Ever wondered what your cat is doin’ during the day?

People, this is awesome.

Check out kitteh chronicles of Mr. Lee Cat Cam, from the point-of-view of one kitteh: "Mr. Lee."

You see, Mr. Lee is well-equipped with a special digital camera, to record his cattin’ around…


Follow Mr. Lee as he…

Leaves the house, to make the rounds…


Chills under a parked car with a fellow hoodlum…


Slurps up all the puddle water he can find…


Checks the bird feeder for snacks…


Rendez-vous with his girl, and finally goes home.


Brillo idea, Juergen P.! Check out all Cat Cam photos here…

Thoughtfully submitted by: David C., Jennifer G., Anna F., David R., Kathleen K., Duncan G., Candice R., Katie-Rose R., and Nat S.!



  1. Oh yeah, I’ve seen this!… no idea why it didn’t occur to me to post it here, duh…

  2. Awesome! Definitely a great idea. I love seeing the whiskers when he’s “making the rounds.”

  3. Sarah_annej says:

    This is the BEST IDEA EVER! I would love to see a sitcom from the cat’s point of view. I very well may be the only viewer but I think it sounds like a great idea! Someone get to work on it!

  4. I can’t help but feel a little sorry for Mr. Lee, but that’s primarily because I’m imagining the humiliation of wearing a camera around my neck and later having the pics posted on the internets. This probably doesn’t concern Mr. Lee.

  5. Peg of Tilling says:

    From the quietly pleased look in pic 1, I’d say Mr. Lee considers himself quite well dressed indeed. Stylish, even.

  6. Brilliant Idea!!! Very fun indeed.
    Redzilla, don’t worry, I bet they have the sense to edit out litter box time, etc. That would be embarrassing for Mr. Lee, for sure.

  7. Oh my god! That is so cool! I wouldn’t want anyone to see my peoplecam…because then they’d learn how much of my day I actually spend looking at CO.

  8. Sad or cute????

    Kittehs are bebehs, and shouldn’t live outside…the next video may be him getting smooshed by a car! Sheesh people, cats don’t belong outside!!!!

  9. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    My kitteh, Dingy, is going to hate me when I figure out how to make the camera automatically take photos when I’m not there…

  10. Ooooh! I love the idea!
    LOL. The bird feeder check. 😀

  11. Furbabies says:

    Just saw all of Mr. Lee’s pics. What a really neat idea. How come I can never think of anything like this first? Oh well, maybe someday!

  12. misscrisp says:

    (I have in fact created “faux” kitty cam footage by running around shooting low angle and adding purrs/meows over the footage…leetl did I know!)

  13. My personal fave is the “slurping the puddle water.” Eeeewwww… but funny! 🙂

  14. you guys r silly says:

    I also feel that cats shouldn’t be outside, for their own safety.
    But — that point aside:
    MY favorite picture is Mr. Lee’s checking out of the bird feeder “for snacks”. That thought made me giggle.

  15. How dare you! What am I some kind of fuzzy cutey pie creature for you to giggle and snorgle with?

    Do you think you can get leverage over me by spying on me and my associates?

    Remember, I have walked in the bedroom whilst you were changing while wearing this lovely device.

    Two can play, oh yes, two can play.

  16. super NEAT! I wish he was an indoor cat though… so much safer for lil Mr. Lee! Outdoor cats only have an average lifespan of 7 years compared to 14-16 for indoor cats.

  17. Some of those pic’s make me uneasy, I’m not wild about kitties inside of car parts, but that’s a cool project. Even cooler that he gets the cat to keep the camera around his neck! Mine would be slithering out of the collar in five second! Stretchy cat collars you know.

    I can’t imagine what my kitty would reveal: the bed, the sunny floor, the food bowl, the litter box, the water bowl, the couch, the dust bunnies under my bed….

  18. I have seen this before! I thought it was amazing how many friends Mr. Lee has and how he would go through a secret tunnel. I thought just the opposite of the peeps, I was thinking that perhaps I am cruel to keep my kittehs inside where they have nothing to do and no one to see… Perhaps outdoor cats live less but they live more fully, and have more joy while they are here… Sort of like those robot peeps on Bladerunner!

  19. Cassandra says:

    My kitty is an indoor/outdoor kitty. She loves to go outside, especially in the summer, but then again, my parents live on an acreage, so she’s never around vehicles or anything like that. She’s a pretty crafty girl, she’s stayed out of trouble for the last 13 years. I’m sure this guy is just as crafty.

  20. OMG! I LOVE THIS!!! I would love to put a kitty cam on my cat to see what stuff he’s up to all day…..or do I want to know????

