You did not just submit this, Rob I. [shaking head]

I cannot believe the genius that is sender-inner Rob I.

NO, that’s NOT just the Shiraz talking. Or eeees eet!?


LOL, Rob I. “L” to the “O” to the “L”.

For a quick primer on “‘Tocks”, check the Glossary.

P.S> Nice HAIRY leaf!!! [shaking head]



  1. Cute or disgusting…I simply cannot decide…
    The leaf is definetly cute!

  2. Not cute.


  4. The picture is not cute but the Tick Tocks is.

    Ticks are ewwwwwwy!

  5. ThreeCatNight says:

    Eew. You know, this is definitely NOT cute, and it’s giving me an unwanted crawly feeling.

  6. chanpon says:

    I agree with Kaya. The leaf is cuter than the tick.

  7. ElishaB says:

    How Gross!!! I am shocked that any critter such as this would even be considered cute. Now it would be great for the “other” website, Ugly Just check it out, this guy would be pic of the day.


  8. lymareck says:

    ntmtom: Spoon Indeed! I nearly fell out ma’ chair laughin’. Vision Fading!….Must have chicken soup!

    Tick Tocks might not be “traditonally” cute….but they are hilarious.

  9. StormCat says:


  10. funny for sure, but not so much the cute.

  11. eeeeeewwwwww

  12. Not Cute! No more bugs, please! Everyone knows bugs are not cute!

  13. Lizzums says:

    I laughed… in a grossed out creepy sort of way.

  14. The sheer genius of tick tocks outways any ugliness involved.

    ntmtom – I don’t get it.
    (btw – good to see you back, I missed your cleverness)

  15. berstle says:

    oh wow, not cute whatsoever…good pic tho

  16. Cobriel says:

    I vote for not cute.

    Actually makes me feel a little bit sick…

  17. ik ik ik ik ik ik urk!
    *reaches for bug spray*
    *shudders again*
    *runs screaming from room*

  18. *finally gets joke “tick ‘tocks*
    *giggles nervously*
    *shudders again*

  19. joodster says:

    iced tea spewage. all. over. the moniter. that, people, is what happens when the tocks of a tick are let loose on unsuspecting people such as moi-self.
    luff eeet! ;p

  20. ShelleyTambo says:

    Having had Lyme disease, I will vote note cute. But I did laugh.

  21. Dawn Octopus says:

    Hehehehehe!!!! Not cute, but def funny!

  22. NOT CUTE. Not that funny, either.

  23. Heh, love the ‘tocks. The red eyes, not so much.

  24. No, not cute at all. Remove at earliest convenience.

  25. Yerp! I’m itching all over now.

  26. sorry wrong website?? happy meningitis then..


    Ack! Ack! Ack! Ack!

  28. definitely NOT CUTE AT ALL.

  29. Rock rock y’all! A-tick tock y’all!

    So much lol, y’all!

  30. Theresa says:

    Oh come on, it’s funny.

  31. Sweet Pea says:


    A so-not-cute tick makes it on to CuteOverload but my adorable kitten never makes it?

    Where’s the justice?!


  32. Rachael says:

    “Tick tocks” is a funny play on words, but this picture is revolting. Groooooss!

  33. Moggyfan says:

    Eeeeewwwwww. Bugs, gray-green fish lips…has there been a coup at C.O.???

  34. Yes, those are ADORABLE. I love nothing more than burning tick ‘tocks off my dogs. SO cute.

  35. OMG Ick!!!!!!!

    *starts scratching herself compulsively*

  36. Yitzysmommie says:

    Hickory Dickory Dock(s)
    De Tick deed have some Tocks
    De Peeps did scream
    No one said “bleen”
    Hickory Dickory Tick Tocks!

    Saw the tick, said ICK.
    Saw the caption and laughed out loud. Perfecto for a Monday morningo at work.

  37. OK, you post THIS, now, but you clobbered my naked mole rat post on April Fool’s Day???

    Have you ever seen an engorged tick? (Do they even HAVE ticks in San Francisco?)

  38. Ayyyyy!

    “Tick ‘Tocks” = clever, but ticks != cute! I must go hide now…ticks are skeeeeery.

  39. DoodleyDog says:

    Not cute.

  40. >>Have you ever seen an engorged tick?< <

    Like a leathery, beige grape with legs, huh, Teho?


  41. I agree. Ticks are gross, not cute! Maybe if I had never met a tick I’d think cute, but i’m not interested in that much of an intimate realtionship with one! My skin is creepy-crawling now…ewww…

  42. J. Bo — the ones I’ve seen (back in Ohio) were more gray than beige. Gahhhh.

  43. Urghh… no, not cute, but definitely educational – this is the first tick I’ve seen. Now I know what to look for. ;p

    I snickered at the caption, though. ^^

  44. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    My cat still has a mark on its ear, where I removed a tick with tweezers. Yuk.

  45. Just wondering which “Cute Rule” this would fall unders? I don’t believe there’s one that says anthing about the “ick factor!”

  46. i’m just wondering why nobody hasn’t yet posted something like: “and if you look real close you can see the tick smiling back at you”.

    my kitteh just sneezed.

  47. eeeewwww! Gross, not everything with ‘tocks is anerable!

  48. guineapiggin9 says:

    That tick looks evil!!! But the whole “tick tocks” thing is cute.

  49. Lunch Lady says:


  50. etselec says:

    Ewww! Ticks are NOT cute!!!

  51. Yikes, Ticks!! Not cute, not cute. Disease ridden………blaaahhhh. The caption is cute though!

  52. I have removed, engorged and not, deer ticks and dog ticks from myself, my husband, my kids and cats. Where I live ticks are a fact of life and if you go outside you get them. That said—

    I have chocolate tapioca in the fridge that’s too good to throw, I’ll make some instant butterscotch.

  53. Jennifer says:

    Funny but Gross!! haha
    I love corny Humor

  54. Having had to remove three ticks from MY OWN BODY I can definitely say that ticks are not cute. Actually, removing them is somewhat painful. >.<

    Tick ‘Tock would’ve funnier if the little arachnid had been sitting on a clock.

  55. wait! Chocolate tapioca?
    chocolate tapioca?

