Who would name their kitteh “Bobby”?

Whatever happened to the GOOD names, like; "Señor Puddin’ Pants" or "Dr. McSnuffles" or "Kit T. Meowersons" and stuff like that?

BOBBY?! Puh-lease. "Steve" I can understand.

Despite the name, it’s tewtelly sweet vid, Sarah B.



  1. Besides, it’s “El Presidente Puddin Pants”!

  2. Most amazing video right before I have to go off to work this morning. I love how he’s all like no don’t record me. He’s got the Olsen twin syndrome, no cameras! no cameras please!

  3. Since I was given my middle name in honour of our cat, I’m eternally grateful that she was called Annabel and not something like Striplegongdalooney…

  4. Space Cowgirl says:

    OMG ponies. He is so small and fluffy. The shark toy really completes the brain-explodingly illogical cutness of it all.

  5. donutbill says:

    I gots me a kitteh (stole it.)

  6. gloom raider says:

    That fat little fluffy head! The adorable–it tingles!

  7. We named our girl “Bob”
    cause she is a “Bobby Cat”
    And because she is definitely a calico and therefore “all” girl – very astute people get the pun.

  8. That’s it totally, Susie.
    “No cameras! No press! All interviews MUST go though my assistant!”

  9. I almost screamed out loud, this was so cute!

  10. *throws hands up in the air*
    Now just how do you expect me to get any work done with my heart just sploded all over my desk? hmmmm?
    Who’s gonna clean this mess up?
    Oh wait, no heart, I’m ded!

  11. He’s totally an Ewok! What a cute smooshy face.

  12. The only thing wrong with this video? IT WAS TOO SHORT! 🙂

    omg, this was so cute…i love it!!! i could watch cute little fluffersons for hours.

  13. he looks like a ‘Bobby’ to me

  14. …Want to touch the tiny kitten head!
    Want to touch it!
    So fluffity!

  15. there are a couple more vids of this gorg kitteh…its a she…not a guy Bobby…(captions were in German saying its a she!)

    sooooo cuteee

  16. HEY….
    My cats name is Steve….

  17. One of my niece’s named her kitten Bobby; not after her Dad, who is a policeman in England, but because it has no tail (and only one eye, but anyhoo).
    And another niece named her cat Goat, but anyhoo.

  18. Our cat’s name was Bobby, but that’s ’cause he was born with a club foot (short & deformed) and bobbed when he walked. He was a sweetheart who loved to be held like a baby & lived until the age of 17. I still miss him.

  19. Yitzysmommie says:

    followed by BIG ****THUD****
    What a precious Puttum Tater!
    T(Ed) can you clean up my double post booboo?

    [Where? You don’t appear to have made any recent duplicates… – Ed.]

  20. The kittehs are named Bobby Brown and Barry White. 🙂

  21. educand says:

    Oh, what a sweet little baby. I’m not one to watch videos over and over, but I did this one.

  22. I have a cat named Steve! He’s large and white!

  23. Rebecca says:

    I had a cat named Daffodil when I was about 3-4. He was a boy, but I wanted him to be a girl, and I thought that if I named him a girl’s name his…er….stuff would change to girl…stuff….and then he’d be a girl. Daffodil lived to be 17, defending his sissy name to cats all over the neighborhood.

  24. pat_the_bunny says:

    Awww, I wish that was my hand!

    Lil Snugglepuffs, that’s what I’d call ‘im! And I would snorgle him fluffy belleh!


  25. yoohoostereo says:

    My sister’s cat’s name is Fred. All the vet’s assistants loved the name. It’s time to go back to the traditional people. We don’t want our kitteh’s growing up ashamed.

  26. Shandrews says:

    Sweety little kitty says, “Talk to the paw!”

  27. meg sez,

    “”Steve” I can understand”

    totally agrees:

  28. Stumpy paw in front of face…I so tie-tie

  29. ThreeCatNight says:

    He’s a little darling; what a snubnosed face!

  30. chicklet says:

    I wants the kitayn!!!

    And holy Moses, this video is even cuter:

    There are multiple kitayns!


  31. chickletq says:

    Looks like Bobby Brown has a brother; Barry White:

    Here’s the profile of the owner. Though it’s probably dangerous to link to it, I’m going to do it anyway:

    Multiple videos = no work getting done today!

  32. scruffylove says:

    Ummm…7 years olds who think their cat looks like a bobcat, that’s who names their cat Bobby. Short for Bobcat.

  33. I had kitty named Bobbie – named after Robert Redford. 0.o

  34. dang – I meant to add the link for her pic:

  35. I….I…feel weak…..


  36. HeidStar says:

    Sleepy McSleepersons! I think “Bobby” suits her just fine. Not so sure about the namesake though. She seems more Bobbie Gentry than Bobby Brown.

  37. This video of Bobby is cuter, what with the little meow-chees and the kittehs in the background.

  38. girlnextdoortn says:

    ooohh liddle face!!!! Must go squeeze my cats until they hate me.

  39. Claudia says:

    Bobby is a GREAT name! So sweet.

