California Snailiomobile Association agent Snailio Iglesias, here, showing you the VERY BEST of the San Francisco Bay. [Antennae swing around to show map]

On your tour, we’ll trail thru Muir Woods compost piles, slither the bay bridges and slowly go down Lombard street. If we have time, we’ll go to Tiberon for Snailgaritas on the deck—no salt, of course…


Iris L., you and Snailio make sweet (but, um, slow) tour guides.



  1. shandrewsca says:

    Nice snail trail 🙂

  2. A little snail on a big sweet is that?

  3. metsakins says:

    OMG more bugs! eeeeeeeeee!

    just had to say that.

    GReat picture and cap, got a good laugh!

  4. I would hate to get stuck behind him on that trail *giggles*

  5. inky-fish says:

    Awwwww… that’s so adorable! I love how he’s right on the line, just chuggin’ away like he’s playing Oregon Trail or something. (And I think some bugs are definitely cute, especially furry ‘lil spiders. And teensy ants, all busy and important even though they’re barely as wide as a hair. I don’t care how weird that makes me. Much. Wait, is a snail even a bug?)

  6. Yayyyy, invertebrates! A snail is a mollusc. It’s hard to come up with a definition of “bug” that includes molluscs. I think I’d pretty much limit it to arthropods myself, or even just to insects. (Which would exclude the ‘Tocky Tick of Comment Panic.)

  7. And he’s probably going faster than most traffic over that bridge!

  8. No Salt!!!! LMAO!!

  9. fish eye no miko says:

    “BEEP BEEP! Look out, here I come! Whee!”

  10. Woot! Road Trip! I can’t wait… we can stop at truck stops and buy snow globes and memorial spoons…I get shot gun!

  11. And I’ve been To Muir Woods, that’s worth seeing peeps.

  12. Coming soon (relatively speaking) to a computer near you.

    The big name map providers can’t give you that up close and personal perspective of the the first Snail Maps Site…SNAPS!

    /Soon as Slinky here finishes memorizing all the maps of teh world that is./

  13. How about putting a digicam on THIS little guy’s neck to get a snail’s eye view of the world so
    we can see where HE goes.

  14. um, I don’t get “snail-typch.” I guess my inner-Meg voice is not working properly, could someone pls explain? kthxbye

  15. Now I am cracking myself up with the image of a MONDO GINORMOUS snail (to the scale of that map) slithering across the San Mateo Bridge, smothering all the cars in its path.

  16. OH NOES! I hope you haven’t hired HIM as our tour guide for the First Annual Cute Overload Cuteologist Convention in San Francisco, Labor Day weekend! Methinks we wouldn’t make it to any of the fun destinations we’ve planned. He could ride along though and play navigator from the passenger seat! (For more info re the Cute Overload Bash, email me at Note: This is NOT an address for pic submissions. Thx!

  17. This little guy isn’t scary like the tick. *shudder*

    I guess he’s taking the scenic route.

    And a Cuteolgist Convention? Aww, have fun. I’ll be at Disney World that weekend.

  18. Mary (the first) says:

    just in time.. I’m headed to the Bay area in two weeks, although I’m a little bummed, I got a map at AAA but there were no snails included. Maybe I didn’t ask the right way?? I’m a member and everything. ::: sigh :::

  19. Little snail, so cute. I had a snail as a pet once a loooong time ago. He was cute but it was kinda creepy when he could crawl on me.

  20. with a snail as a guide, that would certainly be an extended vacation.

    i think snails are cute. their shells are little pieces of art.

  21. ummm… I’m with oakland cat –
    I don’t get the snail-typch either…
    someone splain?

  22. schnuckeliges schneckchen.

  23. fish eye no miko says:

    Arvay said: “Now I am cracking myself up with the image of a MONDO GINORMOUS snail (to the scale of that map) slithering across the San Mateo Bridge, smothering all the cars in its path.”

    LOL! Coming next summer, to a theater near you…

  24. I am LOL’ing at Arvay.

    Snailio looks like he’s right on the extra-high part of the bridge, too, waving his giant feelers.

    Can’t you see the traffic copters flying over, all “Try alternate routes, all the lanes of the San Mateo bridge are covered in a giant snail; traffic is creeping along, and cars that are moving are sliding in giant snail goo. Now, back to Bob with the weather.”

    Someone needs to photoshop this scenario!

  25. Too Many Maureens says:

    A triptych is “a set of three panels or compartments side by side, bearing pictures, carvings, or the like.”

