Little guy stealing butter

Reptiles… [shaking head] Always stealing dairy products.



Scott F., good job catching this guy. I hope you had a tiny pair o’ handcuffs with which to apprehend heem!



  1. Oh my gosh he’s so tiny!

    *melts* (like butter)

  2. Oh, and this little guy reminds me of the tiny lizards I wake up to sitting on my walls in the morning whenever I’m in Puerto Rico visiting family.

  3. Whassamatta, car insurance not as profitable as it looks?

  4. “web handed”! groan indeed, lol.

    he’s cute. i can hear mini slurpy sounds from here.

  5. He is archnemesis of the butterduck! Someone with more time on their hands! Post the appropriate linkies!Kthxbai.

  6. OK, this is cute and all, nicely captured, well captioned…
    …but I *really* like that tabletop. WANT.

  7. Someone needs to hit the other end of that knife ASAP.


  8. CBF — here ’tis
    (took me no time at all)

  9. Hehe, Mello.

  10. look more like a floor than a tabletop.
    I’m trying to figure out what is up there on the top right (cut-off at the edge of the picture)

  11. Alice Shortcake says:

    It could have been so much worse – he could have stolen that GINORMOUS knife…

  12. lil mister

  13. I t’ink he’s slurpin’ mango marmalade.

  14. R. Moore says:

    He he he, I love little geckos and newts. They wittle handsies are soo cute!

  15. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    o. m. g.

    i know i’ve said it before, but this is most definitely the cutest thing i ever did see.

    too bad no C.O.X.C.U….

    mariser… table = coffee bean? floor = chair leg?

  16. I thought this was a Geico commercial!!

  17. ROFL!

    Little pair of handcuffs!

    Very funny stuff

  18. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    I hope it’s not pasteurized butter. Raw butter from raw milk is healthier!

  19. Hey, if GEICO and AFLAC merge, he and butter duck could work together!

  20. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! That made me burst out in laughter. What a bold little thing. 🙂

  21. HAHAHAH!!!!! Thats at once the funniest and cutest thing posted to this site in a long time.

  22. He’s not eating butter! He’s taking the knife! “Spray ME with pesticides, will you?!” he mutters. “We’ll see what happens to YOU when you least expect me–I mean, uh, ‘it'”!

  23. Geico….i mean…gecko!

  24. NStBDtaW, I think you are right, it is a coffee bean. thanks! sadly not a chocolate covered one…

    but the more I look at the picture the more I’m afraid for the li’l fellow. knife looks SHARP

  25. That is FANTASTIC! Please peeps.. C.O.X.C.U Please!!!!!!

  26. hehehe. such a cute lil critter. i have an iguana thats like….100 times his size. look at the tailio! it perfectly munchable!

  27. Anotther thing: I pledge a new rule! anything smaller than your middle finger also needs a C.O.X.C.U. All in favor say aye!

  28. Catherine says:

    What does C.O.X.C.U mean, pleeeze?

  29. What IS this little guy, exactly? And wouldn’t he need a pair of salam-hander cuffs?

  30. COXCU = Cute Overload Extreme Close Up!

    Cuter than an extremely cute thing…..

  31. Catherine says:

    Thanx so much Hazel.

  32. elliottsmommy says:

    did anyone else notice that the weetle weezard is executing a perfect plie’ squat?

  33. GAH! Teenio leezerdo!

  34. My bunny does this with peanut butter.

    Then goes nom nom nom *pause* nom nom *pause*….cuz it’s stuck to the roof of her mouth.

  35. acelightning says:

    Mariser – that knife doesn’t look particularly sharp to me. It looks like a regular table knife, which someone has used to butter their toast; you can see the toast crumbs on both plate and knife. Come to think of it, maybe the little micro-lizard is going for the toast crumbs, not the butter…

  36. Cassandra says:

    He looks like a teeny little dinosaur! Could we call him Dinosaur Jr.? (hee!) I bet if you get reaaaaally close you can hear him go “Rawr!”

  37. Shannon Johnson says:

    Slurp, slurp, slurp. YUM YUM YUM

  38. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    mmm…. chocolate covered coffee bean…

  39. The butter is for sautee-ing his lunch of mosquitos. 😉

  40. Moggyfan says:

    Rule #14!

  41. Theresa, I think he’d be cooking them over a mesquite-o grill.

  42. Aubrey, I’d say “that sucked” but then you’d say “bite me” and I’d have to say “buzz off” and then you’d swat me and I’m exhausted already. (Drained, even.)

  43. (In mini-Crocodile Dundee voice) Now THAT’S a knoife!!

  44. Oh, T. – all I’d say is that your enthusiasm is bloody infect-ious but also that work calls and you should get Bac(to your rou-)tine.

  45. Oh that stings!

  46. Great. They’re itching to get into another verbal face-Off! They’re only scratching the surface now… but they’ll be netting some knee-slappers soon.

  47. Welt, that just swell. Another fine s-itch-uation we’ve got ourselves into.

  48. Reminds me of the GEICO commercial where the lizard says they’ll bring you an English muffin. 🙂

  49. LOL lookit his lil tail being used for balance AWWW!!

  50. Yitzysmommie says:

    Peeps, I am speechless and in awe at the advanced punnage here.
    YM, bowing to Aubrey, Teho, Theresa and Michelle.