  21. Oh man, the cutest is beyond measure. It is quite clear now why this blog is #1 at the Blogger’s Choice Awards so far for Best Blog of All Time. You shouldn’t definitely keep your substantial lead by adding a “brag badge” the other blogs I’ve seen that have it make it really easy to vote for the site. It’s easy to add the code. You get it at: http://www.bloggerschoiceawards.com/blogs/show/40

  22. YOU INHUMAN MONSTERS! You let a cat outside?! OUTSIDE?!! Don’t you know what might happen to a cat outside?! It might eat a bug, drink rainwater, chase small animals, fight off a blue jay, lie in the grass or crawl under a bush, have relations with another cat, nap on a warm car hood on a cold day! ANY NUMBER OF THINGS! It might have FUN with HUMAN INVOLVEMENT! It might even RUN AWAY! It could ADOPT ANOTHER OWNER FOR GODS SAKE! But what’s worst? IT COULD DIE IN AN ACCIDENT! That would make the owner sad for at LEAST A WEEK until they adopt another cat! A WHOLE WEEK!

    Cats *MUST* live their ENTIRE LIVES in a confined space of 500-1500 square feet for as LONG AS POSSIBLE – 18-20 years at the minimum! ANY actions by the owner that might shorten their life spans by ANY AMOUNT should result in a visit by the SPCA! SHAME ON YOU! SHAAAAAAMMMMMEEE!!

  23. BTW, for you other folks who were wondering about doing this at home and the safety of a relatively heavy camera on the collar, the site notes that cat collars should break when snagged.

    As he said, you need to decide what’s important: The life of your pet or the device on the collar.

  24. Jimbo – I take some offense to some of your comments. I had a house cat for 14 years (his brother thankfully is still with us) and I still mourn for him over a year later. I’m not here to debate in or out (I think in is better) but it would defitely take all the pet owners I know a lot more than a week to get over a loved family member (pet or person).

  25. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    ::blink blink:: Wow.

  26. belphebe says:

    If only I could get a ferret-sized camera. And get the ferret to not remove it within a nanosecond of putting it on! However, since the ferrets are indoor pets, the pictures would be quite boring indeed.

    Love Mr. Lee’s adventures. All his buddies, enemies (snake!), and potential snacks. Some of his photos are pretty cool too: very artistic.

  27. Sarah_annej – Pass the popcorn. I’m right there with you! LOL!

  28. pat_the_bunny says:

    OMG! Mr. Lee, the first feline photojournalist! Priceless!

  29. What does it say on the cam box on his collar? Tried to read it but couldn’t.
    also, re in/v/out…some cats no matter what you do they will try to get out. We have one who has been an indoor kitteh all his life. But he wants owwwwwwt. Despite all our promises of warmth, love, foods, etc… We take all precautions but I know there’ll come a day where he just might succeed. He did once but we caught him and brought him back in. He just wants to explore. Its a part of their nature. (not saying I’m going to willingly let him out as it’s not safe for him where we live. . . jus saying that for some cats it is darn near impossible to keep them in if they want out.)

  30. Metz, I think it’s easier if a cat’s never really been outdoors.

    However when a nasty neighbor threatened to kill our beloved Siamese on sight we had to convert our 5-yr old to an indoor cat.

    Poor thing. She’d sneak out whenever she could and we’d chase her, literally, across a park. Tried the lease thing but she looked at us like were crazy.

    She’d also meow like crazy when we took the dog out for a walk. Turned out she used to follow my Dad and the dog when they’d go for night walks.

    Still though, when faced with a literal life or death situation, it was an easy decision.

  31. ya-ya-ya says:

    the camera says “please return to *address shopped out*


    Thank you!

    I also dont think cats should be outside, to do whatever (have a million babies, get rabies, get hit by a car, get hurt by mean people), but in many places in the world it is recommended to let a cat out all the time.

    i dont think it is a great idea, but i am not the ruler of everyone.

  32. Who knew they had buddies? I was just thinking about this a few weeks back, about how cool it would be to see what a cat ‘sees’ and does all day. I’ve always wanted to get a motion sensored camera in the house and find out what my cats do while I’m at work or sleeping at night. Of course, I might not want to really know.

  33. My three stooges are indoors and have a teensy apartment to live in. Buddy tries to get out constantly, but he was an alley cat when we rescued him. Luckily my door opens to an inside hallway. Little booger ran up 5 floors before I could catch him.

    Tabby Sue got out once and ran up to the second floor, only to come flying back down, hissing all the way. Scarlett got out shortly after her lion cut, but she made it as far as two steps into the hallway and ran back in the door.

    I bought them a pet stroller from Petsmart.com and take them for walks in it. I love it, although I’m not thrilled with the pink color. But, the cats love it! They think they are the rulers of the neighborhood when they are on their walks.

    Regarding this post, I must say after coming home the other day from work, I wish I had cams on my cats. My apartment was totally trashed. All the cupboards and drawers in kitchen were open, all the mail and bills on my desk were scattered and half-eaten on the floor, the pencils and pens were scattered in every room, toilet paper was destroyed, paper towels (a new roll) was scattered and destroyed, clothes baskets were overturned and clothes scattered everywhere, the videos on my entertainment center were knocked all over the place, the cushions were half off the couch, my receipts I had on my cedar chest to organize were scattered in all rooms, and the new 27# tub of litter and hard-sided cat carrier were removed from the front of a closet containing their food, and the food bin was opened.

