And now, a ferreet weeth hees blankie

I’m stuck at the SF DMV right now (BTW, best people-watching, EVAR!) and this ferret tagged with "Cute Overload" came up in mah Flickr search! Blankie + paws + ferret ears + snoozing = delightful combo.

Snoozing-Ferret, originally uploaded by lance_leopold.

Lance L., this pic is utterly and completely redonk.


  1. I am bleended by Teh Pink.

  2. You can practically hear the yawning and lip smacking noises!

  3. zeldapie says:


  4. OH MY GAWD! For the first time in my life I am typing these words: I want a ferret!! I want one NOW!!!

  5. Awwwwww, his leetle nose, paws, and ears match his blankie!

    And WOW, that is one relaaaaaaaaaaxed ferret! Sheesh, I wish I could be that relaxed every now and then!

  6. He’s like a mini polar bear in a pink blanky!

  7. I never knew ferrets could smile. Must be some dream!

  8. Um, does he have antennae? Or however you spell it?

  9. It’s a fascinatingly fluffy ferret all wrapped in fleece! Fantastic!

  10. Is that, like, a hand-knit blankie for ferreeet blanc?

  11. Mary (the first) says:

    I sure hope this is a ferret with *her* blankie. That’s tooooooo much peeeeenk for a guy.

  12. PLUS- totally blissed-out smile!

  13. R. Moore says:

    Stuck in the DMV on your birthday? Isn’t that how it always goes… But you’re right, DMV offices are the best places to people watch :) And you’ve still got your cute going!

  14. It’s the smile that’s killing me. Prosh!

  15. metsakins says:

    well its been said many times before but…

    We can achieve world peace with this picture…

    and those eyebrows…could some one bring me my inhaler? Quickly!

  16. Oh oh oh!
    I so want to be snuggled in with this wee won.
    I bet I’d have no trouble sleeping then!

  17. She’s clearly a space ferret…from Venus.

  18. Oh my Lord, that is so cute it’s almost painful!

  19. Alice Shortcake says:

    Kittehs and bunnehs have monopolized the World of Cute for too long! At last ferrets are demanding their place in the sun (or at least in the fluffy pink blankie).

  20. Hey, I live just a few blocks north of the SF DMV!

  21. remember the part of Lilo and stitch where she puts a lei on stitch and he instantly blisses out? that is EX-actly what happened here..Mr. Mcferrotsons was wreaking havoc, they applied the pink fuzzz, and honk-shu….

  22. He looks like Stuart Little!

  23. hrh.squeak says:

    “Shiny happy ferret, blissing out”

    (sung to REM’s Shiny Happy People)

    Such beeyoutiful fur, and pink nosicle, and itty pids (little pawpads) and and and – Want!

  24. “…Shiny happy sniffy pinkish snoooout”

  25. metsakins says:

    this picture is killing me… I’ve looked at it at least 20 times today….

  26. Dude, you’re at the DMV on your birthday? Do you get free cake? Do the sullen DMV people sing to you?

  27. This little guy, with this contented little smile, looks like Burl Ives come back to us. Does he not?

  28. Patty P says:

    I need a dictionary here. Redonk? I got “prosh” and the rest today, but “redonk”? Please help this old fogie out.

  29. *

    C U U U U U U U U U T E


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  31. Hey! How’s about a C.O.X.C.U. on that cute little nose?

  32. I think there needs to be another category–


    Include the kittayn in the peenk sweateuuw.

  33. Neighborhood Kitty Haven says:

    Wait! No one has mentioned the cute little spread toesies??? The, “I’m soo comfturbuls I can stretchy out in muh sleeps!”

  34. They are so cute when they sleep :D

    Here’s mine

  35. a-nonomouse says:

    it’s a HIM! -content in his maleness to be swaddled in pinkness!!!

  36. Yup, Mike is SO right. This is a ™ GlamourPuss Glamazon
    ferret. Look at that lighting! That filter! The gel! Hey, OkAY–I’m Doris Day!

  37. breaking news! I have always thought ferrets were nasty and not at all cute…but this picture has changed my mind. This ferret is insanely cute, even adorable, snorgleable, etc. omg the face, the paws….

  38. patti p–i think “redonk” is “ridiculous”

  39. I can almost hear the honk-shuus. And if pink has to go with any ferret, it goes with a white ferret. Color cordination!

  40. Aww snoozing woozleness!!! I have two little boys of my own and they bring so much joy into my life.

  41. awwwwwwww. i want to kees hees little nosey!

  42. Patty P

    Yep, Fifi is right. “Redonk” is short for “Redonkulous”, which is kinda like ridiculous in Meg-ese. I’d be able to clarify the exact definition, but Theo needs to expound on that a little in the official Cute Overload Glossary. ;)

  43. Shannon Johnson says:

    Ferrets are so cute.

  44. This one just about knocked me out from teh cute + super pinkness.

  45. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    A perfect poem in pink a rinky dink.

  46. I lof sleepingk ferretlingk.


  47. Yitzysmommie says:

    Okedokee, never been too fond of the ferretz, but theese one is too moishe! The peenkness! The smile! The crossed pawsitude! And who knew feerets had pink leetle paw pads?

  48. pat_the_bunny says:

    Lessee . . . pink nose,
    pink feetses,
    pink smile,
    pink earses,
    pink blankie.

    I has overdosed on teh blissful pink cuteness!!


  49. pat_the_bunny says:

    — resurrects briefly to beep pink fereet nose


    died again

  50. eikoleigh says:

    I always thought ferrets were cute, but this little guy takes the cake…!

    I want a ferret now….wah!

  51. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Look at that pink NOSE!!

  52. Fifi and SPB,

    Thanks for teh explunyashun! Metinks Ah need a glossary fer sure.

    *looks at pink ferret cayuteness again and sighs*

  53. Blissful ferrette smile and clean paw padses, teeny earsitude…
    #2 (look helpless)
    #13 (juicy nose)
    #15 (small ear:head ratio)
    #17 (tiny ears)
    #19 (dainty paws)
    #20 (clean paw pads)
    #26 (tucked in)
    Do we need a “Cozies” categ? The peenk-sweateuww’d kitteh and sock-vested bunny, as well as crochet-topped skvirrele, could dominate the category as its Cute Overlords. Savvy?