Your stick, my stick, your stick, my stick, your stick, my stick

Mine mine mine

yours yours yours

mineyoursmineyoursmineyours [heads go side to side]


Meredith C., sharing eees gooooood



  1. My bleen! Your bleen! My bleen! Your bleen! MINE! MINE!

  2. Aw dang hey-h…YOUR BLEEN!
    They look like they’re sharing quite nicely…

  3. so soft! and pettable!

  4. LOL! So cute!

  5. 2 Bee-U-Teeee-ful faces. I’m in luv.

  6. Eeee, Springer Spaniel puppy! There are not enough of those represented! So cute.

  7. sunnymum says:

    soft kronsches… it’s a good thing 🙂

    The eyebrows – they keeeel me!

  8. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to be a dog. I mean, *look*.

  9. This site is way too cute
    stop by and visit us sometime

  10. Ok, Manda, ok, you can have some bleen, too.

  11. Did they hook up at, do you think? Babeh, if you like chewing sticks at twilight, I am your dog…

  12. These pups look soooo mellow.

  13. bunnajenny says:

    Someone said there needs to be more springer spaniels…

    welsh, not english, but still springer and very much sharing spaniels.

  14. HeidStar says:

    Awwwww!! I wants a dog!

  15. Mine mine, all mine, I’m a happy miser.

  16. Persephone says:

    I love this picture. 🙂 Definitely BFFs.

  17. Hello Katie says:

    OK, at risk of sounding like a CO noob, what does “bleen” mean? I’ve been trying and trying to figure it out….?

  18. HK- It doesn’t mean anything. It’s Teho’s way of making fun of people who try to post first and it became a running joke.

  19. rpennefe says:

    A running joke?

    I think that maybe “bleen” is limping along.

    Every now and then it gets a second wind, though.

  20. Branche Kronche

  21. Why thank you, hey-h!
    *settles down to enjoy the bleen in blissful togetherness*

  22. Cassandra says:

    Heehee, bleen…one day you’ll learn…I would like to announce my everlasting love for Meg for posting so many puppies lately, sanks so moish!

  23. It’s tasty, isn’t it, Manda? Smells like victory…I mean, tastes like springer spaniel puppy! Deeeeelicious!! (namnamnam)

  24. Shannon Johnson says:

    So soft I wants them.

  25. RPenn — hey, it may be limping, but it’s under its own steam. *I* haven’t been helping it any, not lately.

    Aubrey — hehe. Twignibble. Limb Nawm.

  26. Cassandra says:

    It’s true Theo, you haven’t been busting people’s butts for bleening lately …are you hoping it will go away if you don’t call attention to it?

  27. Cassandra says:

    oops…just realizing now that commenting on the bleen is, in fact, drawing attention to said bleen…please strike last comment from record :S

  28. Cassandra, T. is the Bleen-Bam-Man. As well as the Flan-Fling-Man.

    He’s very complicated.

  29. Cassandra (and Hello Katie) —

  30. That is IT!
    I am drawing a line down the middle of this stick, and Jasper, you stay on your side, and Noah you stay on yours, and if I hear another sound out of either of you, I am turning this backyard around. Got it?

    [Win! – Ed.]

  31. BTW, bleens are delicious with sour cream, and a nice raspberry jam.

  32. oh *pancake*… I’ve dropped me fork

  33. {dances ecstatically}

  34. And the noise scared the crêpe out of me!

  35. Cassandra says:

    Pancakes will never be the same! I think I need to get me one of these Voxtypethingies, I feel like I’m missing out on most of the fun that you people are having..

  36. Mmm…jam…and a stick! It’s sticky! Jam! With a stick! And a puppy!

  37. I wanna eat them. I love the left guy’s eyebrows.

  38. I don’t think I want anything to do with a dog crêpe.

  39. ‘Nim, you would find yourself in a most unfortunate s-crepe.

  40. First pup to second pup…

    “Are they still looking?”


    “Still looking?


    “Still looking?”


    “Sticks mine…”

    Runs off….

  41. As my loving husband would say, “What’s mine is yours, what’s yours is yours but I can borrow some of yours now and then.”

  42. Things could get sticky if you get flippant about pancakes.

  43. Maybe it’s a dogwood stick?

  44. “My stick!” she said dogmatically.


  45. Whoa, pyrit. Say something like that and you mutts stay and take the consequences.

  46. Ross1219 says:

    Dog joke: What’s brown and sticky?

    A stick.


  47. Furbabies says:

    I know “bleen” doesn’t mean anything and it’s just to make fun of “bragging firsters”. But if you think about it, it does sound like it would mean a giant smile on your face that gleams. You know, like the Orbit gum commercial.

  48. Stilly doggies, you need an ATM card to make a withdrawal from your local branch.

  49. Hello Katie says:

    Furbabies, that’s exactly what I thought – it sounded just like a big shiny grin. But then I wanted to know if it was different from “squee!” Thanks to all who contributed to my CO education. 🙂

  50. Aubrey – Woof you please go easy on pyrit? Canine ask you not to give pyrit too much Heel?

  51. I can almost hear the om-nom-noms in stereo.

  52. bunnajenny – what cuties. Are they related?

    and too every one else – I will not try to pun-ish you for your silly behavior.

    *does silly walk to exit*

  53. Way to put some stick about! 😛

    {continues happy pun dance}

  54. Tugs – The laying on of Hounds will Heel any transGRRRRessions and lead us not a Stray!

  55. …and still it continues! I guess I knew the punditry was deeply rooted here, though. I’d’ve put a stop to it long ago if I wasn’t such a sap; and anyway, y’all’s bark is worse than yer bite.

    (best I can do while still in PJs)

  56. well I cann see it is a sticky punn situation in here!

    Casandra, welcome to cute overlord. And when bleening try for something clever it’s more fun and harder

  57. Too cute!!

  58. Cassandra says:

    Why thank you Annie, I’ve been lurking for months, but only started participating in threads a bit ago…and now that I know the rules, you can bet there will be less bleening and more punning (although I think you guys already kick butt in the pun department 😉

  59. Rules???? There’s Rules???? Looks around shifty eyed.. Teho you never said there was rules… Meg why we gots rules???

    Really just play nice is the only rule I know. and remember always there is cuteness and fun. I like to try to think stuff up but I am a light weight compared to most of these guys.

  60. “They’re more what you’d call “guidelines” than actual rules.” Arrr.

  61. I am disinclined to acquiesce to your proposal.

  62. Theo-ho-ho.

  63. Peanut.

  64. HEhehe

  65. NOw children, if you can’t play nice, I’m gonna havta separate you.

  66. “Stop rhyming and I mean it!”

  67. “My! Brain! Hurts!”

  68. “Hello-o-o-o-o, NURSE!”

  69. Tugger war

  70. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Sharing is good, but it’s mine I tell you mine mine mine.

  71. Wowdragons says:

    Puppster on teh left Thinks…When hes not looking i’ll run
    Puppster on teh Right Thinks…when shes not looking i’ll run