    I thought someone broke into my house, but considering there was money in several places in plain sight, and no sign of forced or unforced entry other than my own, as well as the guilty looks on the three faces of the cats, I have a good feeling our apartment wasn’t violated.

    I just want to know what I did to warrant such wanton destruction?

  34. Dudes. I grew up in a university town in Missouri in a very residential area. ALL of my cats growing up and to this day are indoor/outdoor. There is nothing wrong with it. Tragically, we lost two kittehs that were hit by cars, once right in front of me. But regardless of what COULD happen, it all depends on your living situation. With a big back yard and front yard, too, and all of the gardening my folks do, it would be impossible to keep the cats inside. Once they have a taste of it, they want it. If your cat is declawed, keep them inside. Otherwise,unless you live in a high traffic area or in an apartment that has no easy access to the outdoors or a way for them to get back in, there is no reason on earth to keep a cat inside all of the time, imo.

  35. enuff, in cities cats will fall to a number of life-ending threats, in the country, there are a number of life-ending threats, some cats are better at survival than others, some owners are better at protecting than others, all have their place.

  36. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    I just ordered 4 cheapo webcams from amazon. I’m thinking I can set up a website or something for myself so I can see what the cat does when I’m not home. If I see him thinkin’ about pooping under the rocker, I can call and yell at him over the answering machine!

  37. leah b. says:

    Its take too much time to get one of my kittehs to sit still and put that on them, let alone a collar.

    I give this person credit for even trying, now this litteh cannot say the dog did it LOL

  38. leah b. says:

    kitteh not litteh

  39. another Michelle says:

    OMG, brilliant idea.

    Of course if I outfitted either of my cats w/ a CatCam, all the pictures would be of my bedroom wall, from them sleeping on my bed all day!

  40. Mary (the first) says:

    My cats were indoor-outdoor for years, then a feral cat started coming inside so I started shutting the cats in at night. When I moved to new house they were ages 12 and 14 and since moving they have been indoor only. They don’t mind at all. I think they were becoming aware of their increasing vulnerability as they aged and welcome the new safety.

  41. http://library.fws.gov/Bird_Publications/songbrd.html#Cat

    Keep a cat indoors or out, whichever. I don’t really care. But there is more at stake than the cat’s safety in the argument.

  42. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    Oh, man!!! The BIG BROTHER gummermit even wants to know where and what my kitty is doing!!! It’s the NEW WORLD ORDER!!! aahhhhhhh!!!
    : D

  43. omg, how cute and yet another web-site to bookmark! definitely would like to set up web-cams around the house to see what the cat and dog do all day.

  44. beenclawed says:

    Unfortunately the beautiful Siamese cat I had when I was young was poisoned by someone in the neighborhood and died at the age of 7. My present cat goes outside in the back yard but it’s totally enclosed and she can come and go as she pleases. Works out rather well. And she does stay in all night.

    It’s great to see all the kitty camera pics, but the guy states on the website that the cat didn’t like it, and reluctantly accepted it. Seems a drag for the cat.

  45. Mr. Lee thinks he’s stylin’.

    He knows he’s a special kitteh, he’s probably showing his camera off to all his buddies: “Yo, I got a camera and you don’t.”

    I love the photos, but I hope nothing bad ever happens to Mr. Lee.

  46. Courtney says:

    It isn’t so bad for cats when they are inside, but they make a large negative impact on wildlife. They are not natural predators (they are domesticated) to our wildlife and can decimate populations of prey animals that other predators need to eat.

    I had an outdoor kitty that lived to 14, but his indoor kitty sister is still ticking at 18.

    That being said–I love how artistic these pictures are. There are some really amazing images. My cousin’s 4 year old son loves taking pictures and took a bunch at our wedding. They were some of the best shots, done from his point of view. 😀

  47. courtney says:

    oops, I meant to say outside in the first line…

  48. Don’t worry, LisaN, jimbo is just being facetious to poke fun at some of the more militant viewers of CO!
    At least…I’m pretty sure!

  49. Clever! I love the kitty cam.

  50. I know what you mean about wondering if indoor cats are missing something? Our girl, Cipher, is indoor only but she could easily spend all day sitting in the window looking at the world. We have dozens of wild cats that like to prowl in our back yard (one reason why we keep her indoors) and when they’re out there lying in the sun or chasing bugs, I sometimes feel guilty for denying her that pleasure. But we live on a busy street, we have lots of mean raccoons around, and the wild cats fight a lot — so we know Cipher is much safer inside.