    *looks at tickpic again*
    Ummm, what do I have to do to get some of that thrown my way? *thinking, please don’t ask me to snorgle a tick, pleeeeeese don’t ask me to snorgle a tick*

  56. Metz, please snorgle that tick.

  57. Gross! That is most definitely NOT cute. In fact, it’s the complete opposite of cute.

  58. Only a leetle bit funny. Not cute at all.

  59. gross. no more bugs please. no even close to cute. pls forward to

  60. Oh please take this off of here. I like to check back often and I don’t wanna see this again. I will miss my cute fix…where will I go?what shall I do? I know, you don’t give a @#$*.

  61. nooooooooooooo!
    *looks longlingly at chocolate tapioca*

  62. made me laugh. perhaps it’s because i don’t have a stick up my butt…

    […or, perhaps, a tick? – Ed.]

  63. Well… Maybe the tick itself isn’t cute, but the concept of “Tick ‘tocks” is! Maybe the big blue Tick would have better reception. But he doesn’t really fall into the category of “cute” either, he more belongs in “hilarious.”

  64. Oh come on people, this is great, fantastic!! I love it!!!!!!

  65. Lady Chroe says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen too many “tick tocks” hanging out of my poor doggie’s skin to find this funny. Picture the entire head and four front legs embedded in flesh and then tell me tick tocks are cute.

  66. Dude, where’s the arthropod love? Mammals don’t have the copyright on cute!

  67. Oh come on folks – cute, as in, cute idea/caption. And I know if I were a working Qte-ologist, seeing nothing but Qte Qte Qte pics 24/7, I’d enjoy throwing in a little shocker every once in a while just to shake up the boards! ‘specially on a Monday. You woke up, didn’t you? 😉

  68. Radioqueen says:

    Absolutely gross. Ticks are my least favorite things on the planet – next to cockroaches.
    Disgusting and definately not cute.
    I’d rather look at kitten, puppy or bunny tocks, please…
    I (heart) CO!

  69. Erica Vojnich says:

    I can’t believe the video of my cat getting a bath I submitted didn’t get posted and this did. This is disgusting.

  70. hahaha am I the only one who truly enjoyed this post??

    They are all cute creatures, just as long as they’re not too close from me. But cute. Specially the joke. 😉

  71. I have to keep going back to look at its scary, curled legs. Fascinating, horrible thing.

  72. Hehehe.
    Anybody notice the “ICK!” category yet?

  73. Wow, getting a pretty strong anti-tick vibe from the peeps here. I guess Meg won’t be posting that picture that I sent her of those totally adorable leeches. :-/

  74. Well, having been a vet tech and removed ticks from all manner of mammals (including people), I can definitely say it isn’t fun, ticks are vectors of disease, blah, blah, blah. Yes, I know, I know, I know! But I still busted out laughing at this picture….

    As for all you bug haters…bugs can be pretty cool. And considering how long most of them have been around, they’ll probably outlast the human race.

    And not everyone wants to see puppies and kittens all day, every day on CO.


  75. Sure Theo, like I’m gonna fall for that and click on the Ick tag to look at…*must obey Cute Overlord* *click*…

  76. It’s funny how so many people are just using this as an excuse to say “boo hoo my vid/pic of somethingorother didn’t get posted and this did.” I, for one, think insects and arachnids can be quite cute, given the right type of picture. And tick ‘tocks are certainly worth a laugh.

  77. Tina Rhea says:

    Pun: mildly amusing. Photo: not cute.

    It isn’t that bugs aren’t cute. Bugs can be very cute. Hey, Lady Bird Johnson got her nickname because someone thought she was as cute as a bug when she was a baby. (Come to think of it, I’ve seen a lot of bugs that are cuter than human babies.)

    But critters that suck your blood and give you diseases? Not cute.

  78. Also, this is just a picture. It’s not like Meg mailed this tick to your house and set it loose on you and your pets. Then I could understand all the grossing out and whining.

  79. DING-DONG! Special delivery for Shawna!

  80. Awesome post! Hah!

    Man, you people. Bugs are awesome. It’s a photo! Pixels! Light waves! A pixel can’t give you Lyme disease!


  81. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    I thin it’s cute. I have no problem with the buggies. And the play on words is fun!

    ANd yes… SPOOOOON!!!

  82. newmoonpie says:

    while i do agree that ticks are creeptactular, and i now have the heebie-jeebies, i must say that tick ‘tocks is the funniest thing i’ve heard all day.

    (aaaaaand, once again [deep breath], it’s meg’s site and she can post whatever she dangwell wants to, so suck it up and scroll down to something furry. it’s like your own internal v-chip…)

    hahhh. snurk. tick’tocks. haah.

  83. Uh…

    Some of the commenters seem positively ticked off.

    – Subhangi [filling in for Aubrey, who might not comment on this post.]

  84. MelissaAnne says:

    Adds to the ewwws.
    Anyone who has ever had to pull a tick out of thier own body knows how uncute ticks are.
    Those “tocks” are exactly the area you light up with a match…

  85. Yitzysmommie says:

    Aw, c’mon, NTMTOM, I wanna see the Qte leetle leeches!!!
    Subhangi: EEEXcellent!

  86. Not really cute at all, although the caption on the pic totally is.

  87. Oooo… commentroversy. Cute Overload is serious bizness.

  88. Yitzysmommie says:

    Teho, are you responsible for the ICK category? Most excellent (rubs hands in Mr Burns fashion).

  89. HAH!!!!!! funny funny funny!


  91. …but does she *want* it??

  92. Yitzysmommie says:

    I bet she’s tickled to win eet….

  93. pat_the_bunny says:

    ICK! EWWW!

    But “tick tocks” is cute!

  94. newmoonpie says:

    (i bet she’s been ticking off the minutes until she won the thread… )

  95. KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLL!!!!11!!!!!@!!1

  96. Yitzysmommie says:

    I hope subhangi’s not ticked off…

  97. Just because something sounds cute doesn’t mean it necessarily is. EWWW!

  98. michellemybelle says:

    NTMTOM, you rock. Seriously.

    I think this photo is spectickular. Gave me a much needed laugh on a cruddy Monday morning!

  99. newmoonpie says:

    michellemybelle: i was trying to think of a way to use “specticular” (or, for that matter, spectockular) in a sentence. you beat me to the punch!

  100. Centi Bleen

    (or centipede bleen?)

