From Bebe Bobble Head to Cat-o-pottomus

Says sender-inner Julia: "I have something cute to share. It’s two pics of my kitteh Gnocchi. One is when he was a bebe bobble head and one was taken about a year ago after he blossomed into a catopottomus."


LOL! You know we love Before ‘n’ Afters, here at C.O., Julia.



  1. New Deluxe Cat Dust Mop will make your kitchen floors bleen.

  2. Sqquuuuuuueeeeeeel!

    I love McFluffersons kitties, and Gnocchi is ridiculously poofy. Awesome.

  3. weeehhh…love the cat-o-pottomus. 😛

  4. Suzy's Mom says:

    Wow! First his head was bigger tahn his body. Now it’s the other way around. 😉

  5. Suzy's Mom says:

    Wow! First his head was bigger tahn his body. Now it’s the other way around. 😉

  6. Suzy's Mom says:

    Wow! First his head was bigger tahn his body. Now it’s the other way around. 😉

  7. Wisefool says:

    Catopottomus. Awesome.

  8. O.M.G. ‘bebe bobble head” and “catopottomus” ?!?!?!?!??!
    officially esplode.

  9. Look at that belly fluff. OMG. No wonder her floor is so shiny and spotless.


  10. Mmmm….Fluff….
    *Rubs entire face on cat tummy…*

    Feel the endorphin levels rising anyone?
    Relaxe…Take it eeeeaaaasyyyy:)

  11. Yitzysmommie says:

    His true name: Catt-o-pottamus McFlooferson.
    Two beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing them, Julia. I presume you do not need an electric blanket with him in the bed?

  12. MaggieBelle says:


  13. Stacey E. says:

    That’s about the most adorable thing I have ever seen. Loves it!!!

  14. Shannon says:

    bwa ha ha ha!!! Catt-o-pottamus !! Love it!

  15. Gnocci, huh? Well he is a big ol love dumpling. Smoochable!

  16. R. Moore says:

    Wow. As much as I love the baby kitten, that tummy! So fluffy!

  17. It’s yet another example of “If you have a big white belleh you must display it!” or in lolspeak, “I has a belleh!”

    I love that the ear-to-head ratio does not change between the pics.

  18. Oh, and after kitteh looks like he’s just stood up after doing “the snap” from _Legally Blonde_.

  19. Ahn!!

    I SWEAR, I did this “before and after post” about my dogs on my blog BEFORE I saw this before and after at CO. Swear. Adorable puppyness ahead.

  20. In the “all growed up” pic he reminds me of the Bugs Bunny cartoon with the fat opera singer who sang “Figaro”, after getting his mouth sprayed with alum. Just don’t make him meow it anymore, and his head won’t get reeeealllly tiny!

  21. Awww…. Cute puppsers, Andi!!

  22. Thanks Mo 🙂

  23. omg, what pretty eyes the kitty has. its like a uber fluffy pillow!!!!

  24. peaseapea says:

    Can I borrow him? I have shelves that need dusting!

  25. Pearl Ostroff says:

    I love his white tuxedo front in the kitten picture. Does he still have it. I’m glad other people have super-fluffy super cats.

  26. ZOMG! How cute! His head is so tiny! I have a fatty like this, but he’s grey!

  27. caroline says:

    I want to run my fingers through all that floof!

  28. Ummm…she’s obviously shrunken her chicken’s head with some kinda laser…why isn’t anyone else alarmed?

  29. joodster says:

    awwwwwwww…what a sweet babeh!

  30. I have a before and after – on two pages. I’m a mean mom and had to have my Scarlett shaved. The constant dry heaving and hairballs was getting to be too much. I was concerned for her health. for the before. for the after.

  31. I really think CO should have higher res versions of the pics available. I want HIGH-RES cuteness for my 1920*1200 monitor, darnit.

  32. wow…compare this ballofur with these dudes:

    hit the hyperlink…i guarantee the goods.

  33. tracyFlick says:

    Animals and babies shamelessy get away in our society with being plumpersons. Hahaha. Lucky them. 🙂

  34. tracyFlick says:

    PS i love that the pout hasn’t changed, only progressed with greatness throughout the year.

  35. Andi, your doggies iz so cute and good. It looks hot where you live!

  36. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Floofy Mcfloofersons rule.

  37. *

    THAT’S A




  38. Gillian says:

    Geh in mah belleh!

  39. Leah B. says:

    to freaking cute
    the caption of this post is the highest of gold medal standards!!!!!!

    ^..^ to **..**

  40. Michelle says:

    Mike D: I love Louis Wain artwork. Weird/creepy/cute all at once.

    Gnocchi? We can share. There’s enough to go around.

  41. Oh my stinking goodness.

    That just took cute to a whole new level.

  42. I can’t…stop…laughing…at this cat.

  43. Catopottamus! SQUEEEEEEE!!! What an adorable description!

  44. I love the bebe’s ears…they just look like extra floof.

  45. Here’s another before/after pair: Grendel the Maine Coon

    As an itty-bitty kitty:

    As a huge fuzzy lump:

  46. OK who was the last to use the copier???
    You left it on zoom 500%!!!!

  47. Nicolletta says:

    Wow, McFluffersons has a full acre of tummy! *dives in and snorgles*

  48. hair-style is still the same! HA! Love it!

