And now, a beady-eyed bat with a binky

Will you please check out this anerable McBattersons in his nursery. Awesome. He’s all; nom, nom, nom.


Kathy found this one in the latest edition of Bat World News, natch.



  1. freetomato says:

    Awwwww…how precious…..till he flies screeching into my hair trying to scratch my eyeballs out

  2. Whoever thought a bat could be cute? But he IS!

  3. I’ve been waiting for CO to have a bat picture up! I love bats. Ever since I was a little kid and found a baby that’d fallen out of the eaves of our house… (we gave it some water and then found its parents hiding in a nearby bush. They climbed out and took their baby back out of my mother’s hand)

    They are the coolest animals. If I could have any animal as a pet – any at all – it’d be one of the flying foxes. They’re amazing.

    Right. Done gushing now. *melts*

  4. Shannon Johnson says:

    awww, that is the cutest bat I have ever seen! I don’t normally say that about bats.


  6. awwww. that is the cutest thing. his eyes are beautiful!
    (sure liz, he’s cute now, but you HATE bats when you’re camping!)

  7. Egyptian fruit bat? Those are the cutest ones in my opinion…

  8. now that is some *serious* BEF!!

  9. Mary (the first) says:

    He’s quite amazineg. I wonder what his story is..why is he in a blankie instead of .. wherever baby bats normally live? I don’t know if I’m quite ready to read BatWorld news to find out.

  10. Awww, he’s precious!

  11. …now I can’t look at this pic without hearing the Maggie Simpson sucking sounds…

  12. I was gonna say exactly what freetomato said! 🙂

    Ah well…he sure is a little cutie (for now)!

  13. Manda,

    LOLOL! Me too. Squank, squank, squank…

  14. beady baby binky bat!

  15. He needs to come live in my pocket.

  16. awwww. i love the blankie and the wee batty. and McBattersons looks more like a very small kangaroo. with wings.

  17. tamerlane says:

    Do you suppose the light hurts his eyes? They should get him some bat-shades!

  18. after living near a swamp for many years, i learned to love bats. they keep te mosquito population in check. besides, this wee one is adorable!

  19. Awww! The wee bat! Bats are the best! Looks like the poor thing misses its mommy, maybe it fell out of the nest or mommy met an unfortunate demise, but with such a warm blankie and obviously food at the ready its human mommy is taking good care of it! So cute!

  20. Moroccan tagine bat? i fink its cute

  21. Michelle says:

    adorable! 😀

  22. BATS!

  23. Kiddo, there have been a couple CO bats before this, but I think this one pwns the rest.

  24. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    Kiddo, there was a bat at least once before on CO:

    (I hope I did that right, I’m not always so adept at this Interweb thingie…)

    ANyway, Squeeee! baby bat! I *heart* bats. I remember being a little kid with a clothesline in the backyard, and using it to shoot the clothespins in the air because the bats would dive for them (before, of course, realizing that that was kind of mean…) They are amazing and fantastic little creatures.

  25. Awwwww, sweet bebeh batty!

  26. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    (Looks like Deckard is a faster typist than I..)

  27. He looks like a greyhound who’s had an unfortunate encounter with an umbrella. Cute!

  28. At first I thought was a bebeh deer, but no! It’s a Bambi Bat, complete with missing mama.

    And just where do you get binkies that small?

  29. Heavenly says:

    Ahn, how cute!! There are a whole lot of cute bat pictures on the Bat World News page too.

  30. adorable!

  31. Awwwww – batling!

    I heart bats – anything that eats it’s own weight in mosquitoes is pretty keen in my book!

    I saw a baby bat at a zoo once – it looked like a damp leather glove at first, till it looked at you.

    Momma bats give birth hanging from their thumbs and they catch the baby with their feets as it comes out. Maybe this little guy got missed and they had to bring him to the bat-nursery to make sure he’s all better.