  101. Metz – buy a box of Minute Tapioca, in the baking section of supermarket, follow directions on side for choc. tap. pud.

    I used 4 trianlges of Mexican choc. instead of 3 squares of Bakers…

  102. Shannon says:

    Blech, yuck, ick, eww, uggg, gross, nasty. ick again…..*shudders*

    One of the only creatures on the PLANET that I HATE!!! ick ick ick…. I am a tick magnet. It’s disgusting – they love me!! No one else will have a tick (including animals) but I will!!!

    eww eww eww…..

  103. newmoonpie says:

    don’t brag, shannon.


  104. AuntieMame says:

    Ick! LOL! Ick! LOL! Ick! LOL!

    Halp! I can’t make up my mind!

    Seriously, the photo is amazing (though it makes my skin crawl) and the play on words is hilarious.

  105. jimmy jj walker says:

    opposite of cute

  106. Ewwww, ticks. Not cute.
    Please, no more. Eugh.
    These little devils terrorize my pups all summer long. NOT CUTE. D:

  107. NOT CUTE

  108. Not so funny for those of us with LYME DISEASE.

  109. Tiffany says:


  110. City17 dweller says:

    ‘tick tocks’ is a cute sound, is a cute play on words and the critter is gross enough to make cute irony when posted on C.O. This gets No0b Approval.

    But I’m still not looking at that picture again. Gaaahh!

  111. This picture is worth the ewww-lol factor just for the posts regarding it. Mmmm internet contromoversy tastes like candy.

  112. Disgusting. What the heck were you CuteOverload mods thinking posting that? Just because someone sends you a picture of a creature and points out its butt doesn’t mean you need to scramble to post it. Believe it or not, most people aren’t enamored by the backsides of each and every life-form on the planet.

  113. Wow Ted! Seriously, don’t be shy. Tell us what you REALLY think! ;-P

  114. *still shuddering*
    Yes yet somehow I keep coming back for the witty comments.

  115. Ha!!! This totally made me laugh out loud. Love it!! Also, could someone plz explain the spoon joke to me? I want to use it properly in future. Thankyouverymuch.

    (Plenty of conventionally cute animals carry disease, too, people. Chill out and go look at some bats/horses/cats/deer/birds.)

  116. Driver B says:

    ucky! not cute!

  117. Ah, Teho, thank you! But it appears that, with this groundswell of nonsupport for tick pictures, my chances of getting to use that phrase again are…low.

    So I’ll use it now! SPOOOOOOOONNN!!!1!!!

  118. Alice Shortcake says:

    Oh, GROW UP, peeps – we know the insect doesn’t exactly radiate cuteness, it’s the CAPTION that’s downright inspired!

    Rob – I bow before your genius *removes cap, walks out of room backwards*

  119. Oooh this is like a car accident where you can’t look away… I keep checking out his royal creepiness.
    Moggyfan, I don’t think it’s a coup, I think it may be zombies…
    And Tiny Rhea, Bugs are cuter than Human Babies!!???11!!
    ReallY??? Cuter than him?
    Cuter than this?
    That makes me feel like this:

  120. I’m still liking the post. Both my husband and I have had Lyme’s disease. I’ve also had head colds but I still visit people and touch the shopping cart handles at the food store.

    but, I, too, still don’t get the spoon joke

  121. Hey-H — don’t fret, there’s always “BLEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!”

    (OK I’ll stop.)

  122. No, no, metsakins, clearly you don’t get the spirit of the thing! If you have ever had any disease, you must never, ever contemplate the thing that gave it to you! Caught a cold from your kid in daycare? Put that kid on the street! She’s old enough to fend for herself now! Had a friend with HIV? Never again may you speak to a monkey!

  123. Eeeeeeewwww!!!! Anything BUT cute! I work at a summer camp (where I am typing this from) and there are ticks all over the place. They are so not cute when you find them sucking your blood in awkward places and being generally disgusting! Ew ew ew!

  124. Also, while I’m raving. That is not a deer tick. That however might be the kind that spread Rocky Mountain Spotted fever.

    *goes off to buy instant butterscotch puddin’ and lots of milk*

  125. Thanks, Teho! Also, FIRST! Oh wait – I mean 100-SOMETHINGTH!

  126. Wait.
    Monkeys talk?

  127. No, but they’re great listeners.

  128. Jane Smith says:

    eeeuuuuuw. gross.

  129. Chipnotizer says:

    TICKS??? TOCKS??? I’m trying to keep an open mind here but since I got bitten by a tiny little deer tick six weeks ago after snorgling a cute Jack Russel puppeh, and despite taking the prescribed meds, I now have a half dozen red welts near the bite-site (my neck-it was from a vampire-deer-tick!! Heh.) Would you like some Lymes with your tick-tock??? Cute pic? I dunno!!! Good photography? Yeah-for sure. But you can’t snorgle these things!!! Thanks anyway. P.S. I also got chomped four times a couple weeks ago while trying to help catch five tiny feral kittehs!!! EEEKKK! Kittehs were finally live trapped and are at the vet this very minute being washed and taught some manners!!! I would like to adopt the kitteh who bit me, but right now I gotta wipe the foam off my mouf and bite something!!! Heh Heh.

  130. chipnotizer says:

    OOOH!!! I just looked at the tick-tocks again and my neck started to itch-worse!!!

  131. As someone who is severely bugphobic, *shudder*.

    Please don’t add an ICK category and encourage these bug submissions. CO is someplace I go to squee and enjoy and laugh and feel better, not ratchet up my anxiety levels.

  132. gravyboat says:


  133. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    I think the cute about this photo IS the “tick tocks”, not the tick. Get a grip. Don’t like it? Skip the photo!

    Funny how this photo has more comments than the cute little fennec foxes! OMG! *ded*

  134. I VANT TO SUCK YOR BLAAAHD, and then lay 200,000 eggs…

  135. Meg, you post *this* instead of my earwig photo??!! Dayum.

  136. No, no, no, no, no…….

  137. Spoooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnn!!!
    (xoxo to all you who said this!)

    Maybe there’s a little Arthur aphid just out of view? 🙂

  138. rsncrntz says:

    *reads comments*
    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You people are nuts!