  51. That looks dangerous!

  52. And in his tiny lizard mind, he thinks the humans are hiding because he’s obviously a modern-day dinosaur.

    Can’t you hear the teeny GRRR! *stomp stomp stomp*
    ~licks buttery knife~

  53. So where’s our Reality Casual Friday? 😉

  54. TAJ, we’ve got a plie-performing gecklette leeckingk butter from a knife! Who needs anything more RCF?

  55. and now we know what the geico lizard survives on.

  56. that looks more like jam on the knife than butter.

    i lof his little legs.

  57. Lerrinus says:

    *is buried under a b-lizard of puns*

  58. I love the bottom leg spread their little dino, that is to cute I have to admit all of you peeps got me laughing to the floor over here (ploomp) thanks I need the post and the tooooo funny responses tonight

  59. Time now for my gecko story. My Dad lives in South Florida where they run rampant.

    I found a teeny-tiny one in Dad’s living room– even smaller than Mr. McButterLickersons here. I picked him up to put him out on the patio, and he bit me. And I couldn’t even feel the bite.

    I felt bad for the tiny feller being manhandled by a humongous monster like me, so as I took him out, I said “Wow, you are one scary dude. I’m not messing with you.” I let him go, and washed my hands thoroughly (they can carry salmonella), and I’m still here to tell the tale.

  60. Baby Krishna leezard!

  61. Furbabies says:

    Absolutely, positively the most adorable leezard evar.

  62. you disturb my butter snack you get tail-swapps

  63. He´s just snaking up when nobody´s looking, saying ¨I guanna taste!¨

  64. is that a gecko who is a pest? i mean, is this like if a mouse came up to my plate at home? not a pet that is? because that’s kind os awesome.

  65. Oh noes! First mice and now geckos! I must saaaave my kit-chon!

    Cute lil’ dewd.

  66. haha love it

  67. Can I get a Rule #14? Amen!

  68. Oh da cayutness, sigh! We call these guys “night lizards” in my house although they are probably geckos. They live outside (until they sneaks in, tricksy little critters). They hang out near the porch lights, eating bugs at night and even manage to make nests and lay eggs behind where the lights are mounted. Seeing them eating human food is a first for me.

  69. Staticgirl says:

    aww bless, he so tiny….

  70. So cute you could eat him up, but don’t. Did you know they’re known to carry salmonella? No joke. Their cuteness is just a ploy (the geckos’ cuteness, not the salmonella’s.)

  71. P. Erasmus says:
  72. when i was little (like a day ago or so) i thought that salmonella was the female salmon.

  73. Khadija — that’s excellent… how about “Vendetta”?

  74. hehe 🙂 i lurve it!!

    that hamster CAN cut paper:

    AND cardboard:

    and no wonder the hamster doesn’t like singing:

  75. Sal mander over and eat your butter. Knife got it no need to get up!

  76. Gecko! (gecko, ..gecko, …gecko)

  77. childfree says:

    sorry to get off track here people, but quit sending in photos of your babies that go on the cutetracker..not everyone thinks your wittle precious is as cute as you do~

  78. i also don’t find you as cute as you do.

  79. Hmmmm I think it is time for some english muffins with butter and blackberry jam..

  80. childfree says:

    you’re quite the clever one, Khadija~

  81. Comment squabblers will be *eaten*.
    You have been warned.
    Nom nom nom.

  82. I think we need a Cute Overload Extreme Close up!

  83. teho, fiends is my favorite!

  84. Are doze leedle claws on doze leedle feets?

  85. the_becca says:

    “You want an english muffin? They literally hand you an english muffin, with butter and jam.”

  86. the_becca says:

    Al — We used to get geckos in the house I grew up in in New Orleans all the time. I was the Official Gecko Catcher, which consisted of running around giggling and trying to gently scoop them up and put them outside in the garden (which I was generally successful at).

  87. They’re all over Florida too.

  88. I like the giggling part.. too funny the becca!:D

  89. Gecko has carbon-fiber legs 😉

  90. Hey Teho Thanks by the way 😉

  91. I can’t stop enjoying this photo! I sure hope he (she?) comes back again and again. Maybe he’ll get some jam and bread next time. Keep us posted!

  92. SeaBreeze says:

    This itsy-witsy-teensy-weensy little guy is truly unfor-geck-able. He’s really buttered me up for sure!

  93. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Gecko.When I grow into a Dragon I’ll have all the butter I want.

  94. Sous chef of Ratatouille!

  95. Gosh childfree, I’m sorry I was not here to provide my valuable service, which is to prove that yes indeedy babies are actually very cute, even tho they are not furry.
    They even follow the rules of cuteness- very law abiding. Check out this girly, nicely following rule 14:

  96. ThreeCatNight says:


  97. He’s not really stealing butter. He’s about to execute some cool ninja moves off the edge of the knife. Look out!

    (okay, even i realize that was kind of dumb – sorry.)