  51. I find that it’s almost a hard and fast rule that that every time I meet someone who says they’re an animal lover they turn out to be somebody who just likes to keep animals cooped up in a cage or a small pond or indoors in a miserable, constrained, unnatural existence.
    If you keep your cat indoors it’s a teasing, frustrating life for the animal who clearly would lead a healthier, happier existence if it could be an indoor/outdoor cat.
    Cats are far more intelligent than they are given credit for, and like any mammal become depressed to a greater or lesser degree when kept indoors or in a cage.
    The argument that indoor cats live shorter lives is specious: If you can’t let the cat live at least a partial outdoors life then DON’T get the cat in the first place. If you have to confine it indoors then in my opinion you are NOT an animal lover.
    The only things that live happily indoors are termites or roaches.

  52. I have not laughed that loud in ages! Mr. Lee and his big head are cracking me up. I am going to let Buster and Peanut watch all of Mr. Lee’s adventures. Like any good mother, I want to monitor what my kitties are watching.

  53. I think it’s a hard and fast rule that no matter what you do, someone somewhere will hate you for it. Or in this case accuse you of animal cruelty.

  54. Shannon Johnson says:

    I should do that with my next cat. That way i could see what they are up too.

  55. vetstudent says:

    There could be antifreeze in that puddle or under the car. But at least he’ll have a picture of the green liquid and the vet can make the diagnosis in time.

  56. AuntieMame says:

    I find that it’s almost a hard and fast rule that that every time I hear someone say he has a hard and fast rule, he turns out to be someone who doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about.

    But then maybe my idea of happy and healthy (warmth, safety, regular meals) isn’t the same as everyone else’s. Maybe having to scrounge for food and living in danger from predators and breeding uncontrollably is fulfilling and happiness inducing.

    An animal that is loved, cared for, and provided with adequate food and appropriate health care will live longer than an animal that receives none of these things.

    Inside or outside is only part of the discussion, and not even a very big part of it. So stating categorically that a person who never lets a cat outside is a bad owner is sheer ignorance.

  57. Inevitably these discussions seem to turn around how the OWNER would rather be treated (safety vs. adventure). Until we have a kitty-translator, we’re just going to be sitting around arguing all day. Anyway, that cat looks happy and has a lot of friends (and enemies too!)

  58. How cool. Checking the bird feeder is my fav pic!

  59. D has said something very interesting. Whether or not you keep your cats inside says something about you…Do I crave safety or adventure? Am I projecting that desire on to my animals? This has provoked me- I always liked to think of myself as adventurous, but perhaps I want safety more… very profound.Sort of disturbing actually.

  60. To add to the debate, my kitteh was indoor/outdoor until she became too old to want to go outside anymore. She’s sixteen and counting. She did start out life feral, though. Every cat is different, and you don’t know the situation for every cat out there (I’m pretty sure I read on the website that Mr. Lee was originally a stray as well).

  61. Also, I think outdoor kitties should be spayed/neutered as well. Cuts down on the extra kittens!

  62. Yeah, of course the Japanese already have a cat translator. http://www.i4u.com/article891.html Anyone want to buy one and ask their cat what they think. I’d be happy to pay $19.95/month to NOT have to hear what mine think!

  63. They’ll have great photos of their cat’s untimely death…when he’s hit by a car, attacked by a dog or other critter, poisoned, shot with a BB gun…

    For people that think indoor cats are bored and unfulfilled – what are you doing to give your cats enjoyment? It seems like extreme laziness and iresponsibility, in my opinion, to chuck your cat outside because you can’t be bothered to entertain him at home.

  64. I have a cat that lived completely outdoors the first six years of his life….he was hit by a car, shot by a pellet gun, and has numerous other scars on his body. When he joined my family he became indoor-only, and he has never expressed any interest in going back out.

  65. Wow, Mart. So, I should have just left my cats to die in the city shelter because I’m not willing to send them off into the fulfilling world of coyotes and highways? I mean, I wouldn’t want to torture them by providing food and toys for them. My cat looks pretty happy chasing her ball around right now, but I’m sure that’s just a facade. I’m sure inside she’s thinking, “Please! Let me run out and play in traffic! I’m begging you!”


  66. wow do commentroversies always come in twos?

    Puddin’ anyone? or its late, should I call out for pizza?

  67. Awesome idea! Would never have thought of that. 😀

  68. Wow, normally I wouldn’t add to an argument here, especially since the last thing someone wants to read is another reply, but I just have to. If you want to keep your cat indoors 24/7, that’s fine, but don’t criticize people for having indoor/outdoor cats. I don’t agree with having a complete outdoor cat (unless it was a stray that you just cannot tame, so you provide food anyway). My first cat stayed indoors almost all the time, and she died at 7. I now have an inside/outside cat thats only 8, but has still lived longer than my first cat. My I/O cat got attacked by a dog a few years ago. Fortunetely only her leg was hurt, but it broke my heart to see her afraid to go outside. She finally goes back outside, now that we’ve moved houses, but I NEVER leave her outside overnight, or when I leave the house. She’s happy outside, and I could never force her to stay inside all the time.