  32. I forgot about that dude! I just got carried away in the omg cute bat moment. Thanks you two!

  33. I lof him. I wish to snorgle Die Fledermaus, please?

  34. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Cute little bat. I think bats are cool. They fly around our house in the evening. Love to watch them.

  35. hahahahaaa Jo ur killing me..

  36. Who knew a bat needed a binky?

  37. Valentin says:

    People, really have a look at the Bat World site- in particular their adopt a bat program here: surely worth your time!

  38. caitlin black says:

    that the cuteist bat if ever seen and i hate bats!!!

  39. Awwwww, a baby bat with a chooch! I love bats and I’ve never felt afraid of them (actually when I think of it, I am not really afraid of many animals — meeting a bear might scare me however).

    When I worked in a pulp & paper plant, I’d occasionally come across an exhausted bat that had flown in and gotten lost in the cavernous basements under the paper machine.

    Two I found on the ground, utterly exhausted, and another flitting in circles that I had to gently knock down and capture. Wearing my work gloves, I’d carry them out and leave them in a shady, isolated spot. I loved it when they’d open their tiny pink mouths and hiss at me through tiny needle-like teeth. Too enarable! Two of my rescuees had fuzzy faces, one had a more pig-like nose. But I find all bats kinda cute.

    And when I’d come later to check on them, they’d be gone. Made me feel good.

  40. TukaWuvy says:

    CUTE they are for sure and what a job they do, for what would this world be without them. BUG INFESTED for sure

  41. Fruit bats are my favorite. They have little puppy faces. So cute.

  42. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    Valentin, thanks for the link! I am adopting a bat for sure! 🙂

  43. Jennifer says:

    How very cute and precious! Hope this one survives.

  44. Suda Nim says:

    Its name is Eric.

  45. omg, lol. what a cutie!!! he’s wondering where’s the fruit juice?

  46. What a beauty! It kind of reminds me of a sleestack.

    I found a bat stuck in a sink of a vacant house last spring. I took it outside and gave it some melting snow to lick. It had the most precious little pink tongue.

  47. WOw, the story of Mr. Kitty on batworld just made me all teary. Just the sweetest story ever.

  48. ThreeCatNight says:

    A baby fruit bat. Sort of like Bambi with wings — and sharper teeth. Eew.

  49. Sweet Pea says:

    So I went to Bat World (curiousity) and found this pic:
    The tininess just makes it so cute! Interesting into on that site as well.

  50. The Boyfriend, a biology professor who did his Master’s degree studying bats and small mamals in Latin America says its a baby fruit bat, possibly from Malaysia.
    And he’d like it known for the record that pipe and elbow patches on curdory jackets are optional to be a professor. *nod*

  51. anyone ever see the Jeff Corwin where he finds an orphaned bat (i think in Australia)? it’s one of those big ones that look like a fox (maybe an older one of these?), and he takes it to a rehab ctr for orphaned bats. on the way there in the back seat of a car, he snuggles and pets the bat, and they both fall asleep. qlassic qte!

  52. Hmmm…you ever wonder if bats aren’t descended from chihuahuas? (Or vice-versa?)

  53. acelightning says:

    Manda, you’re right – it does look just like Maggie Simpson sucking on *her* binky…

  54. The Bat World site from the link is pretty cool and you can adopt bats in need. This lil’ one looks like his needs are being met quite nicely!

  55. *gets a warm fuzzy and a small world feeling*

    I love bats, and I love the Bat World Sanctuary! I have family out that way and I’ve always wanted to visit but the rest of my family thinks bats aren’t cute. Most sad.

    Hella gonna adopt a bat though. Gonna be hard to choose which one!

  56. bats don’t fly into people’s hair! lol, that is a myth.

    they just want to eat bugs and avoid bumping into weird things like peoples’ heads.

  57. Aw, Dracula Jr.

    Methinks one of his grandparents was a kangaroo.

  58. Bats are always cute, IMO. There are bats in my neighborhood (70 miles south of Portland, OR) and I love to go for walks at twilight and watch them. And we have hardly any mosquitoes. Yay, bats!

