Leesten here my friennn…

Please—no "The Good, the Bad and The Adorable" jokes.

I have heard eet before. [lights crusty cigarillo and looks away]


[familiar whistling song heard in background] As soon as I get out of dees hum-drum suburbs, I weel find dee gold coins.

Dee gold coins I WAS DESTEENED TO FIND! No one weel stop me.


I weel earn more than a feestfull of dollars when I find dees treasure. [puff on cigarillo]

Ahn, my beloved town of San Miguel—she calls. For me.


Kate G., I suggest you take his guns away.



  1. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    this is super cute, but I definitely think the best part is the narration… lol! a feestful of dollars indeed…

  2. Is it just me or is the first and third photo the same? I felt like a nerd scrolling up and down between the two, thinking I was seeing things.

    Cute pup though – I feel like he needs a tequila and lime next to him.

  3. Pale Rider!

  4. I WANT!! Where can I get a sombrero and the poncho for my chihuahua??!!

    He has more of a French accent though. My dog is a very exotic like that. Maybe I need a pencil mustache and a beret…

  5. but one question, why does the poor puppeh’s cigarillo have to be crusty?

  6. should be a cheeroot anyhoo.

  7. Star of the lesser known film genre: Milkbone Western.

  8. rant

    I was going to comment on the cutie pie here, but I’ve changed my mind. I now officially propose that all people who say “bleen” and make no comment pertaining to the actual post be stripped of their Qte privileges in increasing time increments. We’ll start with a day at first and go from there.

    I know the word was adopted as an alternative to its infuriating counterpart, but saying “bleen” and nothing else doesn’t make it any less annoying than . . . you know . . . that OTHER word. (Yeah. In case you couldn’t tell, that drives me CRAZY. Have something to actually say, people!!)


    [just FYI — while interesting, this proposal isn’t possible from a technical point of view… and it’s kinda harsh – Ed.]

  9. Why is this cute- I have a Chihuahua and I hate the Mexican jokes that people make. Yeah it is cool to use stereotypes.

  10. are we sure that’s a chihuahua ? its pretty big. looks more like a pomeranian or something.
    oh, and the poncho seems a little “tight”. ooo-chi-wha-wha.

  11. Patty P says:

    Poor baby! He looks like he thinks he is being punished!

  12. rpennefe says:

    Nah, he doesn’t look like he’s being punished. He looks like he needs some lovin’s. I’m thinking I have a feestful of snorgles for heem.

  13. redbone says:

    I can’t decide if that little dog should be Blondie, Tuco or Angel Eyes.

    I’m thinking Tuco.

    Bleen bleen bleen bleen bleen bleen bleen bleen bleen bleen!

  14. Mmmhmmm says:

    llism: I’m with you… it’s aggravating. If you have someting to say, say it ….otherwise: don’t post.

    Redbone: very mature.

  15. just FYI — while interesting, this proposal isn’t possible from a technical point of view… and it’s kinda harsh – Ed.

    I know. It just drives me batty, and it’s one of those ubiquitous things you cannot escape EVAR! I’m sure we’ve all got things we’re peeve-y about . . . that’s just one of mine. Or maybe I’m just crabby because one of my own dog-critters relapsed this morning, and after two years and a few thousand dollars at the vet’s office, we still can’t figure out what’s wrong with her.

    So, sorry for being cranky. I’ll shaddup now :-).

  16. It’s not dollars….it’s pesos. This doggie is apparently really used to getting dressed up. My dogs would never stand for this, lol.

  17. llism-
    what are your pupper’s symptoms?
    there are lots of pet lovers here, maybe someone has had a similar experience with one of their pets and will recognize the illness?
    please share.

  18. One Eyed Daruma says:

    Methinks I detect a little pomeranian in there…and a small dose of Speedy Gonzales.

  19. Ey ombre!

    I LIKE



  20. A feestful of snorgles! Awesome!

    I saw Maricone himself do the whistling theme at a screening of “The Good, etc.” in Glendale, CA a while back (UNforgettable) – I bet this leetle hombre would haf lofed to join eeen – owowowwwowowwwwooooo wow woowow
    owowowowo woww wow wow!
    wow wow wow!