  69. ritabby says:

    My 2 cents. I followed the trail to Mr. Lee’s site and it mentions (in semi-broken English) that the camera could be dangerous for cats, it can get caught on branches etc… and it informs you that you have to decide on whether great pictures are more important than having a potentially ‘dead’ cat. I don’t know about you all but I conclude that this is NOT A GOOD IDEA!

  70. I think most people who visit this site love animals dearly and clearly want to do what is best for them. I have always felt I could never deny an animal access to nature. We have 5 cats who are in and out and they seem blissful outside, but I certainly understand the risks and understand the people who want to protect their cats by keeping them in. I do think it’s important to have them come in at night.

  71. Metsakins, yes, please – can we get one with pineapple?

  72. Shannon says:

    I have more than 2 cents worth, but will try to keep it short. I think outdoor cats are happy animals. So, too, is my boy who is 13 and never spent a day outside. He has spells where he tries to get out but he doesn’t know what to do when he gets there.

    I grew up with out door kittys. My parents didn’t feel neutering the males was an issue (since they didn’t have to deal with the kittens), therefore, ALL the males cats died untimely deaths and the spayed females lived VERY long, healthy lives staying in the yard.

    In another view – this (insert explevitive here) woman was on the news the other nite b/c she lived in a new suburb and they had *gasps* foxes in her yard!!!!! *le gasp* Her exact words were, “We don’t need foxes in _______.” Her cats couldn’t play outside w/out worrying about said foxes. I wonder, did Ms Wonderful complain when her precious ones killed the songbirds in her perfectly manicured lawn. Bozo.

    Off topic perhaps, lol. But then again not. I can’t do it. Cars, inhumane people, other animals, trash can buffets. No thanks. My can stay happy and healthy inside. When I have a big yard, MAYBE then. But not right now.

    Mr. Lee is gorgeous BTW.

  73. Shannon again says:

    The last picture on the first day. WHAT is that????

  74. you can’t get a pizza with pineapple where I live…

  75. ritabby, I did not read it that way at all! I read it that the author was suggesting to use a quick-release collar, because it was worth sacrificing the camera to save your cat.

    Here is the page:

    It’s near the top, under “Safety Note”

  76. That slurping of the puddle worries me — so often antifreeze can leak into driveway puddles, and that can be death to kitty cats. Be careful, Mr. Lee!!

  77. If I wasn’t so protective of my camera, and so sure my cat would rip it off instantly, I’d put a kitty cam on my kitty. I’d love to find out what she does during the day, and also how she’s been getting out of our backyard.

    The other cat just sits under the lilac bush for hours and hours. Woohoo.

  78. Theresa says:

    I’m sorry, all I can think about the car one is “Deep Troat Cat sez follows da monneh.”

  79. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    I would like to see what my cats get up to at night. I suspect they have a meeting with the cats in the neighbourhood, to plan the downfall of us humans.
    My two cents worth or should I say tuppence worth, cats should be able to go outside if you have a garden.

  80. book_monstercats says:

    My cats always had access to a cat flap. However, the fact that I allowed them free access to the outdoors meant I had to be very careful about where I chose to live, low traffic, decent neighbourhoods, long walks to public transport. Sometimes I pondered the wisdom of having my living arrangements dictated by perambulating fur-covered stomachs with loud voices (espesh the siamese). However, they all lived to ripe old ages, between 15 (cancer)and 19 (also cancer). As they got older, they became less inclined to want to go far and in the end they didn’t bother to go out at all.

    Mr Lee is cool. He is very handsome.

  81. Yes, I have to admit that Cipher looks miserable at the moment. After exhausting my husband with about 20-minutes of non-stop toy mouse chasing she’s now curled up asleep at the foot of the bed.

    Perhaps it’s just dim ol’ me, but I fail to see how I’m not an animal lover because I spoil this kitty rotten, give her yummy food, lots of love, and lots of play time but refuse to let her play in traffic or get mugged by a wild cat (most of whom seem to weigh as much as a small rottweiler).

    Oh cruel me. How can I be so heartless? I’m nearly Shakespearean in my villany!

  82. MaliceAlice says:

    I know I’m a little late to this party, but why don’t we just chalk this all up to a CO version of Godwin’s Law? I mean, it seems that the longer any conversation goes on here, the probability of someone being called an animal hater reaches one. (Godwin’s the same, only with Nazis. ‘The longer any internet conversation goes on, the probability of someone being called a Nazi reaches one.’) I don’t really have a say, one wya or the other because I’ve never owned a cat. I think having a cat flap is the best way, because it should be the cats choice. Each cat is different and if they want to go outside they will. End of story. Unless you KNOW it would be a death sentence to let them outside. Common sense should factor it too. 🙂 So, what do you call a CO version of Godwin’s Law? Godwin’s Claw? Hmmm…

  83. This is a GREAT idea! Now I’ll find out what Psycho’s up to …

  84. I totally agree, MaliceAlice!

    My kitties play outside sometimes during the day and always come in at night, they’re all fixed, vaccinated, healthy, and equipped with extra-loud Purrs. I could never deny an animal the chance to be outside in nature, but of course I understand why it might be necessary to keep a kitty indoors, such as if he is sick or injured, if there are wild animals that could pose a threat, or if you live in an apartment. I read a really great article in “Cat Fancy” that actually combines the two; it’s about creating a large semi-outdoor living space for your cat, like a screened-in porch.

