Cats in sinks

People, you’ve heard of the anerable site "" right? Well, those are dainty, fit-in-sink kittehs.

Since this is TEH Overload, we must deliver. Holy McCrapulence.


LOVE the half-mast "whut?" look on his face, Pearl O. 😉



  1. Ok, I know I’m not frost, but the line I thought up is still funny: Gonna wash that bleen right outta my fur, I’m gonna wash that bleen right outta my fur (etc.)

    Ok…kinda funny, anyway, right?

  2. Holy crow! That’s a LOT of fluffitude.

    And bleen peeps, at LEAST make a comment. This isn’t TMZ, fer cryin’ out loud.

  3. My first comment evar is a bleen! I want to warsh my face in this kitteh’s belleh.

  4. Wha? You twawkin’ ta me? Ya wanna wash yer what where?


  5. Lurves me a fat kitteh! Go Buddy Go Buddy! Go go Go Buddy!

  6. That is completely brilliant. I have a teeny, dainty little kitty who would no doubt be a Swedish model in human form, but this guy would just be a truck driver.

  7. Sorry llism… I just got so excited! (What’s TMZ?)

  8. the cat’s like–yeah I’m huge and scruffy, but just try one shot of that hand soap on me and you’re toast.
    i like the gynormous front paw … yikes

  9. I know we are in a recession and we all have to make sacrifices but c’mon do I really have to sleep here? Are you gonna sleep in the tub? Huh-Huh? I didn’t think so!

  10. 😀

    He looks huge! How thick is that fur!

    He thinks he fits perfectly.

  11. what is bleen? i checked the C.O. glossary and it says
    that cat is signifcantly larger than my dog lol

  12. srry guys the quote didn’t appear.
    it says…This word does not appear in the Glossary. So sorries.

  13. hahahaaa!! If the cat fits…or even if it doesn’t!

    That’s one helluva Maine Coon cat.

  14. weensicka says:

    Eeep! The ginormitude! He is like my cat Louie, who is also huge but non-fluffy, so proportionally HUGER! (Can there be such a thing?) Fortuitously, he does not lounge in my sinks, though he’s got a thing for bathtubs that makes NO sense.

  15. …time for a “cats in bathtubs” section?

    What a glorious, monster kitter!

  16. He has to be a Maine Coon…

    I love that smug ‘this is my spot’ look.

    I used to know a cat like this in Columbus, GA…where did he sleep at night? Anywhere he wanted…..:)

  17. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I’m not moving that big ole kitty kat. I’ll wash in the kitchen sink. Thanks very much.

  18. Love this cat – he’s so fluffy. He’s not moving anytime soon – doesn’t care if you need to brush your teeth………

  19. Starrgrrl — some questions are inherently unanswerable.
    Serenity now.

  20. That is a lot of cat in very little sink. Definately an overload.

    Mine loves to sleep in the sink too. He’s about the only thing in the bathroom that doesn’t clash with the avacado green sink cause it’s just so cute.

  21. Nicolletta says:

    Monster kitty with monster Toe Floofs!!!

  22. Yitzysmommie says:

    Not sure if this is Sink Overload or Cat Overload! This Purrson ees One Beeg Pussy! I hear a Bobby White voice rumblin “Yeah, baby, I’m BIG…real BIG…I’ll Overload ya!”

  23. astrogrrrl says:

    stargrrrl – “bleen” is another way of saying first, e.g. being the first to coment. and hey, nice name 🙂

    and back to the subject at hand: my kitty is fluffy like that one 🙂

  24. That’s more like “Cats ON Sinks”!

    Like that “Yo Mama” joke:

    Your mama’s so fat that when she sits around the house, she sits AROUND the house!

  25. He thinks he’s still just a tiny baby. My cat is of the same mindset.

  26. leah b. says:

    THey are such beautiful kittehs that I want one, her female is Singer and the male is Malcom they are funny laid back kittehs

  27. And I thought my cat was big…

  28. book_monstercats says:

    “I’m in ur sink, sheddin’ in your plughole. Wanna make something of it?”

  29. Isn’t “crapulence” being drunk?

  30. Yes, but this is “McCrapulence”. All the difference in the world… or at least, the sink.

  31. hmmm. I think I’ll brush my teeth in the KITCHEN sink.
    (this kitteh is not to be messed with)

  32. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    Yea, Norwegian Forest. My Dingle is pushing 18 pounds and not a fat cat. They’re just huge and muscular. And the floofy pawsitude gets me every time. He’s cute when he goes outside after it rains and he comes back in with soggy feet. lol (and no, he’s not an outside cat, he just likes to sun himself on the back patio, so we leash him up and attach him to the clothesline, he has full access to the entire yard that way.)