    I can’t believe she posted the tick tocks but she wouldn’t post the picture of my slimy sea cucumber baby! Cukey is WAY cuter than a silly ol’ tick with a really good pun. So there! 😉

  139. Kiragirl says:

    Least favorite bugs:
    – those gray “armadillo” things
    – silverfish
    – large fuzzy silverfish-thing that was in my sink the other day (GAAK)
    – ticks

    (sorry, hee hee, LOL)

  140. I feel bad for poor mister tick. I think he is greatly misunderstood. I think his little legs are cute when they aren’t burrowing into my flesh.

    =o= and he translates into adorable ascii!

  141. Vaseline people… Vaseline!

    Gets rid of ticks painlessly. Smear it on the little bug*ers… they breath through little holes along their sides… Vaseline (or some similar greasy caoting product) suffocates them… and they drop off!

    I know… I’ve used it on my pups!

    Little we knew the joys of Vaseline…..

    Comments here make my day….

  142. Hahaha! Eeeew…

    The leaf hairs are super-cute.

  143. (And thanks to all of you who reminded me of one of the best mid-90s animated series.)

  144. Ugh. That is nasty. I tried looking for something cute about the photo, but I couldn’t look at it that long because it was GROSSING ME OUT! Quick, post a big fuzzy kitty or a hedgehog as an antidote to the yuckiness!

  145. Um, eeewww. wow. Never thought I’d see a tick on CO…sorry, but I’ve had way too much bad experience with them to find this cute.

    However, very creative caption!

  146. Pyrit, when you say “Dayum” you sound just like Will Smith in Men in Black. In my head.

  147. Old’n’busted… new hotness.

  148. Being the incredibly slow person that I am, so the tick, in that highly intellectual show, says spoon!?

  149. OH NO, how COULD you post this?? You’re not being sensitive to people who had LYME DISEASE!!

    And all those pictures of cute kitties are insensitive to those who are allergic to cats!

  150. Colleen says:

    I’m sorry, but this is not cute. I know that this isn’t a spider… but it looks like one and I’m seeing a therapist right now to treat a spider phobia I have. This site has been a safe haven for me and that picture damn near gave me a heart attack. I’m sorry… please don’t do that again.

  151. book_monstercats says:

    I know nuthin’ about ticks – it’s too wet over here? Never had to remove one, no way.
    Sorry to you Peeps who’ve had Lyme Disease, whatever that is. This is one of the best threads ever. And largely good-natured too.

  152. Errrrrrrrrr says:

    Ummm..errr…no. Can’t call it cute.

  153. Furbabies says:

    Posted on wrong site! Needs to be on Uglyoverload, not here. Sorry, had to say that.

  154. Cute, but fun.
    I too cringe and shake at buggies, especially these kinds as well as spiders. However. . .
    It’s not quite as bad when you know you can click the mouse and make it go away.

    It’s even more fun to read and respond to the silly/fun comments. Do I think it’s cute? No, but the posting of pics is not up to me. So if I don’t like it I won’t look. If I see it by chance I’ll shudder and move along. But not without stopping in to see the comments and smile and laugh with them.

  155. Furbabies says:

    Spoon? Spoon? What is spoon?

  156. kel13123 says:

    as usual, the brilliance astounds me….while the picture might give me nightmares, “tick tocks” had me falling off the chair laughing. thanks for yet another pick me up on a gloomy day co!!!

  157. Nyxicle says:

    Ugh… okay. I love the creepy crawlies and keep house spiders in the corners of my apartments, but ticks are just going way too far.

    2 apartments ago, my boyfriend and I moved into an apartment where the previous occupants had had tick infested dogs and left the poor babies outside on the porch to be consumed. When we moved in, there were literally hundreds of ticks crawling all over the walls, and eventually us. It took weeks of spraying, dozens of carpet powders, and painstaking tweezing and medicating ourselves and pets to finally get rid of the nasty things. Luckily none of us got ill.

    Bleh… I like most bugs, but I’d take fleas over ticks any day. Gross.

    (Tick ‘Tocks is a bit clever, but still… not CO worthy, in my opinion).

  158. lymareck says:

    “The Tick” was the super hero of an excellent series of comic books that was followed by one of the best animated series ever on Fox.

    “Spoooooon!” was his battle cry. His super power was he was “mighty”.

  159. barbara says:

    Not cute at all but really funny, and better than that guy’s toes that Meg posted here. Much better.


    THIS is cute. Ticks are not cute, especially not Lyme Disease-carrying ticks that can ruin your life.

  161. acelightning says:

    The pun is clever, but not worth having to look at an XCU of a creepy bug.

  162. eeee tix. 😦

  163. Michelle says:

    Okay, I don’t like to think of myself as a nuff. In fact, I’ve never once cringed or complained about a single CO post being “not cute” or “gross”. I love bats, spiders, fish, snakes, bugs, slugs, and all things furry. But ticks? They give me the heebie jeebies and creepy crawlies.

    I admit I laughed aloud at “tick tocks” though.

    *wanders off, scratching and brushing furiously*

  164. Persephone says:

    I don’t really get the people who are posting that bug pics trigger their fears/anxieties and shouldn’t be allowed. Lots of people are scared of dogs, or cats, or horses, usually because they’ve actually been injured by one, but obviously CO isn’t going to take down pups or kittens because of that.

    I thought it was a cute post. There’s something sweet about the idea of someone thinking “hey, ticks have ‘tocks too!” 🙂

  165. Furbabies says:

    lymareck: Thanks for the explanation. It’s good to be in the know! Just for the record, my kitty Miss Mew Mew, looks like a tick when she comes running for yummies. All body and a teeny head.

  166. Supermud says:

    But people afraid of dogs and cats won’t come here, because you EXPECT dogs and cats on Cute Overload. Duh.

  167. About as cute as a panic attack, which is what you just gave me. This is supposed to be CuteOverload, not “CrapYourPantsAndHaveAHeartAttackOverload.”

    I come to this site to mellow and “awww,” not jump out of my chair with my heart in my throat. Now excuse me while I go visit the puppy section until my pulse comes back to within normal and I stop shaking.

    In conclusion, NOT CUTE. Do Not Want. Cease and Desist.

  168. Yanno, I just had a thought. I used to live with a girl who thought spiders were cute – and did her best to convince me they were and help me get over my spider phobia. (It has gotten a lot better)

    So I bet there’s some people out there that think bugs of any kind are cute.

