Dronk at the office (again)

Dewds, check me out![scan light goes by]

My fuzzy ‘tocks on the glass!!!

Woooooooooooo! hic! [scan light goes by again]

Yeaaa—hiccc  zz  z z zzzzzzzz zz


Way to earn that bonus, Tigger the kitteh and sender-inner Silk P.



  1. Cat Scan!

  2. How did they do this? I xeroxed my cat at the office one day (who hasn’t?) and all that showed up were his paws.

  3. Oh, wait. I’m stupid. They used a scanner, not a copy machine.

  4. Somewhere we have a picture of my litle monster…er… cat, Jasper where he fell asleep on the glass coffee table. My hubby managed to take a picture from under it before he woke up. Smushy kitty pic.

  5. Might not be a fax machine. Maybe they took the picture looking up from the bottom of a glass coffee table.
    I just want to wrap him in a blankie and carry him around all day like a baby, giving him little kisses every once in a while.

  6. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    There used to be a website that was called catscan or something. All cats, all scanned, all funny and cute! 🙂 I haven’t been able to find it lately, I think it might be gone. 😦

    My kitty likes the scanner, I think because it gets warm, especially if I’ve been using it, which I frequently do for work. Sometimes, I have to pick him up, scan what I need to and then put him back on it. 🙂 Too funny…

  7. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    I caint take my catnip hic.

  8. punkpie says:

    I love the paw pads… black and pink, so cute! must kees!

  9. metsakins says:

    My cat likes the scanner too.

    SarahK – I hasn’t

  10. Hehe GreenIghs… if you hadn’t said it, I would’ve. Or, y’know, somebody.

  11. hwo did they get the cat to fall asleep on the glass like that? He looks so content. I love how they tuck all their paws under them; i wish I could get my guys to sleep on glass so I can see what happens. Maybe tehre’s some kind of space-time anomaly that sucks up their paws so they don’t get in the way.

  12. Can’t wait for “Cat’s N Racks N Scanners”

  13. [SNORT!]

  14. Lurky McLurkerson says:

    Cricket: That was the first thing I thought of when I saw this. I think the cat-scans site is gone for good, though. I do seem to remember the guy who ran it getting a lot of flak from people who thought it was dangerous/bad for the kitties.

  15. *runs to check scanner for kitteh*
    Durn it! Foiled again!

  16. McLurk — you might ask Mariser or Lord Kalvan about the Cat Scans site.

    *Sunlight* is more dangerous than the fluorescent tubes in desktop scanners.

  17. aaaah, maybe kitteh likes the cool glass of the scanner on a hot day!

  18. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    Lurky: Yea, he got a ton of hate mail. My cat was on there, sometimes, Dingles face plants when he sleeps, and that was the scan I submitted. It was actually quite hysterical. But, alas, no more cat-scan. 😦

    Now, there’s http://www.mycathatesyou.com (I know it’s not new, but it’s still fun!)

  19. perhaps time for a new category?: seven deadly sins; featuring cats in compromising posishes?

  20. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    O. M. G.

    This is definitely the cutest furry thing I’ve seen all day.

    “cause my boss? while furry? not so much with teh qte.

  21. zeldapie says:

    Don’t let HR find him! He’ll get fired fer sure!

  22. TOO!

    [kernel panic]

  23. ShowBiz Videographer says:

    Ha! Nice ‘tocks on the glass reference!

  24. ThreeCatNight says:

    I’ve had a cat scan or two, but THIS is ridiculous!
    And I have a feeling that this is not a scanner at all, but a glass-topped coffee table. Adorable little belleh and paw-curls, though. Don’t wake him up!

  25. Mary (the first) says:

    How did y’all see him on glass/in scanner? To me he just looks like he’s on his back with paws in air (a popular pose with many kittehs). Regardless of how, I love the pink and black mixed jelly beansies and his lovely tummy fluff.

  26. DasBoots says:

    Pink kitty toes are the best.

  27. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Mary (the first)I agree its all down to the powerful sugestion of Meg. After all the fur would be flattened if it was on glass.

  28. Nah, look at teh feets fur! Kitteh on glass fo sho.

  29. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Theo, I kin see possible line on feets but what about main bod Huh

  30. Another cool kitty scanning picture (not mine, unfortunately)


  31. After careful examination I concur with Theo.

  32. Re notsupposed’s furry boss…

  33. Furbabies says:

    Kitteh toeses! Yummy. Teh bestest part of the kitteh.

