Flashdance-inspired Pupwear

Aside from the Sweateuw sock-wear for kittehs, ripped Flashdance-wear has to be the most popular homemade pet wear out thar.


Tiggy is a MANIAC, Lyra H. 😉



  1. leah b. says:

    Heck yes lets dance to something here I’m ready

  2. leah b. says:

    hey, Metz where’s the music??? Theo somebody

  3. Is it welding tiem now?

  4. Peg of Tilling says:

    Tiggy stars in Pom Lake with the Pittsburgh Ballet.

  5. One Eyed Daruma says:

    Wow! Tiggy the Bruiser’s muscles just popped the sleeves right offa that thing!

  6. She’s a maniac Maniac! That’s fo sho! And she’s dancin like she’s Nevah danced befo…

  7. Def, welding time now Katie!

  8. zeldapie says:

    Aaaagh – 1980s earworms in my head!!!!!
    (Tiggy is saWEEET! I wanna see her dance like she’s never danced before!)

  9. Watch out, boy. She’ll chew you up.

  10. luvinmalssomuch says:

    What no Chair No bucket of water? Where’s the rope? Prop Man, Props Pweese

  11. jennifer says:

    I think you mean she’s a MINI-ac …

  12. LOL Theo! She’s a Maneater! Hall and Oates!This is a game! someone makes an 80’s song reference and I guess the band. I listen to 80s music all day long, because I am a loser like that:)

  13. Right now, blasting out of the itunes “You spin me right round, baby, right round, like a record baby, right round, right round!

  14. Omg, I want. She can play with my lil chi and make adorable babies. Of course they will have to be stuffed animals because of the whole neutered thing…

  15. Dead Or Alive was *not* in the Flashdance soundtrack, CBF. You can’t play a player.

  16. All she needs is a matching headband and roller skates and she’s ready to get Physical with Olivia in Xanadu.
    *hides from the wrath of the earworm victickms*

  17. Silent Meow says:

    This photo is great inspiration while I am going through physical therapy. I am going to aim for muscles just like what this cute little puppeh is showing off. This is just what I needed.

  18. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    What a feeling, beins belevin
    I can’t have it all now I am dancin for my life.

  19. THGA — the internet lyric sites all seem to have the same typo. The line is actually “seein’s believin'”. Here:

  20. The honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Tank you Theo :}

  21. Halps!
    I wuz gonna make another 80’s earworm for you from Footloose (the scene where Ren dances angrily in the warehouse) but I’m coming up with conflicting reports as to the song performed during that sequence when I wanted to verify the title.
    1) Holding Out For a Hero
    2) Never
    3) I’m Free
    Which one is it?

  22. 1st) You got to turn me around
    2nd) And put your feet on the ground
    3rd) Rom horn be throoby nose (??)

    never could scan that line

  23. zeldapie says:

    Okay, now I have the urge to perm my hair, wear tons of eye makeup, and put on legwarmers and pumps. Someone stop meeeeeee!!!

  24. [looks left]
    [looks right]

    …well *I’m* not gonna stop her

  25. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Way back in my thirties I did aerobics, one movement was called doggies, like a dawg peeing up a lamp post. Do a few of them and boy did it hurt your arse.

  26. ThreeCatNight says:

    Pom Couture — tres chic!

  27. Yea! It’s the 80s! I’m gonna pop my collar, wear my chucks,
    and lots of lip gloss. Frankie is sooo telling me to relax…

  28. Mary (the first) says:

    Metz.. I’m thinkin’ “Never” cuz I can picture him leaping around to “never never never”. That’s my vote. Never.

    And thanks for taking the flashdance ear worm away.

    And.. is it wrong of me that now all my urges to have a dog one day have changed from mostly snugglable urges, to the desire for a small dog I can make outfits for???

  29. R. Moore says:

    My BRAIN!!!

  30. Rom horn be throoby nose!!!!!!

    Great Theo now I’m gonna go around all day saying, “Rom Horn BE Throoby Nose.”

    If my CowOrkers didn’t think I was crazy before…

    zeldapie, STOP! Before it’s too late. Shoot. Sorry I wuz too late. *shrugs & joins in* Where’s my headbands and rubber rings & bracelets?

    Mary1st: You’re welks! Happy to serve.

  31. zeldapie says:

    *Zpie struts into Cuteoverload wearing white pumps, pink leggings, and a purple mini skirt.
    Z: Hey Metz, I got this extra pink scrunchy for yer hair. Here, lemme put it up in a sideways ponytail with it. Oh fer cute!!

  32. I don’t know the Flashdance song – but CUTE PUP!

  33. Do you think i have too many bracelets on?
    *hand to shoulders*
    I can’t seem to bend my arms.

  34. oh what a feelin!

  35. …when we’re dancin’ on the ceilin’


  36. zeldapie says:

    Metz, if you give me some of your bracelets, I’ll give you these humongous dangly earrings and another scrunchy!
    *Z puts on another coat of mascara

  37. *running in place*

  38. firefinch says:

    Looks like she already had the white legwarmers.

  39. gives z some bracelets and takes the scrunchy & earrings & strikes a pose…er wait that’s not 80’s that’s early 90’s.


  41. zeldapie says:

    *Z starts dancing to Bust A Move. Metz is in the back flirtin’ with the guys.

  42. AnonomissX says:

    That dog looks like Mena Suvari (ducks)

  43. Take yer passion and make it happen, puppeh!

  44. leah b. says:

    now all we need is a bird with leg warmers on and their will be a new act in town peeps!

  45. Aww, a wawa! Dance, baby, dance! Hehe.

  46. Shannon Johnson says:

    Very Retro, I love that pup’s style.

  47. caitlin black says:

    thats so cute and i luv those dogs!!! i really want 1!!!

  48. Why am I flashing back to visions of rolling around and around in a circle with disco & black lights flasing and “Jesse’s Girl” playing over the loudspeakers?

  49. hrh.squeak says:

    Lucky, lucky Subhangi.

  50. Metz, I’m right there with ya. When you unbutton your shirt, does a tube top lurk beneath?

    Oh no; its raining again!

    What I wonder is what Tigger looks like *before* getting angry.

  51. Sorry, Tiggy. Eye of the Tigger interrupted this message.

  52. This dog’s threads are a serious trip down memory lane for ME…

  53. I think your dog looks so cute in the little dress.

  54. sweeeeti
    i loooovv chihuaus
    thats y i got a lil brown one called melody so cute like tigs