NOT listening to me when I tell you to turn left. Is it SO HARD?

You think I’m LYING TO YOU when I tell you how to get to the Kibbleporium!? [eye roll]


Alison G., I think you should listen to Sherman. FOR ONCE



  1. poptartorpopart says:

    I tihnk he should date the cute doxie that drinks diet pepsi in the car

  2. poptartorpopart says:
  3. This is why I don’t have dogs.

  4. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Kibble my schnizzle

  5. Kibbleemporioum LOLOLOLOLOLO
    Those eyes are too much Sherman you tell her where she should have gone and stare at her until she gets it right LOLOLOLOLOLO

  6. Oh. the disapproval…it burns. Look, I get this every day at home, do I need to get it here? No. No, I don’t.

  7. Nice, PopTart! Hehe.

  8. Wolverine Librarian says:

    Is that a Boxer or a Great Dane?

  9. Sherman is right she is sooooo not listening to him.

    HEhe teh disaproval scalds me!

  10. LOLOL. great captioning!

  11. Sherman looks WORN OUT from dealing. Look at those eyes! “Look, we’ve been ALL OVER this town. For the sake of Pete just take me home already. I gotta pee, and Dr. Phil is coming on…”

  12. has the doggy got an infected eye? oh doggy u must be smooshed.

  13. check out this hippo…jessica

  14. LOL! It’s not often that we get a disapproving dog on CO!

  15. not cute scary!

  16. Stefanie says:

    Don’t forget to seat belt him in! Great pic!

  17. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Now what would Scooby Doo do?”

  18. Did he need to go to the doctor for his pink eye?

  19. Cassandra says:

    What a big handsome dissaproving boy! I wish someone had warned me that this was Dissaproving Friday…I will now commence with staring sternly at my computer and dissaproving of my co-workers…

  20. Furbabies says:

    That doggie is looking like my mom did when I tried to pull one over on her. The “yeah, right” look. Even after 40 years it still has the power to stop you in mid sentence.

  21. For some reason I imagine that dog speaking in the same deep voice as Raymond’s brother on “Everybody Loves Raymond”

  22. Heh… riding in style. Thats in a Benz.

  23. Wolverine – I vote for Boxer or pit mix. Someone did a bad ear crop on him, but he’s still a cute old guy!

  24. LOL He needs to go to my doctor to check out his red eye:
    or maybe he is so fed up he is seeing red?

  25. Piggalette says:

    I vote boxer/dane mix. Very distinguished looking (though I don’t like croppings either).

  26. Sherman seems so nonplussed to be on a car ride! most unusual!

  27. Sherman: Ugh, what am I going to do with her?

  28. Oh, Sherman! Would a hug help?

  29. Shannon Johnson says:


  30. Candace –


    I thought the dog looked like sommmme celebrity but could not quite place it. I saw your comment, and it was the tall guy from Everybody Loves Raymond!

  31. Yitzysmommie says:

    C’mon, Sherman, hop into my car & I’ll take ya to the Kibbleporium. And maybe buy you a hamburger for your trouble.

  32. Sherman. What a gr8 name. What an adorable jowly face. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!! I wish he approved.

  33. Sherman is a wonderful guy. He LOVES to ride, and this day we rode to pick up some dinner. He, right before I grabbed the camera and snapped him, had been trying to hang out in my lap. He’s huge, but he thinks he’s a little guy. As for his eye, no it’s not abnormal. He’s been to different vets, and that’s just the color of his lid. One is black, and the other is pink, by the way. He was a rescue pup, and his ears are just weird, I believe. I don’t think it had to do with the skill of the snipper. Although, if I ever get another guy, I will NEVER clip ears. I also don’t declaw cats. If you notice, the seat belt is pulled kind of low so it fits around his tummy. He’s a little tubby, so we call him sausage–because he strains his skin. He almost seemst to get a serious face when he sees the camera. I guess he didn’t want you all to know that he was enjoying himself. I just with I could get a pic of him hanging out the window and the looks we get from people. This particular day was too hot, so we had the window up. Thanks for the kind comments, guys. This site always makes me smile, and it was good to see my ‘son’ up here.

  34. with=wish and seemst=seems

  35. Hahaha, Meg, your writing always matches the expression on the animals’ faces UNCANNILY well… I think you should work as a pet psychic. 😉

  36. Really Jeeves, must we take the Rolls today? I was really rather hoping for the Bentley.

  37. Oh, oh. Those tell-tail red eyes: you know Sherman is tanked.

    And he’s been pulled over, AGAIN.

  38. Tessa, NYC says:

    This is so funny because it reminds me of something that happened on my first trip to England. I was riding behind a car that had a rather large dog sitting in the passenger seat, and having momentarily forgotten that the Brits drive on the “wrong” side of the road, I got the shock of my life when it looked as if the dog was the one who was driving.

  39. He’s either patiently waiting for his owner to return, or he’s at the take-out window ordering cheeseburgers. If he’s driving, who works the gas and brakes?

  40. Some dogs just have best expressions. Sherman, you’re a handsome fellow. Never mind those sausage comments.

  41. If I told you once I told you a thousand times I only want catsup on my cheese burger and the onion rings instead of the fries and a diet coke, not pepsi!

  42. I sincerely hope this photo wasn´t taken in England. (I just took my first trip to the UK, tis a scary thing to look into the ¨driver´s¨ seat of a passing car and see a three year old, or a Boxer…)

  43. Lorraine says:

    I’m going with boxer…I’d know that jowls anywhere…

  44. omfg i just keep coming back to laugh and laugh and laugh at this one…too perfect. there has been some majorly hilarious captioning here lately!!

  45. DasBoots says:

    HAHAHAHA! This dog looks eerily like a grumpy old man from my childhood!