  59. pat_the_bunny says:

    bat bebeh!
    bat bebeh!

    cute lil boogums!

  60. Amythest Cat says:

    This SO increases my desire for a bat, or at least to have a bat box.

  61. Yitzysmommie says:

    OOOOO, my very first Nuff post…..
    There is an adorable little 2 year old boy in Utah undergoing rabies treatment right now because one of three family kitters brought a bat into his bedroom. Turned out said battie had rabies. The puddy tats all had to be euthanized and the bebeh (well, toddler) boy is getting mucho shotos.
    So before ya’ll go snorgling bats, be veeeeeerrrrry careful they’re not the rabid kind.
    YM, ducking down now to avoid the Nuff mud…..

  62. Yitzysmommie says:

    That said, this battie with his binkie is adorabuhls and prosh.

  63. Nosferacute.

  64. chelonianmobile says:

    Bats don’t fly into people’s hair. They’re just extremely confident of their ability to swerve at the last minute ^_~ Seriously, I’ve heard they can fly across a pitch-dark room crisscrossed with clotheslines and never hit one because of their l33t echolocation abilities.

    Now I don’t have to worry about rabid bats, because Britain has been rabies-free for years. Still a bad idea to pick them up, because they’re breakable and I’m pretty sure they can carry all sorts of fleas and things. Definitely a look-don’t-touch critter. But the best ones always are *fwee*

  65. Awww, and how perfect to come home to this after reading Stellaluna to my kids at work today?

  66. Sweet pea thank you for rescuing the super tie tie bats and putting them in a nice shady spot to recuperate. You are very kind!

    This guy is tewtally anerable. Recently I went in to my garage to get my yard waste container. It looked like a frog was on the side of the inside. Upon closer inspection it was a small bat. I didn’t know what to do so I called the local wild animal preserve. They said to take the container outside when it got dark and it would probably fly away. I did that and it did fly away. “BORN FREE, AS FREE AS THE WIND BLOWS DA DA DA DA DA…”

  67. dang…….its so tinny !!!!!

  68. Sprinkles says:

    He looks like a baby deer! *ehn*

  69. I just love me some bebeh batness…

    Re bats and rabies, direct cut and paste from the bat world site:

    “Bats don’t ‘carry’ rabies, however, they are capable of catching the disease just like any other mammal. Less than one-half of one percent of bats actually contract the disease. In reality, more people die annually from contact with household pets than have died from contact with bats in all recorded history. This doesn’t mean that it’s okay to touch or handle bats, as they may be afraid and bite in self-defense. Bats are wild animals, and all wild animals can be dangerous. Additionally, grounded bats are more likely to be sick so they should never be handled bare-handed.”

    So bats should be handled carefully, but equal care should be spent to reduce the “bat=rabies” hysteria out there. As Yitziemommy points out, you have to be careful handling grounded bats, but bats do get an excessively bad rap.

  70. Original CO Bat post!

    [fixed the URL… – Ed.]

  71. oh it’s a baby bat!! squeeee!

  72. I had a bat fly into my head one summer night while I was playing an outdoor concert. Bats dig Schubert.

  73. Anyone been to Vegas lately? The first time I went after Luxor was built, I was amazed by the bat activity in the column of light above the hotel – the light attracts brazillion bugs, and the bats come from literally miles around. It’s so cool.

  74. Hi Meg, you won a Rockin’ Girl Blogger award.

    Thanks for all the joy your blog has given me!

  75. Sez Shares says:

    *Sigh of pleasure*

    I luff bats so much! I moved to Sydney a couple of years ago and my favourite time of the day is dusk when all the flying foxes leave the parks. It’s the most amazing sight! I get neck cramp for staying up for so long.

  76. After having only recently gotten over my fear of bats (friends called me Ace Ventura) I just luv ’em now. This guy is too cute….

