Um, noooooooooot appropriate.

You two really need to quit with these Displays of Affection.

It’s like, embarrassing.


Caught them in a compromising posishe, huh, Jennie J.? With names like "Little Boo" and "Fluffmeister" I would not have expected this…



  1. Positions from the Kama Snorgla.

  2. aaahahahahahahaha….
    > catch breath <

  3. Oh noes. Are you saving these to show to the private investigator? So incriminating!

  4. Fluffmeister!! 😀
    With a name like that I actually would expect something like this. Hee!

  5. i wonder how many people are going to cry out that this is indecent and they are NOT coming back?

  6. Umm, Fluffmeister? I think Little Boo may have fallen asleep down there…

    It happens.

  7. Well I for one am horrified. I come here for cute not obscenity or bugs. Take this down immediately! Not cute, bad website, bad website. When I said I wanted cat pictures I certainly didn’t mean this…….

  8. meowpossum says:

    Oh, NOES! Kitty porn!

  9. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Little Boo is just helping with some awkward grass seeds. I do this for my Fluffmeister Stan, not using the method pictured I hasten to add, a good brushing solves it.

  10. wow metsakins, lighten up. I love how you think that you alone should determine what goes up and what comes down.

  11. chanpon says:

    Is that why the tail of the kitty on the bottom is so fluffed out??

  12. Meg, Metsies was kidding, she a member of the honorable Nuff baiting patrol.

    That being said…


  13. Kitty porn – hee hee hee.

    On another note, I had a friend who had cats named Biscuit and Miou-miou, (which are French for cookie and meow-meow), so Little Boo and Fluffmeister don’t seem so bad.

  14. Sweet Pea says:

    This website is intending for GROWN-UPS who need a lil pick-me-up while at work.
    And this pic does me just fine! Its cute AND funny!
    Lurve it!!!

  15. *giggle*
    nuff said.
    well ok, *SNORT!*

  16. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    When cats/kittens play, they may fall into these “comprimising” positions unintentionally. Sometimes they end up dropping to sleep on the spot. But really, the black cat just ended up adding fluffitude to the fur on the lower part of the tummy rather than waaaay down there!

  17. Barbara says:

    I also have a short-haired and a long-haired. They’ve been seen doing the same thing (only MORE!!).

    Maybe long-haired kitties are over-seccsed and need to be supervised!!


  18. That’s HOT.

  19. “Oh baby. Give it to me.”


  20. I don’t blame the black-and-white kitty. I would have to snorgle that fluffy belly, too.

  21. Helene, love the Paris comment! I had a hard time holding in my LOL at work. Same goes for SarahP’s comment at the top.


    I just wanna reach out and touch it.

  23. ShelleyTambo says:

    I am ashamed to say that I do own a copy of this (mine’s for sale–check it out!), but in my defense, the Barnes and Noble near me was closing and everything was 50% off–and I needed a laugh while reading a hugely boring document for shelter volunteers. Sadly, it wasn’t actually that funny.

  24. I still think this will all end in tears. I can hear Mrs. Little Boo lookin at these and saying, Oh Boo, How could you!?!

  25. A Poyem:

    No Muff To Tuff
    We Dive At Five.

    Thank you.

  26. fatkittymomma says:

    heee! ketty porn… lol

  27. what! someone posing as me again! please disregard that comment above!

    I heart the Nuff baiting patrol…

    The real Meg (I have a Tpekey account to prove it)

  28. Hazel hath made me blush.

  29. Now the question is, are they both girls?

    Hot girl-on-girl action people! I’m amazed my work filters aren’t going offf

    Or maybe not.

  30. BenPanced says:

    Tummy burp!


  31. leah b. says:

    redzellia tooo funny *plode* to the floor they don’t mind its thehuman who minds

  32. I didn’t LOL, I SOL (shrieked out loud). Fanfrickentastic.

  33. leah b. says:

    SOl thats a new one and a very apporiate for this photo AmyH.
    sol then fall to the floor in

  34. These kitkits look like the older version of the earlier post of the snugglebuns on the cowshe.

  35. 2boyz, 2gurlz
    could be
    could be

    follow the
    rain down
    teh guttah

    say hello
    to me
    you’re there

  36. Cute & Gentle Pit Bull with Duck !

  37. Cassandra says:

    There are a lot of doubles around here Meg, I know there is another Cassandra, but luckily she always seems to post nice friendly comments, so I’m happy to be mistaken for her. I’m the nuff-baiting, pudding-throwing pot-stirring Cassandra (Bizzaro Cassandra? Bizzandra???)

  38. pat_the_bunny says:

    Tux kitty is just grooming the floofitude s’all.

  39. Bizzandra says:

    P.S., love the kitteh porn, totally made my day 😀

  40. Jessica says:

    If I saw that fluffy belly exposed, I’d dive in for a snorgle just like that kitty.

  41. smokeyJoe says:


    sheesh. TMP (too much poetry).

    but i must say that is some serious reverse snurflebelly going on there.

