Then suddenly…

Says Sender-Inner Claire G.; "A woman stopped to visit for a minute with her two 10 week old puppies. They ran around and around and around and then suddenly this happened."


[Shaking head] It happens sometimes, Claire, even under the best of circumstances.



  1. Tragic. Narcopuppelepsy.

  2. dear lord.

  3. Oooh! Look who’s got bleen-elepsy.

  4. A little belly rub wouldn’t hurt. They might just wiggle a bit and roll over.

  5. Lizzums says:

    You can tell they’re related, ’cause they pose the same way for sleepages.

  6. zeldapie says:

    Yeah, rub those fat tumtums!
    (I love the pink and blue leashes!)

  7. Matchingks crossed feets !!!

  8. Nap attack! (A perfect time to sneek up on them for some gratuitous snorgelage!!!!)

  9. dandy_warhol says:

    belly bonanza!

  10. yup.
    they dont last long , but their recoup time is usually pretty short.
    givem 15 mins and they’ll be up raisin hell again.
    there is nothing better than getting pups in twos, and little mates as well.
    how much fun is that.
    i miss my twinsie german shepards….

  11. Peg of Tilling says:

    Ashes, ashes!

  12. Mia Kaminsky says:

    Wow, I wish it were that easy with my kids. I think it’d faint if “suddenly” they were just asleep.

  13. Sssshhhh!!! Quiet down people, babies sleeping!

  14. violetgreen says:

    I see they’ve one first and second prize in synchronized floppage.

  15. aawwwwwww

  16. Puppeh’s too pooped to party!

  17. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Suddenley, I’m not half the pup I used to be,
    A sleepy feeling came over me.
    Oh yesterday I slept thuddingly.

  18. Lillith says:

    I call that the Floppy McFloppersons. And amazingly I did that before I discover CO. Which proves I was meant to be here!! 😛

  19. It looks like they flopped down mid-run.
    Doubles…how cute!

  20. Yitzysmommie says:

    hehehe, Redzilla, you nailed eet!

  21. Anyone remember that game Pass the Pigs? I had to look it up, but this would qualify as a ‘sider’ and is worth one point.

  22. Lawrence says:

    Awwww… a couple of tie tie puppehs
    Smilinks like crazee rite now.

  23. Toe pad tickle opportunity!!!

  24. StephiesToofies says:

    OMG! This reminds me of mytonic goats! They startle, stiffen up and then topple over where they stood….

    Look at this video on YouTube:

  25. By-Krykee says:

    Is one a girl and one a boy?
    Is that why one has the pink lead and one has the blue lead I wonder!!
    Over the top, but cutsie-wootsie

  26. I wish something like that would happen to me at work.


  27. Liz I was about to post the same thing… it really does look like a pair of piggy dice! Except it’s pass the pups: The new craze sweeping (sleeping?) the doggie nation!

    For the confused, see

  28. Furbabies says:

    Too pooped to pup!

  29. Too cute how they are so synchronized: front legs open and back legs crossed. lol absolutely adorable!

  30. New Math: snooze times 2 equals snarfable squared!

  31. Awwww!! Puppy bellies!! So sweet.

  32. ThreeCatNight says:

    Oh my goodness! The dreaded double-puppy vertigo-induced sleepy syndrome! They wore themselves out!
    (love the pink and blue leashes!)

  33. Barcolepsy?

  34. Darn cute. I just used ‘Email to a friend.’

    Yes! 😉

  35. I love how the ‘boy’ has a little smirk on his face.

    I think he’s plotting something. …Or he’s already plotted something.

  36. Then Suddenly,…Last summer…That is the song going through my head now, what is it? Who sings it? Gah the earworms….The Pretenders? The Motels?

  37. Looked it up, it WAS the Motels:
    One summer never ends
    One summer never began
    It keeps me standing still
    It takes all my will
    And then suddenly
    Last summer

  38. fish eye no miko says: said: “Then Suddenly,…Last summer…That is the song going through my head now, what is it? Who sings it? Gah the earworms….The Pretenders? The Motels?”

    The Motels.

  39. fish eye no miko says:

    Oh, no! It’s the Apupalypse!

  40. Shannon says:

    I know it sounds horrible but whenever our lab just flops down somewhere (usually in the middle of the floor) we always say “Dead Dog”. Cause he looks like he just dropped. Seen this view many times, in singular….

  41. Shannon Johnson says:

    That is so sweet. I can’t believe it.

  42. Suda Nim says:

    Shannon: Our family does something simliar:
    “I’m sorry your dog died.”

  43. Adrienne says:

    There’s been an explosion at the puppeh factory!!

  44. Puppeh Jonestown?!

  45. Did someone take the batteries out? I think sleeping is contagious to puppies. They see someone sleep, a sibling, a human, the cat, they don’t care, they’ll join in!

  46. Perfectly poised posed pretty puppehs pooped playing prolifically

  47. *

    WAKE UP GUYS!!!!!



  48. I bet they wiggle and yelp in their dreams because they are hunting fluffy bunnies.
    That’s sooo cute.

  49. Ah yes, I remember the floppage… 🙂

  50. dog tired!

  51. Cassandra says:

    Gah! Bah! I go away on vacation, and come home to CO to find not one but TWO sleepy lab puppies! You people are too good to me! *sniffs back tears of joy and gratitude*

  52. donutbill says:

    Well, if nobody ELSE will have the dignity to bury these poor dead pups, I will…Get my shovel here and pick ’em up and…OH, they’re not dead! AAAAAHHHHHHH, they’re licking my face! Puppy sliiiiiiiiimmmmme!!!!!!

  53. go narcoleptopuppies!

  54. Dr Science says:

    I hope this isn’t the beginning of some large-scale, animal-formed fractal phenomenon.

  55. my cat is a blob says:


  56. GAhahahahaha, Redzilla! “Narcopupplepsy”.


  57. In order to avoid total systems meltdown, staff should always follow Lab safety procedures.

  58. DAMN those Chinese imports!

  59. I wish the pup seeds I planted in my garden would have sprout ed so fruitfully. I got nothin.

  60. They remind me of those fainting goats!

  61. Matchingks sleepingks!

  62. Redzilla:

    Actually in one of my college psych classes we watched a video a dog with narcolepsy. Very similar flop-overage, although I’m sure these little babies came by it through honest rompitude. (I’ve had that same grin on my face after a day out at the theme park!)

    If you wanna see what we watched, do a YouTube search for ‘Rusty the Narcoleptic Dachshund.’ True Cute Or Sad fodder.

  63. fluidstatic says:

    this has got flop-konk written all over it.

    Also known as FLONK.

    as only a beebeh lab can deliver. ^_^