I hate "Caturday".

I’m gonna start "Bulladay". This is AMERICA!


Paige M., "Answer these three questions and ye shall pass" was a close second with the caption. 😉



  1. lizgersch says:

    What a cutie. I’ll give him a big ol kiss.

  2. heheh “Answer me these questions three…”


  3. Ye shall not be passing until ye fork over the dog biscuits me thinks.

  4. He looks like my husband after a night out. 😉

  5. Shannon Johnson says:

    Lazy dog!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA

  6. Mr Jowly-Jowler. He’s so cute!

  7. Looks like it’s Sad-turday at this doggie’s place. Awwwwww.

  8. ooooch!!
    must give mister grumpy-pants-face some snorgles to bring his joy back!

  9. …. and I’m thinking maybe right in that space between his grumpy-pants eyes would be just about right…..

  10. Such elegant paws.

  11. MaggieBelle says:

    I am totally on board with Bulladay!

    MaggieBelle is not my name but rather the name of my own English Bulldog. Best. Dog. Ever.

  12. Martha in Washington says:

    Would someone PLEASE give this dog a treat!! He looks so PUT OUT!!

  13. I’ll bet he has cute ‘tocks 🙂

  14. kittiluv says:

    Maybe it’s because I’m not much of a dog person…..but I’m not sure this qualifies at ‘cute’…..??

  15. kittiluv says:

    Still deserves a treat, though!

  16. Hey, Dawgie …

    you live in Bummersville too ???

    a lotta bull, no action … sigh

  17. Non shall pass! 😀

    Oh, poor baby.

  18. I lerve heem.

  19. Every dog shall have their day 😉

  20. Elizabeth P. says:

    He is TOTALLY master of the pathetic dog snack stealing face.

    “I’m so abuuuuuused!!!!! Don’t you wanna give me just a treat? Maybe a hug?”


  21. adorable

  22. Maybe he’s just bummed because his nails need a good trim…

  23. hey its fair to have a de-pray-chons days we all have um..
    Besides maybe he needs a new toy to play with or a good tum-tum rub that might improve his day .
    He is totally snorgalable though no matter what

  24. What a big, lumpen galoot he is. I’m thinkin’ that not only does he have spectacularly cute ‘tocks, but that he has the too-small waggly tail too. Ahn.

  25. I’m with ya on the depraychons, dawg. It’s Sunday for me – and I’m at WORK!!!


  26. desertrat says:

    Yay! A bully! My bulldog would like to say “smoof” to this one.

  27. what u depressed about, u cross-eyed and cute, u got perfectly manicured nails — hey smile 🙂

  28. Did I miss Caturday? *looks around* Where are the cats?? CATS!!!

    Hmm…okay…I think I like this doggy’s porch…and the doggy’s purty cute, too. Woof.

  29. He’s ginormous.
    That’s a real word now, ya know.

  30. I want to hug heem, but I can’t get my arms around heem!

  31. Brak_Silverbone says:

    What a big beautiful bulldog!

  32. Hey der big fella, you look like you jez ate some humbull pie, aww.

  33. I love me some big ol’ wrinkly bulldog face.

    Plus, bulldog puppies are the cutest EVAH.

  34. I would like to demand Bundays.

  35. does puppy need prozac?

  36. reason #4,397 as to why i am not a dog person . . .

    *scrolls for kittens*

  37. gravyboat says:

    That sure is cute!

  38. Too funny!!

  39. He’s slobberific!

  40. Silent Meow says:

    More kitty posts, pleeeeeeeeeze! Every puppy post should be followed by TWO kitty posts. Otherwise, I just can’t take it!

  41. Cure for dee-pray-chons: First, I would nom, nom, nom on his earses. Then, I would kiss repeatedly that soft little spot between his eyes. Finally, I’d roll him over and snorgle his belly. If that didn’t work, I’d take him to Pet Smart and let him pick out a new chew toy. One way or another, we’ll get that little nub of a tail wagging!

