This just in: A pile o’ meerkats

OMG, look at the guy bottom middle.

L to the O to the L. He’s totally mid-pile.


Kimberly S. says it was very cold at the Louisville Zoo that day, and the ‘Kats were piling together for warmths.

And P.S., I hear that Meerkat Manor 3 starts August 10, on Animal Planet



  1. Dem’s some flat ‘tocks!

  2. *splode*

  3. Shannon Johnson says:

    I love the meerkats!!!! Gimme! Gimme!

  4. So first glance I definitely thought they were crowding around some recently-hunted prey for lunch. Ew.

  5. Emily Anonymous says:

    It looks like the one in the middle is all warm and toasty but the others are turning blue from the cold.

  6. Yay! Flowers and the pesky kids!!!

  7. Mary (the first) says:

    Yes, Meerkat Manor starts again on Aug.10. The further adventures of Flower, etc. Love them!!

  8. They never really did say whatever happened to Shakespeare. I guess since he never showed up again, they assumed he had passed. Or did I miss an episode?

  9. Metz, you OK? Quick, jump in the pile!

  10. Mary (the first) says:

    DJ, they never said.

  11. I thinks we need a COXCU on them flattocks.



  12. I’m unda the flat one.

  13. Shakespeare’s disappearance is why I don’t watch Meerkat Manor anymore. Can’t handle the heart break.

  14. amy bo-bamy says:

    i like the action shot of the guy in the middle leaning over mr. flat-tockinson. he’s all blurry, like he was giving the ‘tocks a zerber…

  15. Really? Gathering for warmth? At first glance I thought that this was another NSFW shot or “they eat their own.”

    To be honest, I’m not sure why people like watching Meerkat Mansion either.

    I don’t wanna see abandoned babies die and family members bite/kill each other.

    Even “Cops” & “Jerry Springer” won’t go that far.

  16. In keeping with the meerkat theme Yahoo seems to have gotten the memo and has posted this photo:

  17. Here is a tribute to Shakepeare, but it is sad:

  18. Nyxicle says:

    Aww… I wants to skweesh them and make them all warm!

  19. I knew you had too few meerkats on this site. It was an outrage. 😦
    But the last two posts make it all better. 😉

  20. One Eyed Daruma says:

    30 seconds ’til half time and he’s tackled. Get the chains and measure that puppy – do we have a down? Where were his blockers?

  21. elliottsmommy says:

    awww. him has chilly MeerTocks.

  22. sunnymum says:

    After watching the Tribute to Shakespeare video, and reading about the dogfighting allegations brought against Michael Vick, I’m just about wiped out. Never needed the cute like I do today, thank you Meg. And of course, my cat is getting snorgled like there’s no tomorrow – lol.

  23. book_monstercats says:


  24. I’m in ur pile stealin’ your warms.

  25. /threadjack
    Hey guys, doesn’t anybody use the CuteChat anymore? I thought “Casual Fridays” was the ‘happenin’ time? Here’s the link.
    /end threadjack

  26. Ponygirl says:

    I gave up on MeerKat Manor when poor little Blossom (?) was carried away by the hawk. These critters are so anthropormorphized (?) that is painfull to watch nature happen.

  27. it’s a meerkat kinda day.

  28. that one in the middle is hilarious. he’s all kerrsplatt!

    i want to knit them some sweaters and little stocking caps.

  29. Oh man. I soooo wanna be that lil’ guy on the bottom, gettin’ the most love.

  30. Check out the one on the very right…. all like… “How dare you watch us?!” with evil death look

  31. Timons galore! So cute, although I do wonder why they’re all greyish colur while the one on the very bottom has brown fur?

  32. Old joke… One sez “I have a tale to tell”. Anudder one sez, “I too have a tale to tell”. The poor guy on the bottom of the pile sez, “My tail is told…”

  33. That little guy dove under there just before I took the photo. I had another one of him cautiously circling the pile, looking for his moment. They had been switching positions for a while to trade who got to be on the inside, and I guess he had enough of taking turns! We were quite surprised they were outside at all, since the zoo provides them with an inside space as well (lest you think the meerkats were being frozen due to meanness).

    Sorry to anyone traumatized thinking it was some sort of feeding frenzy. 😦

    And Dawna, I think actually all of them have brown bottoms and gray tops–it’s just that this makes it rather more obvious.

  34. AliceTanzer says:

    ..Theres a few extra heads in there! 😀


    Latin name/ Species: Suricata Suricatta Polycephalus

    Kingdom: Animalia

    Phylum: Chordata

    Class: Mammalia

    Order: Carnivora

    Family: Herpestidae

    Appears only in winter at meerkat holes. Number of heads ranges between five to twenty.

    Conservation status: Numbers are threatened due to global warming leading to fewer winters. However, occasionally known to appear in places that have excellent artificial cooling.

  36. Purple Belt says:

    They look all puffy and kind of fat. The ones I’ve seen on Animal Planet don’t look like this. Of course, it’s probably very different living in Missouri than living in the African plains.

  37. Subhangi! LOL!!
    (OK maybe it’s the old Bio major in me… but man oh man…)

  38. Purple belt they are fluffy because they are in the cold and have puffed their coats out to keep warm.. Our short haired cats do this too and so do our chickens with their feathers.

  39. Just a thought…I think those are mongooses (mongeese?). The stripes and fluff give it away.

  40. Hmmm mongoose or Meerkat.. Don’t know
    I think Meerkat as I am sure the senderiner probably marked it but here are pictures of both I am still going with Meerkat but hey I am no Biology Major and Subangi snicker..

    this was a banded mongoose

  41. stickler says:

    mongoose = pink nose

    meerkat = black nose

    A pile’o’black nosicles. Meerkats it is!

  42. Ooh, maybe!

  43. Woah I live in Louisville and I’ve seen those exact anerable meerkitlets.

  44. Purple Belt says:

    Thanks for the explanation, Annie! I thought that might be the case. I see all kinds of fluffies in the winter, but just never had experienced meerkat fluffitude!

  45. *
    “wrr wrr wrrr
    ya lil’ thing, we eat
    ya up…”



  46. ThreeCatNight says:

    Those are some cute meers! (I especially like the expression on the one at the far right. It’s all: “Heh, heh, heh. Glad it ain’t me over there!”)