    Nosferacute (hee heee!! too funny)

  77. I have Little Brown Bat guano on my front porch. Cute little poopie crumbs. Ha!

  78. Tugs! A sleestak! I loved that show when I was a kid! Land of the Lost, right? And they had a baby dinosaur named Strawberry I think, and they fell through or maybe it was over, a waterfall? I was prolly only 5 or 6 so my memory is hazy, but dang! That make me crack up! Don’t go to the spooky pyramids, or the creepy Sleestaks will eatchew!

  79. Bats are sooo cute!! this is my new wallpaper.

  80. CanadianChick says:

    squeee! that is the cutest thing EVER!

    (well, OK, maybe not the cutest ever, but it’s durned cute)

  81. CBF – I always loved the Sleestaks. I thought they were pretty cute. I don’t think I realized most of them were bad. Same thing when I saw my first tick, which happened to be crawling up my leg. I thought it was pretty cute, “tick-tocks” and all. Kind of hard for me to believe now.

    BTW – I love your site!

  82. Kinda looks like a deer…I’m drowning in the eyes. His ears have ribs.

  83. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Maggie bat suck suck nawm.

  84. i had a baby bat once. it was tiny. i gave it diluted milk and it would lick it off a teaspoon. awwwww

  85. Here is my bat story. About 2 years ago it was about dark outside and I saw something plummet to the earth from the sky. I grabbed my flashlight and ran over to the spot where it landed. It was a tiny bat. I was sure it was hurt, as was my neighbor. He said that he would get a box to put him in and nurse him back to health. At the moment he fell a helicopter flew over head so we didn’t know if it messed up his sonar or what. When we attempted to put him in the box, we noticed he had a little girl bat wrapped up in his wings!! He turned his head at us and gave us a squeak of protest. We realized that he was trying to “smoke his cigarrette”! We were embarrassed for interrupting their moment and quite apologetic! 🙂

  86. As cute as he is, I’m reminded of one of our students (I teach high school) who died from rabies after a rabid bat flew into his room last year. Apparently the bat just brushed against him, but that was all that was needed. This kid didn’t handle him or anything. 😦

    Rabid bats are not too uncommon in southeast Texas, unfortunately.

  87. Nice Christine says:

    Sometimes I read the headline a half-second before I look at the photo, and that delay makes everything 10 times more hilarious.

    This is one of those times.

  88. Furbabies says:

    I love bats. People are afraid of them for no reason. The stories about bats are just another bunch of crap like stories going on about wolves(who are neat animals). I really can’t stand dumb people. Bats are necessary for bug control and don’t enjoy humans for dinner or dessert. There! Got that off my chest and feel better. Love that baby bat!

  89. I wrote this on the last bat posting, but in case you didn’t see it– there’s a nocturnal animal exhibit at the Bronx Zoo, and you can go see all the upside-down mom bats holding their leetle bebeh bats wrapped up in their wings. They look like little upside-down Madonnas (not the blond, Kabbala-spouting kind).

  90. From a NY State Wildlife Training Document – ( ) “Rabies virus is found primarily in saliva and in the tissues of the central nervous system, especially the brain. It’s usually spread through the bite of an infected animal.

    It can also be transmitted if the animal’s saliva or nervous tissue gets into your eyes, nose, mouth, or an open wound or scratch. Airborne transmission is possible but rare—it’s more of a concern for laboratory workers who handle animals, or in moist caves with little ventilation.

    You cannot catch rabies from contact with blood, feces, urine, or scent glands. The rabies virus hitches a ride up the nerves, traveling directly from the bite wound to the brain. Later on, it may travel from the nerves to other organs, but it never enters the blood.”

    Unless spinal fluid or salivia was dripping off a bat as it “brushed against you” and you happened to have an open gaping wound, you would not get rabies.

    Rabies infection rates are no different than with other mamals in the US.

  91. Holy BEF, Batman!

  92. AWWW I always wanted a bat! Everybody always looks at me all crazy when I say they’re CUUUUTE! (well, ok, maybe not the Pallid) Here’s proof! WANT!