    And the funny thing is, after living as a child in the middle of lyme disease country, I’m still not scared of ticks. I used to pull them off myself all the time and then I’d just have to tell my mom if I started having any symptoms of lyme. I guess that’s what makes it a phobia – to some degree, it’s irrational.

  169. Hahaha, that’s a great photo. Seriously, some of these comments (the ones giving orders to whomever runs this place) are severely self-righteous. I mock you, ha ha!

  170. A picture says more than a 1000 words! And tick tocks is funny, but it’s just two words. So Assuming the picture says 1001 words it’s still lacking 999 words from making this posting cute! 😛

  171. I recognize that tick … It works for the Feds!

    If you don’t like the tickpic, here’s a (much cuter) chickpic from the same gummint website:

  172. I think ladybugs are cute. I also like pill bugs.

  173. Ticks themselves?? Disgusting.

    Tick puns? Kinda funny. In an “eww” sorta way.

  174. Uhm, why?

    Why for the gross critter!?
    Why for all these insane posts!?
    And why for me writng another post since I saw this pic at 8:30 this morning and still can’t help myself from feeling all creepy, crawly!!

    Man the life boats people, we got to find a way outta here!!!!

  175. Shannon Johnson says:

    What the deuce is going on? Why would somebody put a picture of a tick on Cute Overload? I just don’t get it.

  176. indrifan says:

    Couldn’t help noticing all the posts about legs embedded in flesh and so on – you mean like the claws our cat embeds in my flesh every morning as a reminder that breakfast is due? And she’s still cute …

    (Puddin’ for dessert tonight!)

  177. hum, well I hear Rocky Mountain Spotted fever is cute…

    this is gross, parasites are rarely ever cute…maybe cooties..but not blood sucking bacteria factories

  178. Proposed Cuteness Rule: If the proposed cute item is a vector for diseases that harm other cute items, let’s NOT CALL IT CUTE.

    Ticks carry atleast 6 diseases that can hurt dogs and cats, alone!

  179. Not cute, regardless of pun!

    And for the record, arachnids aren’t cute either!

    …just wanted to chime in with the other folks.

  180. tick tocks rocks!

    (haven’t chimed in in a while)

  181. little gator says:



  182. Margaret says:

    Nooooooooooooooooo! Not cute. Evil.

  183. I think it’s cute that someone thought of “tick ‘tocks”! Now I can’t get it out of my head.

    [walks away, chanting “tick ‘tocks, tick ‘tocks” in sing-song voice]

  184. Tina Rhea says: for the record, yes I do consider many bugs cuter than human babies. Bugs don’t drool, puke, smell of shit, scream the top of my head off, or try to grab me with icky fingers. That said, I’m not crazy about bugs in my house either, but I’d rather look at pictures of bugs. This is why I have no children: because I’d be a lousy mother.
    But the one pic of the guy holding the baby was kinda cute. Not the others. Babies are cutest when covered with fur.

  185. Luv the way your mind works!!

  186. I live in the woods, and I have a tick phobia. This is NOT helping.


    Excuse me, but I have to go scrub myself now.

  187. I live in the woods, and I have a tick phobia. This is NOT helping.


    Excuse me, but I have to go scrub myself now.

  188. joancarlson says:

    No No NO-o-o-o-o-o! I check for something cute and aaaaaarrrgh! I see the gross out pic of a ‘filled’ tick – I don’t care about the pun, tell us about the pun even, but don’t show it… A certain amount of trust has been built up – my cute receptors on “full steam ahead” then WHAM! a close up of a bug that I have actually had to kill before, smashing with a traumatizing pop between my own fingernail tops. It is a murderous memory that has no place in my 99.9% cute-ready world. Ok so I don’t want to go on and on, my cute receptors will heal – hopefully…

  189. …and then, Rob I. got bit by the tick and died of Lyme disease.


  190. *shudders*

    We have an Ick section now?

  191. in the interest of getting to 200…

    oh wow, great caption

    ewwww…a bug how gross

    I think all creatures are beautiful, i love insects

    don’t you know those things spread disease?

    *stirs the puddin’*

  192. PeaceNLuv says:

    I dont know what you people are talking about. The tick is so adorable! Sure, dont get it close to you, but admire it from afar…especially how the right legs curl more toward itself than the left legs. And the wordplay is absolute genius! hehe! The hairy leaf provides a nice backdrop for a hairy tick!

  193. SallyTomato says:

    Ugh. Ticks suck.

  194. Metsakins, PeaceNLuv, let’s start a campaign! More bug pictures! More disease-carrying animals! More! More! Next up: Anopheles mosquito! Pleeeease? Pleeeeaaaasseeeee?????

  195. This totally made me ROTFL. And I was in no such mood until I opened cuteoverload today. This is why I visit this site religiously. On some days, reading CO is the highlight of my day! Thank you!

  196. can anyone love a tick?
    ewwww, creepy, creepy, creepy

  197. unfortunately I will not be awake to see the 200th

    carry on everyone!

  198. Margaret says:


  199. Someone already pointed out that phobias are irrational. And they are. Sorry everyone who is afraid of insects, the internet is not going to cater to your “needs.” This isn’t, sorry.

    And rach, yor said, “Proposed Cuteness Rule: If the proposed cute item is a vector for diseases that harm other cute items, let’s NOT CALL IT CUTE.”

    Like cats and dogs (and all sorts of wild animals featured on this site) don’t pass on diseases, too? Really, now.

    I like the tick ‘tocks. Everyone else, get over yourselves.

  200. CanadianChick says:

    that’s absolutely fantastick!

    (sorry if that’s been said – I couldn’t read through over 100 whiny snivelly complaints about the widdle buggywuggy)

    I thought it was a cool pic, and a hilar caption…

    for those who are freaking out – it’s a PICTURE. On your COMPUTER. It’s not REAL.

  201. “Metsakins, PeaceNLuv, let’s start a campaign! More bug pictures! More disease-carrying animals! More! More! Next up: Anopheles mosquito! Pleeeease? Pleeeeaaaasseeeee?????”

    I have an entire arsenal of bug pictures that I can caption up and email in. And I find it dreadfully difficult to resist the temptation.

