Seriously hungry, hungry hippo

Yeah, I pretty moishe watched this one with my mouth open in disbelief the whole time…

Mo K., way to pick ’em!

Now playing on CuteCast, natch.



  1. I am speechless!

    this is incredible!

    the door-opening scene! eating with the doggies!

    hippos just do NOT do that sort of thing…..


  2. And I wanted one of those little House Hippos… pfft. NOW I SHALL HAVE THE REAL THING.
    There must be many a squished foot in their household. D:

  3. peaseapea says:

    Aiiiaaaaaaghhhhhhhhh. I think I had my mouth open as wide as a hippo’s watching this.
    I’m struck senseless my the sweetness of it!

  4. shollia says:

    Lol… that poor dog getting it’s foot squished. Least it was ok though heh. I’m sure that probably happens all the time.
    That was really amazing though.
    Watching her eat with the dogs, and going inside to get more snacks.. and the last part with her snuggled up in her blankey with a buddy beside her.. so cute 🙂

  5. Wow that was soooo amazing! The best part was the lady massaging the hippo before bedtime!!! and the doggie sleeping beside her! (hence the pink sheets)

  6. Aww, this is pretty darn cute. Especially there at the end all wrapped up. Definitely NOT typical hippo behavior.

  7. That is one well cared for Hippo! Sheesh! What animal or person wouldn’t come back and hang around for that kind of treatment?! Where’s my Hippo suit?

  8. Now I really want a Hippo for Christmas!!!!!!

  9. My mouth is as agape as Jessica’s. You have to show someone the video because otherwise they would never believe it.

    Thanks Meg!

  10. The best thing about this is that the hippo’s name is “Jessica”.

  11. guineapiggin9 says:

    That is incredible. She has such a bond with the humans as they do with her. LOL when she goes in the house. The ppl dont even care, they just let mozy on in and get a snack. Priceless!!!

  12. Given the rep that Heepoz have in the Wild, this is truly remarkable stuff.

    i love the end part during the massage when Jessie closes her eyes in contentment and gives off a little hippo sigh.


  13. OMG!!1 Jessica the hippo. 😀 I love they named her Jessica of all the names in the world.

    How cute was she sleeping under her blanket and a dog curled up on her side!!!

    I have to watch it again. And again.

  14. Hippos drink coffee?

  15. Silent Meow says:

    I wish I could have a nice, big hippo hug right about now.

  16. I already knew Jessica from an other broadcast, Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen to be precise!
    Check this, this is about a girl (Yinling) who is scared of animals. They use Jessica to wipe away Yinling’s fear for animals. Breathtaking!

  17. Jacki14 says:

    Please tell me this was another of the famous BBC April Fool’s Day broadcasts. The massage and the pink sheets were just a little too much to be believable.

  18. I sort of wonder about the purpose of the sheet during the massage… I mean, with humans, it’s to preserve some modesty, I thought, but when you’re dealing with a hippo who runs about in the nude all the time, well! Not complaining (too adorable!!!), but I’m just sayin’!

  19. the last scene … so comftubles.. heehee

  20. christine says:




  21. smokeyJoe says:

    i would like a massage before bed, please.

  22. Aufilena says:

    “Yeah, I pretty moishe watched this one with my mouth open in disbelief the whole time…”

    Because you were hungries!

  23. It’s like the equivalent of raising 20 kids!!!!!

  24. why is i crying now.. sneef.

  25. nightbird says:

    Just one question…Just how much do they spend in groceries per week?

  26. Tina Rhea says:

    How much time do they spend cleaning the floor in a week, if Jessica spends much time in the kitchen? I don’t know how easy it is to housebreak a hippo….

    Seconds on loving the name “Jessica” for a hippo… even a baby hippo.

  27. *jaw drops*


    Is exactly what I said. How wonderful is that?

    There needs to be books about Jessica the Hippo.

  28. Trishas says:

    Yes!! A children’s book about Jessica! It could help them financially feed Jessica!

