People that look like their pets, Part UNO

SOMETIMES [head tilt] owners and pets LOOK ALIKE.

You know what I mean. Wrinkly people get Shar Peis, petite people get Chihuahuas, Muscle men get Bull dogs, ETC., ETC. Don’t make me go on.

To honor those insane Peeps, a NEW category on C.O.: "Matchingks!"


Nice Snoresville, Colin, Colin’s wife (who accurately predicted we don’t USUALLY use photos of PEOPLE on this site) and kitteh "Hodag" 😉



  1. Tsk tsk.
    Shoes off the bedspread!

  2. ShelleyTambo says:

    I wish I was doing the same with my kitty right now.

  3. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    Copy Cats!!!


  5. omg, way too qte!!!

  6. Yubi Shines says:


  7. *whines*
    I wanna stay in bed toooooo!

  8. awww, I’m so jealous…

  9. Moggyfan says:

    Oh, thank god. Cute at last!! Adorabuls in fact 🙂

  10. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    Funny, Theo, I thought the same thing… OMG, shoes on the bed! And they’re dirty shoes to ‘boot’… 😀

  11. Pussytoes says:

    Hodag? Is he from Wisconsin?

  12. misschelley says:

    i thought that too, dirty crocs, yuck. but… what a great new CAT-egory, you’re going to get lots of submish…

  13. shandrewsca says:

    Someone get that kitteh a pillow to snorgle, stat!

  14. OMG Theo & Cricket, I came on to say the exact same thing!

    Those shoes are so dirty. I think I need to go and scrub myself now. Bad, bad Colin’s wife! Leave them by the dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooor [sing song that Meg!]

  15. Awwwwwwwww. Matchingks.

  16. Yitzysmommie says:

    When I do this, I am cuddling Yitzy, who curls in a ball just like Hodag, but in my arms.

  17. well I didn’t actually mean for EVERYBODY to chime in with the “oh noes dirty shoes” chorus… there was a little wink thingy at the end, there… it’s not *us* doing their laundry, after all

  18. Subhangi– I think “Matchingks” should be the name of the category, that was excellent.

  19. YES! people that look like their pets! brill!

  20. Leilani says:

    Colin’s wife not only has good taste in cats, but she also has good taste in comfy shoes. Crocs rock!

  21. pat_the_bunny says:

    Hold up a minute! Not a complete match. She’s wearing crocs and her left toes are NOT curled in blissful, peaceful seepy-seeps!

  22. Hodag needs tiny Crocs(tm). Would be clean, of course, on a kitteh.

    I believe Mrs. Colin was overcome by Teh Sleepiness and keeled over before she could remove her footwear.

  23. Um? Wrinkly people get SharPei’s.

  24. My cat would be curled up on the pillow behind my head. This is very cute…..

  25. This kitty looks just like my Peachers! He’d probably be rubbing my face or curled up in my arms, though.

  26. Cassandra says:

    Aww, this is v. cute. Must fight the urge to pose for rediculous glamour shots with my retriever…who I’m afraid to say I look quite similar to.

  27. ThreeCatNight says:

    Oh God! Too presh! And he looks just like my Jessie, chubby belleh and all!

  28. Jules — hmm, I may just have to make a small edit…

  29. Moggyfan says:

    But, but, but…Pat-the-bunny, her “toes” **are** all curled up. Okay, maybe it’s her right hand & sorta hidden from view, but still!

  30. StormCat says:

    Did anyone else notice that the Kitteh is doing what all good Kitteh’s should do?

    He’s sleepin’ on the paper!!!!

  31. AuntieMame says:

    Heh! Kitteh Hodag looks like he dropped off in the middle of planning an executive meeting.

    World domination has been postponed until after naptime, evidently…

  32. My kitties do this too. Tipper will sleep right next to my pillow on one side, and Pooh will try to stuff his fat widdo body between the wall and me on the other side. I gets kitty bookends! (Kitty sammich?)

  33. Chipnotizer says:

    Colin: Obvy you are from Rhinelander, WI and your wife was too tie tie to take off her crocs-no doubt from attending the Hodag Country Fest!!! (We assume she was NOT crocked in her crocks-just too much sun!!!) I hope you made dinner for her and the kitteh too. Very cute!!! TY.

  34. Theresa says:

    The muscle man around the corner from *me* has a Chinese Crested. They look pretty hilarious out on walks.

  35. Pussytoes says:

    Chipnotizer! I thought the same thing. Hodag indeed.

  36. Carol Ann says:

    We call it synchronized sleeping at our house.

  37. It’s a rule here. If a human takes a nap where a cat can get to, they often finish the nap with a cat blanket draped over them. This cat had a simliar idea.

  38. gravyboat says:

    Heh heh…right? Synchronized sleeping!

  39. “Matchingks”!!!

    Brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that.

    Shall we change the category name? What do ya’ll think?

  40. I’ll second, or third, or whatever I agree. Aye! Matchingks!

  41. bearlet says:

    yes yes, subhangi’s idea was brill! matchinks!

  42. earlymouse says:

    Totally ‘shopped…

  43. Colin’s wife: have you ever been to Germany? I’ve met people who swear they saw me in Germany but I’ve never been there. And you look remarkably like me…

    …and Hodag looks remarkably like my kitteh Lydia…

  44. It’s not fair, the kitteh needs a tiny pillow to cuddle too.

  45. [eats earlymouse]
    Nom nom nom.