    Argh! Argh!

  202. These little monsters certainly serve a purpose in the grand scheme of mother nature, BUT… they are not cute. I do admit to preferring mammals over other critters in the name of cuteness and I suppose may others attribute cute characteristics to various other creatures, but not blood sucking bugs. Maybe lean a little further toward the furry sort?

  203. BunnyHero13 says:

    Friggin funny…
    ticks carry and spread disease yes…so do how many types of livestock and domestic pets?? Some examples–
    Brucellosis, Avian flu, rabies, Mad Cow, Plague, Leptospirosis, Ringworm, Hookworm, Histoplasma, Hantavirus, E.coli, Cryptosporidium, Psittacosis, Campylobacter, Yersinios, Toxoplasmosis, Salmonella, Tapeworm,etc and so on and hallelujah! Sheesh people get a life…CO is all about the cute, but it’s all about the humor too.
    Taking nosedive off of soapbox…

  204. weemonkey says:

    This is so not cute. Boo! Hiss! Gross not cute. Very disappointing.

  205. notanumber says:

    You know why tick ‘tocks are large and red? Yep, because they are full of blood!

  206. weemonkey says:

    Why is this even on here? Just what are you smoking there at CO? If you pulled one off of your dog you would know why everyone is disgusted with this. It’s nasty.

  207. Anybody wanna Tic Tac?

  208. “Let’s hang ten for justice!!”

  209. Meg, I adore the way your lovely warped brain works. Sincerely and honestly. There IS a very fine line between cute and ugly (or even gross) and I for one am happy to see the crossover on CO as well as on uglyoverload.

  210. Tiny Rhea, you must seriously be joking. No one hates babies that much. You used to be a baby. Everyone you know used to be a baby! Here, the way to get over irrational fears is by exposure. Check out this guy, he’s sure to impress you:
    And if you can look at this baby:
    and not melt, perhaps I cannot help you and you need professional help.

  211. At the risk of being buried in pudding…
    has anyone else ever noticed how this kind of tick resembles a watermelon seed?

  212. Alright Metz, here’s one my last chocolate tapiocas. I saving the last one for hubby to eat. Duck, incoming…

  213. btw peeps good job on getting over 200!!!!111!!!1

    a belated bi centipede bleen to all!

  214. Anybody wanna play tic tac toe?

  215. Catherine says:

    OMG, I almost fell off my chair. Of course ticks are no laughing matter but “tick ‘tocks”? HILARIOUS!!!!!

  216. did anyone mention how re-tick-ulous this commentraversey is? the whole thing ticks me off! Although it does tick-le my funny bone a bit to read this.

    *ducks and slowly creeps out of room*

  217. metsie you’re startin to tick me off! *flings pudding but not the choco tapioca*

  218. gross ticks are not cute they hurt cats and dogs.

    thank god i can block that image with adblock.

  219. I’m very proud to be related to Rob I. Cute or not, the man’s got some chops!

  220. Great…now I am going to go around saying Tick Tocks all day and chuckling to myself. Thanks Rob I.

  221. This is gross and I’m feeling creeped out now. *shudders*

  222. Stephanie says:

    Ticks are arachnids. Millions of people, including me, are arachnophobic.

    Therefore, this = not cute. Ew. Please don’t do this ever again.

  223. metsie you still here?
    oh noes i keeld metsie wit puddin!

  224. Metzee – I’m home today and I snuck off to watch Dr. Phil

  225. Yay!
    You’re alive! You can haz the choco tapioca pudding (I’ve SO gotta try that recipie)
    There’s a meany nuffer on the kitty sink post. meanymeany he called that beautiful cat mangy filthy!
    Let’s get im. 😉

  226. Worst post ever.

  227. This site is “Cute Overload” not “Dog and Cat Overload”. There are some who would have us take ratties off here, casue they don’t like rats, and feel rats are a “vector for disease”. The “Tick Tocks” was cute. Its not like anyone here is advocating for “tick awareness” or anything, or standing up for the poor defenseless tick. In the normal run of things, no – ticks aren’t that cute. There are some bugs I can find cute – Butterflys, moths, dragonflies, weevils – but not ticks. However “Tick Tocks” IS cute. If you don’t like it, skim over it, and hit another picture. I’ve seen pictures of dogs and cats I didn’t like, but know I’m a scroll button away from finding one I do.

  228. Tina Rhea says:

    Cutebabyfix: looked at those two, still not impressed. You like babies, I don’t. Get over it. I keep away from them, so I’m not in a position to harm them at all and it’s nobody else’s business. I’m not calling you mentally ill and would appreciate the same consideration. I won’t be checking back on this thread so further comment will not reach me. Let everybody get back to the tick tocks.

  229. Anyone else think of the book The Phantom Tollbooth with the dog named Tock? That guy and this lil one here get together and you’ve got the team of Tick Tock. Okay…never mind….

  230. weemonkey says:

    This is NOT
    NOT cute in any shape or form.
    The majority wins.

  231. Heh. noep not gonna say eet.
    gonna be a good gurl.

  232. Ticks are far from cute! ick! ick!

  233. As the compiler of the CO Glossary, I must assert that Cute Overload *is* a great deal about the worditude. WeeMonkey is correct about the URL, though; we haven’t registered that domain (and have no plans to at this time).

    I’ll let somebody else field the “majority wins” thing. Metz?

  234. metzority sez:
    It’s cute if the Cute Overlords say its cute.
    Don’t hafta agree.
    Don’t hafta like it.
    Don’t hafta look at it.
    It just is.
    (being nice coulda been naughty)

  235. To everyone who says we don’t have to look at these images:

    How can we NOT see them? They’re right there! Now, if they were hidden behind a labeled link so that you had to click to get to it, that would be different. But the way they’re just out there on the page to be stumbled upon, it’s profoundly dismissive to just say, “Well, you don’t have to look.” You tell me how to check out the page without seeing these disturbing, phobia-triggering images. How exactly do we not look at them?

