For some reason, this kitteh reminds me of Lindsay Lohan

I don’t know why, I think it’s the eyes…?


OK, this one doesn’t look anything like Lindsay Lohan. But the kitteh is matchingks, so hadta post it.

Drama has many many mo’ of this sweet thang. Check it! Great submishe, Alia P.



  1. Space Cowgirl says:

    Actually, I agree that he/she looks like Lindsay Lohan. Eerie!

  2. i assume you are thinking the STUFFED kitteh in the window looks like lindsay.
    Not the beauti-ful live kitteh?

  3. Wait…. is that kitteh’s name “Drama”? What a perfect name for a Hollywood “Kit” Girl. I love the nose freckle and owlish eyes.

  4. metsakins says:

    I think in order to fully decide if the kitten looks like Lindsey I need to have the kitten in my home for several weeks to evaluate the situation. Said kitten, will sit on my lap and we will wathc Access Hollywood and all those other shows together and then I shall come to my decision.

    Also, besides tv watching I must sleep with said kitteh to fully understand the situation.

    When can I pick her up?

  5. It’s Mini and St. Paw, the Twin Kitties.

  6. meg, you did NOT just mention li lo! NOT HERE, NOT EVER!

  7. Yitzysmommie says:

    Oh Noes! This kitteh is WAY cuter than Miss Lohan! I fully support metaskins planned research, espeche if said kitteh comes to my house aferwards.

  8. The eyes, they hypnotize. Maybe they are double glazed.

  9. How odd…you are totally right though…this cat does look a little like LL…
    I hope kitty doesn’t have a coke problem. haha

  10. GIMME ONE!!

  11. I think it’s definitely the huge eyes that look very big for kittehs face. The slightly suprised look is similar to Lindsay’s too.

  12. Mary, nope not a coke problem…She’s been hittin’ the catnip a little hard, though.

  13. Lady Aye says:

    I LOVE Katamari! She rules (and denies all rumors of drunken rampages).

  14. I totally see Lindsay Lohan in that kitteh!
    I’m sure that kitteh is much sweeter.

  15. metsakins says:

    YM- you realize I only make such a proposal in the name of science. I will also conduct scientific tummeh rubs and snorgles to fully complete my research. I’ll keep a lab journal.

  16. I’m not sure if she looks much like said famous tartlet, but perhaps she is wearinks so much walk like an egyptian eyeliners, that she looks like
    like one of the Bangles?

  17. teh funny earsies! teh massive eyesies! teh widdle beauty-spot on teh widdle nosie!


    ANNOUNCEMENT: office cleaner to Sarah’s desk: her head’s asploded… again!

  18. mets – or maybe a rehab journal…

  19. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Did the Egyptians get their eye make up idea from the cats eye markings?

  20. I would totally watch that kitteh in Mean Girls.

  21. Good question THGA, let’s Wiki that, shall we? Hmmm, searching under “kohl”, (read, scroll, read) Hmmm, incredible, no mention of cats at all. Well phooey on Wiki I say!

  22. Kinda bad, but before the pictures loaded, when only the caption was visible, I assumed that said kitteh would be in an undignified position and/or sniffing something. But instead she’s cute Mean Girls LiLo kitteh, so that’s ok. 🙂

  23. nawh. NOT LL.

    “And I shall call him Mini Me.”
    Yep. yep yep.

  24. mysteryflavored says:

    all in favor say “eye”

  25. Must be that vacant look in the eyes…

  26. You know, its probably the glassy eyes *snicker*

  27. omg is it a fold?!? but i do see what you are saying about this kitteh looking like li lo.

  28. It’s the eyeliner. Kitteh’s eyes appear to be lined with heavily-applied black eyeliner, the way Lindsey wears it. Looks cuter on Kitteh.

  29. At first I was looking for an alcohol detection anklet and a can of Red Bull, but now I see it’s the green eyes + major eyeliner. (I bet this kitty has more class than the other “Kit Girl”.)

  30. And just like LiLo, the kitteh does not appear to be wearing panties either.

    Tsk, tsk, tsk.

  31. I think she’s channelling Audrey Hepburn, personally. Sweetest Princess Cat Ever.

  32. Persephone says:

    That’s weird, but I totally see eet!

    I love the giant eyes.

  33. Oh please….that cat is WAY cutier than Lindsey could EVER be!

  34. Come on, folks! It’s Minerva McGonagall in cat form! She’s Scottish and has spectacle markings. Transfiguration, anyone?

  35. check out this LL photo online to compare to cutey-cat… and the cat is MUCH cuter! Despite her catnip problem 😉

  36. *


    You’re right, that kitty really looks lik Lohan….


  37. toborzgrrl says:

    (Much as I loves my lynx point Siameezer) I needs me a Scottish Fold Kittie!

  38. I went to her website and spent a few minutes being confused as to why the pictures were all listed as ‘Katamari pictures’ when no Katamaris were in sight. Then I realized it’s her NAME! That is the best name ever for the cutest kitty ever. 😀

  39. Yitzysmommie says:

    Metsakins – Ya know if you need a break from your research and journalling, I’d be happy to step in – just to help you out of course, not steal the kitter & snorgle it or anything.