  33. Sinks are nice cool places on hot, hot days. Gimmee a sink!

  34. HerMeowness says:

    what is with you people posting all the cats? Mine don’t arrive for another day and I’m going craaaaaazy!!

  35. He looks like my great, big Maine Coonie, who can fill up the entire seat of a full-sized rocking chair.

  36. pat_the_bunny says:

    gorgeous, simply gorgeous Maine Coon bebeh!

    love the way he just completely overwhelms the sink!

  37. shouldn’t that be McOpulence?

  38. Not bad, Metz. Better than McCorpulence, eh?

  39. I thought fer sure this had to be ‘shopped. That thing is bigger than both my cats put together.

  40. Look this picture
    love dog !,,11163189,00.jpg

  41. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Now thats what I call a cat. He’s like ‘yers was there somthing’?

  42. Yitzysmommie says:

    Metz, T – I like McGinormousness.

  43. Yitzysmommie, but with such a ginormous word I wouldn’t know when to stop saying it

  44. Peg of Tilling says:

    …Big McHugeLarge!

    (for the MST3K people)

  45. a different Laura says:

    His vast bulk is even causing the cabinet doors to fall off!

  46. Filthy, mangy cat in sink? Um… not cute.

    Cute: picture of 3-year old boy in underroos raptly watching tv from the couch

    Not-cute: picture of 43-year old obese man in tighty-whities doing the same.

    Just thought I’d clarify.

  47. Eh, more like Stump Chunkman. Or Gristle McThornbody.

  48. *flushes*
    Err sorries what were you sayingks?

  49. Oh! My bleen was removed. Why? I am so sad now. Will go dry my tears on giant disapproving kitteh in sink.

  50. Aww.. Silus Grok, don’t say that! we don’t know that this kitty is “filthy” or “mangy”. It’s just supposed to be funny that a big cat is in a tiny sink. Geesh. I’d be offended if that were my kitty and you said such mean things.
    Why do people have to write such awful comments on this site? (Please see the Tick ‘Tocks comments section for further illustration.)
    I think I will no longer read the comments section. It’s a real downer. Boo!

  51. headscratcher says:

    Yo Silus Grok. You need to actually like, look up mangy for a start. That kitter is sooooo not mangy. Pretty damned clean and in tip top health if you ask me.

  52. Wow… that’s either one giant cat or one tiny sink! He looks comfy though. Cats can make themselves comfortable anywhere, and I’ve noticed that the smaller the space the better they seem to like it. Little weirdos. 🙂

  53. I strenuously object.
    He is NOT mangy nor is he filthy.
    He is a beautiful
    wonderful kitteh and he isn’t even mine.
    He IS McOpulence and he rulz the sink.

  54. see that’s what i told my hubby.. if he keeps leaving his hair in the sink one day big animals will start growing out of it.

  55. Silus Grok: not funny
    Cat in Sink: funny

    just thought I’d clarify

  56. “Tis not a sink but a mere dainty teacup I recline in…” 🙂

  57. i am scared of this cat

    but also strangely intrigued by it

  58. Theo…is it just me or does this kitty look like Kenya?

  59. Michelle says:

    What sink?

  60. Hahah… that mangy and filthy comment was a joke, right? Cause after studying the picture a bit closer his fur is quite well-groomed for such a long-haired cat. Just look at that bushy tail!

    Seriously, this website is like atomic fireballs. You look at the pictures for the sweet, you read the comments for the burning. Cause internet drama IS candy. Definately yum.

  61. Has anyone else noticed that in almost every comment section for the last week or so there has been at least one troll-like creature who posts something rude or inflammatory? Or am I just imagining that?

  62. This reminds me of the Main Coon Cat my dad used to have. Sweetest, most gentle lil guy ever. When he was a tiny kitten, he started sleeping in the sink, an’ he just kept getting bigger n’ bigger, until the sink looked like just a big ball of brown fluff. Then he got even bigger and started sleeping in the bathtub. lol.

  63. that person lurking in the shadows – yeah, I’ve noticed that too. Makes me wonder if some of these comments are just people trying to play around with things and see if they can rile anything up.

  64. Pearl Ostroff says:

    This is my cat. He is neither mangy nor filthy. And he is big. I assume he is Maine Coone. He seems to have all the characteristics. I got him as a rescue kitty when he was a young adult, about 11 years ago. He loves the sink, even if he overwhelms it. I have been known to wash my hands and brush my teeth over the bathtub.

