Nyyerrrrrrow! [racecar driving by sound]

Nyyerrrrrrow! [racecar driving by sound]

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr! [race car taking corner too fast]

Bok! bok! bik! booook! bik! [all the bebes fall off]


Cheryl F., That is like the bird-minivan equivalent.



  1. Julia in B.C. says:

    Too cute!

    Now, is that a mama merganser?

  2. A nice enough picture, but it was the commentary from Meg that caused the coffee/keyboard interface.

  3. how did you sneek this one in its below the other stuff are you playing with our minds Meg??????!!!!

  4. Okay first the scary primate, now a picture appears below an older one.

    *staying in closet, bringing cats in with me for protection*

  5. Isn’t it amazing how Mama Merganser stays afloat with all them beebees on her back? Sweeeeet!

  6. Hold on kids! [Full-throttle peddling ensues.]

    Looks like the little guy on the end is going to get a lesson in swimming very soon, unless Momma is more like a moving waterslide and they’re all like, “Weee!”

    (Sooo cute, but I think it was already posted a few months ago. No?)

  7. You are right, Kate. I thought it looked familiar.


  8. *double take*
    metsie, yu can come outta the closet now (snicker) its safe. Its jus on accounttta that whole pwr outtage thingey the other day, stuff that wuz on que to get posted got held up is all. WHen they got in they slid right in where they belongs.

  9. Yeeps, another stealth post!

  10. …and another duplicate!

  11. That’s ok, Teho! The more mergansers the merrier!

  12. this is a really old photo, been floating on the net for a good 6 years or so! and yes has been on here I think about 3 times. Was on here last year too!


  13. It’s a great pitcher, and the Nas-commentary is HEElarious!

    I haven’t had time to check out all the goofiness since the crazy drunk screwed up our beloved websites!

  14. *scratches head & looks around*, ummm, wasn’t this below…?
    *shrugs & joins Metsie in the closet*

  15. The real reason the bebehs fell off is that Teho bumped the post.

  16. Hey, it wasn’t me!
    I’m an excellent driver.

  17. All this movin’ around of the duckling pic…..I’m dizzy…..

  18. Heh. The bebeh merganser behind momma’s neck really has the “catbird” seat!

  19. metsakins says:

    Okay now you’re just messing with me. Put this back below the turtles stat!

  20. happymeal says:

    cute, but wasn’t it already posted?

  21. Chick magnet?

  22. Laurie C says:

    I thought the “bik! bok!” noises would be the ducklets giggling at momma goofing around driving.

  23. Another Angela says:

    With thousands of submissions, how do things get posted twice?

  24. I imagine it’s because it’s difficult to remember every single previous CO post.
    Seriously, have you tried going back through the archives? It’s epic.

  25. Meg, the commentary KILLS me. Awesome.

    The commentary on this dupe is better than the previous one!

  26. wait, you’re reposting the same pics again. cute done you did this picture before

  27. Catsquatch says:



    Oh THANK YOU!!!!

    As soon as the page opened I saw that title and busted a gut laughing!!!!

    Oh, and the duckies are cute too ;D

  28. I imagine it’s even harder to remember every post if you’re the one doing the selections – because you see *all* of them, the ones you post and the ones you don’t, and they must all run together in one big adorable squishy lovable mass. OMG!!! MERGANSERS!!11!!!!!1!

  29. Laurie C says:

    No harm in a second post with new brilliant captioning.

  30. metsakins says:

    Hi metzee…you like that red mountain dew, Have one, I’m having a diet coke,

    nice closet isn’t it?

  31. So dark! *grabs diet coke by mistake* BLeh!

    I think a Vaquero Puppeh is ridin to our rescue as we speak. He’ll set things to rights.

    *drinks Code Red to get nasty diet taste outta mouth*

    You so know Theo is laughing at us hiding in the closet just because a duckie pic is jumping around. But we know what these kinds of things mean don’t we? First a power outtage, no cute fixes and now poppin ducks. What’s next?

  32. metsakins says:


  33. *snorts code red outta nose*

  34. metsakins says:

    oh man all over the closet!

    *clean up in aisle closet*

  35. public



  36. [… in a hushed voice like on all the wildlife programs …]

    And there, on the pond, we see nature’s equivalent to the soccer mom. See how she’s shuttling her kidlets to their practice or piano lessons. But no minivan needed here.

  37. chanpon says:

    More Momma’ Bird Taxis – how cute! That last one there really needs a seatbelt.

  38. Alice Shortcake says:

    OVERCROWDING! Someone call the Duckling Welfare people!

  39. marsheeeee says:

    Why not post cute stuff again? We watch movies and TV shows we love over and over (I mean how many times have you seen the same M*A*S*H or Cosby episodes, for example?)so why not repeat cute? Just makes us happy all over again, and there isn’t anything wrong with that.

  40. bebehduckiefan says:

    Peeps, if you go back to July 15, you’ll see that there’s a similar photo, but it’s a swan with little bebeh passengers. Not the same pic at all…

    And shouldn’t there be a “Bebehs on Board” category?!?

  41. Truly cute and creepy. As I read this post, I’m currently listening to the sounds of the racetrack that is no farther than 10 miles from me. I’m hearing the Nyyerrrrrrow for real!!!

  42. Shannon Johnson says:

    Oh so cute. I love it.

  43. I think this is a repeat. Cute, though.

  44. cute cute duckies!

    the little dewd on the end must be the youngest — that’s why he has to sit in the ‘way back’. (as the youngest of nine, i know all about it…)

  45. Brak_Silverbone says:

    In my head I’m hearing the distant toot of tugboats and the low thrumming sound of a marine motor as I look at this picture.

  46. Are these grebes? I’ve seen grebes before at my Nana’s lake, and also loons doing this same thing. This is a veeery cute picture!! ^-^

  47. They’re approaching the harbour – can’t wait to see the duck-docking procedure.

  48. Elizabeth L. says:

    I have already sent in this post months ago. repeat. im suprised they didnt catch that. hmm.

  49. duck-docking


    *takes hat off and bows to the master -Aubrey*

  50. I love the ducks on the mom, except for the one thats kind of left behind in the back… I kind of feel bad for the one in the back, it seems like he does not get any attention!!! ***sigh sigh sigh

  51. I have already set a post, but I just can’t stop looking at how cute they are… But I still fill bad for the duck left behind!!! ITS JUST NOT FAIR THAT HE IS ALONE!!!!!!
    I am kind of mad at the mamma duck for leaving him alone!!

  52. Sheridan says:

    dis is so cutie pye sha

  53. Elizabeth says:

    Did anyone else notice the redonk B.E.F. on the momma?

  54. looks like there is no more room on board. Good job they are not like kids and stay still for the ride. Because fidgety kids would soon slip off and get their feet wet.