Yes, yes, I see eet.

The one on the right. With soy sauce. I’ll take it.


Martha C., way to capture the mooooooooment! [singsong]



  1. Aw, so cute!!! Kitteh standing on it’s tippy-toes!

  2. so goofily funny

  3. If that were my cat, little girl would already be serving her second purpose as human step-ladder (first purpose: the giver of delicious foods).

  4. Same pose but for different reasons. Little gir: I wanna see the pretty fishies! Little cat: Which one first?

  5. If kittehs could be goils and goils could be kittehs!

  6. sundriedbagel says:

    too cute for words!! 🙂

  7. Shannon Johnson says:


  8. Margaret says:

    Aww! Pwecious!

  9. Aww, so cute!

  10. Kitteh: “Oooh! Aquari-yum!”

  11. They’re even both bent and turned at the same angles. Neat!

    Lookit how clean the kid’s feet are too.

  12. Can I admit I feel the same way?

    When I go to aquariums and see the groupers, yellowtails, etc, all I can think is sashimi.

  13. The one on the right with soy sauce? Hmmm, I prefer my children with ranch dip.

  14. Margaret says:


  15. Is there already a category .. when animals act like humans?

  16. Well. if there isn’t.. there should be.. dammit.

    Yes.. I prefer my small children with ketchup actually. Good one Dale

  17. frida_fan66 says:

    I like my children with a light dipping sauce…but I couldn’t eat a whole one *hiccup*

  18. This picture has me ALL giggles.. ^____^

  19. awwwwwwwww ….

    tosies and tocks …

    too Qute

  20. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Look kid we can get that one if we perform a pincer movement.

  21. Now that sure is cute!

  22. Both funny and adorable!!

  23. Sweet Lady says:

    I believe they’re both thinking… “Mmmmm, derishious!” Hehehehehehe!

  24. omg, that is adorable!
    my first reaction was “no effin way!” 0.o

  25. aaaawwwwwwwww
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  26. now…. where do we find the purply outfit for kitteh?

  27. This pic just made me say awwwww. What a nice way to start the day. Then I read Dale’s comment and laughed my butt off!!!

  28. I am loving the strayached out leg ac-shons, Toes and Tocks! Yea!

  29. This could not have been more perfect!

  30. don’ forget dee wasabeeeeee

  31. Yitzysmommie says:

    Oh! Oh! Oh!
    I LOVE it! A B&W kitty who looks similar to Yitzy and a leetle purple girl and the most adorabuhls of poses! My head has ‘sploded for good.

  32. Yitzysmommie says:

    And the comments, giggle, snicker, snort!
    Reminds me of the bumper sticker: “Beware of Dragons for you are crunchy and good with ketchup”

  33. Oh man, I love that bumper sticker.

  34. Lizzums says:

    Mine says “Do not meddle in the affairs of Dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup.” I have it hanging in my cubicle to remind me to behave at work.

  35. Ordinarily I don’t think we need humans on CO (ceptfur the occasional rack or fur an appendage in the background) but this is just fine what with the tocks and the excellent toes that match so well on kitteh and kid.

  36. See kitty watching fishy….tip toe silently up behind kitty….tap kitty on the shoulder…

  37. See kitty watching fishy….tip toe silently up behind kitty….tap kitty on the shoulder…

  38. LOL. too cute!

  39. who remembers the cute guy in the purple shorts mowing his lawn around a tiny weeny bunneh ???

  40. this is adorable- reminds me of…. ME!
    cept my feet were NEVER that clean when I was a lil kid. but I did ALWAYS have me a passle of pets, and i would have fished out a fishy for that kitty.

  41. Aww. Look at the little paw up. I gotta get my keetons an aquarium to stalk. They would sit there all day with their notheth pretht againsth the glath.

  42. CheekyKitten – I’ve been considering the same thing, only MY kitty tv would be a hamster in an elaborate habitrail. My kitties would go crazy!!!

  43. ShelleyTambo says:

    mc2, the hamster might go crazy, too. Small as their brains are, they can recognize predators. Sometimes at the shelter, we have to keep snakes in with the small animals (buns, mice, other rodents, the occasional chicken) and both predator and prey go nuts.

  44. One more pic like this and we’ll have a new category!


  45. ThreeCatNight says:

    Too cute for words!
    Wish I could see kitteh’s face — probably licking his chops and picking out the plumpest fish in the tank!

  46. Is that a fish gazing back at them? One of those round, ball-like ones?

  47. MC2 we used to have hamsters, and it was true, the kittehs loved watching them. Only one day, one of the hammies escaped, and The Stupid Bup ate him. Poor Chewbacca, he didn’t stand a chance. Curse you, The Stupid Bup!!! He was survived by our other Hammie, Thorin Oakensheild, who later died tragically in our house fire. (This is all true, you can’t make this stuff up.) The really funny/very sad bit is we decided not to tell the kiddos their hammie perished in the fire, they were pretty young. They forgot completely about him until about a year later, when one of them said what ever happened to old Thornie? So we told them and THEN they are all like WAH HA HA! So sad, so sad…

  48. don’t like leetle keeds too much but this kitteh is supercute.

    and *I* remember

    PURPLE SHORTS MAN, savior of small bunnehs everywhere!

  49. Helloooooooooooo!
    Come out come out wherever yew are!

    Yew are teh bestest hidenseekers evah!

  50. Reminds me of the Gary Larson Far Side cartoon where two truck crash outside on the street and a frustrated cat is pressed up against the window pane looking at the small flightless birds and furry rodents that were released.

  51. *

    like it!



  52. Actually, the category “Matchingks” was recently created for either animals looking/acting the same (see pups above) or for humans and animals looking/acting the same. Click the Matchingks link below the pic above to see more pics from this new category.

    Oh, and I love how the cat’s tail is pointed up for balance (the tail blends with the back; you have to look close).

  53. This photo needs to be on this little girl’s wedding video when that time comes.

    She is going to have great memories of this kitteh.

    That said, I agree Dale wins this entire thread! snerk.

  54. Marvin's Mama says:


  55. Marvin's Mama says:


  56. Marvin's Mama says:


  57. ROFL at Dale! Thanks for the guffaw!!!

  58. MissVerity says:

    Whooooaaa the markings in this kitty looks just like my grownup cat that I adopted from an animal shelter! Now I can visualize what my cat buddy’s little kitten past might have been like! awwwws!

  59. Once in a lifetime shot. Great! Luckyyyyy!!

  60. Ahahaha! What a fantastic pic! I can see that one coming out of the photo album in years to come.

  61. The paws up rule applies to human children as well – HOW CUTE!