    He’s actually a scardy cat and if a stranger were to come into my apartment, he would be out of that sink and under the bed in a flash.

    Oh, no Photoshopping. That is his real size and the real size of the sink.

  65. I don’t see a sink? *confused*

  66. Pearl, he is beauty!

  67. Main coon na!!!! — main coons rule!!

  68. Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw that. Stupid trolls.

    Really, though, that cat is amazing. I’ll take one just like him, please!

  69. Pearl, he’s gorgeous! Out of curiosity, how many pounds does he weigh? Cause he looks like he could body-check a small dog through a wall.

    My parents almost got a Maine Coon. My brother and I convinced them to get a Bengal instead. That was a mistake.

  70. ThreeCatNight says:

    Gorgeous kitteh with Major Cattitude!
    My three like the bathroom sink scene too now and then, although, thank God – not all at once! The sink would implode!

  71. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Pearl, can you pick him up or do you need help? I volunteer.

  72. caroline says:

    Big pretty boy! He looks like a lover.

  73. Pearl, I have a female Maine Coon mix named Chloe who is also a darling. She is only two and is almost 16 lbs of muscle! They look big and intimidating but they are cuddly sweethearts!! Shame on you Silas Grok!!!

  74. Yitzysmommie says:

    Pearl, dahlingk!
    He is wonderful! Ignore the nuff.
    I hope Mr McOpulence/McGinormousnessnessness sleeps with you – you certainly wouldn’t need an electric blankie.

  75. Bowmore says:

    I believe the appropriate caption for this picture, according to sites such as I Can Has Cheezburger (or however they misspell it) is “I R TINY KITN”

  76. Bowmore — did you catch the photo’s hovertext?
    (that’d be the Title tag, for you HTML wonks)

  77. newmoonpie says:

    pearl: he’s gorgeous. i loves me some maine coons (and norwegian forest cats, for that matter). how much does he weigh, out of curiosity? my brother has one we think is part both, so he’s huge-riffic, too.

    between-the-toes-fur RULEZ.

  78. Pearl Ostroff says:

    Thanks for the kind remarks. Riley weighs about 20 lbs and I can pick him up by myself. He loves to be cuddled, insists on it as a matter fact. And his purr is loud to match his size. His fur is really, really thick and very soft and very long and wavy on his belly.

  79. newmoonpie says:

    oh, yayyy! does he hug you? my cat (same shape and size, but solid gray) loves to hug when picked up. that part’s great, but the wet nose in the ear’s pretty gross.


  80. elliottsmommy says:

    pearl, my lhasas will not allow me to have a cat, so please give rockin’ riley some love kissies and snorglies from south carolina. i love me some big ole kitties. (kig ole bitties?)

  81. let me just point out the obvious; trolls and norwegian forests go together

  82. AuntieMame says:

    Riley is lovely!

    And the expression on his face clearly says “What?! I fit!” Heh!

    The trolls are just an Internet thing. There is something about the anonymity of the Internet that leads certain sad, socially-challenged people to think that they need to say every spiteful thing pops into their tiny little minds in the deluded belief that people actually give a crap what they think.

  83. Alice Shortcake says:

    This pic immediately made me think of my boarding school, where one of the kitchens had an original Victorian sink – huge and shallow. It could have been made for this lad.

  84. What a big, handsome fella! I bet he is very much the cuddler.

  85. 20 lbs of cat in a 10 lb sink! LOL!!!

  86. I think it’s time to call Roto-rooter. The hairclog has claws and sexy bedroom eyes…

  87. Wah! It cut off my whole name!

  88. I think he looks hungover. Too much Jose Catnip?

  89. RedZ — I fix!

  90. Kallisto says:

    Hi Pearl,
    I’d also like to vote for Riley as one of the most beautiful kittehs I’ve ever seen. And I also think he looks very healthy and well-kept. I’m sure he gets loads of TLC, and it shows.
    Don’t let any negative remarks get to you!!!!

  91. Pinkzilla, lmao Theo eeees a naughtyboyo!

  92. Dwine: “let me just point out the obvious; trolls and norwegian forests go together … “

    Bwahahahahahahahaha !!! like I couldn’t see the forest for the trolls …

    and Pearl: Riley rocks !!!

  93. Awww, I lurve him. Reminds me of my dearest departed Mittens (what? I named her when I was 10.) who was a gorgeous 15 lb marmie Maine Coon knockoff, complete with fuzzy feets. 🙂

  94. You know, if cats had trashy romance novels, this big kitteh would be the cover guy, complete with sexy bedroom eyes. He’s absolutely gorgeous!

