Do not look directly at this pup

Because his prosh ears will… entrance… you… into… lining… up…next to him—what were we talking about?


Extremely powerful pup you got there, Alexandra A. Strange—I just went out and bought milkbones for no reason…



  1. zeldapie says:

    Such soulful eyes!

  2. w00t! Fish Popsicle!

    I lurve the ear-floppiness, too.

  3. IT



    Doe-eyed flap-eared flyin’ purple hypno-pupper,
    Doe-eyed flap-eared flyin’ purple hypno-pupper…

  4. Those ears totally look edible!

  5. Michelle says:

    ahahaahaha what a FACE

    His lil lavender fren looks kinda evil tho.

  6. Mary (the first) says:

    Yes, I’m definitely hypnotized by the pupper and his evil assistant.

  7. Kallisto says:

    Aaaawww, and he’s got a little friend too. That’s lovely.

  8. zeldapie says:

    How did my “FP” become Fish Popscicle? Is Theo messin’ wid me?

    [Would I? Do?? That??? – Ed.]

  9. Loofah dogs! My guys LOVE those toys.

  10. Posh Tater says:

    Hotdogginit. The EYES!

  11. Too cute!

    And still laffing at Teho’s comment, too….

  12. zeldapie says:

    Waah! Theo or Meg are messin’ with my mind, which is already half gone! Waaah!
    (Yeah, that little levander guy looks up to no good.)

  13. Lioness says:

    Dat is sooo cute! Oh…my…god…

    Eek! *falls over in a cute coma*

  14. Twins!!! They are twins!! Hypnotizing us.. Oddly I also feel the need to go buy milk bones…

  15. Pup is clearly a master of aurigami–the Japanese art of ear folding.

  16. I think the purple one looks EVIL… but pups is cute. Like Pinky & the Brain. They are plotting to take over the world.

  17. I’m not sure what i find more incredible…the utter proshness of this Jack Russell or the fact that he’s a Jack Russell that’s actually sitting still. 😉

  18. The pink fluffy dude beside him is his bodyguard……..look at those bared teeth! Aaaahhhhh!

  19. Teho, great song, but you missed 2 syllables!

    ( … itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, yellow polka-dot bikini … yup, two syllables.)

    Doe-eyed flap-eared flyin’ purple hypno-pupper … playing turtle?

    [sheepish expression]

  20. Aurigami! Ha! Dale, thanks for hitting my funnybone.

    And Theo, thanks for that cute earworm.

  21. rpennefe says:

    Good dog! What a good dog!

    The selflessness makes me want to weep.

  22. his cute eyes just pop out at you…he is soooo cute!!!

  23. rpennefe says:

    Grrrr! a part of my last message disappeared *poof*. What I wanted to write was:

    We now interrupt the current hypnosis to bring you this news story:

    Good dog….etc. etc.

  24. subhangi, he was doing a similar sounding song,
    One eye one horned flying purple people eater.

    BTW, thanx a lot Theo for the earworm, on a Monday no less. Now I’m gonna be mumbling that in my sleep.

  25. belphebe says:

    Subhangi, wrong song.

    “It was a
    one-eyed, one-horned flyin’ purple people eater”
    [ ] (not sure if the link will work)

    not the bikini song.

    Cute puppers and I love his friend too!

  26. Subhangi — Metz already covered this (TypePad was being a pain & making me re-log-in again for the umpteenth time, so it took me a while), and I did borrow the “IT WAS A” opener from Polka Dot Bikini… but here’s the one I mostly used:

  27. Oh jeez… Belphebe beat me to it too.
    Bleargh, I need some lunch…

  28. My Honey has one of those (loofah pup, not JackRat), and she absolutely loves it!

  29. must follow the Puppy’s orders…..

  30. zeldapie says:

    Say, when is CO gonna have a new t-shirt? I have my Hamster of World Peace t-shirt, but am jonesing for a new one.

  31. This is the last thing a milk-bone sees before it’s tewtally chomped to death.


  32. NYgirly says:

    Dey bof hav big bwack owives (big black olives) –that have been double pitted–for noses! I wub beeb bwack owive noses ^^

  33. another Michelle says:

    He’s like a puppy-hypnotist; suddenly I’m feeling verrrrry drowwwwssy

  34. Obey the Jack!

  35. a*dor*able pup of course!
    but I have to say… I’m bummed whenever the hover text is not absolutely hilarious…
    you have raised our expectations so high, Meg and Theo!

  36. “Toooday izzz not Monnnndayyy. Do not goooo to verrrrk. Stayyy hoooome.”

  37. Oh sure pyrit, Now you tell me.
    Thanks a lot.
    I’m already at work now what?

  38. puppyluppynoseyla!!!

  39. Jack and his lavender friend know you have bacon. Woe be to you if you do not give it to them.

    (He knows you can cram it through the cable modem, and his is waiting)

  40. R. Moore says:

    My SO’s og has that very toy, but in green. One end has a high-pitched squeaker, the other end is lower. He hates the lower squeak but LOVES the higher. So he’ll wait until you’re watching, say, CSI or Capote or something or other that is serious and start chomping and squeaking like mad. It’s hilarious.

  41. ThreeCatNight says:

    I am mesmerized by that stare, but still want to kiss that little black nosicle — is that so wrong?

  42. metsakins says:

    they have been taking lessons from the otters in the art of mind control and making evil plans

    be afraid, be very afraid

  43. hey…it’s an adorable Jack Russell terrier with his very own Bobo!