  46. RKEM — kitty has NOTEPADS.
    (and pawpads)

  47. Meg — Matchingks worgks!

  48. Matchingks? Peeps check out the bed clothes, they are anything but! And she belongs on here even w/out the kitteh, because crocs are so cute!

  49. Mary (the first) says:

    They don’t match all that much. The lady is not even wearing stripes!? Am I being too picky??

  50. Noelegy says:

    Huh, I thought she was wearing slipper socks. I love the name “Hodag.”

  51. grammar police says:

    “Matchinks” is moishe better than the grammatically incorrect “people that look like their pets” but if it were “people WHO look like their pets,” then it’d be a close call.

  52. Grammar Police, Thank the lo’ you’re here, I def need your help on this one—I always mess up the apostrophe-s’s too. What IS the rule on that?

    [yell in John Belushi voice]

  53. book_monstercats says:

    Matchingks! works. Meg, if you want to mess up yo’r apostrophes, you can do. It’s ok with da Peeps.
    Cassandra (way up top). I am mystified. Are you handsome, hairy and yellow, thereby resembling your retriever?

  54. Nora aka Colins wife says:


    My profuse apologies for the shoes on the bedspread, how embarrassing! However, I was overcome with the sleepiness after the cat snored on me. Additionally, my dirty shoes are on the old bedspread we keep on the bottom of the mattress to catch cat hairs, not that Hodag is using it in this photo. Hodag is actually from Chicago, but I found him when my husband was visiting Rhinelander Wisconsin.

  55. AuntieMame (not the grammar police, but almost as anal) says:

    Ooh the apostrophe-s rule!

    Never use an apostrophe-s to make a plural, unless omitting the apostrophe creates a different word.

    Otherwise, the apostrophe-s is used only to signify possessive case. As to whether you need another “s” if your word already ends in “s,” the Chicago Manual of Style says to use the apostrophe only.

  56. Matchingks! Most def.

    And yeah, Cassandra-way-up-there, you must do the Glamour Shots thing with your retriever!! Pleeeease!

  57. Apostrophe-S is also, of course, used in contractions. It signifies “is.”

  58. I think she is my college roommate… No seriously! If that is Kirsten… It HAS to be!

  59. kel13123 says:

    woohoo new CATegory!!! i love it!

  60. AuntieMame says:

    Oh yeah, contractions, too.

    The main point, however, is that it’s NOT for plurals.

    And matchingks is inspired!


    I’m trying to go back and add the new “Matchingks” tag to old CO posts that ought to have had it all along. Here’s what we’ve got so far:

    This blog’s archives has gotten soooo big that I must request your help, though. So. Suggestions? Please post old CO post links right in the comments here! (Don’t forget to leave a little whitespace at the end of your URLs.)

    Thanks, all.

  62. ka9q's wife says:

    I beg to differ with the matchings. Go to any dog park and you will see. At my dog park the Shar Pei is owned by a very cute latino with almost no wrinkles. The 1/2 newfie, 1/2 great Pyrenees who is huge white and flooffy is owned by a petite girl with black hair that is not flooffy. The cute Italian Greyhound who wears tres chic sweaters is owned by a biker guy. My Dog is a leggy redhead built for speed and I am…well not redheaded anyway. *Grins hopefully*

  63. acelightning says:

    When my husband falls asleep, he often winds up with his arm over his face. Our cat Loki falls asleep next to him, and often winds up with his paw over his face. I just can’t get both of them into the picture on my cell phone cam. (And I should get my husband an orange-striped T-shirt…)

  64. Shannon Johnson says:

    Very accurate, because thats the way my dad and my puppy look when they sleep.

  65. Nice! It would be my hubby and one of the dog’s in my case. Great new catagory

  66. Alice H says:

    Congrats, Nora! You even got a new category.

    (And made me do a serious double-take this afternoon. “…I think know her. I DO know her!)

  67. Theresa says:

    We have a saying in our house, “Lie down, win a cat.”

  68. it is true!!! people in the states do walk around indoors with their shoes on

  69. Anne — who’s walking around??

  70. um, im sorry, but i think the cats cuteness is counteracted by her poor choice of shoe… crocs? crop function should have been used to maximize cuteness potential!

  71. I remember when my brother and his black cat, Kafka, came over for a visit: They were napping on my bed, positioned exactly alike. I got my camera, turned it on, and it went *Bing!*

    My brother was the one that stirred.

  72. Juniper says:

    Poor shoe choice? By what standards? I beg to differ. Living on a farm, it is very inconvenient to take off my lace-up boots every time I go inside for a drink of water. Slip on-and-off shoes are a must! They are very squishy, comfortable and don’t cause back pain. I think they are lovely. I’m wearing my red crocs right now!

    This picture could be me and my cat. Colin’s wife has the paperwork, grey stripey cat lying on the paperwork, red crocs, “old bedspread for cat hairs”, and scrunchy pillows for hugging. But where is her bag of snackies? It must be on the nightstand. Impossible to do paperwork without snackies.

  73. Also, I like the louver-y headboard. The slats probably don’t really open & close, but in my head they do.

  74. This is my favorite website, and the highlight of my day because it makes me so happy to know that there’s crazy cuteologists like me out there too! People too in love with their pets (at least according to spouses, coworkers, etc.) So thanks Meg (and Theo)!