Rikki kitten stacked on Bounce cat

Nice hat, there, Mr. Bounce.  It’s maybe a little fussy, though.

(slightly longer version available over here)



  1. Meer…Cat?

  2. The commentary really makes this one for me!

    Cats that sit in the window and watch the world go by are my favorite kind of cats.

  3. That is too funny. “You have far more patience then I ever suspected…” wait, maybe not. Excellent timing there, Mr. Bounce! He should really do stand-up comedy. 🙂

  4. Great curtains as well!

  5. I’m with Snorga – more stand-up comedy routines from Bounce and Rikki, please Teho?

  6. hahahaahahaa i like the slapping action in the end..

  7. I have never seen that one before, that was funny and extremly cute. I would not mind a hat like that but I would prefer a hat between me and that hat less scratchy….lol

  8. Darcy (aka David Bowie fangirl of doom) says:

    that was like really awesome! so cute and hilarious! the siamese kitty is acting like my kitten, standing up at the window.

  9. Theo, I totally love that video. I’ve been watching it since you put it on your blog. My boyfriend and I are big fans of Rikki and Bounce — I know neither of my cats would tolerate that for a second.

  10. Wow, Theo! What an awesome catch there with the camera. Too funny!

  11. That’s great, Teho — I love it!!

  12. The Cat In The Hat?

    The Cat *IS* The Hat!

  13. YAY! RIKKI!!!!!!!!!

  14. Mr Bounce:(long suffering look at Theo)Are you going to allow this pest to stand on my head… Sputter… laughing ?? you are Laughing at me???? You aren’t going to rescue me??? Well!!! (said in incredulous cat voice)

    (Stands up Relieving self of Riki kitten) Get off me you… you KITTEN. (and other assorted bad words we won’t print here)

    Riki: Hey Mr Bounce Hey I was using you for a leg up get back here. How am I supposed to see what those kids are up to? I need an extra five inches…

    Mr bounce: I am NOT your personal ladder and take that for your insolent kitten ways
    kitty battle ensues.

    MR bounce stalks off bored and disgusted with Riki and Especially Theo.

    (Last look at Theo) yeah laugh it up computer man.. but when you least expect it … I will get my revenge…

  15. BTW, the only “revenge” Bounce has exacted upon us for this kitteny abomination is pretty much just sleeping on our clean laundry & pillowcases slightly more. Orange fur up the nose, y’know. Pleh.

    Spot, however, is less sanguine. [grrrrrRRRRRRrrrrrRrRRRrrr!]

  16. Yitzysmommie says:

    YAY!!!! you finally put Rikki and long suffering Bounce here YAY!! Now the world can see the Qte in the CatCave.
    Poor Spot. Is he/she getting more scritches and snorgles from the peeps to make up for the hieous interloper? Perhaps more tuna and/or nip?

  17. I just can’t get enough of this vid.

  18. Theo, am I imagining it or is Rikki getting quite a bit of floof on his tail?

  19. DKN — that tail is LONG, fer shure, but it’s only fluffy when he puffs it up.

  20. R. Moore says:

    He he he he. Like children, cats love to make liars of you.

  21. !!!YAY!!! The Rikki and Bounce video! I am always willing to watch it again.

    I agree with Y’smom, teh World needs to know all about teh CatCaveCute.

  22. Tina Rhea says:

    I have on our fridge a magnet that says, “I’ve decided to quit my job, drop out of society, and wear live anaimals as hats,” but Rikki wasn’t quite what I had in mind.

    You go, Bounce. Tell him to treat you with the respect you clearly deserve.

  23. SeaBreeze says:




  24. I dreamed last night that Mr. Bounce ran away from home and made it all the way from Minnesota to Oregon, and I was the one to recognize him from Teho’s blog and get him shipped home. Then I got up and watched this again, and realized why he ran away!

    Except in the dream, Mr. Bounce had a very strange skin condition that looked as if barnacles were clinging to him. That part was sort of icky.

  25. Yeah, I think those curtains are more priceless than the video… yikes!

  26. I’m never going to be able to get rid of those #*@%!₪& hotwheels curtains, am I?
    Or, hmm, maybe on eBay… [scheming]

  27. Alice Shortcake says:

    “If I can’t sit on yer head I shall bite yer buttock”

  28. love the director’s commentary too. :] great flame curtains. 😀

  29. Alice Shortcake – LOL !!!

    I love how Rikki makes out like the Alpha cat & has to have the last ‘word’

    and Theo – those are Alpha curtains … *wink*

  30. Your cat is fedorable.

  31. Beauregard says:

    You can always tell the Teho vids by the curtains!