  236. R. Moore says:

    I personally don’t find this particular bug cute, but I appreciate the humour of it being here. But mostly when I saw it, I was awaiting the nuffs 😛

  237. If someone is literally phobic, then I am sorry.

    Some people are phobic of mice and rats, some of lizards, some even “shock and awe” of cats and/or dogs. The site doesn’t exist to cater to individual whims and issues. If you eliminated all phobias from this site we’d be left with “bleen”, “snorgle” and “anerable”, and even then, some of us have a phobia of bad grammar. 😉

    For anyone not phobic and just whining – grow up. Noones shoving a tick through your computer screen, and noones going to mail you a real tick cause you went here. Its just a picture. “Cute” is in the eye of the beholder. Many consider my pet rats and mice ugly and disgusting. But they are cute wittle snoogums who love tummy nuzzles and yoggies.

  238. This is the most hilarious Nufferry that’s been here since…. well the last time the Nuffs came out in droves!

    I’ve said it before… those of you with Sensohumourectomies…. get a life!

    We all have fears to greater or lesser degrees… it’s all in how you Deal with it!

    So pass me some puddin while I go chill the champers!

  239. Hazel I made chocolate tapioca, it’s fabulous.

    To those who want to “vote” on whether this is cute or not, this is not a demcracy, its a Megocracy.

  240. *points at previous posts*
    See, otters do it better…er.. I mean that is, others, yeah, OTHERS say it better.

    I too don’t like bugs of any kind. I Freak all kinds of out. I have a policy and it has served me well. If they don’t invade my territory (IE within 3 feet of my body or come into my house) then I’ll let them live. Fair enough.

    I too shuddered and shivered at this pic and a certain someone’s (who shall remain nameless *coughFredcough*) blog with spidey and giant crab pics.

    BUT I keep coming back for the witty comments and humor. I skip the pics that gross me out. I scroll past them so fast I don’t even see them.

    I’m not poo-pooing those with phobias, I’m just saying I’m phobic too but I’m not going to demand that such photos not be posted. It is not my place to do so.

    *steps off soapbox & trips to fall on face*
    I mean to do that…heh!

  241. Hazel — you do realize that’s an actual *deer*tick*, right? It’s not like nobody expected this.

    (Which also means, for those of you who’ve been complaining, y’know… joke’s on you. Duh-oii.)

    And I actually agree that ticks are not cute. I’m totally 100% on board. I’ve *had* ticks attached to me, and “ICK” is definitely the right word. But: I still like this post.

  242. Meg (another one!) says:

    Haha! X) Ok ticks are scary but THIS is funny. Very cute joke, I’ll give it 5 stars for that!

  243. Yes Theo… I know a deer tick when it’s made THAT obvious… and I’ve removed many little blood suckin blighters from my dogs in the past…

    Metsakins pass the choccitapioca concoction… thankyouverymuchindeed…

    Now aren’t ticks one of God’s Creatures….

    *ahem* *breaks into self rightuous singing*…

    **All things Bright and Beautiful, All Creatures Great and Small…….**

    anyone care to join in….?

  244. Stephanie S. says:

    oh.. i saw this when it was first posted and I’m JUST NOW getting the joke…

  245. Everything is beautiful
    In it’s own way
    dah dah dah dah dah
    (Ray Stevens sings this song beautifully)

  246. it’s hilarious. hilarious trumps cute. people thought britney was cute. she was not hilarious. as she lacked in the witty, fun and general hilarity gene, she’s turned her cuteness into celebriWT. hilarious always trumps cute as does irony.

  247. Ms. Scarlet says:

    It was unpleasantly surprising to scroll down and see that on the page. Cute pun, but not so cute or in any way aesthetically pleasing picture.

  248. The Chipnotizer says:

    Ya Hey!!! Is this the record-holder for the most posts on one pic??? Isn’t it great that we can ALL share our loves, hates, creep-outs, preferences, jokes, nuffery, fears, reveries, good-tick experiences (?), happy childhood memories, terrifying childhood memories (like the impataigo I got from a woodtick that spread to my eyes and UP MY NOSE!!!), and other disease experiences (and HAVING a disease is NOT the same as a phobia ABOUT a disease-Lymes can indeed ruin your life-right up to heart damage & death!!! By the bye- Lyme’s was first identified in Lyme, CT and treats you like SEVERE rhumatoid arthritis-and worse!!!) We can all whine, laugh, screech, ugh, chuck up, scream, squirm, shake, rattle & roll outloud & publicly without worrying about being put in the slammer (where there are prolly a LOT of creepy things!!!) by the KissABugDailyOrDie Police or the National Bug-O’-the-Day LoversOrWeWeelKeelYouSociety!!! And thanks to C.O. we got to see this tick long distance-which is where I like all my ticks to be. But—hey, that’s just me!!! And the posts-the posts!!!! Some of you peeps are so funny, smart and clever!!! I’m embarrassed to even post this-but none of you really know who I am so-it’s OK. See??? It’s all GOOD!!! And good therapy!!! So-thanks Meg and Theo and posters!!! Keep up the good work! I’m going now-to see Ratatouille again!!! Love those ratties!!! (And it’s OK if you don’t!!!) 😉

  249. You can get Lymes from swimming in rivers where rats pee……

  250. Having had those things embedded in my flesh, sucking on my blood, and giving my dogs Lyme’s disease, I have only this to say:


  251. nothing cute about a tick. gross. please just take it down.


  253. moonpie-ish says:

    ewwwwwwww!!!!!111!!!! IT’S A TICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!! Gross! That is so, so , SO icky!!!

  254. Ticks are pretty much the only animal I will kill – including mosquitos, spiders, etc. Buuut, this is very clever and I can appreciate it for that.

  255. Moi, Metz? Creepy critters on my vox? Never! *most innocent look in history*

    I bet this tick’s mum thinks he’s cute.

  256. Ticks killed my parents, gave me herpes, stole my Bible and ran over my dog in my ex-boyfriend’s bitchin’ Camaro! Not cute!

  257. BunnyHero13 says:

    Near beer spewage on monitor mokie!!!

  258. That’s not cute.

  259. bcteagirl says:

    Hee hee.. I love it. And all the people demanding that the internet and websites run by other people should cater to them have serious issues. I have a friend who had very serious problems when a dog gave her rabies… not going to demand we take all the dog pictures down. Also phobic of large dogs… but you know what? You go ahead and post all the bugs and large dogs you want, it is your site.

    And I thought the post and caption were hilarious. 🙂

  260. Mokie – rofl

    first trying to picture tick lifting bible…enh enhh need a little help here guys..