  40. Hey – I had the best cat in the world named “Bob”. He was a 6-toed orange tabby; my first pet ever. He lived to be 17 years old. RIP Bob, I miss you!

  41. sunnymum says:

    OMG! ded from the qte

  42. I don’t just WANT this kitty……I NEED this kitty. He’ sooo cute – too cute. I can’t take it. My heart aches.

  43. Peanutcat says:

    Help! There’s a whole litter of cuteness!


    Absolutly do NOT watch Barry White!

  44. My calico lady is named “Darryl”. The extra “r” is for “rreaow!”. My old boy found her and named her. Who doesn’t know that all calicos are ladies. It tewtally fits her, though.

  45. Vanessa says:



    Furriest kitteh ever

  46. I think Bobby is a cute name for a pet. I also think its better to name animals “people” names, but that’s just me. (Says the girl who has a cat named Eddie.)

    Also, my head exploded after watching that video. Eeee!

  47. Nonie3234 says:

    Please meet my kitteh, “Bobby” and his bestest friend “Ming”:


  48. Tina Rhea says:

    This video made my ovaries hurt.

  49. ShelleyTambo says:

    I’m glad I saw the other vids. At first, I was al “Noooo–these kittens are too young to be taken from mom!” But it looks like mom’s in the background. Normally I don’t find Persian kittens cute at all (adults are marginally better), but this girl is.

  50. Mary (the first) says:

    I usually name my cats “people” names and have had Harold (who had 6 kittayns.. Herbert, Harriet, Henrietta, etc.) and also Jody, Kelly, Samantha, Sara. Exceptions: Duke (Marmaduke, a huge marmie) and Shadow who was solid black, it’s true, but got his name cuz after he was rescued and came to my house he followed at my heels like ..well you know. He was the sweetest cat EVAR.

  51. Shannon says:

    ahhh – I think I just felt my blood pressure lower…..

  52. BlueFairy says:

    I once knew a cat named Goat Cheese.

  53. omg Nonie! Your pictures of Bobby and Ming are a*dor*able!!!1!

  54. OMG – she is TOTALLY an Ewok. So cute!!

  55. Floofball! Squeeeeeee!

  56. Persephone says:

    oh my goodness! I was seriously sitting alone in my apartment watching this and making “oh! awwwww! ooooo” noises.

  57. ceejoe, I love your Bobbie R.!

    either she was huuuuge of you have the world’s tiniest couch.

  58. ROFLOL!!!

    This is the cutest kitteh all year long! WOW, what a cutie-pie. One question, though: Did any of the other kittens get any milk? What a chub!

  59. Leah B. says:

    ewok central calling ewok central are you missing a memeber of you society ????

    If you are we don’t know where she is, if not nevermind the page

    cute to max overload

  60. Check out the sequel. {It’s the second tiny icon on the bottom menu, after the video, is through, or press the menu button}

  61. In the second video, he’s sucking his paw! Check it out, it’s the second icon, from the left, on the bottom menu, after the video. It’s even better!

  62. My boykitty’s name is James. James Bond. (Mr. llamas named him…)

  63. niiiiiiiice….


  64. Dear. Sweet. God. I’m in a diabetic coma from the sweetness of little floofy smooshy-face there…

    I want him! Sarah B., name your price!

  65. lol, mariser – she started out as a teeny fluffy keeten, but grew to be huuuuuge. Made more pronounced by the long hair.
    Ah, the memories… she was a pistol, my Bobbie!

  66. Alice Shortcake says:

    I want Bobby I want Bobby I want Bobby…

  67. My oldest cat is named Basil after Basil Rathbone. We also call him Bazzy. This is little baby is so sweet. I wish I had a Bobby!

  68. llamas: Please tell me bond is the black one and pinky is the little light-colored guy. Cause otherwise that is absolutely redonkulous.

  69. Pooteysmom says:

    Wait!!! It gets worse. What’s more unbearable than a mind numbingly cute kitteh? One named Barry White who, 40 seconds into the video, starts noshing on it’s own paw!!
    Altogether: Awwwwwwww

  70. ottersmoo says:

    I had a kitty named Tessie (short for Tesseract) who was very nearly named Bob. Because it was funny. She was such a DIVA kitty and all superior. Bob became her middle name. Tesseract Bob.

  71. sweet kitteh!!! I love people names for pets. Our kitties are Stan and Mabel. 🙂

  72. OMG, the paw-gnaw video. Eet ees definitelee too moische. ::swoon::

  73. Revwaldo says:

    Not so much a “Bobby” as a “Teddy” 🙂

  74. hey it’s a girlkitteh.. on the other vids there it said that it’s a she. ooooh bobby then the name is tewterlly justified

  75. Bob is a good name for a cat. I had a cat named Bob for 8 years, he was killed two days before this last christmas….but bob is a great name

  76. Shannon Johnson says:

    That was the cutest kitten ever. I think the name Bobby would work.

  77. You’re right !! Bobby is a terrible bame for the kitten and I must rescue it from its insensitive owner. Hand over Bobby right now!