  44. metsakins says:

    3CN we all want to kiss the nosicle….

  45. *while everyone is distracted by the sweet nosicles Metz sneaks up behind puppeh, grabs & runs*
    Mine! YOu guys can has the purplethingey.

  46. *

    The pink is CUTER

    just kidding…



  47. Shannon Johnson says:

    That looks like Toby, he has a Bobo just like that.

  48. leah b. says:

    that is cute puppeh, there but I think we need to replace his freind with a really goofy eyed toy.

    I love these pups, wait my lab can’t read yet can he ??????????

  49. MEtsakins Buttt Buttt…… the cute puppy… oh nooooooo.. he cannot be in league with the evil otters..
    Cue Dramatic Prarrie dog clip

  50. I believe this puppers is trying to communicate his communicate his urgent need for squeezings, using only the power of his SOULFUL EYES.

    *dives forward to sqz*

  51. QueenCrimson says:

    Ah, Terrier MindMeld ™, we call this. Our JRT employs it to devastating effect on a regular basis.

    This little fella has The Power too.

  52. my puppy loves her loofa dog.. its the same color!

  53. sugarbear has a “happy dog” just like that one! its her favorite too!

  54. Miranda says:

    My Corgis love their loofa dogs. We call them Bobo, I don’t know why. In fact, we need a new Bobo …

  55. I was only saying that the pupsla seems to be practicing mind control as expressed by many previous comments. To me there is only one place an innocent pupsla like that could have learned it…he clearly took a drink from the otter 2 posts before. how else could that baby learn mind control…now I have to go to the butcher for some bones, not sure why, just have a feeling I should…gotta run

  56. YAY! Feature more Jack Russells! W00t!

  57. that is the biggest jack russell ever!

  58. Metsakins. okay so the evil otter corrupted our cute as can be jack russel here… but how do we rescue him… hmmm looks deep into puppies eyes… wait I am feeling the urge to go buy a big juicy steak for puppy..

  59. why would he want to be rescue so far he’s got milkbone, regular bone and steak. I think the otters plan went off track b/c the puppy is only using his powers for himself, not world domination…

    *otters in background furiously mixing new formulas, calling the squirels for suggestions*

  60. Thats because puppies are special they can not be corrupted to take over the world

  61. Yes, I believe you’re correct. the otter tried, but it didn’t work…. anyway, I suddenly have the urge to go to Feed Barn and get a couple of pig’s ears. ttyl…

  62. I don’t spose you could pick up some chicken feed for my hens while you are there could you MEtsie????

    Oh and a dog toy tooo

  63. O.o I just bought my kitty that purple pup toy…

  64. “Puppies will make you sleep…”

  65. Furface says:

    They are both fugly.

  66. what else can you say but ‘awwwwwwwwwwwwww’

  67. So… a big-nosed squeaky-evil purple doggie sidekick plushie?

  68. ritabby says:

    He’s Megalicioius. M E G A L I O U S.

  69. ritabby says:

    I meant..M E G A L I C I O U S..

    sung like FERGIE…

  70. Am I the only one that giggles every time she looks at this picture? It just cracks me up 🙂


  71. I bet he/she gets into all sorts of badness, and blames it on Bobo. (It’s as obvy as the nose on it’s face!)

  72. on a serious note, I wonder how soft and kissable that white fur above his nosicle is? I think I need to borrow pup for softness testing. com’on this will only take a minute.

    *kees, kees, rub, pat, kees, kees*

  73. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:




    yes oh puppy overlord… your every wish is my command…

    *bows in subservience to furry master*

  74. Yitzysmommie says:

    Yay for JR puppers and Bobos.
    We have a bright red Bobo at our house for our vicious killer WaWa mix Toby and he looks hilarious carrying it around. Must buy Bobos that are as long as the pupper…

  75. metsie, back away from the puppers. MINE!

  76. metsakins says:

    I’ll give it back. Just checking the ears now

    *pat Pat pat*

    and the tummeh


    in a little bit just wait….

  77. Tsk Tsk MEtsakins you forgot under his chin too.

    And Did you give him his goodies.. Can’t you see how houngry he is.. Look at those eyes

  78. He looks so innocent,and I like him

  79. Uh oh, he’s got Elaine!

  80. He looks like one of those doctored photos of animals with huge heads. Those are kind of creepy but he is pretty cute!

  81. Oh Ohhhh hes got Tugs now too..

  82. Seriously. Once I stared at those eyes and ears long enough, I seriously DID start involuntarily leaning toward the computer screen…

    No joke. Involuntarily.

  83. Ok how sad is this? (don’t answer that Theo!)
    I was just about to fall asleep when this post popped back into my head for some reason and I realized that no one, (shocked voice) NOT one person posted the obvy response to this pic.
    So good little net slave that I am I hopped outta bed, powered up the pc and “ran” to CO as fast as the web could take me just to tell you this.
    wait for it….

    “Say Hello to my leetle friend.”

    Ok now I can sleep.
    (pretty sad ain’t it?-again don’t answer that theo!)

  84. Metz… Snicker… How could I have missed that one.. Obvi my mind does not work as good as yours.

  85. Oh! Oh! I just thoughta nother one! *and I didn’t even have to get outta bed this time!*
    Oh this is good.
    wait for it….
    *giggling at self*

    Look me in the eye when you say that.

    *runs back to dance w/the prarie doggies* tee hee!