    It’s a reference to the way the map is folded.

    Anyone got an escargot / “S” car go joke at hand?

  26. I think you’ve made it, TMM.

    Also “triptych” sounds like “TripTik”, a service of AAA.

    [BINGBINGBING! Lurkertype wins it! TripTiks are pretty much extinct, these days… – Ed.]

  27. I think snails are cute, not gross! Though feel free to never post spiders, ticks, or roaches. (Of course, if you do, it’s not like I won’t ever come here again, that would be just crazy-talk). Btw, wasn’t that little snail who was trying to reach across the bleachers Snailio Iglesias too?! He’s one busy snail, especially for a snail!

  28. This is what I was referring to:

    Guess I was wrong about the name, still funny to think it’s the same snail though! 🙂

  29. Heh, that snail is probably going faster than traffic does on eastbound 92 during the evening commute.

  30. hrh.squeak says:

    That, my friends and peeps, is a Caltrans worker, at an entirely typical speed.

  31. R. Moore says:

    Cynthia, I think the latest results on traffic said that Eastbound Highway 4 was the worst. It really does suck.

    Will the official CO tour include BART rides?

  32. h0lla, Danville represent. haha.

  33. TMM, thx for the explanation– that extra “p” in typch threw me off.

  34. Bleeny McBleenerson, Esq says:

    Re: hey-h

    Bug is commonly used to describe any insect, but to be irritatingly correct they are actually a specific order of insect known as Hemiptera.

    And yes, I know, you’re just wetting yourself with glee over being informed of this bit of trivia.

  35. What type of transport would a traveling snail use? Es-car-got, perhaps?

  36. firefinch says:

    And after the tour, we’ll go down to UC Santa Cruz and hang out with the banana slugs …

  37. Snailio has to get extra cute points for slithering ALONG THE LINE!?!? of the map. Looks and talent.

  38. Ooo, I won!!!

    What do I win? I already have plenty of snails. And that map.

    (teh website says you can still get TripTiks, for peeps who don’t Google, I s’pose)

    MY CO tour is going to include BART rides, for sure, since I’m commuting in from the outlying area that snailio’s headed to.

  39. Wingnut says:

    This picture made me giggle in a strange way that sounded like i was an eighty year old man. I think that means it’s a special kind of cute.

  40. Shannon Johnson says:

    Itsy Bisty teeny weeny snail. I think that is so cool.

  41. Oh no! Bleeny McBleenerson, I totally knew that and missed the chance to show off more of my esoteric animal knowledge! Curses!

  42. you should have called it “Tryp-snail” because he’s, you know, on a trip. CUTIE SNAILY!

  43. Longtail says:

    Awww, I love snails! I pick them up out of my garden and they get all spittly at me.

    You know this little guy is totally blasting “car music” out of his shell.

    Though being that tiny, it probably sounds like MIDI.

    Doo doo dooo dee dee!!! *snail scattin’ driving tunes*

  44. afriedeggonacar says:

    has anyone seen the toyota commercial with the line on the map? the music is playing in the background while a line is being traced out on a map. the music stops as the line stops. then the line keeps going and the music starts up again til the line reaches the edge of the map. stop. next shot, the red line is on the floor and the music is playing once again. end commericial

  45. This map is not to snail.

  46. LOL
    that little thing loves to travel


  47. Meowerish, hrh.squeak, and unfortunately all too true. Unless you give it $200,000 per day for every day under deadline.

  48. You gave that poor snail such a bad name it took it until now to complain….

    I always think of the one from the Franklin cartoon show and its very big tears when it takes so long for it to get anywhere.

  49. Telekino — LOL [groan] LOL

  50. Is it just me, or is it totally time for a Bugs category?

  51. That snail is clearly very clever (and the picture is great!) but IMHO this one is much cuter:

  52. Furbabies says:

    I lurves snails and slugums. So cute!

  53. Hee!

  54. I demand a COXCU of the cute little eyestalks!

  55. eikoleigh says:

    He is SO cute…but I wouldn’t want to be behind him in traffic….

  56. caitlin black says:

    thats a cute pic. in all but give us a closer look!

  57. Ohhh that’s a cute one! Very creative too. 🙂

  58. The Snail:
    – Yo, I see ya in Oakland.

    later bro!!

  59. i love the idea of the snail following the line/road..I think its one of the best i have seen on this website!!

  60. [PERSON WHO OWNS MAP]: u jus had to ask HIM for directions. DIDNT U?