  32. Yitzysmommie says:

    Stopped by the Salt Lake County Animal Shelter today (from whence we adopted Yitzy as a teensy bebeh). First cage, eye level in the Kittayn room was a Rikki duplicate. First I creid “Rikki!!!”, then I squeed loudly and softly and purred at heem and wished to run my feengers over his furs.
    Husband brought me to my senses and dragged me sobbing from the room saying “Mee-roaw?” There were at least 5 bebehs and teencats I wanted to bring home…

  33. Theo you could easily auction those famerous curtayns off as a fundraiser for MVHS.

  34. Dale — OMG LOL ROFLBUDDHABUFFALOWINGS (and it made me laugh, too)

    Metz — hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

    YitzyMom — totally understandable. We do that too, and we *have* Rikki.

  35. Shannon Johnson says:

    that is one feisty cat. Wow

  36. acelightning says:

    I’m just glad that the two cats seem to be friends – from the way they started fist-fighting there, if they truly hated each other, there’d be kitty carnage for sure! As it is, though, they’re just *cute* (which is the point, of course).

  37. “It’s so stimulating being your hat.”

  38. ka9q's wife says:

    My favorite part is Teho cracking up.

  39. I’ve noticed in a couple of vids that Mr. Bounce uses his tail as a lure to ensnare teh Rikki-Kitter. When Bounce wanted Rikki off his head (I thought he was standin’ on his back, but no, is his HAID!) he twitched his tail ever so slightly, — not as a warning, but as a trap — and Rikki had to go and investigate. Voila, kitter is off haid. Mission accomplished, show fangs to retrieve honor, then exit gracefully.

  40. Do you like my hat?
    No, I do not.
    Good bye.
    Good Bye.

  41. Kallisto says:

    Kar, great quote! Really great quote.
    *Goes away and sings “As the world falls down”.*

  42. Snicker.. Cat stack… so True..

  43. Bounce is sooooo all; “good DAY SIR!”

  44. theo,how did Bounce get his name ?

  45. ThreeCatNight says:

    Sill cat: “Hey, get your butt offa my head! Kids!”
    Top cat: “Hey man, get your head away from my butt!”
    Sill cat: “Where were you raised? In an alleyway? Don’t you have any manners? What is it with youngsters these days? No respect for their elders!”
    Top cat: “Like sorry, didn’t mean to bother you. My bad!”

  46. Leah B — well, he *used* to be every bit as… er, ENERGETIC as Rikki is now.

  47. They’re practicing for the live action movie of that little-known Dr. Seuss book, the Cat As A Hat.

  48. *
    those are


  49. fluidstatic says:

    the commentary from Dad was priceless.

    “Bounce, you have far more patience than I ever thought you were…”



    XD LOL. XD

  50. Okie Fred or Lanie or Metsie or metz or any of you
    Hi if you show up tonight. just thought I would hijack Theos post for the night just incase since cute talk is down. Hi Theo. WE promise only while the thread is down
    :waves :

  51. Calling all cute talkers calling all cute talkers where are you???

  52. Hola….teho ain’t gonna like this…..

  53. Annie, brillo idea! You blog outlaw you.

  54. Hi yopu guys waving excitedly
    this is so much fun
    I know Theo won’t like it but only for tonight

  55. It feels like old times 😀

  56. speaking of… did we ever find out if Meg knew about the buddy thread? I mean she must have right?? only I never saw her come over there.

  57. it does feel like old times. Memories…. [singsong}

  58. hehehe ear worm

  59. God I forgot how adorable Riki was

  60. R. Moore says:

    It does feel like old days. I kinda miss it 😦 But that might be the stress talking a bit.

  61. Hi R. hope you feel better soon.

  62. g’night

  63. Gnight MEtsie.

  64. I FOUND YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Hi fred, I sent out smoke signals but you were off playing somewhers HEhehe

  66. How was your weekend?
    Ours was great except hubby had to work Saturday morning. We caught up with friends and family and Kazi got so tired she didn’t chew ANYTHING last night – amazing.

  67. I was doing my banking – how rude of me! hee hee

  68. HEhehe I am just glad you showed up I was totally bored

  69. HAppy Monday by the way! It is Monday there Right?

  70. We just relaxed I cleaned house and am doing laundry and watered and planted but mostly just hung out. We watched Memoirs of a Geisha. It was a really good movie espec if you are a woman.

  71. Hey! The secret lair is back up!

  72. yeah, monday here 1:15pm.

    We watch Rocky Balboa and Smokey and the Bandit – note to self, don’t send husband to video store alone.

  73. YIPEE

  74. Okay all if you show up here teh secret lair is back and we have all vacated Meer and went there. Bye Theo thanks for not chewing us out even tho I know it is just cause you are in bed hehehe. and You wouldn’t care anyway 😉

    […whut? – Ed.]

  75. HI Theo, well thediscussion forum went down and everyone was lost and confused so like Moses I lead them here for a bit till the forum came back up which it did but Metsie thought you would be mad but I knew you wouldn’t

    Do you have a head ache yet.

    Anyway there you go in a nut shell


  76. Um OK.
    My favorite part is the “like Moses” bit. Let My Peeps Go.