RCF is starting early today

This is difficult for me to accept… and it kills me to say this… but somebody out there… [gritting teeth] [rrrrgh!] [sigh] …is weirder than me.

I spotted this on YouTube "Director Videos".  Apparently PhotoAnimationGuy has a couple more of these, too, if you want to check them out.

Happy Reality-Casual Friday, peeps!  — T.



  1. MaggieBelle says:

    Uh…that was a smidge creepy.

  2. I origionally misread the title and thought it was about starting a car. (Don’t ask…it’s early here) I was confused. Then when i realized my mistake i was still confused.

  3. It’s not my idea of cute *overload,* but it is entertaining, so thanks.

  4. Bleenity Bleen Friday?

  5. Khadija says:

    haahahaa rub my butt on the rug 😀

  6. GaaaaGH! Rather glad (for once) that I have no sound on this old PC.

  7. aww…Meg, you’re still the weirdest one we know. Don’t worry.

    I love the little “whoo woo woo” from the puggle…Thanks for bringing some sunshine my way!

  8. hmmm. cant decide if this is cute.
    oh well.
    Happy Freaky Friday!

  9. hahahaha
    like it….
    😀 😀 😀


  10. I didn’t want to like it, but I just couldn’t help it by the end. That was very weird and very cute.

  11. Oi AbFab! Meg is not me!

  12. CarrieM says:

    I almost spit out my drink when he said “my favorite thing to do is rub my butt on the rug”

    I vote ..creepy

  13. HAH!

    I pug sat for a week a could of weeks ago. SOOOO accurate. Poor little smelly honky thing.

    whatchoo gonna do?

  14. Yeah. Wow. Sooo, was anyone else reminded of that Michael Jackson video from the 90s, Black or White, when the pug’s face melted into another pug’s face?

    I miss the good old MJ days, when he still looked somewhat human…

  15. mojojojo says:

    well, that was pug-o-bug-o-rub-o-riffic!

  16. lol, apparently photoanimationguy has too much time on his hands too…

    rub my butt on the rug…
    my kittehs do that too, nice little brown streaks..

  17. Mmmmmommmy!
    *runs to closet*
    The puggles are scarin me!
    and yet…
    *starts putting back all teh stoelen puppehs & kittehs*

  18. Leah B. says:

    I vote creepy too, I don’t know maybe you should have saved that one for :
    Here is a nice little image before you go to bed…

  19. claudia says:

    LOVE IT.

  20. the wonders of lsd, and a cute dog’s face?

    … too soon?

  21. MaliceAlice says:

    I.. have no words. None. That… I… I can’t even think right now because my brain is currently all over my room. It has been blowed up by these pugs. And the fact that I stayed up all night and finished Harry Potter just now. That could be part of it. Still. I just… Guh.

  22. My eyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! That was genius!!!

  23. that little song cracks me up! pugs aren’t my favorite, but i do love it when he/she goes “woo oo oo oo!” what a great way to start a busy friday.


  25. Andrea|Nash says:

    Long vacation, then Nanacamp – that’s gotta be at least six weeks – and you guys still haven’t figured out bleen? Will you at least try!

    All right – enough granny-scolding! I vote cute and hilarious; but short-legged, non-traditionally adorable animals *are* an acquired taste

  26. Metzee -come out of the closet. Here’s a nice pop for you. say this over and over…

    “it wasn’t real, it was just a movie”

    deep breaths

    (except of course the part about rubbing the butt…that was real!)

  27. about my comment back there about my cats rubbing their butts on the rug…
    it’s not like they *all* do that *all* the time…
    it’s not like my rugs are all streaked or anything…
    being RCF, didn’t want teh peeps thinking I live in a hovel or anything…
    just cuz I have 10 cats, doesn’t mean I’m not normal…
    ok, I’ll stop now…

  28. Well, that was fun.

  29. That is just WRONG.

  30. I don’t even know what to say….I’m speechless. I’m not sure what I’m feeling right now. Where am I? What’s happening??? I think that video threw me over the edge

  31. I…I…give up. I can’t think of anything to say. That is the weirdest thing I have seen in a while, and I say that as the girl who just this morning discovered those videos of prison inmates in the Philippines performing dance routines to Michael Jackson and Queen.

