One satisfying, purring face rub, comin’ right up

First, the purring grabs you—

Then, the STRAYCHE!

and finally, the face rub.

Good YouTube sleuthing, Stolo F. 😉 Now playing on Cutecast, natch.



  1. leannrose says:

    Someone does not want to get out of bed today! So adorable! (bleen?)

  2. I giggled OUT LOUD.

  3. awww! at first it’s just kinda cute, then he stretches and OH SO CUTE!!!

  4. So close…and yet so far…I just wish my work computer had sound. I want to hear the purring!

  5. Awww, c’mon mom! Five more minutes and then i’ll get up.

  6. *




  7. I went “awwEHoooawwww!” with kind of a snort at the end.

    Yes, this kitty caused me to make noises I can’t even spell.

    (sort of “aww” during the strayche, continuing into the indescribable noises and snort at the face rub.)

  8. And I now realize I actually hurt myself a little making said noise.

    But it hurts sooo goooood.

  9. This kitty reminds me of Phil Margera being awoken by Bam in the middle of the night.

  10. HeidStar says:

    purrrinks or snorrrinks?

  11. I actually snorfed out loud, this is just too cute.indescribable. 🙂

  12. Alice Shortcake says:

    The face rub…sublime.

  13. omg, i just YELPED in the office!!

    the face grab! AAAAAAAA!!!

  14. daisycat says:

    O.M.G. my mouth is still open after watching 5 times. that is sooooo cute.

  15. that is adorable and just what i needed at 4:30 tuesday afternoon. thank you!

  16. That is one ugly cat, but damn that was cute.

    If that video doesn’t make you smile you have no soul. Period.

  17. GAH!

  18. So cute! I love the way he goes back to sleep with his little paws on his chest. Love it!!

  19. that is one happy contented kitteh!

  20. Smooshed-in-face kitty (Persian?)… cool to hear the purring and then streeeetcch, then s/he sees the camera and covers his/her face *oh I’m so embarrassed! You’re filming me when I have bed head! Moooom!!*

  21. Baranduyn says:

    Holy crap, I made sounds OUT LOUD over this.

    This has to be the winner. Doesn’t matter what the contest is: it wins.

  22. Chris B. says:

    OMG…nothing else comes to mind but OMG!!!!!SO cute

  23. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Oooo I jus’ wanna moosh my faisch up againscht hersch and rub and give her kischhesszz and purrr and let her sschleeepschummorrr..!!!!

  24. donutbill says:

    Heavens to Betsy!!

  25. Mary (the first) says:

    Soooooo tired! and sleepy! and happy! purrrrrrrrrrrr

  26. Yeah, I literally squealed when I saw that :o)

  27. I should also add it is an adorable gorgeous kitteh!

  28. SQUEE! Oh, the face rub! It keels me ded. Kitties are the bestest.

  29. Ummmm… can someone please tell me what “bleen” means? I see it all the time and I feel out of the loop on such important CO lingo.

  30. meacu1pa says:


  31. Welcome to Teh Qte™, Stacey!

  32. Laura C says:

    so freakin cute
    It’s basically wrong
    just wrong
    was that even real?
    god bless flat-faced cats

  33. Awwww. I normally don’t like Persian kitties, but he’s too cute for words.

    Being squished beneath a pillow must be awfully comfy. 😀

  34. Oh hey! The bylines are back!
    You know, “Posted by Meg” etc. Whee!

  35. sundriedbagel says:

    Too adorable!!!!! I love how he wakes with a startle and looks around, sees there’s nothing there, stretches, does his little face-rub and promptly goes right back to sleep! LOL. 🙂

  36. I dunno Sundriedbagel…I think the process was more like this:

    oh god human finger!
    oh god camera strap!!!

  37. I believe that this video could bring about world peace. Broadcast it ’round the world, 24/7! See who’d be fighting then!

  38. I’m with sas on this one. I also don’t usually like flat-faced kitties, but this made me squeal and giggle and go ‘awww’.

  39. Linda SF says:


    However — what were those faint yet creepy space alien noises in the background?

  40. Heidistar, you took the verds right outta my mouf!

    Purringk or Snoringk?

    Purring so loud it is snoring, or snoring so soft it is purring! I believe it is a combination, and therefore snurring! Or Pnoring.

    HaHA to Spellcheck when I speaka dis langwage.

  41. You know what it sounded like? It sounded like an old printer.

    But yeah, I also made noises out loud, which I never do, and agree with Baranduyn that, I don’t know what the contest is, but this cat wins. Maybe it’s because it’s really kind of an ugly cat (hello, smooshed face) and then it knocks you out with the cutest move in the world. Paws to face! Hello!

  42. i get all squee in my tummy watching this….i don’t think it’s such an ugly cat to begin with, and then – MY GOD!!!!!!

    the PAWS!!!!!!!!!!!

    this definitely wins.