  21. Mary (the first) says:

    I have two “long haired” chihuahua frens that look like this.. doesn’t need any Pomeranian to be fluffyish. My frens don’t have serapes though and I’m sure they are not allowed cigarillos NOR cheroots. As for this guy, he just looks like he’s sleepy. CUTE. MUCH TOO CUTE!

  22. (not) first!!!! (not) first!!!!!!

    (not) FIRST!!!!!!


  23. Eees soo cute and Esss Ready for siesta time and then Fiesta.

  24. Look at the shape of the face.

    Eees wa-wa, all right, just a long-hair (people often mistake them for Papillons or Poms).

    Mi amigo perrito floofito, you weel get all the gold, and then trade it een on doggie treats.

  25. metsakins says:

    Senor Puppeh, May I kees your delicious nosicle before you ride away?

  26. I seriously almost spit diet coke all over my desk when I opened up CO to find this! Someone *almost* owed me a new keyboard 😉

  27. dandy_warhol says:

    “Biscuits? We don’t need no stinkin’ biscuits.”

  28. While I know that clothes on dogs is wrong, this is vewwy vewwy cute. Snuggles for cute chi-wah-wah!

  29. mlle X:

    I hope you don’t mind, but is “Morricone”, not ‘Maricone’*

    * ‘Maricone’ happens to be a not-very-endearing-term in Spanish.

    /cue the music: the more you knooooow….

  30. Liz (and anyone else!), if you can help in any way, I’ll be eternally grateful. This will be long, and I’m sorry–I’ll try to keep it as short as possible.

    Got Maggie (Australian cattle dog, about 4-5 years old now) two years ago from a rescue organization and she had vomiting/diarrhea (v/d) almost from the start–she’d be fine for a couple of days, and then would have v/d for a couple of days, and then would be fine again, and then would be bad again . . . ad infinitum. Took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with giardia (took three treatments to get rid of it). After that, she got better for a week or so, but then started having the same cyclic v/d again. Took her back to the same vet and had her restested for giardia twice but both were negative. Took her to a different (more expensive) vet, got her retested again (still negative). That was most of the first year. Then, over the last year, she’s been back and forth a million times–x-rayed several times (nothing showed up); had a couple of blood profiles done (which showed nothing other than inflammation); tested for Addison’s disease (negative; she’s really close to having Cushing’s disease, but that has nothing to do with the v/d); tested for food allergies (she’s allergic to–get this–beef, chicken, pork, lamb, wheat, peas, rice, and yeast) and then put on a duck/potato diet. During all this time she’s been on several medications–metoclopramide, sulfasalazine, Tylan, Pancrezyme, Pepcid, acidophilus, Kaopectate, you name it. It all works for a week or two, and then the v/d comes back, sometimes severe, sometimes mild. Same thing with the duck/potato diet–good for a couple weeks and then the symptoms are back. She’s strictly indoors, can’t get into the cat “cookies,” isn’t ever off the leash to where she can get to anything, and none of the other animals in the house are sick (two cats and two dogs including her). She’s maintained her weight, has a healthy coat, and has clear eyes, but when she gets her “spells,” she’s lethargic and doesn’t eat. The vet suspects it’s irritable bowel disease and wants to do a biopsy next since we’ve run out of options, but that’s about $700 bucks that I just don’t have.

    ANYTHING that anyone can share would be sooooo appreciated.

  31. This is my dog Pixie and for the record, she is a girl. She is a long hair Chihuahua and is large as she was the only one in her litter, so she had lots of room to grow and has a large bone structure. I got this get-up in Mexico and she HATES to be dressed up, she tolerates it for some pictures, but the clothes come off within 5 minutes. Glad I could bring some smiles to your faces and sorry you almost lost your keyboard.

  32. llism: don’t know what it might be but I saw this article about the irritable bowl condition and it sounds like what your dog has.. Lots of good info.. sorry if I am sendiny you somewhere you have already looked.


    I hope your dog feels better soon. and you too!

