If this puppy was on Match.com, this would be his photo

His online dating blurb would totally be; "Ladies, if you’re into water sports, running on the beach, and chewing, give moi a… call [points paw in your direcshe.]


Come on, and I WRONG, Marjorie N.? (The answer is no, BTW)



  1. Cassandra says:

    But Meg, it’s not my birthday today! However, I will accept this present of Cutest Puppeh Evah…merci! Wheee! Best Wednesday ever!

  2. *chokes* The ears! The mouth-able ears!

  3. Persephone says:

    The puppy is super adorable. I would totally send him a woo (wait, different site?).

    The line about “if you’re into water sports” made me do a double take. 😉

  4. um…. watersports? Ahem.

  5. zenparadox says:

    water sports + personal ads = probably not the best choice of wording.

  6. zeldapie says:

    (LOL… you guys are dirty!)

    This fella looks very jaunty, I must say!

  7. meacu1pa says:

    I miss my goldens… This puppy demands NUVINS.
    nose luvins.

  8. delicious demon says:

    Maybe Meg’s into watersports.

  9. Earresistable.

  10. zeldapie-
    i dont get it.

    this is the most adorable puppeh, i lOVe the smile and the sweet sweet lovey eyes. i wanna roll in the grass and play with this pup!

  11. It is my birthday, Thanks for the cute puppy! I will take him wrapped with a big red bow please

  12. Curlygirl says:

    This pup looks just like my little loverpup at home! She’s a 12 week old golden named Honey Bee. She and this cutie here would definitely get along seeing as water sports and chewing are her *favorite* activites. 🙂

  13. Duncan B. Goode says:
  14. Yeah, and there’s one particular joke that I’m waiting for somebody *else* to use…

  15. *



  16. baroo

  17. Space Cowgirl says:

    I’m not even a dog person, but EEEE! I can see now why so many people have Golden Retrievers.

    *grabs puppy, squishes gently, then stuffs into cleavage*

  18. well ok… learned some new slang today… ewww!

  19. focus on the puppeh… yeah, that’s the ticket..
    keeeewwwwt puppeh!!!1!

  20. Ka-chow baby!

  21. mervtheflamingo says:

    I, too, gasped at “watersports.” but immediately thought I would be the lonely perv commentor.

  22. My birfday too, Dawn, go LEOS and go smooshy fluffy puppy!

  23. rpennefe says:

    Obviously the nine years I spent in Catholic school (insert Catholic jokes here)trained me up well.

    *I* knew exactly what Meg meant by water sports, and I can tell you there was nothing dirty about it. (Well, unless you consider the mud, muck, and sand that the puppeh will track into the house).

    Shame on you all, filthy-ing up my pure mind like that. Do you know how hard stains like this are to get out?

    (Upon re-reading my message, I suddenly noticed a phrase or two that could be considered to be duuuuurty innuendo. GAH! That’s not what I meant AT ALL!)

  24. Mary (the first) says:

    ceejoe, I’m right with ya, learned new slang today and EEEEWWWW.

    Meanwhile, back at the puppeh, he’s adorable. I will just think about him and not alternate meanings of perfectly good words.

  25. i wish i would not have opened the urban dictionary link.
    i did not need to know that.
    and that puppers is too young to hear that sort of thing…

  26. *giggles* Glad I’m not the only pervy CO reader.

  27. ThreeCatNight says:

    Here’s one blond guy I’d go for. (Sorry, I usually go for the dark-haired or salt and pepper types – schauzers? nah!)

  28. ThreeCatNight says:

    Meant to say “schnauzers”. Oops. (hangs head in shame)

  29. zeldapie says:

    I’m as pervy as a cutester addict can get.
    tee hee!

  30. *snort* water sports…oh my. Well, puppies generally do like to pee on everything insight, so I guess it fits.

    I love puppy smiles, they are so irresistibly cute.

  31. I’m happy I didn’t know what it meant either. Time to scrub out the old brain case now. Peeps are spooky sometimes. Anyone who’s had a golden knows how much they like to play in the water…Sheesh.
    Here is a nice clean baby to cleanse all the nastiness out from behind the eyeballs:

  32. That line made me to a double take too. I thought it was on purpose!!! But, I don’t consider myself a perv. I mean, if I participated in said sports, yes, then I’d qualify. But knowing what it is, I just consider that sadly informed abt the world.

    But cute, pup. If he wasn’t sketch, I’d totally send him an icebreaker.

  33. SWD? Shouldn´t it be SGD? (Golden, not gay–although based on my experience with dogs, probably pretty flexible in that area as well)

  34. metsakins says:

    SWD – Theo LOL!

    but I thought it should be SBD for blonde

  35. Big fat nix on the SBDs, Mets. Pew.

    (btw the hovertext wasn’t my idea this time… all I did was capitalize)

  36. watersports? golden? teehee

  37. Ugh. Men are dogs.

  38. *giggle*
    Depends on what you like to chew on bebeh!

  39. If I were a dog, I’d totally wanna date a golden.

  40. He is totally date-able–sweet, playful, loves to cuddle, loyal, and gives lots of kisses! And he’s a blonde, just my type, though probably a bit too young 😉

    And on the water sports–I immediatly thought of playing the water, since Goldens love water. Though thanks to urban dictionary I now know what it means. Eww.
    *Looks at cute pup again to refresh mind*
    All better.

  41. fish eye no miko says:

    I am SO glad I’m not the only one who had pervy thoughts when they read “Water sports”… [sigh]

  42. well i learned something new today…..
    i wanna give this puppeh a big ole kiss!

  43. Well, Meg, I hope you’ve learned your lesson. When researching personals ads for a Cute Overload post, make sure the terminology you’re lifting means what you think it means.

  44. Sheer accidental genius that it was a golden that was into watersports. Are you suuuure you didn’t know? 😀

    If you post any pictures of dogs named “Roman” getting bathed, we’re going to be onto you.

  45. This one is code-named Mr. Butter.

  46. Theo, does that “other joke” have something to do with the pup’s breed? (I dare not post the actual pun..)

  47. Possibly.
    OK, yeah.

  48. Priceless. What a cute puppeh!!

  49. Shannon Johnson says:

    Woo-hoo! a date with a puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Awwwwwwwww.

    [head tilt]

  51. too

    my heart

    and read the edge and take me home peeps

  52. I am not a doggy person but this little pupper is heart meltingly cute.

  53. …you do know what watersports means, right?

  54. I didn’t get the watersports double meaning either. It’s obvious it means he loves to surf.

    This is one of the cutest breeds there are! This puppy KNOWS how cute it is! I bet when you go to pet him he rolls right over for BELLY RUB TIME.

  55. Soopercute!!!

    Although, I always try to steer well clear of the guys who are interested in water sports.