And now, a tiny pic of four boids

Bok bok bok bok


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  1. Ooooh little boidies.

    Little Quaker parrots?

    I want to nuzzle them.

  2. R. Moore says:

    Man, if I wasn’t on the phone I would have been the bleenest commenter!

    Oh well. The tiny birds are hugely adorable 🙂

  3. TheHonourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Birdy num nums.

  4. Aww, little parrotlets! It’s been so long since I’ve snuggled a birdie…

  5. They all look so cozy and happy snuggling up together !

  6. gooeyctr says:

    let me be the first to say:


  7. I love it! But parrotlets don’t say “bok bok.” They say “Eep eep!”

  8. Someone get these guys a bigger frame! They iz squished.

    For some reason, this post really made me laugh. I think it’s the word “boid”. Heehee!

  9. MommaMackie says:

    I once went to a bead and jewelery show and saw a lady sitting in a booth with the most exquisite, somewhat large parrot pin, that was made to look more authentic by having a tiny gold chain on it’s leg, fastened to a second pin, like she was trying to keep it from escaping. I thought it was one of the most beautiful pieces of fine enamel work I had ever seen. I thought that Fabrege would have been proud to call it something from his workshops.

    Then the broach moved on it’s own, walking across it’s “wearer’s” shoulder and cuddling against the lady’s neck.

    I talked to her for a minute about her living jewel. Turned out that she bred and collected rare parrots (She stressed that she only bought legal species and naturally what was legal back then isn’t necessarily legal now.) and the little guy on her shoulder was about the tiniest true parrot species in existance. She took him everyplace that it was safe to have him to bring attention to the plight of parrots being collected illegally. Plus, he was her lover bird and the last time I saw him, he had snuggled into the crook of her neck and gone to sleep under a light blanket of hair. I’ve never seen another like him and don’t remember his species. Just that he was a true living jewel.

  10. book_monstercats says:

    Somehow, this reminds me of Rick (he of the eyelashes) who was snuggling his birdie…

  11. They are Pacific Parrotlets, are they not?

  12. SQUEEEEEEE!!! Is it their actual size????

  13. LOL! This made me fall off my chair. Meg & Theo, I am sorry but I have to sue you now.

  14. I went looking for Pacific Parrotlets to see and ohmygodwouldyoulookwhatgooglefoundme:
    How cute is that??

  15. Mustella says:

    they are parrotlets, and their actual size is about 20% SMALLER than a marshmallow peep. i want!

  16. birdiebrainz says:

    omg, parrotlets. i am owned by one. do not let the small size fool you. she will take on any of my larger birds. and her name is wee willie.

  17. Shannon Johnson says:

    Chirp Chirp Chirp

  18. ThreeCatNight says:

    Pocket parrots with gorgeous coloring. Oh, my cats would go crazy just looking at them!

  19. PEEPS! Nawhm nawhm ! 😉

  20. I am pwnd.

    If I didn’t have 2 cats, I’d be driving down to that place hey-h found the link for (click eet, peeps!) and buying a tiny boid.

  21. lucy's mommeh says:

    As cute as they are, i still see curved beak & think of flesh that can get taken off of fingers. Stoopid parakeets have scarred me for life. I stick with finches, thanks.

  22. Hee hee! I love to see little boids. We have blue and green parrotlets and they’re little characters, feisty, fuzzy and sweet. And sweet smelling, too. I love them.

  23. LOL, I have a green parrotlet named Perry, or as I call him, Perribles the Terribles. He is an ounce and a half of pure fury. My cats USED to eyeball him. Then they tried sticking their toes in his cage. They no longer eyeball him. They’re lucky they still have eyes.

  24. OMG!!! These birds are from the breeder I bought my little peepers from! I reckanized the pic. If anyone out there hasn’t snorgled a bird – I highly recommend it!

  25. Eeep! Wee little babies! I just want to snorgle their little ‘tockses! Baby bird ‘tocks is the cutest ‘tocks of all!

  26. What cute little Pacific Parrotlets! You should have posted a bigger pic of them! I know that I love my little guy!