  33. llism, you might already have thought about this, but could it be hookworms? I’ve read they lodge in the dog’s small intestine and cause vomiting and diarrhea.
    I hope your dog gets better very soon.

  34. llism we had a similar problem with one of our cats. Have you tried feeding smaller portions of food 2x or 3x per day.
    By smaller portions I mean really small. For our cat it was only about a teaspoon of soft cat food 3x a day. It was the only way she could tolerate food in her tummy, anything more and she had the v/d as well.
    I know it would have to be more than a teaspoon for your dog but you could experiment to see if it has any effect. (EG a small amount of food in am, then another portion about 4-5 hours later, then again in the evening. I know you’re probably not home during the day if you’re working so you could try a small portion in the am before you leave for work (best if when you 1st get up so that she’ll have time to go out before you leave) and then another small portion when you get home, etc…

    Just a thought, based on our kitteh’s experiences.

  35. Yea Pixie! You are so popular, cutie! Raffi (your doggie boyfriend) is sooo jealous!
    Love ya Pix!

  36. llism, if it would help her digestion to eat more slowly, and if she eats dry food, there are toys that will release a few kibbles at a time. We made some for our dogs out of PVC pipe with endcaps and a couple holes. The doggies roll them around on the floor, and a few kibbles fall out of the holes at a time. We did it for enrichment, but slower eating is a side benefit.

    Here’s hoping your pup and you find a lasting solution soon.

  37. Pixie is so channeling Client Eastwood right now.
    Right down ot the squinty eyes.

    Whistles Do do do do do da da da
    Do do do do do Da da daaaaaaa
    do do do do do da da daaaaa
    do do do do do daaa da daaaa
    Sound of ricocheting bullet off in the distance.

  38. Pixie is a cutie lil chow-wow-wow. I could have sworn a little pommie was in there.
    shes adorable, but she looks just like my sugarbear when i dress her up. “get this junk off-a me right now or you will pay!” if looks could kill!

  39. rpennefe says:

    Back to Maggie and her v/d for just a mo:

    I know only a thimbleful about IBS, and that is only for humans. I was wondering if “stress reduction” would work for Maggie. (Not that I think her life is all that stressful, but….) How would you feel about incorporating “petmassage”?

    Mind you, I’m not suggesting that you go out and find a massage therapist for Maggie – just take some time to give her a gentle rub down.

    I confess to massaging my fat cat’s “shoulders”, and it makes him purr like crazy. I therefore assume that he likes it.

  40. Shannon Johnson says:

    Hola, amigo! Adios Senor!

  41. Chris B. says:

    llism: have you tried a completely vegetable diet (excluding the few things she is allergic to). My dog loved to eat fruits and veggies and it never bothered her. I would try the feeding 2-3 times a day very small portions like Metz said. Some dogs just can’t handle alot of food at one time. Keep up updated on her condition and I and my critters hope she gets better.

  42. Chris B. says:

    Forgot to add KUDOS for getting a rescue dog instead of buying one. All my pets are rescues, adopted or owner turn ins.

  43. Much thanks to all for your advice–I really appreciate your time! I’m going to try everything in the book to see if anything sticks. And no more comments about bleeners, I swear :-). I think I just kind of bubbled over today after she was sick again last night and this morning.

    And thanks for the shout-out, Chris B–Maggie is from the same rescue organization that I got my other doggie from, and both cats were plucked from the humane society. If I had room, I’d take ’em all :-).

  44. We just got home from a Mexican cruise, and in Ensanada we visited a doggie clothes boutique that featured teeny weeny sombreros, serapes and even little red, green and white Mexican dresses for the proud Chihuahua-ette!

  45. DasBoots says:

    Little cutie looks a little sleepy-tired. Maybe all that desert heat is getting to him and he needs a nap!

  46. I hope you find a solution to your dog’s problem, that must be such a worry.
    I’ve learned a lot here-we have a cat who tends to gobble and then barf, I am going to try the tiny portions throughout the day.
    Thank you!