  32. Funkadelica says:

    I like this one better: http://www.rathergood.com/soluble/

  33. OMG!!! I laughed so hard I had tears. I loved it!

  34. Oops! Theo, sorry, didn’t see you had posted. Yes, you are weird. *pats your head*

  35. Ceejoe- do you REALLY have 10 cats? In the house? How do you keep the peace? Maybe I DO have room to rescue a few more…

  36. Connie – yes I do! And yes, they’re all in the house. I would not be able to sleep or function not knowing where they were or that they were safe!
    You can check em all out on my flickr page, by clicking on my name.
    I used to do foster care, and most of them started out as foster cats. So I think I have been blessed with really special cats that are laid back, used to other cats coming and going, etc. They all get along pretty well. Occasionally my dominant male, Cletus, will chase my timid Daisy, but he never hurts her, just wants to make sure they all know he is the *big man.* :o)
    My personal philosophy is that they know they are safe (a big thing for former foster cats/strays/abandoned kittehs), and they know they are *very* much loved, so they are willing to keep the peace. And I’m pretty sure they’re all happy and lovin life!

  37. Mary (the first) says:

    I thought it was a riot!! I almost lol but that would have been a bad idea.(laughter at work is not normal around here). The more I see pugs, the more they grow on me. An acquired taste, true. Very true.

  38. LOL Luffed Eet. Verrrr Funnny Cute and weird all rolled in to One Theo Thank You so Moishe..

    mojojojo: HEhehehe

    Andrea|Nash: Ummm Has it ever occured to you who are annoyed by the bleen that most people who say bleen at the beggining of the post get it. THey get it really well and enjoy doing it.. ( I mean come on who dosen’t take the oppertunity to bliggity wingwang hooptie single-resonance wiffletron cheese?) ; )

  39. Martha in Washington says:

    Yeah, I vote for creepy.

  40. Great, now how am I supposed to get that song out of my head?


    *pretend grumpy*

  41. Ponygirl says:

    THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!11!!!

  42. wow, that was pretty scary.

  43. That was….what can I say….effed up? Is this going to get me banned from ever coming back????

  44. Nope, that’s pretty much the same reaction I had.

  45. I am glad I did not see that before going to bed. My dreams are creepy enough already.

    Ceejoe: Matisse is breathtaking – perfect name. Cute pigs too!

  46. one of the erins says:

    Ahahahaha that was awesome!

    I heart weird. The weirder the better. Thanks for the reality-casual friday, this vid may actually have repeat value for me, which is rare…

  47. reading Annie’s post….
    LOL snicker….yep who doesn’t enjoy a little teasin?

  48. 😉

  49. Hysterical! Love the out-there stuff!

  50. Aw, don’t feel bad, Teho. I haven’t seen the video yet, so you can still retain your title of Sir Weird McWeirdersons, Duke of Weirdester.

  51. That’s scarier than dancing otters….

  52. Flamenca Mama says:


  53. JR Nothing! absolutely Nothing! is scarrier than dancing otters. Pugs are benign rulers of their homes.. Otterz are EVIL. (Shivers);)

  54. Well, it was different. I’m trying to decide if I like better/worse/same as that weird timothy hay guinea pig video.

  55. Scigirl says:

    I am going to save this and play it when one of my students pulls their bad**s gangsta rapper routine…

  56. AmyH Weird Timothy Hay guinea pig video???… was it on CO (looks confued) Where???? I want to see it.

    Goes off Hunting

  57. donutbill says:

    Manipulated crap like this is the OPPOSITE of cute.

