Bestest pillow evar

[Giant Newfoundland pup eye looks around]


[Pup’s eye closes, pup goes back to dreaming about "Lake Tinkle" ]


Ian W., looks verrrry comfortuhbuhls.



  1. GAWWWW I want him for my pillow!!!

  2. *le sigh* I want a Newfie pilloooow!

  3. Big floppy dogs make the best pillows. And the reciprocal hug? Over the top!

  4. Lunch Lady says:

    A Boy and his Puppy, true love allways!

  5. I thought that was a guinea pig on his shoulder at first. Had to take a closer look and figured out it was a Newfie. Lordy, love those dogs.

  6. U r my bestest fwend!!!

  7. Oi.

  8. Cute!

  9. luvinmalssomuch says:


  10. AAwwwhahahaaaaaw!!! A great big hugable snugable wrestlable floofy dog! The best kind 🙂

  11. gloom raider says:

    Now I want a Newfie more than ever! Who needs an electric blanket?

  12. After seeing this Newfie pillow, I’m afraid all that is left of me is a puddle of goo. Cute Overload has rendered me useless for yet another morning at work! 😉

  13. The Lake Tinkle link is a dead end for me. what is it??

  14. “Dead end”? It’s the current CO background. Hampants on Golden Pond.

  15. Watch out kiddo, it is all fun and games until the newfie decides he is in charge:
    Run while you have a chance!

  16. I didn’t know CO could be found on Lake Tinkle. Now I do. I’ll have to check it out on Google Maps. LOL

    My little chihuahuas must think I’m just a big Newfie when we take our naps. They sleep on me pushed in real tight. The tighter we sleep the longer we sleep. People say dogs are good exercise because you have to walk them. I’ve never slept more in my life now that I have two chihuahuas. Best naps ever are with the dogs.

  17. At first I thought he had a black guinea pig on his back, then I realized it’s a giant paw!

  18. Calvin & Hobbs vs Marmaduke!

  19. donutbill says:


    Are those pillows available at target by any chance?

  20. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    A boy can sleep safe with his dog.

  21. Now that’s clever. Snuggle with a buddy for warmth, but still next to the vent for the A/C.

  22. Oh. I wish I had a Newfie pillow to sleep on.

  23. “Clifford…eat your heart out…”

  24. leah b. says:

    Doggie says I demand extra doggie treats after this kid wakes up, and my 15 minute break I will have to go potty big TIME too.

  25. Cassandra says:

    DO WANT! I miss having a big snorgleable dog-pillow…*sniff* This is a lovely picture

  26. oh that is too sweet!
    someday I will have a big goofy dog that I can use as a pillow…

  27. Awww! Too cute! 🙂

  28. ARGH! I am so jealous I could cry! I wanna giant hugmonster droolbag!

  29. leah b. says:

    yea hey peeps if he so comfy with his newfie how come tigger toy on floor in front of boy, and yes I see had of boy Ian wrapped around front newfie leg.

  30. ARGH! I am so jealous I could cry! I wanna giant hugmonster droolbag!

  31. Mary (the first) says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought it was a black guinea pig on the boy’s shoulder. I thought it was a trifecta of napping-on-top! The Newfie paw is even more snuggly though. YAY for boys and their dogs!

  32. hmmm, I’m thinkin we needz a Comfterbuls category, as if the Cute Overlords don’t have eNuff to do right?

  33. shandrewsca says:

    Did anyone else notice the Tigger doll in the picture? Just an extra slice of cuteness in this pic!

  34. Is that a BIG pup or a tiny kid?! Awwww.

  35. Teho – oh Der. Spanks for the splainy.

  36. Shannon Johnson says:

    I think that newfies are pretty cool dogs. I wish I had a newfie.

  37. leah b.

  38. Tiffany says:

    Uhhh, I dunno which is cuter: the pup or the freckle triangle on the kid’s neck!

  39. Sometimes I wish my cat was that big, I’d sleep on her too:)

  40. That pup’s paw is almost as big as the kid’s head! What an awesome snuggle.

  41. LOL, Metz! “Cute Overlords”… Newfies are sweet, our nabes had one, but she used to STEP over the fence and go walkabout. Agree on the Comfterbuls

  42. whoops, lost the last bit… agree on the Comfterbuls Category, would be soothing to visit when Life is not so comfterbuls! Thanks CO!!
    (P.S. Is Lake Tinkle anywhere near Lake Wobegon??)

  43. Lake Tinkle! Not unless the kid puts his paw in a bowl of warm water…or a bath of qte.

  44. AuntieMame says:

    V. cute, but I would hate to have that hugemongous paw across my neck. Even a sheet on my neck feels like I’m strangling.