    Please…I’ll be you’re best friend.

  78. I was trying to pick out a name for our kitten once, and DH said jokingly that we could ‘just call him Bob’. So I did. Took DH a while to believe that I meant it.

    Unfortunately poor little Bob died of FIP a few months later. That was 2 years ago, and I still cry at the thought of it. <3 Bob.

  79. I don’t like people names for pets, my cousin named her dog after me, it was meant as a compliment but ya know, not so much. My boss named his dog Ted & then hired a woman whose husband was Ted, we all went camping & when they called the dog her husband would look up. I pick organic names for pets, flower/food/minerals etc.
    -Jasper’s mom (I know people are called Jasper but not often. He’s named for the park in Canada.)

  80. Brak_Silverbone says:

    *buries face in Bob’s fluff and snorts entire kitten up nose*


  81. acelightning says:

    What a pretty itty bitty kitty!

  82. (approaches Brak with tweezers and catnip)

    Now keep still…this won’t hurt a bit.

  83. pigtail78 says:

    My cat is also named Bobby, due to his short, stubby bobtail. 🙂

    When he gets excited (e.g. at the sight of another cat), his tail fluffs up till it looks like a round, dandelion puff-ball. 😀

  84. There’s nowt wrong with a cat called Bobby! My baby boy is aso a Bobby and could never be anything else!: http://kittenwar.com/kittens/127310/

  85. I’m dead. Play Taps.

  86. May I suggest a new rule of cuteness: If your face is smushed, it’s cute. As exhibited on pugs, bulldog puppies, and this very kitteh.

  87. Those are the same people who named my Marmy rescue kitteh “Trevor”. He has an invisible friend I named “Trouble”, of course. Those with Marmies know what ahm takin’ about.

  88. Persephone says:

    Ok, I showed my husband the videos and now he is totally obsessed with Bobby and wants to adopt him. I’m like “We can get a kitten *like* him” and he’s like “but I want that kitten!”

    He’s really like a little kid sometimes. <3

  89. (First comment-even though I’ve been coming here for over a year)

    My sister-in-law was at a loss for a name for her kitteh. She ended up naming her “Egg”. Top that strange name!

  90. Tee hee, the chunky limbs! Flailing about! I bet there will be some viciously cute playfighting going on as soon as they’re old enough to see what they’re batting at!

  91. I don’t think I’ve ever named a cat a person name. There was Gloves, so named because she had mittens but there was no way we were naming her Mittens.

    Then there’s the three kittens we rescued that I named Ninja and Pirate in hopes the names would be temporary and no one in the family would fall in love with them. I wanted to name the third Zombie but I got voted down. I own him now, his name is Ranger. And the parents kept Ninja and Pirate.

    Then I’ve got Captain Nemo, in the past we’ve had Elrond, Galadriel (which was a dog), Neon, Argon, Sandy, Lightning, Thunder, Merlin, MacKenzie, Rat (full name: Rattimus Cattimus), and Eme.

    My aunt wins though with her two dogs Havoc and Trouble and her slew of cats including: Raptor, Scout, Newt, and about five more I can’t remember off the top of my head.

    I’m well on my way to being the crazy cat-lady.

  92. Ok, I’ve had five cats, all with people names, because you have to call them something to begin with, but mostly they go by their nicknames, which develop as we get to know their personalities better…Squibble, Sweet ‘N Tender…yes all right, we’re weird.

  93. Oh. my. gawsh. It’s just too much. Shannon, I just LOL’d! I can’t think of a single name to top “egg”! Too funny!

  94. HAAAAYYYYY!!!1! My kitteh’s name is Earl. He’s 24 pounds of love so the name fits perfectly. Don’t be dissin’ real names!

  95. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Aubrey, noooo! Get away from me with those tweezers!! *runs away*

  96. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Hey, Eme–a friend of mine was neighbors with a guy who had 2 black labs, name of Spike and Seizure. I wonder if the guy was an EMT…

  97. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Um, I mean, that last remark was meant for Kiddo.

    Man, it’s been a long week.

  98. Michele Quinn says:

    How cute I love kittys I wish I could have more!!!

  99. Michele Quinn says:

    What is wrong with the name Bobby I think it is so cute. My dog is named Jack and cat is named Sara Jean so what is wrong with Bobby. I think it is great!!!! Don’t forget to spay and neuter your pets!!

  100. My friend’s cat’s name is Bill. That’s worse than bobby.

  101. All right, I’ll confess. We have a cat named Solomon…


  102. Norton Pee Bunny, Phinnius Fynn Findley, Pontouf Paunchy MCPauncherson…

    Bobby… like “now now bobby, das a good boy doncha know it” ? (Bobby’s world)

  103. Honestly, it was the fat, squidgy paw that got me!!!!

  104. omg. i just died.

    the face! the forehead, the eyes, the nose, and that overfloofed outstretched pawsie!!!!


  105. I just got a new kitty and i named him BOB!!!!

    i call him bobbles