  43. Shannon Johnson says:


  44. I…can’t…stop…watching…it…AAAAGGHHHH…the CUTENESS!!

  45. Stheriously. I have never squealed out loud–made other noises, yes, but never quite hit the highpitched 6 year old girly noise I just made.


  46. fairywench says:

    I work at a construction company, and I had half my office clustered around a monitor watching this over and over again. Yes, construction workers…

    Such fat, furry paws!

  47. Ya know, I have seen a thousand cats purr and stretch…but the “face rub”….O.M.G.


  48. What do you get when you put a cute kitty under your pillow?

    “Squeeeeee!” dreams!

  49. I laughed heartily at this. Now, I’m wishing it’d automatically loop. So good.

  50. HelenWheels says:

    Now I come to Cuteoverload at least 2 to 4 times a day, and have been for the last bunchteen months. So I consider myself a bit acclimatized, or even inured to “cute”. Until now. I squealed. Then I watched it again and squealed again. My daughter came in to see what was up and we BOTH squealed. Three more times. I have just seen the cutest thing EVER!

  51. headscratcher says:

    This video has win.

  52. OMG…That’s me every moring!!! LOL!!

  53. I cain’t stand it. Nope, I just cain’t stand it. Teh huge-normous paws planted over teh face. “Noes, it’s not mornin’ yet, I puts my paws over my face and hides teh mornin’. Zzzzzzz.”

    Teh pawz! Teh pawz!

    I is kilt ded. splat. splode. aaaahhhhh.

  54. Today has been the single best day of posts EVAR. Thanks, Meg.

  55. That cats just cool

  56. Oh god I have joined the ranks of many- that face smush made me exclaim AWWWW out loud- a first for this regular CO lurker! And the best bit is my cat does exactly that to my palm (wrap paws around my arm, smush face into palm and hug tightly) when I wake him sometimes. It guarantees him an extra 15mins on the bed everytime!

  57. OMG, that was the most adorable thing on the web.

  58. Adorable. If you watch it enough times, you’ll also notice one of his little back paws cutely sticking up from under the pillow.

  59. I love this vid. He even is kind of hugging himself at the end. cute.

  60. Dang it! I just bought this computer, and now I have ‘sploded all over it!

  61. Dang it! I just bought this computer, and now I have ‘sploded all over it!

  62. Dang it! I just bought this computer, and now I have ‘sploded all over it!

  63. that cat just totally woke up from a sex dream.

  64. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    He’s a bit young for that luxurious moustache.

  65. A ‘sax dream’, katie? Well, those outstretched paws did sort of resemble jazz hands.

  66. Hehe! He’s like “Ewwww, human finger! Thppphbt!”

  67. FunChefChick says:

    I laughed so hard I woke up my dog. It was hard to explain what was going on here in the living room without him . .

  68. Incredibly cute!

  69. I think I may DIE of cuteness! Ahh!

  70. :jaw drops:

    This feline couldn’t get cuter if he/she tried.

  71. LisaHoneychan says:

    This video is THE BEST EVAR! Flat-faced Persian cats are just so-so for me, but that adorable face-rub made me squeal like I was 5 years old! I even woke my husband up at 3am, with the noise..*lol*
    More people need, no MUST see this video. It really would bring world peace..I mean, who could be angry and hateful after watching THAT?

    Thank you for posting this vid. Makes me so happy!

  72. Alice Shortcake says:

    We really need slo-mo to appreciate the little face rub in all its glory.

  73. geweldig!! Veeeery Sweet!!

  74. Awwwww! That’s just what I said when I saw the face rub!

  75. fatkittymomma says:

    I have watched this over and over and over and over and over and can’t get over the absolute adorableness of it… this is so totally me in the morning….
    (sigh) kitties are good medicine

  76. Kitty face rub… omg. Sheer cuteness causing degredation into cutespeak. Omg *ded*.

  77. Nicolletta says:

    OMG, I just melted into my computer chair. That is the cutest thing EVAH!!!

  78. Yitzysmommie says:

    Ah, that’s just what I want to do this morning – have a strayche, put my paws over my face & fall back asleep….

  79. OMG – that actually brought me out of lurk to make me say how cute it was! I actually played it multiple times. SO want that cat.

  80. Veronica says:

    He is dreaming about getting his diabetic testing supplies through Liberty Medical, LOL.
    “Mmm yes, check your blood sugar, purr… check it often… DIABETUS…”

  81. The fuzzy outstretched kitteh arms reminded me of a Muppet for some reason, like Cookie Monster’s furry, floppy arms, and then ***THWIP!*** they retract back, smack onto the face!

    I thought it was techno in the background.

