Miniscule horn nubbage poem

Check out "mini horn nubs"
a tiny buff’lo grubs
close-up lil’ eye caps
posin’ for safari Paps*


*as in "Paparrazzi"… the most brilliant line ever!



Linda A., way to deliver the nubbular goods.



  1. *rubs mini horn nubs*

    I thought it was the return of Moosday at first, but this lil guy is cute.

  2. eikoleigh says:

    oh, he is SO cute.

    sweet little nubbage….

  3. Ohhhh! How cute! And a great poem! 😀

  4. If you’re on Safari and
    see a behbeh buff and
    you can take a peecteuw
    and send it to C.O.

    Send it to C.O. [leg kick]

  5. Buffies got leg warmers
    built right on in
    they’re never frozayns
    toasty _and_ in fashin

    BEST METER EVER! [second leg kick]

  6. mini, mini horn nubs
    tryin’ hard to grow,
    pokin’ out a buff’s head
    So cute it’s on C.O.

    So cute it’s on C.O.!!!

    [karate chopping in air and no one is watching]

  7. I think Meg had an extra glass of chardonnay…

  8. acelightning says:

    I thought the baby moose (meese?) on the Russian moose farm were exotic, but the baby buffalo is a new high point in C.O. strangeness. I see thd buffalo horns (or at least the buds)… but where are the buffalo wings?

  9. Cierror says:

    *squee* I luv buffaloes!

  10. Just ONE extra glass, oaklandcat? 😉

    (Reading this is making me giggle though. )

  11. oaklandcat – make that an extra bottle or two … 🙂

    cute hornlets …

  12. Okay, now I have this hysterical image of a bunch of people dressed in khaki and pith helmets on “safari” in Kansas. (where the deer and the antelope play)

    Totally worth it to see the little bison. (where seldom is heard a discouraging word)

    Their fur is quite coarse but their nosicles are so soft and moist. (and the skies are not cloudy all day.)

  13. Bisons are such way cool prehistoric-looking critters. Have you seen the pics of a few that got loose and were jumping over the net in someone’s tennis court? Somehow I just never thought of bison as jumpers!

  14. SeaBreeze says:

    “Oh gimme a home
    Where the behbeh buffs roam…”

    So not awake enuf to poeticize, but can still appreciate teh cute when I see it….

  15. leah b. says:

    you might be able to rub little horn nubbs, if and only if momma does make you leave a steaming pile in that their field after she sees you near her bebbeh

  16. So nubbly~and the poems! An anerable way to start the day.
    Off to walk the dog (leg kick)

  17. Hooorn, horn on the range…

  18. Lerrinus says:

    Love a bebeh buffie! Love little horn nubbins!
    I just want to rub his (her?) little head and give him (her?) a hug!

  19. I’m bummed. I missed Meg’s party.

  20. sapphie says:

    EEEEEE!!!!! I LOVE flufabo!

  21. zeldapie says:

    Awwwwww… who on earth could eat one of those critters as a burger? He is SOOOO anerable!

  22. does anyone else feel like there needs to be a fifth line that rhymes with the first two, to make it a limerick?

    sadly, this is not my forte…

  23. It’s tough zeldapie, because they’re almost as delicious as they are cute [shifty eyes].

  24. leah b. says:

    is that bebbeh happy or bored I cannot tell which, its like is this all we do all day Huh????

  25. Leah B. I agree with you! Exactly what I was thinking.

  26. CatFreak says:

    Your Spelling Weenie says, “minuscule” is spelled as if it contains the word “minus”, not “mini”.

    “minuscule” si.
    “miniscule” no.

    Yeah, over the past ten years, I’ve seen it wrong as often as I’ve seen it right. But check it: it really is “minuscule”.

    And this is a minuscule point, but I’ve come to expect perfection from our Meg, since she so commonly delivers it. ;->

  27. Tootin’ my own horn here:

    There once was a bebeh buffalo
    Who looked like Janeane Garofalo
    There was hullabaloo
    From Timbuktu to Kalamazoo
    When Peeps saw its’ nubs on Cute Overload.

    There once was a bebeh tatonka
    Who looked like Willie Wonka…

  28. Are those really buffalo or the hybrid BEEFalo?

  29. Bebeh is mos’ def’ bored. Hee!

  30. Shannon Johnson says:

    That is so cute. I didn’t think that baby buffalo could be so cute.

  31. I was all set to post on the “buffalo” in Golden Gate Park in SF…but found out they are actually bison, despite what everyone thinks. However, they do have a lovely image of a bison nose…

  32. Tor – Bison? In Golden Gate Park in SF? Really? *taking notes to add it to Cuteologists Labor Day Convenche list of things to see* If anyone wants to join us in SF over Labor Day, email me at The plans are almost complete! 🙂

  33. The North American bison is commonly called “buffalo”.

    If you go to a state where they roam (along with deer, antelope, and no discouraging words or cloud cover), people will look at you funny for calling them “bison”. Everyone knows that’s what they are, but everyone calls them “buffalo” anyway.

    Signed, Person Whose Brother Graduated From A University Where The Sports Teams Are Called “Buffaloes” And They Own A Bison.

    P.S. yeah, a safari in the wilds of Nebraska or Wyoming would be kinda silly… unless/if you’ve had all that extra wine.

  34. jill-e-b says:

    Before his wee horn-nubs grow
    This brown baby buffalo
    Looks cuddly and cute
    Though the point will be moot
    When he reaches the size of an ice floe

    Okay, I’m not a poet. But the only coherent thing I could say when I saw the COXCU of his nosicle is “squeeeeeeeeeee!”

  35. courtney says:

    Bison and Buffalo are two different species….

    Anyway! I’m all nostalgic for college now…go Buffs!!!

    There are no more wild buffalo in the US, but my inlaws live in the middle of nowhere and their neighbors have a herd. We see them all the time. The calves are the cutestest!

  36. stickler says:

    There are still a few wild buffalo in Yellowstone National Park. Kinda gives ya hope for nature’s resiliance. “Today there are a little more than 3,000 buffalo living in and around Yellowstone, comprising America’s only free-roaming and unfenced population.” (Quote courtesy of

  37. AuntieMame says:

    My college mascot was the buffalo, too, but it’s not something I’m proud of. (I went to the serious campus…not the party school!)

  38. I can’t believe I threw away my 3d glasses last time I moved. Proof that as soon as you get rid of something you have toted around for years, over 1000s of miles and a half-dozen addresses, you will find a critically important use for it.

    Case in point: 3d images of bison aka American buffalo in Golden Gate Park:

    You lucky ducks who still have your glasses–enjoy!

  39. Cute little devil… or is that diablo?

  40. Furbabies says:

    I saw a whole herd of bison in Thermopolis,WY. They are immense! What gorgeous creatures. Precious little one. Great pic.

  41. MOooooooooooooooooooowww!
    LOL, check this COW….


  42. Re: the whole buffalo v. bison argument, yes what we have here in the US are bison (scientific name bison bison) and the ones in africa are buffalo (sry, I dunno the scientific name) *BUT* my bf’s dad, who is the Head of Natural Resources at Yellowstone National Park, and one of the leading experts on brucellosis (a disease which effects mainly bison and cattle) still calls them buffalo in everyday conversation.

    that said, CUUUUUTTEEEE!