  42. totally NSFW


  43. berthakitt says:

    Fluffmeister thought bubble: “I’d really like to move but the odds of Boo snorgling my nummies again is remote.”

  44. Doing it like they do it on Animal Planet…

  45. OMG THAT TAIL!!!!!!!

  46. Shannon Johnson says:

    Kitty porn that is so funny. HEHEHEHEHEHE

  47. LOL. Just LOL.

  48. If that’s not a “WTF?” face on that cat, I don’t know what is . . .

  49. LOL

    isn’t that too
    erotic for cats??

    Check this, that is a ROFL, guaranteed!

  50. Hehe.

  51. Hm, I actually thought the comments would be much more, well, Hazelish. ‘Course, it is still early.

    And–is that a computer chip, a concept map, or really abstract foliage on the bedspread?

  52. Wowee, that tail is awesome!

  53. R. Moore says:

    My mind, it is sullied.

    Maybe Fluffmeister is like Gussy, always being caught by Madeline at the wrong moment…

  54. newmoonpie says:

    i just wanna know… whose tail IS that? it could be anybody’s. maybe they’re siamese twins, joined at the tail…?

  55. smokeyJoe says:

    omg r.moore!!111

    i love your reference. weally.

  56. Alice Shortcake says:

    Oh, will nobody THINK OF THE KITTENS?!!

  57. HEY you guys! GET A ROOM!
    😉 hee

  58. acelightning says:

    I know it *looks* suggestive, but, remember, cats don’t have their naughty bits arranged quite the same way humans do. {*heroically avoiding using the word “pussy” in a joke…*}

    Oh, and that’s a weird bedsheet.

  59. Get a room!
    That is their room.

  60. Some kitty tummies are so snorgable even other kittehs can’t resist the snoragability quotient.

  61. MC2…great minds

  62. Ok, am I just that slow or has someone changed the “Ick” tag to “Gee-ross”?

  63. Sageflower says:

    Hehehe!! I love it!!! It looks like that mr. fluffy is getting a raspberry buzzed on his fluffy tummy!!

  64. No paparazzi! Please!!

  65. Der Fluffmeister makes everyone want to snorgle his belly floof. Little Boo, being short-haired, is just enjoying the long cat fur as a pillow.

  66. hrh.squeak says:

    Little Boo and Der Fluffmeister, demonstrating number 57 from the Katma Sutra.

  67. R. Moore says:

    Why thank you, Smokey Joe, I’ve just started watching Jeeves and Wooster recently, but being a lover of all things British and/or old, I’ve taken to it rather well. Now I just have to read the books 😛

  68. DasBoots says:

    It actually looks like the tux kitteh is trying to nurse off Fluffersons and Fluffersons is all like “HEY NOW! I didn’t expect this!”

  69. AuntieMame says:

    Is it just me, or is it getting warm in here? 😉

  70. AnonomissX says:

    How come when I see this, the comments happen to total 69? Fer reals folks!

    Fluffer nutters….

  71. All the hottest fluffy kitteh action…

  72. Pussy

  73. Innocent belly (intrAspecies) snorgling. It only *looks* salacious.

    More intraspecies snugglinz:

  74. Princess says:


  75. Alas, there went Fluffmeister´s bid for the Supreme Court.

  76. NSFW! j/k

  77. I think he is just nursing.

  78. I0f this is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

    Or right next to Boo when the surprise wears off and Fluffmeister clobbers him.

  79. rubber duck says:

    …Yikes!… :O

    But…good heavens…animals do it too?!

  80. ClaudesMom says:

    Such silly kittehs!
    I had a pair who would do this, and oh, I was so embarrassed when I walked in on them …!

  81. *shocked Southern drawl* OH MAH POOR VIRGEEYUN EYES! *covers them, then peeks out from behind fingers…*


  82. darkshines says:

    Oooh, hot girl on girl pussy action…. *gets some copporn*

    I MEAN popcorn!

  83. meanwhile, did anyone notice the bedding? gorgeous!

  84. ThreeCatNight says:

    Never did I think that CO would post soft-core cat porno on this site! Oh, the shame of it all! Is he looking for her “C” spot, by the way?!

  85. Furbabies says:

    Do you want to see compromising photos of my kitteh bopping his blue bunny? Shush, don’t tell the cops.

  86. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Definitely a razzberry!!!


  87. omg, more kitty porn! *covers eyes*

    *peeks through fingers*

    omg, such naughty pussys!

  88. stealthcuteo says:

    NSFW (y/n?)

  89. AmyH, that’s Squee Out Loud. SOL.

  90. snicker…. well almost nsfw but cute as all get out.

    Cassandra and anyone else with another person with the same name as you here if you want people to know who you are on CO just add your URL when you post a comment(in case you don’t know what that is, it is your web page or blog page address) Then when people roll over it they can identify you as you.

  91. “Fluffmeister”? I’d say he’s doing quite a fine job of fluffing, tyvm.

  92. whoa! illegal in most states!