I saved you from this mean, terrible toilet paperes!

That toilet paper roll was GOING TO ATTACK and prolly WIPE YOU TO DEATH!

I swear it was gonna.

But I saved you. Yes, I did. [claps paws in ‘done!’ motion]


Linda C., thank the Lo’ you had someone watching your back.



  1. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Andrex won’t be using this Pup, in its new campaign.

  2. ooooh, he’s lucky he’s cute!!

  3. Silleh puppeh!

  4. Btw, that’s a shit-eating grin if I’ve ever seen one.

  5. What’s with its eyes? Each one is looking off in the opposite direction.

  6. R. Moore says:

    Why thank you, super pup, now get the broom.

  7. headscratcher says:

    LMAO!!! Good Dogger!

    Seriously, my cat did this when she was a kitten. Killed the evil toilet paper. The evil paper towels. The evil kleenex. The evil newspaper. Three evil magazines. All while I was at work.

    (da na na na na na na na, da na na na na na na na)

  9. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Can puppa spare a square.

  10. mwhaahahahahahaha
    Ok seriously now…
    who’s gonna clean this up?

  11. How Charmin’.

  12. pyrit!
    Ok yu guyz really, who’s got TP duty this week?

  13. Ok, this is one happy puppeh, look at his smilling face!!!Let’s be honest, though, if I caused this much havoc and knew that I would be spared of the wrath of discipline on account of my XTREME qteness, then I guess I would be this happy too… *sigh*

  14. Between the kittehs and the puppehs, we have to close the bathroom doors in our house or no TP for us…just confetti.

  15. sunnymum says:

    he looks so happy and proud… good boy!

  16. Flushed with pride…

  17. zeldapie says:

    Wall eyes! I love ’em!
    You’re such a good, brave boy, aren’t you? ES OO ARE!

  18. Man I have been there. Been there. He looks so proud of himself…

  19. Carlisa says:

    yeah..pyrit.. but great Scotts!

  20. Teh returning hero throws his own TICKer tape parade.

  21. Lunch Lady says:


  22. He does look absolutely delighted with himself! 🙂

  23. Is there a school for this that all white-beige fluffy-curly style poocheetos go to? My poodle-boy does this too! And yes PROUD he did it! (He pulls down and throws towels around too..) No shame! LOL I guess they are keeping us safe..

  24. LOL. Silly pup!

  25. It’s not a shit-zu is it? Tell me it’s not.

    Carlisa – You’re on a roll!

  26. this is my little puppeh, thanks so much for all your great comments, but Abby wants to tell everyone she is a little girl!!!! for a feat of this magnitude, she wants to make sure everyone knows GIRLS RULE!!!!

  27. yep, Abby is a shih tzu…..sorry for that blank post, just too excited to see my baby on cuteoverload…..

  28. hap_ebun_e says:

    that dog is cock eyed(eyes point outwards)but is sooo cute

  29. And what a very lovely shih tzu she is!

  30. ThreeCatNight says:

    Now who could be mad at a face like that?
    My late cat, Patches, used to make a genuine mess of the toilet tissue when she was much younger. It came to a point where I had to keep it on a shelf that she couldn’t get to. Then, I tested her one day put it back into the roller. No more problems till the day she passed (at the age of 15).

  31. Carlisa says:

    pyrit— YES!… and hope to stay there…(shit-zu free!)

  32. zeldapie says:

    Iz ooo a good girl? ES! ES OOO IZ!!!!

  33. thats one UGLY dog Oo

  34. elliottsmommy says:

    by, shut the he** up and go to ihatemyself.com.

    aleekatt, i have 3 lhasa apsos, one og whom has a *slight* wall eye, and is adorable, and another who has what i call “shark teeth” because they come in 2 rows. and the third has an addicition to shredding newspaper. this baby is POOPED!

  35. elliottsmommy says:

    one OF whom

  36. god I love it when dogs smile.

  37. Kiragirl says:

    It’s puppy camoflage : )

  38. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    OMG, this cute little girl almost makes me want a doggie… almost. Probably the closest I’ve ever gotten to just want a cute little doggy of my very own. Even closer then when there’s cute poms! I think I’m just a sucker for a cute smiling puppeh!

  39. Um, Puppeh, let’s go over exactly what I mean by “Fetch me a roll of toilet paper Quick!”
    It does sound sorta like “Shred” me a roll of toilet paper quick but it does NOT mean the same thing ok?

  40. .


  41. Moggyfan says:

    Um, puppeh? If you look very carefully at the upper left behind you, I think you will find some you haven’t finished with yet.