    I’ve tried to use a golden retriever as a pillow for stargazing, but she was too solid for comfort, and there was too much of her to let me look UP. I wound up gazing into the open space behind the house…

  45. leah b. says:

    Metz, what did I do now ?

  46. “yea hey peeps if he so comfy with his newfie how come tigger toy on floor in front of boy, and yes I see had of boy Ian wrapped around front newfie leg. “

    I just din’t understanddz. Not in trouble or anything, just got confuzled is all.

  47. I try to do this with my “full-figured” cat, but he doesn’t go for it too much. ;-/

  48. Sorry not trying to confuse anyone but then I do have a rotten summer cold. My typing skills are a bit off today.
    I wonder did that doggie get extra treats for being a pillow today ?? I hope so

  49. My day just better seeing that pic! Our newbie puppy, Gidget (some sort of little beagle mix), wants to sleep with her head under my neck at night.

  50. Interspecies snorgling!

  51. “Dreaming about Lake Tinkle” sounds like when you dream that you are on the toilet, and come close to wetting the bed.

  52. Newfies are so amazing with kids!


  53. That’s a lovely picture – it shows such an affectionate, trusting relationship. If it’s typical of their time together, that kid will have warm, joyful memories of the dog for life.

  54. fluidstatic says:

    that newfie says: “I loves my human. He feeds me and plays with me and tells me he loves me, and best of all, he lets me give him hugs.”

    It made me go “awwwwwwwwes.”

  55. Definitely should be in interspeshe snorgling!

  56. ka9q's wife says:

    My friend’s dog Mia sleeps with my friend’s niece this way. Only Mia lays on the niece with her head under her chin. If the niece has a particularly stressful day, Mia will kiss her chin until she falls asleep.

    My dog, Sarah just snuggles up in her sleep and sighs in content. Sleeping with a dog or a cat snuggled up is the best way to nap.

  57. kathryn says:

    woot woot!
    this was just the image i needed to see tonight – i moved to Toronto a few weeks ago from Newfoundland and i needed me some big black dog paws 🙂
    some mighty cute things we have back home, hey?

  58. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    LakeTinkle where the rain is always warm :}

  59. Now if that isn’t perfect love…


  60. Awwwwwww
    I used to use my Newfie as a pillow too. 🙂 I miss my Barkley tooooo much. 😦

  61. That is precious!.. looks like they’ve both found a spot in eachother!

  62. I know a Newfoundland who bites you in the gentle areas when he first greets you. I guess they do this to make sure that you are ok (aka alive), becuase they are rescue dogs, althouh I am not sure if this is true. Does anyone know?

  63. Vanessa says:

    I’ve done that before! It really is very cumfortabuhls

  64. Awwwwww! I have a newfie mix, but he’s too small to do that! 😦 Oh well…

  65. snorgle time says:

    “Bites you in the gentle areas”???


    I know another Newfie who leeeeeeans like crazy on people, making them fall over… but I’ve never seen a Newfie “biting people on the gentle areas”. (Thank God.)

  66. Let’s not ignore the perfect triangle constellation of freckles on the widdle boy neck. I’ll bet his mom is foond of snorgling that spot.

  67. ThreeCatNight says:

    Could anything be any sweeter? Love that paw around the neck! I’m melting into a puddle of mush as I write…

  68. Furbabies says:

    Newfie swim coach,nanny, pillow and comforter. What a pooch!

  69. awwww. so sweet 🙂

  70. Posh Tater says:

    Awwwwwww. And that’s from me AND the husband.

  71. Need a pillow ?

  72. We have three Newfs at the moment (recently lost a giant old boy) and the youngest of that lot is our ninth.

    Looks here like we’ve been playing the endless pawing game — a kind of interspecies claphand — and it’s not just for little kids. If you lie on the floor, you trigger a delighted black fur tsunami.

  73. Just remembered to notice this pic of Clea — the newf in question — and Ward.

    Ward’s 13, for a sense of scale. Clea’s rather a short Newfoundland, and smallish.

    Clea does sometimes nap with a guinea pig, oddly enough, given the paw/peeg confusion. Or it naps amid her belly fur, and she watches over it holding her breath so as not to wake the sleeping peeg. “Gentle giant” is aptly put.

    Ear rubbing causes Clea to topple shoulder first unless well-supported. She’s unlikely to bite anyone’s “gentle areas,” or anything else, with anything like force — though when she does chew a stick it simply shatters in one thoughtful chomp.

    Drifts of black fur to all who noticed….