  49. main coon na!! to cute!!

  50. i love how his face is exactly the same in both pics. i don’t think his head grew at all! so cute.

  51. jennyjaco says: Afterkitty’s 8 o’clock – 5 o’clock splits. Maybe dinner is at quarter to six and he’s signalling? Early?

  52. cubbybutt says:

    at any age, this kitteh is snorgelrific!

  53. Hpotter says:

    Looks like he got hit by lightning

  54. Maybe the pix were taken when he was *just* out of the dryer.

    (yes, I’m totally kitting.)

  55. James – your Grendel the Maine Coon is *gaw*jus* too!

  56. Lioness says:

    Look at those big beautiful eyes. So sweet & innocent!


  58. My Maine Coon Toonces lays like that too, with his belly splayed out in an indecent manner..

  59. omg i cant believe that is the same cat!!! what a fluffy floooflepuss! adorable!

  60. This kitty is a real Gnocchi! (Potato dumpling.) LOL

  61. metsakins says:

    When I saw this picture I yelled to my cow orker,…

    Quick its an emergency you gotta come in here!

  62. Yup, I am the proud owner. I love his new nickname! McFlooferson…hahahah! Thanks for the sweet comments.

  63. Julia — McFlooferson is fine, but it’s kind of a standard Cute-Overload-Ism… whereas, I *love* “Cattopotamus”.

    (“Gnocchi” is excellent too.)
    (Either as a cat name or served Alfredo, with leeks.)

  64. I agree – definitely SNORGLERIFIC!

  65. I thought my Dad was the only person who used the word Catopotamus

  66. totalblammblamm says:

    This looks like one of those Russian dolls that opens up… perhaps you open the bigger one on the right only to find the smaller one on the left inside? So sweet!!

  67. Furbabies says:

    My kitty, Yankee, looks just like yours. He loves the feeling of being shaved, just not the actual shaving. And yes, much blood is lost during the process,mine!

  68. Furbabies says:

    Oops, sorry, I forgot to mention the b-e-a-u-tiful kitty above. Love the furry belly action on the floor. Just want to bury my face in it!

  69. We lofs Cattopotamus Gnocchi!

    His head seems to have stayed exactly the same size all his life and the rest of him grew around it.

    Oooo, that tummy needs a good snorgle.

  70. I want to kees him on his leetle keeten leeps (and little kat leeps)…pinkie pie!

  71. ILuvCuteOverload says:

    I own a very naughty, naughty cat-o-opotomus. He believes that he is the most handsome animal on earth. I need to send in some pictures of him!

  72. lauralu says:

    AAWWW!! He gots curly hairs! SSQQQUUUUEEEEEE

  73. Hey–I actually *have* a cat named Catapotamus! You stole my kittie’s name! 😉

  74. Has no one else picked up on his Cindy Crawford (or should I say “Clawford”?)beauty mark???

  75. humanitarian says:

    File this under “cute or sad” and honestly, it’s sad. Poor kitteh is suffering myriad health problems due to overfeeding. Please, extend her life by getting the weight off!

  76. Humanitarian — I know you mean well. But quit with the assuming. That cat? …mostly fur.

  77. Gnocchi, pronounced in English as (“no key”), is the Italian word for dumplings; in Italian, gnocchi is the plural of gnocco, which literally means “lump”.

    I whole-heartedly agree.

  78. Quick, close the windows! He is floating towards them!!!

  79. Congrats to Julia: You have a beauuu-tiful kitty cat.

  80. I just have to say that I love the name “Gnocchi.”

  81. About the fattness. It is mostly fur. His brother is skinny and they both eat the same food. They don’t eat table scraps or human food. We just moved into a house that has stairs so hopefully he starts to tone the tocks.

  82. pshahw, eee’s not fat a’tall!
    Heeeeeeessss beeeeeuuuuutteeeeffulll!

  83. We have sistah cats Summer & Autumn. Both short hairs Autumn is a torti and is VERY solid & larger than her sister Summer who is a marmie, skinney & petite. Just genetics at play IMHO


    Hi. I’m the administrator for a Flickr group called:
    Really HUGE Cats. We’d love to have you (and anyone else that’s interested) join the group and post lots of pix of Gnocchi or any other big cat/kitten you may have!
    Awesome picture! >^..^< Dan

  85. Dan, I just found your group. I added 5 pics. (I’ve got my work PC with me. More HUGE pics in a few days.

  86. Andréa says:

    I could spend hours rubbing this puffer’s tum-tums! WAY TOO CUTE!

  87. ThreeCatNight says:

    The Original Cat Swiffer!

  88. What a cutie! And I love the term “catopottomus”.

  89. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I just can’t look at these photos without snickering! I don’t know what’s better–the slightly dumbfounded expression (in BOTH photos), the fluffitude, the splayed rear legs and giganto fluffy tail…

    On second thought, I think it’s that li’l freckle just under his left eye. That just makes the whole darn thing perfect.