  95. Dwine & HRH — LOL!

  96. I love Maine Coons! Those huge paws, the extra fluffy tail, that self-righteous-aloofness earned from just being alive…

  97. headscratcher says:

    Ya know, he kinda reminds me of our former roommate’s Maine Coon. Does hims have a squeaky meow? Sparky does. He also lurves to have his belly rubbed by your foot. JUST your foot. NEVEH your hand.

  98. Rosalynde says:

    I think we need a name for the black line around the dark pink nose . . . this is a common feature on brown/black McTabbersons, big and tiny alike . . .

  99. Furbabies says:

    What I notice about the trolls: they hop in, say something snotty and then leave. Are they too scared to handle the responses?

  100. beautifull eyes!!

  101. Furbabies — oy, be careful what you wish for.

  102. Pinkzilla?
    Oh, dee shame!
    That’s what happens to my socks when I wash them with the Redzilla costume.

  103. Hee hee! Tokyo strikes back.

  104. This is totally my kitty’s doppleganger kitty! If he didn’t already have a name, I’d call him “chunkybutt.”

  105. leah b. says:

    I am just glad that kitteh cannot read some terrriable comments left by some **** ****people. Pearl he is beautiful and I would clean the sink for your kitteh anytime you need it done.

  106. Theresa says:

    Maine Coon in da howse! A big armful of lerve!

  107. Theresa says:

    PS Miss Pearl, we are all in AWE of mighty fluffy boy!

  108. cranberry says:

    Is that a Norwegian Ridgeback?


  109. Aww…does teh widdle kitty need a chin scratch? All the biggest kitty’s I know is sweeties inside, unless you iz nother cat.

  110. Whoah! Kinda looks like my girlfriend’s cat, Lowki. He’s a Norwegian Forest Cat that weighs in at a whopping 23 pounds… and most of that is muscle!

  111. I LOFS the Maine Coons and their ultimate floofiness and their “no worries” attitude and the way they must fit themselves into things way too small for them.

    Pearl, Riley is a king among cats and he knows it. Please rub under that majestic chin for me and tell him I greatly admire his toe-floofs and plumy tail.

  112. That cat is *awesome*… kind of in the literal sense of inspiring awe, because his size, it boggles the mind.
    My favourite feature is his hypno-eyes. Look at the darker ring around his slit pupils… in a moment it will start spinning… you will feel ve-ry sleepy.
    What kind of jerk calls a cat filthy and mangy that way? It’s not like a caring ‘That poor kitten looks filthy and mangy, I hope someone will take care of her,’ it’s a scornful ‘This animal is filthy and mangy! OUT OF MY SIGHT WITH IT.’
    Especially when the cat is visibly healthy and fluffy-clean.

  113. acelightning says:

    That’s a BIIIIIIG kittycat! Beautiful and floofy, though, and definitely “monarch of all he surveys”.

  114. Holy Crapulence is right!!! My word that is a lot of cat.

    Cats Covering Kitchen Counters is more like it… He’s ginormous.

  115. Lordy! That’s a Maine Coon and three quarters!

  116. OMG!! If I turn on my faucet will one of thees come out?? I must go see!

  117. jill-e-b says:

    “You know, if cats had trashy romance novels, this big kitteh would be the cover guy, complete with sexy bedroom eyes. He’s absolutely gorgeous!”
    That’s one of the first things I thought of when I saw this picture. He’s certainly a handsome covercat, all brawny beast and casual elegance.

    My other thought was: awwww!!! look at the pretty kitty! I bet he gives good cuddles. Love the fluffitude.

  118. Shannon Johnson says:

    Fat Cat Alert!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. I’m not too scared to handle the responses… it’s just a busy day.

    I’m a cat-lover… but long-haired cats (especially ones that look like they could use a solid brushing) give me the willies. So I say as much. I don’t find this maine coon cute… I think it looks dirty and in need of a solid shave. But there are as many opinions as there are readers, and there should be room for a polite differing of opinion. If we’re all just going to coo over every damn photo posted, what’s the use? The site’s author (is there more than one?) is a genius — but hardly perfect.

    Oy vey.

  120. Actually, Silus, the point of this site *IS* to coo over every damn photo. Your definition of “cute” is not always someone else’s. And no, you’re NOT morally obligated to post a dissenting opinion. 1 – Nobody gives a crap. 2 – In some cases, it’s rude and insulting, like this time. Basic respect, dude. If you can’t understand that, maybe you should reconsider being on this site in the first place.

