Der tuh der der der

Not a lot goin’ on tuhday. [Yawn] Just haaaangin’ out.


Michelle S., you’re right—placing this vid on endless loop would be a good call.



  1. What a sweet puppy/baby! (Bleen?)

  2. Es gibt kein Bier? Das ist doch shade… I’m not sure I see the puppy as a beer drinker, but whateva!

  3. You’re getting sleeeepy
    veddy vedddy sleeepy.

  4. I’m loving the yawnage!

  5. metsakins says:


  6. Id be a sleepy woofy if I were swinging in a hypnotic fashion and surrounded by wall to wall wood flooring and furniture.

  7. Michael says:

    Haha! I wondered if that’s what he was singing. Ja, doch schade.

    Wenn ich das Hund war, wuerde ich ein Bier wollen. Bloede Montags!

  8. How ridiculously & wonderfully redonk!

  9. Man, I wish that was me right now . . .

  10. OMG. I’m having Chihuahua- bruhaha flashbacks.

    *Waiting for Nuffs to demand ASPCA action immediately*

  11. I’m referencing this post.

    Garsh, I don’t want to give anyone ideas to go all hatin’ on this guy! It looks like he’s having a grand time! Prosit!

  12. That is one swingin’ doggie.

  13. OMGorgonzola. Peeps are hilarious. We used to put the babies in these when I worked in daycare, but teh puppehs? too, too moische.

  14. The yawn! Pupper is totally non-plussed. Whatev, dude.

  15. The latest in astronaut training technology from NASA. They always like to test it on puppahs before strapping humans into it.

    Looks like this one is AOK!

  16. The latest in astronaut training technology from NASA. They always like to test it on puppahs before strapping humans into it.

    Looks like this one is AOK!

  17. The latest in astronaut training technology from NASA. They always like to test it on puppahs before strapping humans into it.

    Looks like this one is AOK!

  18. Michelle says:

    Need a nap.

    *yawns and smacks lips*

  19. *

    der der der…



  20. Worst. Puppet show. EVER.

  21. This is so redonk …

    (btw, the song is called “Es gibt kein Bier auf Hawaii” by Paul Kuhn from 1963 and it’s about a woman how want’s to go to Hawaii for hollidays but her husband doesn’t, becourse there is no beer on Hawaii. It is still often sung in germen Bierzelte to events such as Oktoberfest *g*)

  22. garfield says:

    The song is hilarious.
    It’s the chorus of a very old german song. The lyrics are very simple.

    Es gibt kein Bier auf Hawaii, es gibt kein Bier
    Drum fahr ich nicht nach Hawaii, ich bleibe hier

    There is no beer on hawaii, there is no beer
    so I’m not going to hawaii, I’m staying here

    In the verse he complains that he is not yet married because his girl insists on spending their honeymoon on hawaii. And he claims that he would marry her immediately if they would spend their honeymoon somewhere else – with beer.

    Haven’t heard it since I was a little boy, and even then it was 20+ years old…

  23. I don’t have any sound at work, so I can’t hear this wonderful song. Nonetheless, this puppers made me LOL!

  24. DejaMew (tx-usa) says:

    Oooh…I must get my doggies a bouncy swing! They would luf it! Sweet, sleepy puppers.

  25. Oh wow! That’s cute. Good idea to keep ’em quiet.

  26. AAAGH WESTIE. This site needs more Westies. I miss my Westie now that I moved out of my parents’ house and that yawn around 0:09 looks just like her. So cute, I just might explode. Made my day. ^^

  27. I second the idea that the site needs more Westies.

    Made my day.

  28. I third that one! We lost our Westie-baby (Darwin) in Dec. ’04, and he was a truly amazing li’l guy.
    I can’t believe there’s even such a thing as a “Westie Rescue” group. Sure glad there is, however!

  29. I haven’t seen this much German on Cute Overload since “Das Hammen mit das WHISKARS.” As a fellow German speaker, I rejoice. 😀 (The dog is awesome too.)

  30. PS: vasco, das war ein bisschen NSFW. D:

  31. ROFL!!!!

  32. This is waaaay too short. Please, please, please make this longer and looped. It’s so addicting!

    And the pooch is too cute.

  33. I’m not going to Hawaii either if they don’t have beer.

  34. Shannon Johnson says:


  35. Spryte808 says:

    Oh Hai! I’m in Hawaii and YES we DO HAVE BEER HERE!!!!!!!!

    kthxbai!! =)

  36. I’ve been reading CO for a really long time now and have never really felt compelled to comment until now. THIS WAS ABSOLUTELY ADORABLEEEEE!!!! Hope to see more like it!

  37. jazmella says:

    ROFL!! Look at his little feet!! Look at his feet!!

    He’s like, “Dooooodooooweeeeeo*yawn*oooo”.

  38. donutbill says:

    Endless LOOP? Are you NUTS?! I have WORK to do here!!!

  39. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Westie training for highland dancing the noo, och aye.

  40. He doesn´t want to go to Hawaii because he´s as far Westie as he needs to be!

  41. PS–MacBeth, if you´re reading this in Westie heaven, I love and miss you!

  42. oh for crying out loud is this funneh.. i lurve it when the doggy yawned. heheehhaaaahaha pleeese more of it…

  43. i want this looped too pls. especially the yawn bi where he’s trying to roll his tongue back in. loop pls. loop

  44. OMG, my grandfather used to sing that song to me in Germany when I was but a wee lass! Not sure it was entirely appropriate to the video, but oh well…

    Although… he (the puppy) didn’t really look like he wanted to go to Hawaii anyway, so I guess it doesn’t really matter that they don’t (apparently) have beer.

  45. Ah, yes….. baby swings…. the memories gushing back….. we used to put my little brother in one of those… (he’s 37 now so not yesterday)…. and then clear up all the little white milky puke trails as he swang to and fro….. hope puppy doesn’t puke!

    My gran had a Westie called Shaney.. had smelly ears!

  46. LOL! He hypnotised himself!

  47. moths_are_scary says:

    i tend to yawn just like that after a few beers! too cute!

  48. When the song started, I lost it. Will never recover.

  49. Lippychick says:

    WESTIE!!!! Oh it’s a cute Westie!!!


    I can’t WAIT to get one of my own. I’ve signed up on the adoption and Westie Rescue sites, but no luck yet. I live for Westies!!! Surprised this one isn’t doing much of teh bouncing since they’re very hyper doggies. But I don’t care. It was cute. WESTIE!!!

    *double bounce*

    Ok…exiting now 😉

  50. Yes, I want a loop too! Pleaspleaseplease?

  51. lovecairns says:

    Not a Westie — it’s a cairn terrier. Think Toto in Wizard of Oz except this one color is wheaten

  52. Awww…..tooo cute!!! I love Westies!! 🙂

    click link
    My kitty looking for brainz