  29. donutbill says:

    Okay, I have GOT to get me a hippo now. They’re not a high-maintenance pet are they?
    Where do those bottom teeth GO when she closes her mouth??

  30. SeaBreeze says:

    “Ma, I wanna keep it … it keeps coming back!! And it’s all nice and snorgly, too!!!”

  31. leah b. says:

    Ok that has to be one heck of a grocery bill, with thte snacks and coffee LOLOL
    that has to be something …

    To precious for words and I want one too I loved her bed and sleeping buddy at the end.

  32. That’s it! Shut down Cute Overload! There is NOTHING cuter than that video. Everything posted after this will never make me go “Awwwww!” the way that hippo cuddling the dog did.

    I also think a universe imploded somewhere.

  33. AuntieMame says:

    Uh…do they realize that Jessica is going to keep on getting bigger for about the next 20 years?

    Cute, but unnatural. Of course she keeps coming back. There’s a free buffet at the gamekeeper’s house.

  34. omgah omgah omgah. did you see her ears wiggling with content?!

    normally i get annoyed when people piss on the cute parade, but today nothing can harden my heart after watching that darn hippo.

  35. Kristina says:

    I want a hippopotamus for Christmas.
    Only a hippopotamus will do.
    No rhinoceroses,
    or dinky Tinker Toys
    I want a hippopotamus to play with and enjoy.
    I can see me now on Christmas morning creeping down the stair.
    Oh what joy and what surprise when I open up my eyes
    to see a hippo hero standing there.

    And so on, and so forth.

  36. Why ARE hippos so damn cute? I can’t work it out. Not nuffing or nuffin’, just curious.

    Sarah, maybe the sheet is to keep away bugs? I know that at some times of the year they make river hippos very grumpy. Or maybe it’s because baby hippos like to have a blankie of their own, in the manner of puppies and such? In which case, it’s so cute it’s preposterous.

  37. bunny luver!!! says:

    omg what an anerable little(or big) hippo! she is so cute! i cant believe how tame she is–im always seeing news stories on how violent they are. well jessica defies all that! i luv the name too; its so human!

  38. Lerrinus says:

    I will never see hippos the same way ever again!

    All together now:


  39. michellemybelle says:

    That was too moische! Jessica and the dogs eating was cute, but that bit at the end when she’s ready for sleepies? Priceless. That’s all just neat.

  40. As sweet as that video was I’d be scared of denying Jessica food when she wanted it.

  41. Michelle says:


    That was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. The entire video track was crunching and munching. sigh.

  42. How do you submit a picture?

  43. Yitzysmommie says:

    Jessica reminds me of a teenage boy, always grazing food, never full.
    And yes, I’d LOVE a MAH-sage before bed too, thanks.
    Very very cute. (But Rikki’s cuter….)

  44. very cute.

  45. Too Many Maureens says:



    That is one of the most precious things I have seen in a very long time.

  46. This has just killed me. I can’t even move. I MUST have a hippo. Daddy, I want a hippo NOW!
    (what happens when she gets to big to fit through the door? That wall is coming down)

  47. I love how the dog covers his eyes at the end as they settle down for sleepies!!

  48. Shannon Johnson says:

    Ok that was weird


    That was the best thing ever.

  50. Oh wow.
    And the best thing is, she’s socialized with wild animals, so she still would be mating and having little bulgy hippo babies. 🙂

  51. “little bulgy hippo babies”
    hee hee!
    so cute.

  52. This is a historic moment folks.
    Metz is speechless.

    [So… um… who just said that? – Ed.]

  53. eikoleigh says:


    I can’t believe that hippo is hanging out with the dogs, strolling to the kitchen for snacks, and getting massages….?!

    That is one spoiled hippo. No wonder she keeps coming back.

  54. Yitzysmommie says:

    YM having great fun imagining Jessica moseying in & out the backyard door, going up & down the front 12 stairs, riding in the Subaru to my job at the homeless clinic, and best of all, the looks on my patients’ faces when they saw a hippo cruising around the clinic!