    There are pictures that get posted that I don’t find cute, and I simply don’t comment on them. Really effing simple, you know?

    PS – Your comment was NOT “polite differing of opinion”. Calling someone’s treasured pet “mangy”? Sheesh.

  121. D’oh… I was so busy replying to Silus *snort* that I forgot to say…


    Hah. I love Maine Coons. I mean, he just oozes attitude (cattitude?) – what’s not to love? Pearl, give him a snorgle for me!

  122. I too have a Maine Coone (Emma). They are amazing cats with the BEST personalities!!! Also, great to hand-wrestle with and snuggle!!!!! Emma-pot-pie is my love-bug!!!

    Oh, and as for my comment on the picture…Personally, I think he is saying, “What??? I fit….!” 🙂

  123. Silus…perhaps you need to shave your butt!? 🙂 All animals are cute and precious in their own way! Have you ever met one that stole a DVD player or killed a person. They all are w-a-y more beautiful and kind than any human. God put them on this planet for many reasons and I believe that one of them is to remind humans what innocents and the lack of evil/sin looks like.

  124. Shave a Maine Coon? Bite your tongue! Certain ‘Coons and Norwegian cats do resemble each other. Given the size, it’s something to consider. You can brush a long haired lovely all day, and it still won’t look like a shorthair. Glory in their fluffiness and their great plumed tail! [happy sigh! ;)]

  125. We always say : “the more cat,the better”,but this one is OVERLOAD !

  126. @Casey: You actually make a good point… I forgot that this photo was of someone’s beloved pet (it’s the internet, don’t all these photos just appear out of the ethers?). I’m used to internet communities where the discussion is less fawning… but you’re right: the purpose of this site appears to be just that. And that’s okay. I’ll stick to looking at the generally anerable photos and avoid the comment threads (whose culture is beyond my ken).

    Apologies all around.

  127. headscratcher says:

    Silus, if that cat looks dirty to you because it has long fur, then damn, get those eyes triple checked.

    Unless you are reading the colouration as dirt.

    Weird dude. Just plain weird. That cat is so obviously a clean kitty. Heyzeus.

    Seriously. Go do a search and look up a picture of a dirty and ill cat. Then look at this one again. TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

    *wanders off shaking head…wondering why it’s such a bad thing to be ‘fawning’ over kitteh pictures*

  128. CatFreak says:

    > Makes me wonder if some of these comments are just people trying to play around with things and see if they can rile anything up.

    And that, my dears, has been, for 35 years or so, the perfect definition of an Internet Troll!

    Yep. Some people just like to stir up a discussion to see what happens. They are “trolling” for attention the way a fisherman trolls for fish.

  129. FLOOFY McFLOOFULENCE! I love Maine Coons.

  130. I have a sinking feeling…

  131. Juniper says:

    That was a gracious and mature apology, Silus Grok. Now if some of your critics would follow your example! Peace and happiness all around, everyone.

  132. This is what he’s thinking: I’m not too fat, the sink is too small.

  133. Pearl Ostroff says:


    It’s good you apologized. Since I believe you when you say you are a cat lover, I assure you that Riley is NOT dirty. He doesn’t go out and my apartment is usually clean. Neither does he need to be shaved. I will admit that as he’s aged (he is about 14) he is getting tangles, but I get rid of them as soon as I notice them. That is almost as soon as they are formed.

  134. I want to bury my face in this big muffin and then gently tug on his toe-fur. *tug, tug*

  135. Pearl: It is obvious Riley is gorgeous. One person made one comment, off the cuff probably, & that seems to be all you see. Re-read all the other comments, and how everyone defended Riley! It’s like if one person criticizes us, we forget all the good the other 99% see. Let the comment go right down the drain…

  136. fluidstatic says:

    I dont think a cat in a sink has ever made me laugh so hard that I cried. Until now.

    “It’s mah sink. I lays in it. DEAL.”

    He looks sort of uncomfortable though… maybe he’d like the laundry-room sink better. (might be able to fit in that one.)

  137. rubber duck says:

    Hehehehehehee that’s one mean kittie…definite material! xD

  138. I thought it was hilarious that my kitty takes up the whole sink when he lays in it, but he doesn’t ooze over the edges! Obviously I need a smaller sink!

  139. book_monstercats says:

    Silas, thanks for the apology. It isn’t often one is posted. Keep hangin’ around. something you like will turn up, and somethigs you like won’t, but they will always be witty.

  140. book_monstercats says:

    Whoops, spellings. Never mind.

  141. Fuh nee