  261. It’s entirely waving at the camera, blissfully unaware of the furore that its holiday snap would one day cause;

    “Hey Ma! Look at me! I’m all on a leaf and stuff! Weather continues fine, am going for a trip on the terrier tomorrow and will take lots of pictures, wish you were here.

    Blood and kisses

    – Ticky.”

    And then you people jump up and call him icky! Shame on you. 😛

    And yes, before anyone asks, I’ve encountered these things in person. As a full-time, frontline, parasitologist I’ve worked with any number of ticks, mites, nematode worms, protozoa, and there’s a wierd beauty to the lot of them. Great picture, keep it up!

    [Waves back at the little waving tick]

    And surely, it’s only got one ‘tock?

  262. Yitzysmommie says:

    OK, Mokie wins!! Big ole belly laff here. I’m tickled, Mokie.

  263. bugs are cool,they all have a purpose.
    nuff said..

  264. legalmom says:

    (addendum)’s a cool one!
    who cant laugh when one of these guys lands, and cocks its head and looks at you?

  265. LOL! So Tiny Rhea says she will not be back, that means I get the last word! LAST! (whaddya bet she looks anyway!) Well Tiny, I’m not a doctor, so I can’t really diagnose you, but I think I would need to agree with Hazel that what you are prolly suffering from is a Sensohumourectomy. Lighten up. babies are funny.
    And The Chipnotizer? If you want the record, I think you seek Buddy…Your path may be long, but may it lead you to Buddy in the end. Seek the way of More! More! More!

  266. CBF — c’mon, you KNOW about trying to be “last”. Don’t remember? Ask Buddy.

  267. Whatevah do you mean Theo? *wide innocent eyes*

  268. LAST! Ok, Tiny is right I do need profesh help…But at least I admit it, so there!

  269. *snickering at CBF & Theo*
    sorries couldn’t help myself.

  270. Okay, I hate ticks, think they’re disgusting, almost lost my dinner when removing one from a foster kitten’s neck last Saturday. But, if a critter is going to be hated for it’s potential to pass diseases to other critters and/or people, we’d have to hate all of them since none are sterile/bacteria free. When I was a kid, I got a severe case of cat scratch fever from a kitten, so I should despise cats, right? Instead, I ADORE them.

    My point: cutie is in the eye of the beholder.

  271. We need to see more cute bird pics.

  272. The Chipnotizer says:

    CuteBabyFix: I didn’t want to be last—in fact I like to be in the front half of the line for stuff like choc-lit puddin’ and Hershey’s Kisses! I was just marveling at the huge number of comments and how funny/smart CO lovers are. But-you are correct-I didn’t word it very well. I had no idea people fought to be LAST LAST LAST (being relatively new to posting). And I’m not trying to be last here! I was up late last night-or was I up early this morning?-and I discovered that “The Tick” is on the Disney Channel at 5:00 AM Eastern. Everyone else probably knows this already-but just wanted to mention it to LYMARECK and everyone else who mentioned the show. I only caught the last 10 mins. of it but it was very funny. I enjoyed The Tick urging Arthur to “hug” (instead of “embrace”) his destiny, “monitoring the culture”(watchin’ TV) where Reporter Sally Vacuum told about the latest crisis, and Mayor Blank assuring that there “was no crisis”. Then a fun commercial for eating “Dramatic Flakes” to get more drama in your life. Toward the end The Tick was chasing across the housetops and suddenly came to a screeching halt and deadpanned “We’re all outa roofs”. LOL to the whole thing. My exact type of humor-except the blood drinking part. I can honestly say I like this Tick. Hope all you Tick lovers can TEVO it and re-enjoy. We need a lot more laughing. Someone please reply as I do not want to be last, but I did want all Tick-O-Philes to know the show is on. Time is tick-ing away- PAX to all and please tell lymereck and other “spoon-lovers” about the show. TY. And CuteBabyFix-have a spec-tick-ular day!!!

  273. ????

  274. HI-larious!

  275. The Chipnotizer: so instead of “last” you are going for “longest”?

    I kid, I kid

  276. My dog has fleas.
    But there are cute fleas.

  277. haha funny how everyone is like “woah diseases” im sure these conditions are serious and i respect that but like woah its a joke and its just a picture….I LOVE CUTEOVERLOAD yay

  278. Cute as a bug.
    Exactly as cute as a bug 🙂

  279. metsakins: well, I say Bible, but really it was more of a pamphlet…

  280. Not cute, even if it’s funny. But not cute.

  281. mokie – oh a tract, now I understand.

    btw I first at being last today.

  282. Goodness, I just remembered this! Bugs can be cute! Anyone remember the woggle-bug from the Marvelous Land of Oz? Here’s a pic:
    Top right hand corner peeps…

  283. yankeebird says:

    I may not be the last one to comment, but I bet I’m the last NEW person to comment!

    (Of course, that’s due to a recent move and having been net-less for a week and a half now *gasp*)

    While I’m with those who say “Not cute”, I realize cute is subjective. I’m also with those who say babies are not really that cute. Give me the option of holding a baby or a puppy, I’ll take the puppy 10 times out of 10. I simply don’t find it cute as it’s a blood-sucking parasite. (One of its brethren gave a dear friend of mine incurable Lyme disease, which is also most definitely not cute.)

    The pun, however… moderately cute.

    Way to go with this one, Meg. You had to know it would be controversial when you posted it! 🙂

  284. Everyone who says this isn’t cute…GROW SOME BALLS….preferably, so big that you can’t type anymore

  285. Glovy — um — you’re not making much sense, y’know, anatomically.

  286. As someone hip-deep in antibiotic therapy for late, disseminated Lyme disease, I loved this and giggled immoderately. I’m visiting for the first time in a few weeks, so I missed commenting on this while it was current. I wish I’d been here at the time, because a couple of posters mentioned burning ticks with matches or cigarettes, or smearing them with Vaseline to get rid of them. PLEASE DON’T: they’ll let go, but not before injecting gut contents into you, and that’s exactly what you want to avoid. You want to grasp the tick with tweezers as close to the skin as possible, and pull straight out. The Lyme Disease Association’s website has more complete instructions on what to do if you find an attached tick.

  287. thumbs down on tickness. cannot be cute. NEXT!