  34. mrsbeasley says:

    omg, his pads are different colors! pink and black jelly beans! NOM NOM NOM

  35. This pic reminds me I’m supposed to be sleeping, not working. (Or surfing. Or anything.)

  36. kinda cute…kinda also looks like roadkill after its been on the road long enough to go flat on one side. 😦

  37. Omg. I don’t know what’s better – the cat or the captioning. But look at that belly fuzz! The belly fuzz! *melts*

    My kitty likes to play with the scanner. I’ll have to try this myself next time he’s diving under the lid.

  38. Nora, ick.

  39. Meanwhile, belleh floof! Snorglicious!

  40. That muzzlepuff is keeling me.

  41. .

  42. eikoleigh says:

    I love the narration is hilarious….love it

  43. mervtheflamingo says:

    Threadjack/ — reposted on a cat picture

    Hi all CO people. I just found a litter of kittens under my car, and their eyes are grey and pussy looking. The kittens look like they are 3 weeks old, but they are VERY tiny and weak. I haven’t seen mom around at all WHat should I do? Should I assume their mother is not around, should I take them in for vet care regardless of whether their mother is around (for their eyes problem?). Help all you kitten rescuers, tell me what I can do safely!


  44. I’ve rescued stray kittens lots of times before and they’re very difficult to handle when they’re older. They grow into spitting balls of furry fury and even though you can domesticate them, they’ll be shy of people for their lives. (I have one now that was a street kitten)

    I’d say take them in while you still can. Even if the mother is around, she’ll move them eventually, and in my opinion – it’s best to get them into human contact. It’ll mean a LOT of work and expense but it’ll also mean a batch of kittens will get off the street and into good homes where they’ll have longer and safer lives.

    Cheers to a fellow kitten-rescuer.

  45. Kittehs we had before appeared on that CatScan site, back in the day. I thot it was the height of hilarity. You get such good views of the tums and paws.

    Kinda like this!

  46. Shannon Johnson says:

    *Hic, whas wrong? Hic, why am I here? I have no idea.*

  47. There used to be a cat-scan dot come site, but it’s down now. It was awesome. Like CO and Stuff on my cat, it was all submitted pictures, but in this case, scans! Some were really funky if the cat had moved.

  48. I just rotated it and turned it into my desktop! TEH AWSUM.

  49. Those wild office parties…and somebody always bumps into a glass door.

  50. Hey, Tigger – wake up & learn a beaut trick …

    here’s Marcus fiercely attacking an evil printer …

  51. Oui, now we shall move on from zee, shall we say, twaditional, pheasant under glass. Vee shall intwoduce you now to our latest culinary creation, zee von and only, feline under glass. Oh not zo fast, non, non. You must be veray sure to use only zee finest cognac and zee fweshest truffles ven preparink zee recipe for feline under glass, vich calls for a larger glass zan zee more twaditional pheasant under glass. Vare ees zee cognac? Vy ees zee cognac alvays gone?

  52. Carlisa says:

    oh gawd…that means she already drank our rum….dat sux!

  53. I gots s*hic*ome rrrr*urp*ed er-wine you can ave that.*braaaap*
    *twists off cap*

  54. “twist cap” wine! Gee! *Thaaaanks*. (pours into potted plant behind back)

  55. Hereeeyrs!

  56. Carlisa says:

    Vare ees zee cognac? Vye ees zee cognac alvays gone?

    Ze zame damn reazon ze rum ez alvays gone!
    Ja shjeethead!

  57. leah b. says:


    cat is happy to show us humans what a wonderful life they have and never letting us forget they rule the house we are only the support staff…..

    Cute paws and ear fwaps drunk kitty

  58. leah b. says:

    ok so I actually googled cat scan and the first thing I got was this site called cat scans.
    A site totally about cat fun
    my favorite part I read so far is :
    Reasons cats are better then men
    1. the cat ALWAYS hits the litterbox
    2. You have a better chance at training a cat
    3. You never have to spend time with your cats mother
    4. If you ask a cat enough times he might ACTUALLY listen to you
    5. you can de-claw a cat but try to get a man to trim his toenails
    6. Its ok if he rubs against your best freind
    7. A cat knows your the key to his happiness a Man just THINKS he is….

    so guys aka men don’t take it out on me I just relayed the information

  59. *lifts head blearily (is that a word?) from the floor*
    Did someone say rum?
    Cap’n Morgan?

  60. acelightning says:

    Who among us hasn’t, at least once, either photocopied or scanned *some* portion of their anatomy?

    And I remember those “cat scans” – sorry to hear the site is gone.

  61. =O
    You posted it!
    I’m so flippin happy and I don’t no why!
    Thankies so much.

    Oh and yes he is on our scanner. The top was up and he just climbed in and fell asleep. :]

  62. Soviet Spy says:

    i wish there was an extreme close up of the cute pink and brown toesies!

  63. This kat is tewtally pretendin to b one of those contortionist people from the oscars.