  42. mervtheflamingo says:


    Hi all CO people. I just found a litter of kittens under my car, and their eyes are grey and pussy looking. The kittens look like they are 3 weeks old, but they are VERY tiny and weak. I haven’t seen mom around at all WHat should I do? Should I assume their mother is not around, should I take them in for vet care regardless of whether their mother is around (for their eyes problem?). Help all you kitten rescuers, tell me what I can do safely!


  43. Kristin/Merv:
    YES! Do call your local shelter or vet and ask their advice, but I’m sure they’ll say gather the bebes up and bring ’em in to be cared for. Worse comes to worse you end up seeing mamma cat later on looking for her bebes and maybe can catch her and bring her in too.
    Good luck and sweet of you to worry for these poor babies.

  44. mervtheflamingo says:


    Thanks. I’m working the email and phone lines to get help in taking care of the babies. I’m working night shift, so I can’t physically take them in right now (I found them on my way off to work), but hopefully my fiance’s got them in a safe, dry place right now with something to eat. I got really worried that someone would pull in the garage and hurt them, so I kinda freaked out and posted this to find out if it is ok to move them.


  45. Make sure to keep them warm! if you have a heating pad, set it to the lowest temp, cover it with a thick towel, and set the bebehs on it.

    here’s a link with some advice:

    good luck! i wish i was wherever you are to help out!

  46. LOL! If he wasn’t so cute and looked so proud of himself I’d be pretty annoyed at having to clean up such a mess!

  47. Shannon Johnson says:

    He’s so proud! He was a good boy. (in baby voice, “who’s a good boy?”)

  48. yes but are you safe from the bounty in the kitchen ????

    I would have a hard time being mad at that cute puppeh. I am glad I don’t have to be either.

    Kirsten good luck with the kittens, and if you see momma try and get her to so she can get health too.

  49. healthy too

    I meant to say.

  50. Kristin–

    I wouldn’t move the kitties! Best to let them fatten by momma’s milk as much as possible. You might not see her, cause ..well…she doesn’t WANT to be seen. My suggestion is to leave the kitties, call the feral rescue, and in the meantime leave some food outside of the *nest*. If you can get the mom to trust you, they can get her spayed and cut down on stray kit-kats! 🙂

  51. ..um..well of course if it’s under a car you use everyday, um..yeah… move ’em. I’m just a little nervous since my co-worker brought me 4 little beebie kits about 2 weeks old that he found next to his condo. Said he knew they were abandoned because he hadn’t seen the mom all week. Tummies were all round and they were grunting like like little pigs I wanted to plant my foot………..

  52. This demonstrates a rule of cuteness–if you’re caught doing something bad, it’s cute!

  53. Margaret says:

    I keep my bathroom door closed for this very reason. What is the deal with dogs and toilet paper?

  54. RedKitten says:

    Bwah-ha! My lhasa used to make that exact face after eating chicken. I called it his “Dr. Demento” look. Your little girl puppeh is obviously just as delighted with herself. Too funny!

  55. gravyboat says:

    Hello, naughty!


    This is seriously the BEST post in a long time!

  57. OMG he’s so cute he looks like he farts glitter.


  58. Yitzysmommie says:

    farts glitter, huh?

  59. Yitzysmommie says:

    Kristin: update please!

  60. aww. thank God! lol 🙂

  61. AWWWWWWW… what a cutie lil’ girl!!!! Thank you muchly for saving us from the evil Mr. Toilet Paper!

    lol at farting glitter comment hahahaha

  62. ottersmoo says:

    When our cats used to shred paper towels and toilet paper we used to thank them for saving us from the bombs. Clearly, they needed to be defused.

  63. That is too cute! My German Shepherd loved paper, too, and showed his love by eating it all. He even ate two $10 bills that blew off our kitchen table! Luckily, he passed them mostly intact (disgusting but true story). I disinfected them, taped them, took them to the bank to trade them in for good bills, telling the clerk my puppy chewed them. It was fun having a dog who pooped money!!!

  64. a dog who farts glitter… another dog who poops money…

    …only on the internets. Oy.


  65. Our dog does socks.

  66. I wasn’t going to say so before, but well, glitter, money and all, had to chime in dint’ I?

  67. This must be the most redonkolous photo on CO EVER. Official.

  68. kel13123 says:

    wow. that’s one cute puppeh grin. makes me smile back at him, even though my cats kill the evil paper too and I hate cleaning it all up…

  69. pinkimartini says:

    my little dog did this exact same thing the first week she came home – it’s hard to get mad when they look so cute in all that paper…

  70. Look at http://www.shutterandpupil.com/images/bumble.jpg and tell me they weren’t separated at birth!

    (The Bumble, from the Rudolph special)

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