    In any case, I think it’s kind of a shame that the discussion sidetracked from this incredibly cool, clever idea and this very handsome cat!

  85. Very good blog, very rich and nice pictures and articles, congratulations !!!

  86. Well, cats do what they want to do, no matter what their owners would prefer. My neighbor has this old cat that’s been an indoor cat for years. Now he’s enjoying his retirement and I can’t help laughing when they put him out on a pretty day. He sits just outside the door and waits for them to let him back in 🙂 Sometimes they walk around the yard and the cat follows, but that’s the only time he will move from the porch!

  87. I find that it’s almost a hard and fast rule that that every time I hear someone say he has a hard and fast rule, he turns out to be someone who doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about.

    No, no, he’s right on this one. If the internet has taught me nothing else, it’s that finding 200+ people who loathe the very core of you is nothing more than a mouse click away.

    Of course, so are cute pictures. So good times.

  88. Catmudgeon says:

    Just wanted to say something in defense of “mean neighbors who are cruel to cats.” I wouldn’t poison any animal but my frustration level at people who think their cat should be allowed destroy my property can get pretty high. When we moved to a high “cat pet” neighborhood, I discovered I couldn’t grow anything in my flowerbeds because the cats thought I was the freakin’ Texaco. The stench of cat crap in the summer was incredible — and I didn’t have a cat!! If I wanted my house to smell like a litterbox, I should AT LEAST have had the joy of pet ownership. Plus, my bird feeders became death traps for gorgeous local birds until I had to stop using them. I can’t count the number of times my poor kid cried over some dead animal she found because out neighbors felt cats belong outside — in my yard apparently. Oh, and then there’s the cat who put a hole in my kid’s wading pool…but left behind her cute kitty prints so we wouldn’t be confused about how it happened. I wouldn’t kill the cat, but I no longer feel quite as outraged at those who decide the really do have the right to protect their property and home from unwanted pests.

  89. I really have no opinion on the indoor vs. outdoor arguement. I’ve had both in my life. My current kitty is terrified of the outdoors right now so he’s an indoor cat. I blame living in a college town for two years with him. I think the loud parties in our shared backyard space scared him.

    But that cat-cam is such a neat idea! I love some of those pictures. It’s neat seeing the world from their perspective for once.

  90. I like the “waiting for better days”-photo (it´s on the mr.Lee site). Whenever my own cat is in that position, I say to him: “waiting for better days?” and he answers “purrhh”.

  91. Vanessah says:

    When I became a cat owner to two lost tree-stranded kittens in one week seventeen years ago, I knew there was no way to ask the kittens whether they wanted to be house bound or not. But, I figured cats are at least as likely as people to want to go outside the house. I also knew that my cats are my responsibility and they ultimately have to live by my choices.

    What it came down to was that I knew I couldn’t stand living with the risk they would face outside the house. I wish once in a while when these wars get started people would realize that when they choose to take on the responsibility of living with an animal, the animal is pretty powerless. Own up to the fact that you are the one that makes the decision for goodness sake.

    I lost one cat after 10 years to some weird, latent genetic disease. She always wanted out of the house desperately but keeping her indoors probably extended her life for years. The other one is afraid of the outdoors but still rules the house with an iron paw.

  92. This is awesome, I’ll show it to my dad, maybe he’ll want to try it with his cat?

  93. Inside outside
    Leave me alone.
    Inside outside
    Nowhere is home.
    Inside outside
    Where have I bleen?
    Under a car with some other Kittens!
    under the car with kittens!

  94. Thanks, Jayme! Hopefully he is being facetious. 🙂 My kitteh was a sweetie…

  95. I shoot any cat that comes into my yard with a slingshot because they don’t have a right to come in there and defecate on my lawn. Owners of cats who let them outside shouldn’t be surprised seeing their pets come back with bleeding gaping holes in them. Heh.

  96. Love Mr. Lee and his outdoor adventures! Just have to chime in here as the debate seems to have gotten nasty with mean-spirited remarks from the indoor-only crowd. I’ve had several cats over the years: outdoor/indoor at first and then indoor-only since the street we lived on became too busy. The outdoor/indoor cats thrived – lived longer, were healthier, more agile and well, more cat-like.

