Behold! The most delicate of toy graspings!

You People are totally writing these things yourselves now. Sender-inner Rosie W. writes:

"*SCHLORMP* ( ball inhaled off floor) and behold! the most delicate of toy graspings evar!"

Absolutely correct. [Looking over glasses at specimen]


Rosie, it’s a good thing you know how to write these. You just saved me 2.3 minutos.



  1. awwww, fuzzeh puppeh and fuzzeh balleh

  2. Suda Nim says:

    That pup sure knows how to do the fashion-model strut!

  3. MaggieBelle says:

    Ooh! Flurffy!

  4. This pup looks like the red panda from yesterday–what kind of pup is that?

  5. Catsquatch says:


    Hes so KEWT!!!!!

  6. That’s an Akita puppy. It was featured on “The Daily Puppy” the other day. Here’s a link to the rest of this cutie’s page.

  7. MIEN BAL!
    but u can has too.
    heer, i bring.

  8. Wups, forgot where I was for a second. Hehe.

  9. metsakins says:

    Belgium waffles!


    (Btw, cute puppy)

  10. giggle, poor Bri, you cans speak now.

    Cute Puppey!
    I want this one too.
    I can just totally visualize the Swomp of it sucking up the tennis ball and trotting off wit it.
    SO CUTE!
    Our dogs play with tennis balls but they don’t share wit us. We throw it and never see it again. Our yard is a tennis ball graveyard.

  11. ok 2 more things then I’ll shut up (for now).
    1) Just noticed the little pawsie up in the air as photographer got that coveted mid trot pic, ARgggh! the Sweetness is too much!
    2) LMAO on the hover text.
    Ok done for now. I think.
    Oh forgot sorry one last thing, Metsie, step away from teh puppeh! Greedy t’aint I?

  12. One Eyed Daruma says:

    It almost looks like gravity shut off for a second when this pic was taken…

  13. My dad has a lab who plays with those giant tennis balls (bigger than a softball), and once you start throwing she won’t stop fetching until she’s too tired to run anymore (she was overweight when they got her – still working on that). She destroys at least one ball a week. And when she’s tired, she lays down with her tennis balls (she likes to have two at once so you have to throw constantly) and covers them with her paws and head. “Iz mah ball. You no can has. You wanna throw eet? OK, you can has.”

  14. Alice Shortcake says:


  15. lymerae says:

    This is a princess (prince?) among dogs. Look at that daintiest of raised paws, perfect ballroom etiquette! And how it carries the Royal Ball of Tennis with such grace.

  16. Alexandra says:

    I love it. If your mouf is too small to bite a tennis ball, just pinch the fuzzies in your teeth.

  17. I think it is sooooo kewt!!!! I love the little mouth holding on to the tennis ball.

  18. Brie, our dogs do the “Iz mah ball. You no can has.”
    Only they also say, “You wanna throw eet? Catch me first! :HA:!”

  19. So soft!

  20. Hmmm His lederhosen are white and fluffy and he has a ball shaped pancake in his mouth right XD..
    Metsakins don’t be hoggin that cute little guy I want a snorgle too..

  21. metsakins says:

    I’m in the other thread, tickling Jack russel’s belly.

  22. Sooooo cute!

    Is it a Shiba Inu?

  23. metsakins says:

    Then I’m gonna sew some clothes for the hammie in the post b4. He looks so naked in there. I won’t be playing with this puppeh for at least 2 more hours!

  24. I like to imagine the ball is bouncing into his nose. hehe ow.

  25. *sneaks behind metsie as she heads back to Jack russell puppeh & hammy and locks the door.* HA! MINE!
    *installs Puppeh Alarm*
    beeep bip. “Armed”.

  26. The ears! The fuzzy little ears! They belong in my mouf.

  27. The ears! The fuzzy little ears! They belong in my mouf.

  28. The ears! The fuzzy little ears! They belong in my mouf.

  29. metsakins says:

    Ya got 2 hours and then I’m comin’ in!!!!!1!!!

  30. metsakins says:

    *note to self* stop at the tennis courst down the road to pick up used tennis balls.

  31. hey no fair!

  32. *note to self, dip all MY tennis balls in bacon & burger grease & barricade door*

  33. [snicker!]


  35. Moggyfan says:

    There is nothing cuter than a doggie carrying his own toys. Nothing.
    I fall ded of the qte right on the street whenever I see it.

  36. Roll over text Rofl.

    Puppy . Grrrr urrrrr grrrr My tennis ball.
    Until metz brings in the ones smelling of bacon.. then you know that Tailio is gonna be all wagging and little mister bright eyes will be laughing.

  37. So soft and fluffy no one can pet just once.

  38. ThreeCatNight says:

    Snorgly and strutting his stuff. Too cute!

  39. Bizzandra says:

    I almost thought this little guy was a fox at first! What a cutie!

  40. Mary (the first) says:

    He does look like a red panda. And .. isn’t that just a basic “soft kronsche”?

  41. linders says:

    A pink rug???

    eep. Bit 1980’s….

    Dog is cute.

  42. hmmm, I see I’m gonna have to invest in some tighter security.
    hmmm…*calls dancing otter*
    Yes, do you do security?
    Great, what do you charge?
    *looks in fridge*
    yep I have 10 fish, can you come over right away?
    K’Thanx Bye!
    *rubs hands together evilly*

  43. S/he is so PROSH! Such dainty paws’n’stuff. I no gots pup for fetch. Iz gots kitteh for fetchin’ widdo mousies (no lie). He either drops it by my feet or jumps up and drops it right next to me. I di-int know that kittehs can fetch afore heem.

  44. Linda Y. says:

    This is Akira, my friend Sarah’s akita puppy! More pics here:

  45. Shannon Johnson says:

    Ha the leetle doggie has the ball and he will not give it up.

  46. Oh my! What a georgious pup!

    Thanks for the link, Linda. Wonderful photos. Your friend is a great photographer.

  47. Georgious. (spelling?)

  48. When I saw this on Daily Puppy I remember thinking “I must deeelicately move my ball out of harms way.”

    The sender inner was dead on, and the puppy, well, the puppy, it shall be mine. Back off beeches!

  49. i hate tennis, but this one is cool…



  51. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Those are some seriously kissable pawses. And nose. Amd top of the head. And ears. And… oh, hell, I’ll just stuff the whole darn puppy into my mouth! But not the tennis ball. Phwaugh!

  52. Posh Tater says:

    Even our friends who aren’t into dogs OR into cuteness are seriously getting into the whole dainty puppy paw ball holding thing.

    It SUCKS you in and doesn’t let you gooooooo!

  53. CUTE!