  58. AmyH is this the crazy video.. cause it is.. well its funny..


    In a weird sorta way.

  59. Shannon Johnson says:

    What the deuce is that? That is the wierdest thing I have ever seen

  60. “I mean come on who dosen’t take the oppertunity to bliggity wingwang hooptie single-resonance wiffletron cheese?”

    I couldn’t have said it better myself, Annie.

    (No… really… I couldn’t.)

  61. It’s *just* possible that she didn’t, Lurk.

  62. T(Ed.), you dirty little, pancake-eatin’, leiderhosen-wearin’…

    No, just kidding. You can has cheezburger for that one.

  63. Martha in Washington says:

    Annie-now THAT was funny!
    And yes, I want to be a guinea pig too. Who wouldn’t?

  64. Lurker… well I didn’t at least not the last part (you know the funny part)but the rest is all mine.

    But I assumed you knew that. XD

  65. Martha in Washington, The scary thing is I don’t know if that is the video AmyH meant. cause if it isn’t there is some other timothy Hay dancing hamster video out there. 😀

  66. Annie – you indeed have the right one! If there are more, I’m not sure I want to know about them! LOL!
    These totally crack me up, probably because I know someone out there is having a ball coming up with the dorkiest songs possible. Gotta love silly.

  67. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Awesome with awesome sprinkles and a side of awesome sauce! Hoo hoo-hoo hoo hoo!

  68. ViolentlyHappy says:

    That was….bizarre!

  69. Furbabies says:

    I’m a pug! Loff it, loff it, loff it. I’m a pug!

  70. Yay Bri!

    Um, I’m not cheering her for any specific reason *whoot* just for um, being here, yeah that’s it. I wouldn’t be taking anyone’s sides in the lederhosen or bleenety or whatever, Ed. is great, Ed. is cool, Ed. is . . . what? brown nosicle AGAIN?!

  71. Must be 50 Cent’s dog, Nickel.

  72. reminds me of “Cat, I’m a Kitty Cat”!

  73. This is so cute and funny. I loved it!

  74. Warning Warning Warrning Danger Danger do not go to the Cat I’m a Kitty Kat video.. Sever ear worm… You WILL Hear it for the rest of your days..
    Don’t say I didn’t tell YA

  75. elizabells says:

    Do Not Want!!!

  76. Elizabeth says:

    You cutologists are weak sauce. This is damn cute and hilarious.

  77. T-O, I didn’t say ANNIE said it originally, did I? No, I did not.

    (And I still couldn’t have said it better.)

  78. I am for pugs in all forms, even weird ones. In true pug fashion, my boy was interested in the video for about .03 seconds, and then tried to eat my cereal instead.

  79. My apologies, Lurk. I should’ve known you were all over it.

  80. OMG! Check out the other videos — especially the kittens singing and dancing to “I’ve got the joy joy joy joy down in my heart”. CAN’T STOP LAUGHING!!!

  81. oo oo oo ooooo!

  82. Julia in BC says:

    He’s a pug from outer space?

    Is he from… The Planet of the Pugs?

  83. This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. CO always makes me smile, and sometimes makes me giggle, but this time I was literally scream-laughing. Keep up the good “work”!!!
    Oh, and Meg, you’re incredibly weird – don’t worry, we know.

  84. I blame Rathergood.com and those freakin’ kittens.

  85. Teresa :o) says:

    LOL..I loved it. 🙂

  86. Oh my goodness. That was REALLY DISTURBIN’.

  87. Laura32 says:

    I laughed at the “ooh ooh ooh”

  88. Vanessa says:

    Um? You peeps see the video of a rapping ostrich? Sort of like this.

  89. I found myself watching again and again just so I could see teh little Whoo wooo whoo woo puggeh. Nice!

    P.S. Don’t worry Meg, We still think you’re the weirdest =)

  90. Y’know that scene at the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey?

    This is just like that, but scarier, and with pugs.

  91. ghgr