this posted.

    Why? Because it’s summer and we need a break to go grab an iced latte. AND we know you need no excuse to shoot some creative photography.

  144. Thanks, Metz and YM, for the kind words, and all others for postings of Qteness. We’ll get through this!

  145. Kiragirl says:

    Is Meg on vacation?

  146. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    Iced latte you say? Why thank you, I think I will. Iced caramel latte… Where’s the car keys, I’m going to Dunkin’ Donuts!

  147. Can’t stop pressing the random kitty generator. Show me another! Thanks.

  148. whats a ‘random kitty generator” ?
    inquiring minds need to know

  149. Elizabeth P. says:

    Miss you Megster!!!!!

  150. browngrl says:

    CO people are the bestest people in the world. Thank goodness for all the cute links. Now I think I can get through the rest of the day!

  151. Great as the “backup” websites are for my daily ration of Qte, I must say that an integral component of authentic Qte comes from Meggiemoo’s captions and commentary…going..into…withdrawal…*thump*

  152. CO needs newer posts.

  153. I concur, ain’t nothin’ like teh cute[overload] thing, baby!

    Buuut, if you enjoy silly fruits indulging in anthromophicism, you might enjoy clicking on my Name for a modest passel of drawings. 🙂

  154. okay, for realz…

    cute overload withdrawals.


  155. Commentary & captions? some…as witty as Meg’s & the otre Cute Overlords? Yeah I wish.
    Cute? well…

  156. musicchick2-
    thanks so much. you have made my morning!
    lovin the kitties. hope i dont get fired hangin and clickin on that website all day though!

  157. Plus don’t ferget our friends at Cute Baby fix!
    Not just babies ya know…although there is a rather handsome young man in the prime spot. If he were only 36 years older or I were only 36 years younger…sigh.

  158. oh! i just had a thought! (ouch)
    what if Meg has rode off into the sunset with previously posted hot bike ridin dude and lil chucK norris puppeh?
    (we may not see her for…. a while…..) I’m thinkin.

  159. Liz – has a point. Altho that dude married….

    Metz – sorry but cute babies are not my cup o’tea. Others are welcome to indulge tho…

    How about movie cuteness? I hated Alvin and the Chipmunks growing up (the voices are like fingernails on chalkboard) but has anyone else seen the preview for the movie this Christmas? They CUTE!! Cute voices too. When they aren’t singing… And the water horse movie looks incredible!!

  160. Here’s a vid of my cute cat going to town on a home-made catnip toy. With narration by my husband.

  161. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Liz you may have a point there. What about Theo doesn’t he do the posting also?

  162. Kiragirl says:

    Dear Metz,
    Are you from the NY area?

  163. Shelly Stark says:

    Meg, Where are you? It’s been three days since your last post. Is there a dearth of cute?

  164. For those of you who don’t enjoy the sqwish of baby fat, we have other qte. Like baby panda acshon:
    and also also wik:
    And this babbeh kitteh:
    And if you need more hot dudes (wif baby, sorries, that’s what we do)
    Hope you are ok, Meg, blogging can be dangerous!

  165. this is looking alot like Buddy’s couch!!!

  166. Kiragirl : I’m “from” Michigan, but now living on Long Island. 🙂

  167. Hope you’re ok, Meg (and Theo). We miss you!

  168. luvinmalssomuch says:
  169. Kidd&Troost says:

    I have definitely got to start checking out Hot Daddy Fridays on cutebabyfix.

    Thanks to everyone for the anti-withdrawal links.

    These are my boys from SOMC (can’t help showing off – but what mother can?):


  170. Flamenca Mama says:

    I just noticed that Chmurka has the most delicatest of paws. He’s also super cute on his leash. He could possibly be the cutest hammy ever!! Hope all is well in Meggy Moo and Theo land. Sometimes work can be crazy… They just may not have time to go through a bazillion emails of cute pics and come up with a witty caption.

  171. luvinmalssomuch — that panda looks as sad as the bulldog from the other day. Maybe they could start a support group.

  172. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Pheas that is so funny. He was just brand new to the world wasn’t sure what to expect being away from his mommy.

  173. I love Chmurka!!! Little Cloud, so beautiful. I looked at all the pix on your flickr site. I loved that she walks on the leash. She is so sweet and QTE and to me it is obvy that you luv your baby very much. And your photography is great. That is all.

  174. smokeyJoe says:


  175. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Here are two unlikely friends. A rabbit and a deer.


  176. k, as long as you’re all posting pics of your babehs, here are mine:
    apologies to those of you who have already seen them…

  177. luvinmalssomuch says:

    ceejoe, How adorable they all are.

  178. DasBoots says:

    That is a super sweet smooshy-face!

  179. ceejoe!
    what a beautiful family you have.
    i especially love the white black – black white guineas!

  180. okay i’m still going to DIE without an update soon!

  181. Gorgeous babies, ceejoe.

    Bun and deer is matchingks!

  182. Yeah where are the updates? Must get fix.
    CO is now Crisis Overload!

  183. yes, everybody has cute baby pictures..and links are great..but they are NOT cute OVERLOAD…and work goes by VERY SLOW w/o some cuteness overloading my system!





  185. SixFootJen says:


    Jonesing… for… qte…

    Must… have… ‘tocks…

    It’s all part of a sinister plan… they get us hooked and then leave us high and dry… aaaagggghhhhh…

  186. where can i buy a patch to help me cease my cuteoverload addiction?