  97. Vanessah says:

    I would like to clarify, because I don’t think my long post above was all that clear about this — I truly believe cats love the outdoors and keeping them in all the time can make them a bit neurotic and it is selfish on our part. But that was guilt that I learned to deal with so that their life would be safer and longer. I don’t know about happier. I can’t read their minds.

  98. Ekiokitty says:

    What a cute idea. Thing one and Thing two would never allow me to put collars with cameras on them though.

    Our cats are indoor/outdoor cats becuase they chose it. I couldn’t keep them in the house once they got quick. Raised with dogs and completely sure of themselves in a fight I wasn’t worried. They still had their claws and were fixed. (one male one female by the way) So in went a cat flap. Its in the back and they enjoy the catwalk on the bricks around the house. They play with the dogs in the yard and spend most of their day curled up on the porch of our neighbor. She tells me every time she sees me that if anything ever happened to one of them she doesn’t know what she’d do. But they are smart about what they do outside. They are either on her porch or on ours if they are outside. And they don’t flit across the street all day long. There were issues at first with the other *outdoor* cats when they first started going out, but once they all figured each other out things were fine. I think I cleaned one wound from a fight. One. We live in a neighborhood in the middle of a city. I haven’t had either hurt by a raccoon, or a car yet. * I say yet because its always possible* They come in at night and the flap gets locked. They tend to spend the night curled up next to the dogs. Our cats are happy healthy and well taken care of. I think I would have had two destructive and overly active cats had I not allowed them to go outside.

    I think its relative to everyones situation. I wouldn’t tell someone that their indoor cat should be outside and I would expect the same kindness in return from others. Its just like raising kids, you don’t tell someone else how to do it. if you did they’d only get stubborn and never listen.

  99. 99

  100. 100!!!!

    my work here is done…off to do errands

  101. You call that “work”, do you?

  102. Don’t wish to be a spoil-sport killjoy, but make sure that isn’t antifreeze that Mr. Lee is licking up. I have lost so many cats who got out, due to poisons, autos, children, dogs, drainpipes, and the many other dangers that exist in our urban & suburban world. Nice idea foe the “Lee-cam”, however!

  103. R. Moore says:

    My gosh people. Such drama.

    Anyhow, without getting into my cats’ personal lives and my own preferences for keeping them, I have wanted to do something like this for a long time. I really wanted to do it with my dog so that we could figure out where she was finding all these Jordan Almonds… She had a stash of them somewhere, and we’d come home to see her munching one all the time.

    Actually, I seem to recall a video of a dog’s walk in an Asian city (I forget which one). I believe it was a little terrier.

  104. Theo, Actually I thought my rendition of 5:15 was fabulous, I was hoping to turn this thread into a Who fest but it didn’t work… 😦

  105. ingenious! i want a kitty cam for my cat, eventhough he doesn’t go outside. i like the purrspective.

    go mr lee! cute, cute!!

  106. Furbabies says:

    I walk my kitties on leashes and eat Snak-pak chocolate pudding at the same time. Then I take them to Martin’s yard to poo.

  107. Hahahahahaha, Furbabies. I love you!!!! Let’s all take our cats to his yard to crap.

  108. What’s next dumping bags of used litter on Martin’s flowerbeds?

    If we lob ’em we wouldn’t have to physically BE on his property.

    Or we can just tape him wounding kitties and turn him in for animal cruelty.

  109. Don’t worry about Martin. When I let the warden know he’s found his way onto civilian sites again, he’ll get “quiet time” for a week.

  110. Snak pak puddin? Not that’s something I can get worked up about. If you’re not willing to cook it at least get Kozy Shack.

    *wanders off muttering, kids today, when I was their age we didn’t have no stinkin’ Snak Pak and you still had to cook the mixes after walking to school uphill both ways in the snow 15 miles*

  111. bitchen’ idea. love it

  112. The most concerning thing for me about the pictures, is the cat drinking from a puddle – since I’ve had two best friends lose their cats to antifreeze poisoning. No matter how street-smart your cat is, no matter how many cars he dodges or how many stray dogs he can outrun, disease and poisoning are INCREDIBLY dangerous, and no cat has defenses against them.

  113. I don’t think a cat would drink coolant, would they? They’re too smart.

    My friends had a cat, Wormley, who was an outdoor cat. He lived about 20 years. So there’s always the exception. He was a cranky kitten, and an even crankier old cat. Good old Wormley.

  114. Is it just me, or does Mr. Lee look Photoshopped? His head is wayyy too big for his body.

    Cats will drink coolant in a heartbeat. They are attracted to the sweet taste. When I worked as a veterinary assistant, I saw several cats brought in with antifreeze poisoning (none of them survived it).

  115. jill-e-b says:

    Is it just me, or is Mr. Lee a really awesome name for a kitty?

  116. Metsakins – NO PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA?? Where are you, and how can we get you out of there? It ain’t right, I tell you. It ain’t right.