  55. the pink blanket is too much. I think my face just split from smiling.

  56. acelightning says:

    I’m just worried about Jessica making a mess in the house. A hippo’s toilet habits are optimized for marking territory. (Don’t read the next bit if you’re eating something, or otherwise squeamish!) On land, when they walk around, that funny-looking little tail spins like a propeller, spraying a wide area with liquid hippopoo. Not the sort of behavior you’d want in a nicely furnished house like that.

  57. Ah! Good point, do you think it IS an April Fools broadcast? I really couldn’t believe the massage at the end either.

    LOVED the eye capsules closing at the end.

  58. I never thought hippos could be this cute until now… She’s all :D! And the pink fleece blanket? PINK PILLOW?! The most heartwarming part is how much the old couple seem to love her. Now I’m all :D!

  59. noo it can’t be a april foolz.
    must be real
    Next you’ll be telling me there’s no Santa or Tooth fairy.

  60. SeaBreeze says:

    LoL acelightning!!!

    Gives a whole new meaning to the “stuff” hitting the rotary apparatus!!

  61. ka9q's wife says:

    It can’t be an April’s fool broadcast. If you google Jessica the Hippo you get all kinds of hits. Including this one.

    Note the pic at the bottom where Jessica is sleeping on a mattress with a dog on top of her.

  62. It can’t be an April Fools broadcast, because Sky TV has no inherent sense of humour.

  63. I almost didn’t watch this but am sooooooo glad I did!

    Those teeth are skeery… I don’t care if they say she IS tame.

    But that dogger cuddling with her in the end… priceless.

  64. redbone says:

    I remember seeing something about this awhile back, but not with as much good video footage as this. And man, she’s grown a bit, too!

    Like some of you before me said, the blanket scene at the end just split my face. I’m still grinning over how absurdly cute that was.

    And what a peaceful scene it must be – the elderly couple with their ranch and dogs running about, and the slow, plodding and frankly terrifying beast that loves them. That’s awesome.

  65. Patricia Wilson says:

    No Crocodiles
    No Rhonocerusses
    I only like Hi-Hippopotamusses
    and Hippopotamusses like me too

    Krysten – I know that song I think the Kid’s name was Gayla Peevy – well I know it wasn’t little Jimmy Boyd because he sang with Frankie Laine

  66. Purple Belt says:

    I am in awe and think that is tewtally the cutest thing! Unbelieveable as much as it is adorable. I love the chomping noises. I watched a show on Nat’l Geographic on hippos a few weeks ago and I was SKEERED!! I think they get most violent when you threaten their babies, so hopefully, she doesn’t change if/when she mates. You know what hormones can do to a woman. ha! I was nervous the whole time thinking she was going to chomp on one of the doggies. I think they’re herbivores, so if they’re not threatened, I guess there’s no reason to attack. I think Miss Jessica could be one of the most remarkable animals in existence!!! LOVE HER!!

  67. susan eileen says:

    i’m just sitting shaking my head….why? amazing, but why?

  68. O….M…..G.

    now i have seen it all.

    i have been ROFL, espeche when we hear the “click” of the door as she opens it with her chin.

    the end shot of her with the blanket over her head is priceless.

    no matter what a species’ general characteristics are, there are always exceptions. what a lovely story. kudos to those kind people who love and care for her.

  69. nighty night leetle heepo

  70. a Happy Happy Hippo…

  71. kel13123 says:


  72. :O I want one!

  73. Cute with a wee bit o’ “scary” too! Imagine the “pod” deciding to follow her home one day :-@

  74. Remember the baby hippo that was orphaned by the tsunami and ended up being adopted by (or adopting) a 130-year-old giant tortoise?

    That also was very cute-hippo-ness.