  187. OMG You people have it bad.
    You can’t get through the day without a fix of CO? Addicts

  188. smooth — it’s better than being addicted to crack.

  189. Sounds like you are.

  190. luvinmalssomuch says:

    troll alert

  191. if it wasn’t for the two kittens we are getting in a few weeks I’d be tearing my hair out. A quick fix for anyone who wants to check them out. http://www.hearthrug.co.uk/kittens.htm
    We’re getting Myst and Dervish

    (I know they aren’t from a shelter but we are both horribly allergic to domestic cats, but not to Maine Coons, different genetic root.)

  192. uh oh.
    withdrawls are setting in.
    CO DT’s.
    people getting testy, calling names and such, pretty soon there will be weapons drawn, there will be no end to it,
    please dont let it end like this!

    oh, and Smoooooth- “I know you are but what am i ?? ” so there.

  193. pat_the_bunny says:

    Looks like we’re having “Group Withdrawal” here. I sense danger.

  194. Jaxotea- OMG those are the most beautiful babies! love the little one laying on his back by the orange kitteh! so relaxed lil dude!

    you are so lucky. I want.

  195. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Hey No One said anything about my Thumper and Bambi that I posted.
    Snifff sniffff sniffff
    so hurt over here. LOL I may leave and not come back. crawling under my desk.

  196. play nice smooth.

  197. NO!

  198. smokeyJoe says:

    pass that kitteh.

  199. luvinmalssomuch

    i would be more than happy to rave on and on about your “thumper and bambi” post.
    but i dont know where it is.

  200. luvinmalssomuch says:

    To funny liz. Just messin’ with you guys.

  201. Jaxotea – can we come visit? We love kittens, we love England, be rite over!

  202. Is anybody else worried here. I mean seriously.. normally we’d at least have an update.. a ‘hey guys, just busy’ something something. But no QTE AND silence?? Did we exceed the maximum QTE?

  203. definitely one of the cutest videos I’ve seen in a long time. Love it.

    Stinks how many people left evil comments though. Shows how little they really know about hammies 🙂

  204. luvinmalssomuch says:

    All of Pyzas pictures are adorable. I do believe all her animals are very much loved. Hamsters are so adorable.

  205. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    This happened once or twice before. It’s just something up with the updating thing. It’s probably just a technical thing.

  206. luvinmalssomuch — I did comment on your post. Honest. Scroll up.

  207. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:


  208. CO where art thou?

  209. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Aww Pheas how sweet thanks so much. Well time for me to head on home. Maybe Theo and Meg will be back tomorrow.

  210. Yitzysmommie says:

    METZ- Checked the transport cooler under my desk and darn it THERE’S NO KITTEN IN IT!!!

  211. O. M. G. Is there a hiatus going on here? I can’t take much more no-new-pictures!

  212. Hey, you probably already got a couple dozen of these but P.L. Frederick nominated you for the Rockin’ Girl Blogger award. Details at Rock, Rock, Rockin’ Girl Blogger: http://smallandbig.blogspot.com/2007/08/rock-rock-rockin-girl-blogger.html.

    P.L. Frederick
    SMALL & big, http://smallandbig.blogspot.com

  213. there’s pleny o’qte over at hamster tracker where there’s a new lucy in the hizz-ouse!



  214. In the spirit of posting our own pictures, here is my new baby Freddy, the world’s smartest kitten.

  215. LOL you guys sound like a bunch of whiny toddlers! Meg prolly just had to go to the bathroom or somethin, and you guys are all there, with your fingers under the door, going when are you coming out, mommy? Everyone into time out!

  216. hmmm CuteBabyFix-
    who posted THIS lil morsel, not a few hours ago??

    ‘Hope you are ok, Meg, blogging can be dangerous!’
    Posted by: CuteBabyFix.com | Aug 08, 2007 at 11:32 AM

    so you get your fingers out from under the door and so will we. 🙂

  217. CBF, i don’t know why but your comment bothered me. it comes across a little harsh!

    i think people are just showing how much they love this site and that they’re a little worried that someone they care about might not be okay. why mock that??

  218. i love the little cartoon ham-hams on the wall to keep it company, lol. that is a very swank hampster pad

  219. thank god Meg is back before all hell breaks loose!

  220. well…

  221. *snerk*

  222. Nah not being harsh, just jokin- got whiny toddlers of my own wif teh fingers under the door, is all:)
    Here are some gratuitous kittayns to make up for it:

  223. Yitzysmommie says:

    Okays, now we can all settle down with our thumbs and our blankies and squee about Rikki’s adorableness.
    She who re-ran Teho’s blog back to Kenya’s pre Rikki days last night in search of the Qte, hehehe.

  224. Yitzysmommie says:

    Hey CBF – I so remember the days “Mom? MMOOOOOOOM? Whatcha DOOIN’ in there?”
    Thank God they’re 23 & 25 now…

  225. Yitzysmommie says:

    Alita: adorabuhls!

  226. Thanks! He loves to read with me and helps me on the computer all the time. 🙂

  227. D’oh! Your Rockin’ Girl Blogger award info is actually at http://smallandbig.blogspot.com/2007/08/rock-rock-rockin-girl-blogger.html

    P.L. Frederick
    SMALL & big, http://smallandbig.blogspot.com

  228. petit chocobo says:

    that is one cool cage!