  117. I think many of you are forgetting that cats have different personalities. And live in different parts of the world. My cats are indoor/outdoor, but I live in a cat-safe neighborhood. In a large city, I could see why people would be worried.
    But Mr.Lee here seems to live in a nice, cat-safe neighborhood with lots of other kitty friends. 🙂

    Can’t we all just appreciate the cute? 🙂 No harm, no foul.

  118. hey-h – 50 miles north of NYC. no chain pizza shops here, either.

    And one more thing, (really should put this on the other post) the county I live in has a higher incident of Lyme’s disease than Lyme CT!

    so all in all, if you don’t like ticks and you like pineapple on pizza, Putnam Cnty NY is a bad place.

  119. Kuu- clearly the answer to your question is NO. If we see ANYTHINg on a website that makes us uncomfortable we must insult the owner of the pet and share horrendous stories of a pet I knew that…..

    We finished the choc. pudding, I’m gonna make instant pistachio now, would you like one?

  120. I’m a little skeptical of pistachio pudding. Let me know when you get some more chocolate.

  121. Hmm, pistachio? Never tried it.

    But pineapple on a pizza is almost as good as C.O. Okay, not that close. But still closer than most pizzas.

  122. metsakins says:

    I can’t even imagine what it would taste like. Does it still have tomato sauce on it?

  123. Yes, it still has tomato sauce. But the pineapples kind of add something to the sauce and make it sweeter.

  124. Did someone say pizza with pineapple? I’m so there!
    Pineapple with black olives for me please!

  125. metsakins says:

    not feeling it… but I would taste it if someone else was eating it…

  126. Pizza with pineapple and olives? I’ll stick with my pineapple and ham. 😉

  127. Not green olives, just black.
    Sorta like the same combo as pineapple and ham. You get the salty/sweet action going.
    ummmmm….droooling….zzzappp oops uh Boss? I shorted out my keyboard again.

  128. metsakins says:

    Metzee they don’t have that on LI do they?

  129. Mmm… that sounds reaaally good, actually. But it’s too early for pizza. 😦

  130. the only place I have found to have pineapple on LI is the Pizza Hut chain.

    There’s only like 2 or 3 I think. Most corner pizza places don’t have pineapple as an option durn it.

    A friend in CA introduced me and my friends to this delicacy. 😉

    Almost as good is Sun Dried Tomatos & Eggplant on Pizza. Really.

  131. metsakins says:

    marc and I used to go to Woodstock (the town)and they have Greek pizza with black olives, onion and feta cheese…heavenly

  132. metsakins says:

    o, btw, client just called about his package and he’s calmer than I thought he’d be. and my boss is still “oh it’ll show up”.

  133. In reply to Jimbo’s comments and LisaN’s response: A couple yrs ago, after my cat died, I waited all of 4 days before contacting the SPCA. I adopted 2 adult cat sisters who were 8 yrs old. I missed my cat so much I needed something to nurture that also needed me. I still miss Binky, the way she put her arms around my neck whenever I picked her up; the way she grunted instead of purring! My “new” cats are 10+ yrs now, and when the time comes for another cat(s), it won’t diminish the relationship I had with the deceased pets.

  134. I find it terifying that people see their cats hit by cars, attacked by dogs, etc and then STILL let them roam around unsupervised. If you let your dog wander, it gets picked up by animal control and taken to the pound. The same should be true for cats.

  135. >> Who knew they had buddies? -Beth

    That’s what’s so amazing! What did this cat do on his own time? Why, he sought out all the other cats in the neighborhood!

    I didn’t know cats would seek out other cats, or share space. Mr. Lee spent a little time with each cat, and then moved on. What pleasure does he derive from their company, do you suppose?

    This is so fascinating, and I want to see more!

    Thanks to Metsakins for the poetry.

    >> i like the purrspective. -jen


  136. metsakins says:

    chlyn – I actually found out that my cat visited other cats when someone stopped on the road and said “Oh is that your cat? He comes over all the time to visit my cat.” I was surprised b/c she was a few houses away.

    and ya know that peotry was a Who song slightly altered

  137. hmmm well I know I am late to this party so I won’t bore anyone who follows with my choice.. besides everyones situation is different. (btw pinneapple ham pizza rocks and cozy shack beats snak pak hands down dontch know!)

    Kitty Cam pics… toooo cool.

    Metsies poetry with nods to the WHO does rule.

    and good grief people.. just because a cat is outside does not mean it is not fixed or it’s human dosen’t love it same goes for those indoors..(shakes head at the rediculousness of people all worked up over nothin)
    And Metsies Happy century comment 😀

  138. gooberita senorita says:

    I luv these photos and the idea is brilliant! I’ve always wanted to know how far my cat’s territory goes and who are her furry friends and foes. this is the most brilliant idea: kitty kam! I luv it! And for those who don’t think cat’s should go outside, What are you Mental or sumthing? cat’s are wild animals who have domesticated us!
    get over it and let them roam!