  75. Yeah Owen and Mzee! I read the board book about those two to my preschool class last year, and it was one of the kids’ favorite stories. Hippos ARE usually very dangerous, so it’s nice to see them being so loving :o)

  76. Colleen says:

    lol that’s adorable! X) I remember seeing this hippo on a television show once, on TVO kids =P But really, hippos are adorable. Even if they are really agressive and can snap a crocodile in half… >__>
    And the sheet over her is just the blanket that she wears in the very last scene, but pulled down. =P Probably just to keep her ‘warm’ in the night X) Aaaw Hippos!

  77. omg this is the most amazing thing ever. the way he’s all tucked up at the end! aww

  78. The best part for me was Jessica just standing in the kitchen with her head on the counter, periodically opening up her mouth to have yumminess tossed into it. The lady’s absentmindedly tossing her snacks while talking to the camera people. Hysterical!

  79. What a sweet hippo! I love that they didn’t “take” her from the wild and “force” her to stay…she’s free to come & go as she pleases, and they always have a place for her in their home. Very sweet story.

  80. Wow, that is out of this world. I lived in Kenya, I KNOW that hippos are by far the most dangerous and aggressive animal. I’d pick lions over hippos any day. This is really unusual, and so touching, I loved it.

  81. R. Moore says:

    Wow. Just. Wow. Normally I don’t approve of taking wild animals as pets, but just… Wow.

    Maybe she’s a hip-hop-opotamus?

  82. I’ve also read that they have problems with Jessica going into their bedroom and climbing on the bed, hoping to sleep with them. Fortunately she’s never climbed ON them while they were asleep, but they have had to replace two or three beds that collapsed under her weight!

  83. The door!! That was too much!

    I do worry a bit what would happen if the snax stopped coming. The blankie at the end put me in the mind of “Grandma” Wolf a la Red Riding Hood. Still, she does have other resources nearby so hopefully that isn’t an issue. And it is heartening to see the hippo cozying up with the family pets, so maybe all is well.

    Don’t mean to be negative here, just a little anxious about the eternal nature versus nurture question. We have seen plenty of great examples of unlikely pals on CO, though, so I’ll stay optimistic.

  84. I couldn’t hear the audio on this one, but just watching the hippo begging for food was too much! 🙂

  85. Why would anyone leave, evarh?

    My boss is named Jessica. The hippo gets better perks!

  86. Kitties' Maman in WI says:

    Meg? THANKS! This is a darling story. Proves up my theory that tender love is a good thing, no matter WHO shares it. And the dogs seem to like hangin’ with her too. (Glad to hear that she’s spending time with the other hippi (hippies?) upriver.

  87. *

    Whoooooooooooaa, taht’s a


  88. This reminded me so much of the end of A Clockwork Orange when Alex is in the hospital, and the man is cutting up his steak and hand-feeding him

  89. Boo-Urns says:

    Lisa – I was going to post exactly the same thing! This lovely little hippo has exactly the same expression as Alex when he is being fed.

    I wonder what she would look like in a bowler hat with a set of false eyelashes?

  90. *Jaws drop WIDE open*

    This is too cute! I want a massage too…

    BTW, I’ve been having a hippo bedmate for close to 7 years! He’s my lovely faithful stuffed toy. Love that guy! In case you’re curious, I’m 30 years old… 😀

  91. Made me think…

    “Did you get that thing I sent you?”

  92. Coffee? Coffee? Hungghh?

  93. Will this clips show a true love !!! just amazing!!!!

  94. This was featured on the soup last night! XD

  95. I’m scared of hippos … 😦

  96. Too cute! It reminds me of a book that my girls had when they were pre-schoolers (back in the mid-late 70’s). It was called Where’s My Hippopotamus & it was about a little boy who had a pet hippo that followed him around & somehow he lost it. I don’t remember all the details but it was a sweet book – one of my favorites (as well as the girls’ faves). I tried to buy it for my grandsons but it is out of print. I was gonna get them Owen & Mzee but their Momma beat me to it!

  97. She gonna eat dat dog one day. Maybe everybody else too.

  98. Wednesday says:

    My thoughts EXACTLY Mikey D – as cute as Jessica was, I can’t help but imagine a news story in the future describing how Jessica ate the whole family (including dogs)…