Mini legulence

Will you please check out this miniature legulence + belly combo.

I wish we had a larger picture upon which we could enhance C.O.X.C.U.-style, but we don’t.


Michael G., I wonder if they have a full Price-is-Right living room set-up in that hole?



  1. The pointy snarf and potbelly have cuted the bleen out of me.

  2. Wuff? I don’f haf nuffin in ma mouf. I juth haf a hairy tongue.

    (don’t worry i only soft kronshe)

  3. jennlin says:


  4. It looks like the first dance of father and daughter! 😉

  5. The ear, people, look a the tiny, tiny ear!

  6. My first thought was child-parent dancing too.

    “Step on the tops of my feet. I’ll waltz you through a waltz.”

  7. He can stand because he’s clinging to mom AND he has a teeny tiny tail/kickstand.

  8. Pulls out $4.99 to purchase mini leg and belly combo… Did I hear them call my name to “come on down”?? Maybe???

  9. What do you bid on this belly-leg combo?
    1 meeellion dollars comes closest to the actual retail price without going over.

  10. Teeny tiny tail/kickstand. Hah! That’s just what it looks like.

    The belleh always gets me. I just want to rub it!

  11. I think AllieS has it right — father daughter dance! But somehow it also reminds me of the time I spend with my nieces using JumpStart!

  12. Awww. He wants a juice box.

  13. That is way too cute…just adorable!

  14. Jennifer says:

    How absolutely adorable!

  15. Silent Meow says:

    If I had tiny legs like that, I’d fall over! Those tiny legs wouldn’t be able to hold me up! LOL

    How DO those legs keep them upright?

  16. and one and two and three and four
    and one and two and three and four…

  17. Shannon Johnson says:

    OMG!!!!!! I love it. They are so cute!


    smallest tummy in the world!

  19. Kipling says:

    Junior’s bar mitzvah is next week, so Aunt Yetta took him to Arthur Murray for dance lessons.

  20. Mamma to babe-
    “so you see, you stand up REAL tall like this, and look all around to make sure everything is safe, then you can run and play!”

  21. *

    they are



  22. This is just so adorable!! They look like they are dancing. *sigh

  23. BumbleBee says:

    Wow – i thought i’d seen some cute, but never have i had to catch my breath in such a way as i did with this little guy. Too much. My chest hurts.

  24. Mary (the first) says:

    Sometimes it’s a little scary to me that some of y’all are SO much onto my mental wavelength, i.e.: the bebeh on top of mom/dad’s feets to “dance” together. That’s exactly what I saw at first glance too. :: sigh :: and SO cute!

  25. Furbabies says:

    Peease ma, peease? Can I has anudder one?

  26. ehn ehn ehn!!!

  27. The little tummy is sooo cute.

  28. michellemybelle says:

    Dramatic Prairie Dog: The Early Years

  29. belly!

  30. Jernobyl says:

    I love cute overload and read it every day, so I do. Buuuut I’m fairly sure I missed a post somewhere which explained what things like “C.O.X.C.U.” mean…help!

  31. chicklet says:

    Jernobyl: C.O.X.C.U. = Cute Overload X-treme Close Up

  32. Jernobyl — see also the “Official C.O. Glossary” in the right-hand margin, under “MORE! MORE! MORE!” (but make sure you have a little free time).

  33. AWWWWWWWW! Mama’s teaching heem how to dance!

  34. So adorabuls! I wasn’t sure if they were prarie dogs or meerkats for a second there. Must be ’cause I just watched a leetle Meerkat Manor. Yes, I agree… the Daddy is teaching the bebeh to dance. 😉 Hee!

  35. Guess he saved the last dance for her.

  36. hahah ahhwwwww

  37. Andy…this is fabulous!

  38. How do we know that they are prairie dogs and not groundhogs?

  39. Michael G. says:

    re: EJM

    Because I took it at the zoo, at the prairie dog display.