  93. So…if we walked around to the other side of him, would we see some bat’tocks?

  94. How smooooshable.
    I shall now form a meeeelion dollar company called Binkees for Batteeez
    ANd i will give all the profitz to Bat Conservation Society.
    SUCH a sweet face on Baby Battz

  95. Amy, he died from rabies after contact with a bat. Unfortunately the doctors and scientists did not explain to all of us the exact second-by-second occurrences of what happened — we were more concerned that he contracted it, died, and now his fellow students were grieving.

    He was 16 years old. What more do you want?

  96. Just don’t spread misinformation, that’s all.

  97. There is INTELLECT behind those big brown eyes… and LOVE. I never ever thought of bats as cute before, but I NEED this bat. I will be a good mommy to it. Promise!

  98. Very sad about the student, but apparently doctors think he was bitten by the bat.

    May 2006 “HUMBLE, Texas — A teenager stricken with rabies he likely contracted when a bat flew into his bedroom and bit him died Friday.

    The Humble High School sophomore had reportedly been in an induced coma for several days at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston.

    He began showing rabies symptoms last week. Doctors suspect the teen was infected several weeks earlier when a bat flew through his open bedroom window and bit him as he slept.

    Health experts say bats’ teeth are extremely small and sharp, so a person could be bitten and not realize it.”

  99. Note to folks finding “grounded” bats. Most of the time they are not downed because they are rabid. They are most likely young bats just learning to fly or were in torpor (the metabolism slows down to save energy for short periods, usually during the day) and were knocked from a badly chosen roost. Always protect your hands with gloves or wrap the bat in a thick towel, then place the bat up on a PERCH. This is very important as bats can not “take off” from the ground; they must drop from a height. If you don’t want to interact with it, put a small box over it so local pets don’t make a meal of it and call your local rescue shelter asap.

    It is very sad to hear about that young man who died of rabies. How unfortunate he didn’t have screens in his windows or seek attention immediately after awaking to find a bat in his room.
    I know statistics don’t really mean much when your emotions take over and your talking about dying in a particularly unpleasant way, but remember a 16 year old boy in Texas is hundreds of times more likely to get killed in a car wreck than by bat-rabies. Rabies is now the 2nd rarest public health risk contagious disease in the US after Polio. Dogs–“man’s best friend”–attack and kill more people annually than bats with rabies do in a decade.

    On every continent but Antarctica you are rarely more than 100′ from a bat and think how low the instance of bites/rabies is given how much bats and humans live near each other! We need bats; sure there are risks, but life is a risk. Don’t be scared of cute little bats! Tent making bats are uber-cute Cottonballs with ears!

  100. The nick in the ear adds to the cuteness.

  101. You are more likely to get rabies from a squirrel than you are from a bat.

    Bats are cute, and cool, and one of the most immediately useful wild animals for humans (their love of mosquitos and blackflies is pretty useful). People should encourage bats to roost in their areas by building “bat boxes” and placing them a short distance away from their house – so they don’t get too close to the humans all the time and get people freaked and stuff. But having them near, so they can keep your yard relatively clear of bugs? Doubleplusgood.

  102. Do they nick the ear for some reason like with other species?

  103. Anna Banana says:

    that is about the cutest thing ever!!!!

  104. rubber duck says:

    This is the picture that got me to find out more about bats. Now I’m utterly, utterly in love with them. Is this an Egyptian fruit bat? Some of them look exactly like Bambi! And if you want to see great pictures of flying foxes (my favourite bats) – also babies – google the Tolga bat hospital in Australia (there’s also a guy out there who worked at the Tolga bat hospital and has even more pictures in his blog, some of them truly amazing ones!), it’s a hospital and orphanage for flying foxes.

  105. HE is a SHE, named Bootsana

  106. Bootsana (the adorable bat in question) has her own adopt-a-bat website here:
    her own MySpace page:
    and her very own calendar:
    The photos in the calender are extremely adorable!