  82. WAY too cute to take!! I jes might es’plode!

  83. Ypsidixit says:

    I also emerged from teh lurk to comment that this kitteh made me smile and smile and smile!

    Anerable stretchy-outy Mr. McLoungersons!

  84. jennifuh says:

    My Sydney does the face rub but I have yet to capture it on film.. it’s the best! And it transitions into the “cover the face ’cause the sun’s too bright” sleeping position.

  85. 1. Luvluvluv the smoosh face (you think he got that face from doing that severe face-rub every morning?) I want to make a looping mp3 of that purr and play it at night!

    2. Has anybody watched the vid of the cat next to this one (bottom of YouTube box after you hit play) Yow! I can see why it wouldn’t post here – I could just imagine the commentroversy! I’m pretty positive it’s just getting a fantastic rub/scratch, but his reaction is just – yikes…

  86. AuntieMame says:

    Manda, if you look real close in the middle of that video, you can see the hand behind the cat. I’m pretty sure he’s just getting a really satisfying butt-scritch from his human.

  87. I LOVE the purring – I want a CD with continuous purring sounds to listen to at work…. maybe web STREAMING kitteh purrings…..?

    I WANT!!!!! !!!!!1!!!ponies

  88. Dear God, that’s precious! That kitty looks like an ewok! And now I have to go watch Return of the Jedi. Thanks a lot.

  89. Aw! He thinks he’s people! 😀 😀

  90. pat_the_bunny says:

    Eh. Meh. Ged!!!

    The stretch and then clamping teh paws over teh face, just like a lil beebee!

    I squeeeeed!!

    Don’t know if I can watch it again without asplodin’

  91. pat_the_bunny says:


    Watched it agin. Almost squirted tea through my nose when the paws clamp onto teh face

    This is excrutiatingly adorable

  92. OMAHGAH! I’ve watched this like, 7 times. TOO CUTE! The purrrs. AND DUH BABEH STWETCH! The face rubbings makes me think that kitteh would be saying, “Oh please… please no. Not more pictures.”

  93. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I’ve never seen a cat do a face-rub quite like that! Five stars! … Okay, five BILLION stars!

  94. Looks like this lil bebe brought out the Awwwwww in a lot of us mostly lurker types, and if you look up anerable, this sweet bunny feets has gotta be the def.

  95. I needs it.

    I love the speed of the paws to the face… like it’s natural. Naturally ridiculously CUTE! Must nuzzle!

  96. what kind of cat is that?

  97. Adorable. After a stressful day, you just have to laugh out loud and say, “Awwww”. Thanks for sharing.

  98. I love, love, love it when cats do that stretch and cover.

    Sometimes when my cat would do that I would stick my hand in there and he would end up snorgling my hand into his face.


  99. tanneken says:

    Wow. I just can not get that damn video to play properly. It keeps freezing, there is no sound…I’ve been trying for days.

  100. Gaaaaawww! My kitty actually does that too. =) Soo cute.

  101. fluidstatic says:

    prrrrrrrr-wha?…mmf. prrrr…

    *poke* ACK! *Streeeeeeeetch*

    (cue dinner-plate eyes at teh qte)

    *facepalm* mmmmmf. prrrrrr…


  102. Quolls'R'cute says:

    I didn’t know that a cat that looks as ugly as Crookshanks could act sooo … adorable!!

    I like the way it’s sleeping underneath the pillow, it has so put up the ‘do not disturb’ sign!

  103. Quolls'R'cute says:

    I didn’t know that a cat that looks as ugly as Crookshanks could act sooo … adorable!!

    I like the way it’s sleeping underneath the pillow, it has so put up the ‘do not disturb’ sign!

  104. Quolls'R'cute says:

    I didn’t know that a cat that looks as ugly as Crookshanks could act sooo … adorable!!

    I like the way it’s sleeping underneath the pillow, it has so put up the ‘do not disturb’ sign!

  105. My day was simply sucktastic until I saw this kitteh, and now it’s all better!

  106. Ack! Cute! Paws!

  107. Jan Spencer Blues Explosion says:


    Got me RIGHT HERE! (Pointing to heart)

  108. Whoa, she lives! Hi Jan!

  109. PS — nice screen name.

  110. Dear all, thanks so much for posting and viewing this video here. Yes, he’s my persian cat, and his name is Didi (means “small brother” in chinese). I shot this video when he was just 5 month’s old (he’s now 1.5 yrs old). The cusion you saw was in fact very small in size and light in weight(it’s a mini cusion bought from IKEA). And the background – his snorting was mixed with some “technical” feedback probably generate from the DV itself. I didn’t notice it until it was playbacked >.

  111. This video was just accidentally shot ~! and it’s my pleasure if it could bring some laughters and fun time to you!! Pls view Didi’s photos at the following link in YouTube: