Petable peegs in a trough

Alert reader Spencer S. sent this one in. Apparently, in Kichijoji, Japan, there’s a petting zoo/vat o’ Guinea pigs that are very accustomed to pettin’ and cuddlin’.

The best part is when it’s time to eat, one side of the vat is lifted [see movie below] releasing a guinea pig DELUGE… weeeeeeee!


[amazing amount of snortingks]



Spencer S., nice work—I like the photos/movie submission combo. Multimedia-riffic.



  1. aaaw i wana lie there on the ground with all of them around me.

  2. when my brother was 5 or so, he fell into such a pen. the piggies all squeakily crowded around him (guess they’re bolder in numbers) and my mom scooped him out. i wonder what they were going to do?

  3. And thus the wave of Guinea Pigs broke upon the unsuspecting huddles of food waiting below, in a surging tide of white and orange and brown.

    LOVEly guinea pigs… so plump and glossy!

  4. Chris B. says:

    Tidal wave of piggies. I like this kind of natural diaster. I want to join in the fun….

  5. khadija says:

    guinea piggie stampede!!! jippiiie. oh they look so healthy and happy. that pal in the first pic who shows off his foot is my favourite!!

  6. Run fur yer lives its a stampigge!

  7. I like the guinea pig deluge. But isn’t it kind of inhumane to keep them crowded in like that all day?

  8. piggles are too cute. these all look like the brothers and sisters of my own guinea piggle, pocket.

    but do they really only feed the piggles once a day? :O poor things, they must be ravenous throughout the day/night!

    pocket has to eat every hour. if not, he makes these ear-piercing squeaks like he’s starving to death: “mom! mom! mom! food!”

    and i’m like, “yeah, yeah…”

  9. omg so many of htem in one place… O_O

  10. R. Moore says:

    Holy cow, I hope those piggles are fixed! So much canoodling might ensure more piggles to come 😛

    Also, this is similar to how guinea pigs meant for food are kept. Only they’d be outside. Guinea pigs are social herd animals, so while this is a bit crowded, the pigs are probably happier having buddies than being all alone.

  11. LOL!!
    If y’all were in any doubt about the “OVERLOAD” part of our name…

  12. Carrie - Hamster Defender says:

    Piggies say REE REE REE when they’re hungry. We always called them REE REE’s when I was a kid.

    They can also bite the heck out of ya if they’re mad, they got mad chompers goin’ on.

  13. R. Moore says:

    LJ, guinea pigs should generally be fed only once or maybe twice a day. They need lots of hay and fresh fruit or veggies with vitamin C, though, so as long as you give something different each time it’s not a huge problem. Just gotta watch that piggie’s weight. Sure they’ll whine, but often that habit can be fixed with some good old fashioned play and love time.

  14. madcat: actually, that’s the very first thing that struck me. but overall they look like (relatively) healthy, disease-free piglets. and they don’t appear to be fighting (no cuts or wounds on any of them). and their pen is spotlessly clean. so in the sum of things, i suppose it could be worse.

  15. I don’t think they are left like that all the time

  16. Nice Christine says:

    Peeps, I need your help:

    Is it wrong that I want to belly flop into that pen? Is it?

  17. AHHH!!!! 🙂
    I was just going to e-this to you!

    That’s the big piggie’s Grandbaby!

  18. r.moore: we feed pocket fresh veges (and sometimes a fruity treat) only twice a day. but he always has dry food on hand. and he does seem to need a nibble of the dry food every hour or he gets really hungry. so even when i’m playing with him, which is like 5 hours out of 24 (spoilt little thing! 🙂 i have a couple of his piggle pellets/biscuits on hand for munchers.

  19. STAMPEED…..Head for the Hills!

  20. There are laws against “puppy mills”, when will there be laws against “guinea pig mills”

  21. That’s ALOT of peeggies! Cute but they look like they need more space in that box.

  22. Leap not to conclusions, peeps. Two still photos of them in their petting-pen do not necessarily mean that they are confined in said pen 24/7. And how does a movie of them being fed mean they are only fed once a day?

    The piggies look healthy and well-loved. I’m sure their wild equivalents would love a sweet gig like being petted and fed in a predator-free place.

  23. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    I’m a piggy big and chubby what can I eat?
    Hay and pellets fruits and veggies, Vitamin C!
    I sleep I poop I don’t wear pants no shoes on my feet,
    I feel great and every day it’s all about me!

    I have got my people trained to feed me all day,
    Rub my back and praise me, feed me Timothy Hay!
    Guinea Piggin’ can you dig it, lets’s dance and say,
    Everyone should live their life the Guinea Pig Way!


  24. pat_the_bunny says:

    Piggie stampede!!

  25. Ok, I can die now.

    Actually, no. First, I want to lie down in that pen with all the piggies.

    Then die.

  26. Dammit, Cricket, that song is an earworm! I had almost succeeded in forgetting about it, but NO, you had to bring it up! : )

  27. MaliceAlice says:

    Man, I know my cousin has a little dog barely bigger than a guinea pig and they have a bark collar for him. You’d think maybe they could make one for piggies. All that squealing O.o Maybe my friend who hates barking could patent one.

  28. loves how they head straight for the veg. no carbs for me thanks, i’ll have a turnip. good little piglets.

  29. awwwww… I wanna be in that picture!!! I wanna pet’em

  30. luvinmalssomuch says:

    HelP HelP It’s the running of the guinea pigs. Was anyone gored in the mad dash for food?

  31. lalalalala says:

    super adorable! <33

  32. LJ: yeah, that is one thing I noted. They do look healthy and happy. And I guess if they were kept in stressful conditions they wouldn’t be safe for little children to handle them.

    Jaye: good point.

  33. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    I just hope they are not going to eat these cute piggies!!!

  34. And they do have plenty of water. Also I took a closer look at the picture. Many of them are grooming themselves. That is usually the sign of a contented animal.

  35. Moooooooom (whiney voice) Alexis is hoggin the piggeh pillows again!

  36. I like hearing the kids laughing when the piggies are released and running for the food. Has to be more than a once-a-day feeding, because I bet the visitors love to watch that, just like we do. I’ve already watched the video 3 times!

    Go Piggles!

  37. *dives into pile of piggies… because in my fantasy world the piggies are sort of like squeaky toys/plushies and wouldn’t be injured at all by this…*

    This is SOOOOO Rule#9: Piles of a cute thing jack up a cuteness rating exponentially. It may, in act, be the very definition of Rule #9. All the piggle noise is a bonus.

  38. I watched it again! This time I noticed a lot of “Awwwwwwwwww!” noises in the background. Clearly people love these little cavies.

    Thats my last comment on this, I promise.

  39. madcat, awww come on I betcha got at least one more comment in there?
    aren’t the piggehs worth it?

  40. Colleen says:

    Wow o-O I just want to be standing in the way when they’re all let out for the food X) Ahaha. I’d get like murdered by Pigs.

    Yeah, they look happy and well fed (there’s definately enough food there). So I’m not going to worry. Usually I’d be all ‘Ohmigodthey’reallcraamped!” But no =P They look happy. You can tell by their standing up and begging XD If they hated it there, they probably wouldn’t be all that… gleeful… Ahaha. Gleeful…

  41. Vat o’ Guinea pigs! Love it!!!!

  42. Tiffany says:

    So the first thing I thought was “It’s the running of the pigs.” Unfortunately, someone else was equally clever AND faster than me. Incidentally, the squealing of the guinea pigs scared my dog. =)

  43. I have seen Heaven.

    That is all. 🙂

  44. Theresa says:

    This reminds me of when I was driving around in Australia, and passed what looked like an open field, and the ground seemed to be moving. The field was full of rabbits, and I mean FULL.

  45. michellemybelle says:

    I wish I could have seen how big my eyes got when I clicked on CO and found this – I want the piggehs!

  46. Cuteness Theory and Philosophy 101:
    today’s essay:
    Is a Box o’Piggehs more fun than a Barrel of Monkeys?
    Compare and contrast.
    Bonus points: If a Piggy squeeks in the middle of the forest can you hear it?

  47. It’s like the start of the NYC Marathon, but a LOT cuter!

  48. Chris B. says:

    My bunnies do this when I let them out of the critter room when I clean. They all wait at the gate and then it is a tidal wave of ears and feets.

  49. This reminds me of the news footage you see every year of the crazed shoppers bursting into Wal Mart on the day after Thanksgiving sales.

  50. “Ben, the two of us need look no more. We both foudn what we were looking for!” Oh wait…that’s about rats.

  51. I just exploded from the cuteness!!!!!! I <3 guinea pigs SOOO much! Thanks for the post!!!!!!! <3


  52. Yitzysmommie says:

    Teho – Im wif you:
    Guinea Pigee Overload!

  53. The pig-o-lanche made me literally LOL.

  54. sam hell says:

    I hope the guinea pigs are pets and not lunch. It looks like an all you can eat buffet in china town.

  55. R. Moore says:

    People concerned about the piggies being eaten–

    These pigs appear to be at a petting zoo, aren’t really plump enough for food, and are in Japan, not Peru. Guinea pigs are native to Peru and neighboring So. American countries and are still eaten there at times. But it turned out to be a mixed blessing for them, because the wild guinea pigs have gone extinct.

  56. kinda like picking out a lobster at mcgraths fish house i’m thinkin…

  57. Oh my God ! Oh my God ! Oh my God ! Oh my God ! Oh my God ! Oh my God ! Oh my God ! Oh my God ! Oh my God ! Oh my God ! Oh my God ! Oh my God ! Oh my God ! Oh my God ! Oh my God ! I’m dying of a cuteness attack here ! I just love guinea pigs ! They are so cuddly and gentle !!! AAAAAH * died *

  58. Theresa

    Guy I know online tells the story that there was a field outside town, across from a store. A few families got it in there heads to get children bunnies. They quickly learned bunnies are not easy pets to care for, and the children bored of them, and so, they dumped them in this field. People began noticing the bun numbers increasing, and it became a dumping ground for unwanted bun pets.

    Time passes, and well, it makes fools of us all. Eventually, he was one night leaving this store, and as his car lights flashed across the field, thousands of glowing red bunny eyes stared at him from this field, like Stephen King’s version of Watership Down.

  59. I want to body surf on that wave of piggles. They are so chubby! I wish I had that kinda space with my pig to dump everything out and say ‘run for it! Or Piggy McPiggerson will get the brocolli first!”

  60. Nice Christine says:

    That is my favorite book evar! 🙂

  61. I think my squee was audible from the Moon.

  62. Pigweenies says:

    These pictures made me gasp audibly. I’m not going to judge; I just hope for the piggies’ sakes they’re well-cared-for and loved.

  63. It’s the running of the guinea pigs in Pamplona, Spain!

    Not as well known as the bulls but still quite charming.

  64. No one wanted that little carrot!!!!!!!

  65. Missin' Casey says:

    I must say. That movie reminded me of the last cruise I was on. I just don’t get it — you have an assigned table, more than enough food for everyone, so WHY does everyone have to crowd the door to be the first into the dining room??? And WHY did my mother insist on being among the first??? Instead of chilling at the bar like I wanted to???

    Granted — these little piggies only have so much really good stuff to choose from, so first IS better.

  66. Missin' Casey says:

    I must say. That movie reminded me of the last cruise I was on. I just don’t get it — you have an assigned table, more than enough food for everyone, so WHY does everyone have to crowd the door to be the first into the dining room??? And WHY did my mother insist on being among the first??? Instead of chilling at the bar like I wanted to???

    Granted — these little piggies only have so much really good stuff to choose from, so first IS better.

  67. Missin' Casey says:

    Sorry for the double post — my first time! Yes, I’m a CO Postin Vergin!

    Well, guess I mean WAS!

  68. madcat: it would be fantastic if they fed the pigs twice a day like that. instead of taking a coffee break from work, i’d come twice a day to this petting place and take piggle breaks!

    come to think of it, all places of employment should have one of these pens as a stress management aide for employees!

  69. Check this out, everybody! It doesn’t say the same city in Japan, but this sure looks JUST like the scene we see in the above pictures. And here’s a couple dozen! Whee!!! Pig-a-lettes evwywhere!

  70. fawn lust says:

    i bet those leetle peegs are super excited to get a cuddle wif those adorable leetle children!

  71. serious cuteness!

  72. Piggies ree ree when they’re happy, not when they’re hungry, fyi peeps. S’not whining. No ree reeing is a bad thing! Adorable video.

  73. Alice Shortcake says:

    Looks like an Old Testament plague, only fluffier!

  74. Can I join the “I want to be run over by a wave of hungry guinea pigs club”?

  75. donutbill says:

    Dispatch from heaven:

    I am DEAD from a guinea pig stampede. What a wonderful way to go!!

  76. donutbill says:

    BTW: I certainly hope all those pigs don’t live in that little box all the time. I fear that they do, though…

  77. donutbill says:

    Sorry about the multi-posts, but I’m a huge guinea pig nut.

    In response to R. Moore:

    A BIT CROWDED?!? If they live in that box, there should be a maximum of MAYBE 8 guinea pigs in there!

    ‘K. I’m done now.

  78. Shannon Johnson says:

    SWEET!!!! That is awesome.

  79. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    A piggee tsunami

  80. Michelle says:

    omg how sweet they are. Their lil “squee squeee” when they’re in the gates.

  81. I love the sounds guinea pigs make. They’re so adorable.

    Can I please drown in that deluge of fluff bliss?

  82. Marijke says:

    It doesn’t look like a very cute moment te me, more like a cruel thing to have so many of those poor guinea pigs thrown in a box together

  83. Infinity says:

    How I squealed with delight when I saw this. I have four guinea pigs myself, and I’ve been a fan of the squeaking little buggers since age four!

    I love the video! The piggy wheeking followed by the wave of plump fluff was just too cute! XD

  84. do you think they are kept in there all the time?

    I hope not because that is just CRUEL.. not cute!

    I have 11 guinea pigs and I know how much they need their space!!! They get very cranky when they’re within 5 inches of another pig!!

  85. How could this be consider cute? Yes, guinea pigs are cute in themselves, but all those poor animals being huddled into such a small space together, whilst they are stood over and gawked at, is abominable, NOT cute!

    Anyone who looks at this and thinks ‘awww’ needs to take their blinkers off, and take a closer look at the actual image. Not just concentrate on the mass of fluffy bundles.

    That image is disturbing and inhumane.

  86. Susan McInnes says:

    When we lived in Malawi the local Africans used to breed these adorable creatures to EAT!!!!!!

  87. Somebody tell me exactly where I can find them in Japan!! I really want to go now 😎
    And to all the detractors… have you seen unhappy guinea pigs before? Stuck in an bigger pen but covered in sores, mixed sexes so you get baby guinea pigs that are already pregnant and give birth to premature babies that have nipples on their legs… well, yeah, when you see that, and you see these, there’s a BIG difference between abused piggies and healthy ones.

  88. Jennifer says:

    Laura, you’re an idiot. You and all the other people freaked out are just having a knee-jerk reaction. I’m glad you’re all concerned about the guinea pigs, but think before you start sounding the alarm. They’re all healthy animals and they’re just put out like that so that kids can come by and pet and cuddle with them. They spend most of their time in a big room. The piggies are perfectly happy. If they were at all cranky, the zoo wouldn’t be able to let kids play with them because they’d get bit or try to run away. Please spend your outrage on a real injustice.

  89. STAMPEDE!!!!

  90. SeaBreeze says:

    Reminds me of the last time I saw a bunch of teh cute all togetha’ in a pen … it was hammies!! And the pet store had no idea how to properly set up said Big Batch of Ham because I saw SEVERAL very happy and … uh … “busy” boy hammies making sure all the girl hammies went to their new homes being unexpected “gifts.”

  91. SeaBreeze says:

    make that “….*bearing unexpected gifts…..”

  92. Born already preggers?!!With nipples on their legs?? Now that’s an Old Testament Plague!

  93. Also- My mom instincts keep making me try to say, You kids! This room is a Pig sty!!!!

  94. Oh, look. Nuffs.


  95. There’s a stampede when they open the doors to the all-you-can-eat salad bar…


  96. IN REPLY TO: Jennifer,

    I would prefer you didn’t resort to calling me an “idiot”, you and I have never met, so you not in a position to make assertions regarding my intelligence. That is base level name calling and shows a lack of any real intelligence. And no, it was not a “knee jerk” reaction. I never suggested there were not healthy. They look healthy enough. Whether they are healthy and happy is not the point I was making.

    The point I WAS making, that you, and others, seemingly missed, is that keeping them confined like that, regardless of the amount of time they are kept in that condition is not conducive to a their natural behaviour. As am animal rights activist, I found that image appalling – not cute!

    I am entitled to my opinion, and have been given a vehicle to rightfully express that, just as you so ineloquently have. I am completely bemused as to how anyone who was literally looking at the bigger picture, could think it was cute. I found it disgusting.

    Guinea pigs ARE completely adorable and cute. Keeping the best part on 50 of them confined in a tiny little pen, with no real space, PURELY for the frivolous act of our viewing pleasure, so they can be prodded and poked, I find abhorrent.

  97. Lainey and Musicchick2- That is the same park (Inokashira Park), Kichijoji is a neighborhood in NW Tokyo.

  98. Laura:

    As a Vet Tech, I think your concerns are not well-founded. Look at the bedding. If those pigs were kept in there for any length of time, it would be filthy. Is it? No. If they were unhealthy, they would not be squealing (as I said before, a squealing pig is a happy big, silence is bad), nor would their coats be so lovely, well-groomed, and glossy. It’s nice that you are concerned, but I think there is no need.

  99. Notice their fat little bellies when the gate opens?

  100. Check out the three gunnypags fighting over the cucumber in one of the associated youtubelets. Makes me wanna register “”.

  101. I couldn’t see the videos 😦 but I LOVE guinea peegs! Soooo cute – and so colourful!

  102. bcteagirl says:

    Thanks for clearing that up ermine! 🙂 Perhaps now we can focus on enjoying the cuteness rather than assuming negative things. 🙂

  103. My reporters are now begging me to bring in a sand-and-water table full of guinea pigs for them to play with here at the office.

  104. lucizoe says:

    Hmm. I have to say, it seems likely that the pigs were herded into the smaller pen temporarily so the food could be put in the main pen without major incident. Like Ermine said, that bedding is way too clean to be housing that many pigs for any extended length of time. They poop like fiends.

    And, OMG piggies!!!!

    I was allowed a guinea pig for my 8th birthday. Baby was the sweetest boy. He liked to sleep on my chest while I read on the couch, he and my dog were pals, he loved grazing in the lawn, especially once we acquired his pal, Badger. He was such a good pig, and lived to age eight, surviving a tumor and subsequent surgery.

    Sigh. This makes me want piggies again, but my partner is allergic. Sigh, again.

  105. Amen to ermine.

    Laura: you may certainly have a right to express your opinion on how you think this photo is “disgusting”, but please do know that Jennifer equally had a right to call you an idiot, a diagnosis fully borne out by the insufferably holier-than-thou tone of your follow up post. The little piggies are happy, healthy, and squealing joyfully, and ipso facto, you are an idiot for making a mountain out of a guinea pig-hill. If the piggies are in pain or are not healthy, then you will be correct to find this video disgusting, but unfortunately being a pet animal means putting up with some harmless indignities such as participating in a running of the pigs or being dressed up for a lolpig photo, all in return for steady food, constant shelter, protection from predators, and the not-so-occasional snorggles from your beloved mommy or daddy. In conclusion, please kindly reserve your righteous indignation for someplace and sometime where it is, well, righteous to be indignant.

    2.3 cents, adjusted for inflation, contributed.

  106. Those piggies are not being mistreated! My husband and I have 4 ourselves, and we were just marvelling over how nice these peegs’ coats are, how happy the wheeking sounds, and — most importantly — none of them are fighting. Not a single one is showing any sign of aggression or anxiety. Their eyes are nice and bright, teeth look good, they aren’t lethargic….

    Believe me, I’ve seen angry, nervous guinea pigs! (And learned the hard way not to try to separate fighting piggies with your bare hands. OW.) They’re clearly well-cared for, and happy as can be.

    (And yeah, no way do they live in that box full-time. Not only would be it filthy, but it’d be chewed-upon, too!)

    Now, who do I see about getting a nice wheeking guinea pig pile over here?!

  107. Ladies and Gentlemen, Ze Running of Ze Guinea Pigs. *Dives in head first*

  108. Why do people play the “I’m an animal rights activist” card when trying to justify their (often negative) opinion? If you think something looks inhumane, then that’s one point of view, but being an animal rights activist doesn’t make it more correct. However, I do value an opinion more if that person is a specialist in the area opined upon. Of course, that’s just my opinion, but I do donate to the ASPCA.

  109. Anyone seen ‘Ratatouille’?

  110. Espilonarge says:

    Guinia-piggy wovage! n.n

  111. Guinea pigs are not ‘gentle’. They are evil.

    Pile them up however you wish, it is undeniable. I’ve never met one that wasn’t trying to kill me. >_>

    Er. Maybe it’s just me. Anyway. They ARE cute.

  112. it’s like heaven! 🙂

  113. Cameron says:

    this looks familiar…

  114. Furbabies says:

    Yeah Cricket, the guinea pig way! I was just thinking that. One of my fav videos. By the way, anyone for pudding?

  115. I’ve never been a big fan of guinea pigs (or any similar small animal for that matter) cause they always get nervous and bite me. I think I just don’t know how to handle them… that or I smell too much of cat.

    But I must say that these doods are adorable! All the week week noises and the furry avalanche… *sigh* The best part is I can look at the cuteness and not get bit! =D

  116. I want to lie down and be the speedhump between the hungry piggies and the all you can eat salad bar.

  117. firstly, the knee-jerk insults directed at Laura here are prettty pathetic.
    Secondly, you cannot possibly state that these animals are all healthy. In order to do that you’d need to individually look at each – their teeth, the soles of their paws, the skin under their fur.
    Do not try and stampede someone with your assumptions.

  118. Tinkle:

    What reason do you even have to think they are unhealthy? Don’t be a drama llama. This is just silliness.

  119. bcteagirl says:

    drama llama I love eet! 😛 And frankly the nuffers are always more than a little silly if you ask me. 😛

  120. Can’t believe nobody’s made any Tribbles references yet. They’re almost as cute.

  121. not right says:

    1) That’s way too crowded.
    2) Where’s the hay? Guinea pigs absolutely need unlimited supply of dried hay.

  122. It’s a stam-peeg! Everyone out of the way for cuteness!