  42. Lisa– B*lld*g p*rn!!

  43. guineapiggin9 says:

    Lisa, I second that motion!!! Also, he could use a good snorgle.

  44. Request new category: cute AND sad!

  45. he could be depressed because we know its hard to get new posts on C.O. on the weekends!?!?!?!?!?

  46. Answer these questions! Babycakes knows the answers:
    Blue, I mean yellow!

  47. Alternate captions

    “It was MY STICK”

    “Even with Sherman to guide Him, the Kiddles late”

  48. sorry Kibbles late

  49. Dewi… snicker..

  50. MaliceAlice says:

    Looks more like Jubba the Mutt to me:

    Hoo hoo hoo. Give me treeeats. *slobberdrool*

  51. SarahJ, I’m with you on the too-long toenail issue. I think this dog’s nails *look* lovely, really, but long nails can cause lots of probs for dogs.

    He is otherwise perfick! Lovely smooshable face. Mmwah!

  52. my cat is a blob says:

    “lumpen galoot” heh heh heh.

  53. Annie Annie are you there? Is the secret lair down?

    I am looking like this pup tonday. Need coffees – maybe he does too.

  54. Fred I can’t get to the secret lair either 😦

  55. my cat is a blob says:

    acksherly i just realized this dog looks like the one in that warner brothers cartoon about the two mice who eat so much cheese that they can never eat cheese again, so they try repeatedly to get the house cat to eat them, which freaks the cat out so it tries to get the bulldog to eat him…

  56. tigerlynn33 says:

    that was the cutie dog in the world becase i have not seen one thet cute befor .

  57. Incidentally, it’s leetle wonder why so many folks choose the name “Winston” for Bulldogs. If the great Winston Churchill were to come back as a dog, he would be a Bulldog.
    Luuurve this pic!!

  58. K – I would like a Bunday too! Any more votes for Bunday?

  59. The secret Lair is down. Hi you Fred Hi Oakie.

  60. “I’m so bored I could blow bubbles”

  61. Hey all Silentmeow and you other dog haters–see Roe(ver) vs. Katz: equal time for equal paws.

  62. My lair–it is gone!

    To the buddy cave?

    I’m having a stressful day 😦

  63. R. I hyjacked Meer if you want to come say hello

  64. Yitzysmommie says:

    I, a confirmed CAT purrson, think he’s beautimous, and want to give him many scritches.

  65. Psst…where is everyone ….I’m scared and alone

  66. R. Moore says:

    Posting to Vox because it’s more personal stress today…

    I’ll check out Meer soon, though.

  67. Wouldn´t Mr. Bulldog and this guy:

    make great before-and-after pix on an anti-depressant ad?

  68. Dale — I’ll have what he’s having!

  69. Ok, I’m dense. What is Meer and how do i get there?

  70. He looks to me like a Muttday mascot… Back at work after a nice relaxing weekend, the copy machine is broken and someone put decaf in the coffee maker and no one filled the candy dish and the people from HR are pitching a fit and the koala died of respiratory arrest… wait, no, I think that last one only happens at my job. But still!!

  71. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Cute flopage of the jowls.

  72. book_monstercats says:

    Nope, sorry, my cuzzins across the pond. He’s a bulldog, he’s British. he’s OURS (tears spring to eyes).

  73. this is pretty much what I looked like this morning

  74. saggy mouf

  75. zeldapie says:


  76. It is Marc Anthony!

    Remember Marc Anthony, the Looney Toons bulldog who fulls in lerve with the teensy mega-cute kitten?

  77. soooooooooo — sweet!!!

  78. Suda Nim says:

    “I lift his jowls and put M&Ms under them. Then when he wakes up, he goes *smack* *smack*….’Gonna be a good day, Tater.'”

  79. ThreeCatNight says:

    Reminds me of Charles Laughton in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”.

  80. Is caturday? In Hamerika?