Wookin’ pa nub

Looking for love, this little Dewd has brought you an offering…

Please accept this leaf!


Alex C., I usually don’t accept leafs from strangers, but I’ll do it just this once…



  1. I’d accept anything from that cutie! 🙂 Awwww….

  2. I would beleaf anything he told me.

  3. MamaDawn says:

    Just don’t “leaf” him all by himself!

  4. Rover in the clover!

  5. My cat used to conquer iris leaves (the big ones that are like fish tails). He’d shake them around in his jaws a few times to make sure they were dead, and then bring them over to me as an offering.

  6. OMG Buckwheat. Soo funny.

  7. hey that is so effin cte

  8. Oh my goodness! I just want to snorgle his belly. What kind of dog is that, anyway? Pug? Dashchund? Orrrr *hopes beyond hope* an anerable combination of both?!?

  9. Tigress, I do believe it is a hot dog, as he appears to be the exact right size for me to eat him up!!!

  10. Can’t see it but I’m willing to bet there’s some puppy chub ’round the ankles of this little cutie!

  11. Cassandra says:

    He looks like a puggle to me…garsh he sure is cute. I feel like it’s my birthday with all these puppy posts, keep them coming Meg!

  12. He's a puggle. I have a Boston Puggle mix. I call him a McPuggleston says:
  13. He's a puggle. I have a Boston Puggle mix. I call him a McPuggleston says:
  14. He's a puggle. I have a Boston Puggle mix. I call him a McPuggleston says:
  15. He's a puggle. I have a Boston Puggle mix. I call him a McPuggleston says:
  16. He's a puggle. I have a Boston Puggle mix. I call him a McPuggleston says:
  17. He's a puggle. I have a Boston Puggle mix. I call him a McPuggleston says:
  18. Sprinkles says:

    OMG So tewtally cuuuuute. Love him. Want him. Kisses and squeezes for him!


  20. alexa kim says:

    Bu’wheat Sings The Classics. Ahhhh, back when SNL was funny.

  21. Heh. I thot I was the only person who still uses ‘wookin’ pa nub’ in everyday lingo.

  22. I wubs him!

  23. Beauregard says:

    Unce, tice, fee times a mady!

  24. Andrea|Nash says:

    Aubrey – I’m so jealous of you! I always try to think of a pun and … nothing comes. Are you like in advertising or something? Can I train a pathway thru my synopses or were you born with upper brainy strength?

    Anyway, LOL … or is it lol … or does it matter? (:}) < - that's very round, pointy-lipped Nana

  25. Leaves, leaves, leaves, leaves, leaves!

  26. He’s cute … because Buckwheat would have wanted it that way.

    Love the Buckwheat reference. 20+ years later and I still quote those skits.

  27. eikoleigh says:

    He is so cute!

    How can anyone refuse an offering from that little guy…(unless he’s bringing a chewed-up lizard or something, then ewwww…..)

  28. ooh, i take leaves from anybody that cyoot.

  29. Alexa Kim…Zackly!

    Wookin’ Pa Nub!!

    Ah, such memories…*sigh*

  30. Silent Meow says:

    I’d refuse to “leaf” him alone, and he and I would together turn over a new leaf. Be-“leaf me.

  31. I guess you have to have connections in order for your dachshund puppy photos to make it on here 😐

  32. I think the tree willingly gave up that leaf; it and the puppeh speak the same language. They both…bark.

  33. Andrea|Nash says:


    Aaaargghhh … no fair!

  34. Campaign organizer to puppy volunteer: “Um, this isn’t what we meant by handing out leaflets.”

  35. Call the doggy doctor, thees puppeh is killing me!
    Is there any hope Dr. McDoggersons?

  36. Puppeh volunteer to campaign organizer: “But I thought this was the Green Party?”

  37. lauowolf says:

    Is that grass sort of tall, or his he a tiny bebe?

    Aubs, he must be doing fund-raising, since he’s bringing in the green stuff.
    Or is that fun-raising.

  38. What you just said, lauowolf, was hair-raising.

  39. Nicolletta says:

    Wookin’ Pa Nub

    Good God, that takes me back….Otay! LOL

  40. He so cute, he’s reminding me of those Russ puppy eyed animals’ plushies.

  41. Shannon Johnson says:

    AWW so cute. I wants him, I’ll take the leaf.

  42. Mrs Steel says:

    “Wookin pa nub in aw de won paces
    Wookin pa nub …”

    And to top it off, I think that pup as “Beddy Bavis Byes!”

  43. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Bah!!! I just lubs the chubs!!!

  44. PUGGLE! look at those chompable ears.

  45. I shall cuddle heem, and smoosh heem, and snorgle heem…


  46. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    My cat Stan brings me a lot of presents, mice worms a childs sock a ball rubber gloves birds eggs etc.

  47. cubbybutt says:

    he has some major face chubb

  48. Leafs? Teehee! Is this Puggle bringing hockey players?

    So cute!

  49. Rosalynde says:

    Wow!!!! Rockin’ the eye chub HARD!!!!! I too demand to see his little ankle rolls . . .

  50. ThreeCatNight says:

    Big round eyes, a chubby little belleh, and a leaf for me?! I’ll take it!

  51. Buckwheat!

  52. Once Puppy chews a leaf it’s eternally his!

    Una Panoona Banka, Little Cute Dude–because life goes on, and Texxon is there…

  53. jazmella says:

    Um…I do believe the correct plural is “leaVEs”.


    Anyway, what a cute doggiepooh!! I shall accept your leaf and enjoy it with a side of twig! xoxoxo

  54. awwww, melllltinnnnnng, i’m mellltinnnngk!!!

  55. With a precious face like that he doesn’t have to look far for love…

  56. Love the title of this one. I must find the old Buckwheat skits! Also, this is the cutest puppy ever invented.

  57. Jaz — actually, in this context, I think it could even be “leafses” and be OK.

  58. Furbabies says:

    I would gladly take anything this sweet baby brought to me. I just want to snatch him up and give many smooches to this leetle pooches.

  59. Hey guys!! 🙂

    He is indeed a pug/dachshund mix! good guess!! i wish i had taken more pics of them, hope yall enjoyed!

  60. buckwheat sings the classics!!

  61. i will take the leaf and the dog.

  62. JadedFlame says:

    What’s amusing though, is that in Afrikaans to say that you love someone you say,
    “Ek is lief vir jou.”

    ‘lief’ being the afrikaans word for ‘love’, pronounced the same as the English, ‘leaf’


  63. jazmella: nope. Maybe in the *real* world that’s how you spell it. But not here in CO-land… it’s almost an unwritten rule that you must take liberties with spelling variations. Defnitly, adds to the qte.

  64. “I has a salad”

    Sorry, but it’s the first thing I thought of. 😀

  65. That puppy is so cute I could take him home!

  66. jazmella says:

    Ohhh, I forgotted where I ams posting. LEAFS IS FINE!! I take it back!!

    And I’ll still accept the leafses with a side of twigsies!!


  67. I leafed my heart in San Fransico…

  68. …an den mah lungz in San Jose…

  69. Where loads and loads of cars
    ride halfway to the stars.
    trying to get HOOOOOOME…

  70. Alex C., I must kno. Is this your Daug (doxie-pug)? He is I-Den-tical to mine. Have been trying to find peeps with Daugs and you are the first I have come across, Lurve the pic.