  40. Cat I am kitty cat says:

    Please not to be insulting poor cute little kitty… No kitty could ever be as silly as lohan…

  41. Cat I am a kitty cat says:

    I just noticed the little toy kitty… me thinks that the kitty is just trying to be like their little toy friend… they both be having the same stare in the first pic…

  42. gravyboat says:

    SO not Lindsey “Q-tip head” Lohan. This piddy is muy muy pettable.

  43. ThreeCatNight says:

    She does look a little like Ms Lohan, but shes way prettier (even her toy double), and definitely more sober. Besides, she’s Scottish and Lindsay’s Irish!

  44. metsakins says:

    YM – of course pure scientific curiousity….

  45. metsakins says:

    btw – did you go to omgkitty and see the other pictures? The tummeh research is going to be torture but some one has to do it.

    Experiment 23 – How many kisses can one place on tummeh beore haviing eyes scratched out?

  46. Actually, I think it’s the hunched shoulders posture that makes her look like La Lohan.

  47. Aww, this is the kitty that belongs to one of my internet friends! 🙂

    Alia loves her lil’ Katamari.

  48. OMG, a matchingks calico Fold with eyeliner.


    What a fabulously cute kitteh.

    Like the game’s name, I Love Katamari.

  49. pat_the_bunny says:

    total matchingks with the stuffed kitteh – that’s almost eery also

    but, yeah, put Lindsay’s pic up there too and you’d have triple matchingks!

  50. Lady Aye says:

    decide to move…I meant

  51. I see the li lo resemblance.

    The kittehs name is Katamari?? Goodness! *falls down ded*

  52. She looks like Ms. Lohan because her head is so big compared to her body.

    Of course, for Katamari it’s cool, she’s a baby.

  53. Trinky dink says:

    The Brooklyn Brownstone backyard is makin’ me homesick!

  54. more LOLCAT than LOLHAN 😉

  55. Flamenca Mama says:

    Cute kitteh!! It does remind me of Lohan a wee bit. It’s the eyes and the posture in the first pic. My daughter loves these kinds of cats. She even modified her fave stuffed animal kitty/best friend/alter ego so that the kitty would have folded down ears like a scottish fold=)

  56. Metsakins, every experiment needs a control. So in the interests of science, I will reproduce your experimental protocol in every particular, except swapping the word Kitten/Kitteh with Lindsay.

  57. BenPanced says:

    It’s a kitteh accessory for Blythe dolls!

  58. Way Cool Groovy Chick: LOLOLOLOL …

    ‘And just like LiLo, the kitteh does not appear to be wearing panties either’

    … or a bra …

    Katamari doesn’t need a bra cos she’s gorgeous as is …

    can’t say the same for LiLo

  59. Shannon Johnson says:

    Sure it does. I just like the fact that it is a kitteh

  60. I want to kees the top of its head in pic#2.

  61. I can certainly see the resemblance:

  62. yeah, it especially looks like her during the parent trap days, before she grew into her head.

  63. Wow, totally LiLo!
    *nods in agreement with Meg*

  64. Furbabies says:

    Yes, yes, yes! Professor Minerva McGonagall, as a young kitten.

  65. Stop insulting this beauty with comparisons to LL!!

    I can’t tell which is the toy and which is the real kitten…ha ha

    Love the eyeliner! Looks like Cleopatra.

  66. Carrie Hamster Defender says:

    I don’t like scottish folds 😦 the ears, they FREAK ME OUT!

  67. fluidstatic says:

    The Lindsay Lohan resemblance is quite obvious, IMO. It’s the ears that look kind of like a fluffy brunette upswept hairdo, and the HUGE EYES with the natural dramatic eyeliner. :3

  68. ClaudesMom says:

    Oh no!!! Cute leeettle kitteh bebeh is waaaaaay so much cuter than the wacked out one, LiLo.

  69. ClaudesMom says:

    Oh no!!! Cute leeettle kitteh bebeh is waaaaaay so much cuter than the wacked out one, LiLo.

  70. I would say that calling the cat Lindsat Lohan is a major put down — saying that this is where Amy Winehouse gets her eyemakeup tips from would be a better suggestion! 🙂

  71. She’s a deffo LILO!!!!

    I think it’s something to do with the shape of her nose too…


  72. hey, cool!

    this picture got props in Jezebel,

    I love their post title:

    “They tried to make it go to rehab, it said “mew, mew, mew””


  73. and is taking a vote. does this kitteh actually looks like Lindsay?

    so far, “yes, they both wear too much eyeliner” is in the lead…

  74. Brak_Silverbone says:

    NOSEFRECKLE!! *beeps it, runs away*


  76. Lisa Rae says:
  77. RawrrXkat says:

    Well I kind of see the resemblance…
    But even the kitteh knows not to do lines.

  78. She totally reminds me of Lohan….

    So cute!

  79. So how’s Atreyu, Lohan?

  80. Nah…not Lindsay Lohan. This kitty looks too sober.

  81. Nah…not Lindsay Lohan. This kitty looks too sober.

  82. Nah…not Lindsay Lohan. This kitty looks too sober.

  83. Nah…not Lindsay Lohan. This kitty looks too sober.

  84. They tried to make her go to rehab, but, she said “Mew, mew, mew!”