  47. acelightning says:

    Speaking of Clint Eastwood westerns with a Mexican setting…

    (absolutely nothing to do with animals, but I think you’ll enjoy it anyway…)

  48. llism,

    I hope your dog is doing better. My cat had a similar health problem three years ago. The vet had a hard time but after much trial and error he figured out that my cat had a problem with his liver and digestive tract. Essentially my cat was having problem processing fat and other stuff and that’s what was making him sick.

    We changed his diet to a very bland regimen he hated it and it was really hard to get him to eat it but he did and he started to get better. He doesn’t have v/d unless he now eats fatty food or dairy like ice cream or heavy cream (his two favorite treats 😦 )

  49. llism, I feel really helpless, as I don’t have any pet experience, but I do – with all the CO strengh in me – hope that Maggie gets better.

    About these pictures – I immediately recognized them as out takes from Leone’s early masterpiece, “A Fistful of Collars”.

  50. Contentment embodied.

  51. OMG. That middle pic is teh funniest thing ever.

  52. So cute!

    Here’s a suggestion: how about a category for animals in national/regional costume? They’ll look adorable!

    (Provided the costume is comfortable and doesn’t involve piercings, body painting, tattoos or harsh fabrics of any kind. Of course.)

  53. llism–just from what you´ve described, it sounds like Irritable Bowel Disorder (most common types are Crohns Disease and ulcerative colitis). I know these in humans, but a quick Google search confirms that dogs get them too. Might ask your vet about it (they are related to Irritable Bowel.) Here´s one link I found.


  54. Correction–IBD is Inflammatory Bowel Disease, which is related to what your vet mentioned, Irritable Bowel Disorder.

  55. GARRg. Inflammatory bowel disease vs. irritable bowel syndrome. And I guess (further Google research) they are not related, although they have essentially the same symptoms (although IBD is worse, and is more likely to include vomiting).

    This is why I´m not a doctor.

  56. This is not cute.
    Dressing up animals or doing things to them that are not in their nature (like bathing cats!!!) is just sick.
    Treat your pets as what they are: animals, not humans.

  57. LOL!!!!

    I think dressing up animals for our entertainment is fine. Think of it in a Machiavellian kind of way.

  58. I’m surprised she’s sitting there long enough for those pictures to be taken! Course, I got cats, and getting them to wear a -collar- is a struggle by itself. Adorable dog, Kate.

    I used to play dress-up with my ferret when I was a kid… got the idea after she wiggled into a Barbie dress and started jumping around in it. Man, I wish I had pictures of that now.

  59. Maz – not to start anything but…when your dog lives in a hhouse and not in a pack guess what..they identify more with being human than dog!

  60. ThreeCatNight says:

    Didn’t I see him in “Treasure of the Sierra Puppy”? He don’t need no stinkin’ badge, but he does need a burro to help him get back home.

  61. Chris B. says:

    Dogs don’t like dressing up?? Tell that to my dog Dutchess. She will come running if I hold out one of her shirts and she will push her head into it. Actually she will do this with any clothing, pet or human. I guess each dog is different and if you don’t like the picture, don’t look at it..

  62. Redonkulous.I think this happens to him a lot. He’s all, “So what. It’s Friday.”

  63. matt0zan says:

    Isn’t that “The Good, The Bad and the Cuddly?”

  64. Point for Matt0zan.

  65. mariser:
    Uh… yeah, I meant to do that, uh, like, you know, as a term of endearment. *blush*

    Actually, I WAS just writing a thing about little kids swearing in Spanish… Sorry Enrique!


  66. ILLSM! This is worth a try: Many people with Crohne’s disease and bowel disorders find that cocnut oil is VERY helpful, Maybe try giving Maggie a bit of coconut macaroon to test and check out this and other sites I found on Google:

  67. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…San Miguel…HA…treasure…HA…cigarillo…hehe-

  68. Hannarrr says:


  69. I agree with Anne- coconut oil is very healing. It is antiviral and antimicrobial, and very good for intestinal disorders. Another thing to try, which works with my girly girl, (so maybe not puppehs?) is bone broths. You could make broth out of raw duck bones, and let him leeck it up. It really helped my daughters intestinal problems heal up. Good Luck llism!