Now we’re ‘TOCKIN’

Ladybug ‘tocks
Ladybug ‘tocks
unless you’re a male then
Gentlemanbug ‘tocks

Tiptoe, troo dee clovères, originally uploaded by yospyn.

Pamela L., way to SPOT this one <-See how I did that!? AHAHAHAHAHAHHAALOLPONIES.



  1. McBleenersons!

  2. Aww! There need to be more ladybug pics on CO!!

  3. “My humps! My humps! My lovely ladybug lumps! [break it down!]”

  4. Those little legs are so cute! I love beetlely type bugs.

  5. eikoleigh says:



    bug tocks….hahaha

  6. Gentlemanbug… xD

  7. I’m not sure hardened forewings qualify as tocks.

  8. I don’t really know why, but I find this picture to be absolutely adorable. Not to mention it’s a lovely photo.

  9. Meg… Snicker you bleened

    Erin if you look just under those lovely hardened wings you will see de Ladybugs tocks.
    Just peekin out.

  10. R. Moore says:

    Yay gentlemanbug tocks!

    I think I must adopt the word gentleman bug now.

  11. R. Moore says:

    Er, “gentlemanbug”

  12. Oh and this is gonna be my new desk top . Hehehe Thanks CO and Meg.

  13. Hmm. It seems bleen’s gone legit.

  14. Awww I love ladybirds! they’re so pretty.

  15. Shannon says:

    Love gentlemanbug….greatest new word in long time!

  16. A Ladybug is one of the few insects that will not throw me into a blind panic.

    It must be because of its manners.

  17. Bugs have ‘tocks??!! Um, Meg, how many glasses of Shiraz did you have tonight, hmmm??? LMAO!

  18. Meg, if ladybugs have ‘tocks, then these photos (by the same photographer) must be real, right? 😉
    *ducks against divebombing flying toitles*

  19. Michelle says:

    Gentleman bugs? I should say not. See proof:

  20. *




  21. Oh, this ladybug has lovely gams! Do I spy a wee bit of heels?

  22. gentleman bug now that is a loud LOL but it still takes to to tango ….
    I refrain from further comment on this photo

  23. I like bug tocks and I cannot lie;
    You Cute Overloaders can’t deny,

  24. i’ve got a red ladybird with white spots and another ladybird which is yellow and has only two black spots. tey have cute tocks too. 🙂

  25. thanks for the ear worn Brian. I’ve been trying to forget aboutthat song ever since it came out!

    : ) LOL

  26. Now this is a bug I can really get into!!

    More sweet and beautiful photos like this, please!!!!

  27. That is a gorgeous photo.

  28. Dr Science says:

    This has to be one of the most beautiful pics I’ve ever seen on CO.

  29. How do you send pics in? I emailed cuteoverload got no response and don’t see any place here to submit photos. Anybody know?

  30. WindyRidge — it’s in the right-hand margin under “Got Cute?”

    Also, please bear this in mind: the CO submissions mailbox is always overflowing. And I mean up to TWENTY THOUSAND EMAILS overflowing. No lie.

  31. What Theo is sayin’ is: by all means, send the cute. Just don’t hold your breath. ‘Cause you’ll pass out and hit your head on the corner of your desk and wake up with a headache and a little puddle of drool on the floor. Nobody wants that.

  32. Yitzysmommie says:

    What a wonderful picture, and i too am smiling at Gentlemanbugs.
    Glad this picture was spotted….

  33. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    Brian, bwah hah ha!!! I’m not gonna stop all day with that now, so thanks for that.

    On an actual picture comment note, pretty! and shiny! that bright red against the white and green is gorgeous. is that Queen Anne’s Lace he’s meandering over?

    and also with the gentleman bug love… ok, i’ll stop now…

  34. I love ladybugs. And the colors in this photo are great, they all just pop.

  35. Kiragirl says:

    To Michelle,
    Beautiful work!!
    Love your dog.

  36. Lunch Lady says:

    Its just so hard to manuver all these legs in all these blooms!!

  37. pat_the_bunny says:

    Beautiful pic!

  38. girlnextdoortn says:

    sooooo purty.

  39. luvylove says:

    What an AWESOME photo!

  40. Love it love it love it!!!

  41. Simply gawjusss! The colors are so vibrant.

  42. Mary (the first) says:

    “tip toe ..through the tulips ..” Ok I know those aren’t tulips precisely but flowers, at least! Lovely photo. I love lady/gentleman bugs.

  43. yankeebird says:

    *shudders* Ugh….

    Ladybugs are beetles and I am TERRIFIED of beetles. Not that it’s ya’ll’s problem, but I just wanted to share. *shudders again*

  44. donutbill says:

    Dear Ladybug: You have really nice ‘tocks. Will you marry me??

  45. JOKE:

    -Why does the ladybug failed the test?

    -She got only seven points…



  46. Sooooo darn cute!

  47. Martha in Washington says:

    I love ladybugs. I bought some at the hardware store once to put on my roses because the roses had lots of aphids and ladybugs eat aphids but the ladybugs all flew away home. I was sad.

    But this spring I found a whole bunch of BABEH ladybugs on my mums! They were SOOO anerable!! Wish I’d took pictures.

  48. Yep, our readers really loved this shot too when we posted it yesterday! Thanks for highlighting this great photographer.

  49. Okay Peeps I tried it and it makes a lovely desk top back ground. Yup Yup!

  50. Shannon Johnson says:

    Now that is cute. A little ladybug. Looooooooooooove it.

  51. Barbara says:

    SO much cuter than the tick.

  52. FACT:
    “Ladybugs on Racks” is more common than the average person thinks. If I had a nickel for every time I found a buggy on my chest when the neighborhood was swarming with them…

    Too bad I never have my camera when I really want it.

  53. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Somebody seems to have turtle-waxed this insect’s heinder. It’s so shiny!