‘Chicken Stix’ Splayment

Says Sender-Inner Catherine S.; "this is Flash, our little wiener dog. She’s 10 pounds of hell (cuz she’s 14 years old!) and just luvs to bask in the sun with her chicken stix splayed out. The splaying gives us a cute view of the ‘tockage."

True. True. [nodding with chin in hand]


Oh, and love the creepy sliver of window in the back—adding depth noooow [sing in Rocky theme]


In the end (heh) Catherine S. decided she wanted a ‘tock to go.



  1. mervtheflamingo says:

    Aw, a Sr. Cutie.

  2. Doxie tocks are the best!!!

  3. in the 2nd pic, she’s like “watchoo doin back there???”

  4. Ohhhh her face, so regal…

  5. Looks like a nice setting, too. Sunbeam, shag rug, leaded glass, Commedia del Arte lounge…

  6. Yitzysmommie says:

    Flash, you’re so beautiful that the ‘tocks view is beautiful too!
    Nahwming on the chicken leg….

  7. you know those little white cooking paper booties they put on turkey legs? i want to put them on poochie’s feets and then neeble on them.

  8. I love the silver dignigied muzzle and cute widdle pawpads of mischeif!

  9. what a sweet little old lady! ’bout time a senior got some cute props; puppehs grow into beloved companions.

  10. didn’t know dachshunds were such a movable feast! she’s a lovely older dog, i hope you get to have her for a long time.

  11. ThreeCatNight says:

    Pass them hot dog buns my way!

  12. awww…love the dark paw pads and the gray snout!
    what a lovely gal…(tummyrubs and ears scratchies)

  13. Now this is the kind of Flash back I like!

  14. Chicken sticks on a pear head (as some of us doxie owners call them :))

  15. Jen – I’m with ya! Nummy chix stix! 🙂

  16. girlnextdoortn says:

    Oooh, I love it when my cat does this- I call it his “pancake pose”. ‘Cuz he’s all flat, yanno?

  17. NYgirly says:

    LOL at chixen stix ^^

    A good friend of mine has a HOOOOGE tuxedo kitty named ‘Gyro’ who will sit upright, with one leg sticking out in front of himself that he licks and it’s called ‘turkey leg’!

    *runs and gets a chixen bib and moist towelettes*


  19. Michelle says:

    What a sweet, sweet face. I adore the faces of older dogs. So much character.

    These chickin stix look like they could be buffalo wings.

    ::grabs a dollop of bleu and some celery::

  20. Wonderful picture!
    Big hugs to little doxie and her drumsticks!

  21. thedistractor says:

    My corgis do this too. The boy is named Ham (short for Hamlet) so we called his splayed legs “Ham hocks”.

  22. When my puppy Pickles lays with his legs all splayed out behind him, I call it ‘frog legs.’ I never thought of chicken stix.

  23. Wow Flash looks great for her age! Certainly better than our hot dog, Babe, who is almost 15 and dying of congestive heart failure. 😦 But she used to sit like this all the time, and I wondered how is that comfortable?

    Adorable pics!

  24. Zydekitten says:

    We have a Jack Russell Terrier (Woo Hoo, Terrier Tocks!) who does this and we call it his “broiler chicken” pose!

    Too Cute!


  25. This blog is way to obsessed with animal butts. It’s starting to get disturbing.

  26. Ponygirl says:

    Nice to see the old dogs gettin’ their due!

  27. Another excellent screen name! “Zydekitten!” [hears bayou accordion and washboard in head]

  28. Tocks up, Toby.

  29. Mary (the first) says:

    This grande dame reminds me a bit of my grandmother.. quite venerable indeed. (not counting the pink collar. Where are the hanging reading glasses??)

  30. Well I think it’s a safe bet that they wouldn’t be on *this* end, Mary.

  31. Awwwwww.

  32. Mary (the first) says:

    LOL Well no, but on pic. 2 they should be visible hanging from the neck (or perched on her nose):)

  33. NYgirly says:

    LOL @ Toby

  34. Is it wrong that I want to munch on his toes?

    If so, I don’t want to be right.

  35. I’ve got a Dachshund…..Mini B/T. She’s almost 14. She’s got cancer. I am making sure she is without pain at this point. Sorry to be a bummer. If you really know Dachshunds, You will understand.

  36. Shannon Johnson says:

    Weiner dog alert!!! I love it.

  37. *

    nice doggy…



  38. JUNK

  39. thequeenmum says:

    Awwww so prosh! I have an older dachshie and he does the exact same thing, especially when nibbling on bones! Only a dachshie owner can fully understand the cuteness. 🙂

  40. I like dog butts and
    I can not lie
    You other puppers can’t deny
    That when a dog walks in…

  41. I’ve always called them ‘porkchop legs’…

  42. Enough the tocks already. They’re not cute. I’m tired of looking at animal and insect butts – they’re really, really, not cute.

  43. Sue in NoCal says:

    Sorry, Em, you lose!
    I love the matching set of cowlicks on her hiney. Yes. Tock cowlicks!

  44. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Is it so wrong that I want to gently nibble on those licorice toes?

  45. Zydekitten says:

    Thanks for the compliment Theo . . .

    I do loves me some Zydeco music.

    And bring on the Tocks, I say . . . you can never have too many tocks!


  46. Dear A, sorry to hear your beloved puppy is in distress. hugs from me to you and your puppy love.

  47. I heard somewhere that when dogs lay like that (with their legs splayed under and behind them like that) that it’s a sign of good hips. Anyone know if there’s any truth to that?


  49. Pantalone?

  50. “This blog is way to obsessed with animal butts.”

    I think that I, and every one else here, will be more than willing to offer a rebuttal to that remark.

  51. in our house we have cat panteloons. but dox tocks is cute too.

    You can never have too many tocks

  52. Annie, sometimes you can overdo it. And then you have to go into de-tocks.

  53. not a very cute photo.

  54. DOX TOX!

  55. StormCat says:

    I have a large calico kitty who not only lays on her tummy with her back legs splayed out behind her, but she also crosses her from paws!! She looks so cute that way…

    More Tox!!!

  56. StormCat says:

    Whoops… “from” should have been “front”

  57. Aubrey are you saying there may need to also be a visit to dox tocks aholics anony-mouse.

    My name is Annie and I am a dox tocks aholic.

  58. Chris Sherman says:

    When my Great Pyrenees used to do this with her ‘tocks, we’d call her the Frog Dog!

  59. My 15 yr old doxie does the SAME thing.. she argues with the cats for the sun spot the stretches alllll the way out.. i pinch her cute little “cheeks”

  60. Cute for one, not cute for all? Equal time for all cuteness here! I’m learning more about cute from this blog, and enjoying it immensely!
    …nibblenibblenibble…I’ll have to send in my cat’s “chicken feet”…