Ladies and Gentlemans, A SQUIRREL TONGUE!

People, ruhmember the day we found the photo that proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that ferrets have tongues? Well, we have reached another milestone.



* Whatever that means

Katharine B., WAY TO CAPTURE THIS ELUSIVE OBJECT! Nice paw-clasps, too. Also, from your note, this is the very same squirrel we posted earlier, non?



  1. metsakins says:

    what a bleening tongue

  2. Katherine B – are you fostering this precious babe? Do you have a link to more photos of him? Kiss his belly for me.

  3. Ahn! And check out the fuzzy teal pillow of fabulousness! With attached squirrel! He looks like he belongs in graceland with that pillow. He’s all like, thank you, thank you very moische…The SQUIRREL HAS LEFT THE BUILDING!!

  4. Kaitou Juliet says:

    Ooh, going by the orangey tummy, is that a fox squirrel? I love fox squirrels!

  5. Duvdevan says:

    Between my sweet breakfast (chocolate cookies), the asian babies foxies and this ANERABLE squirrell (the tongue action, the praying hands, the puffy tummy and the whiskers), I think I´m gettin into diabetic comma…

  6. I was starting to think squirrels didn’t have tongues….how wrong i was.

  7. Oh the little skwirrel is adorable. I lurves his little tummy. I would kiss it but I’m afraid I would get clawed to def. Unless he’s tame of course.

  8. S K W E R L!!! He’s TOO precious, just look at the paws! And the TONGUE!

    *head asplodes*

  9. Margaret says:

    I heart the velvet schnoz.

  10. Theresa says:

    And NOW, thomthing we hope you’ll *really* like. 😉

  11. Furbabies says:

    skwerl tongue! i loves me some skwerls.

  12. Skwerl!!! I wants me a skwerl!!!

  13. book_monstercats says:

    And how, pray, do you get a sqwerl on a blue blankie? With his belleh up? I reeeeeely need to know.

  14. Michele says:

    Too Cute! I raised a squirrel from baby to old age as I was growing up. What a hoot! Gave him a peanut can on its side with shredded up tissue to sleep in, he took the tissue out, righted the can, and from that day on used the can as his potty! Smart critters!

  15. donutbill says:

    Squirrels have TONGUES?!


  16. WELL! How about a tongue twister, then?
    Larry Hurley, a burly squirrel hurler, hurled a furry squirrel through a curly grill.
    Oh,… my,… that *is* a bit violent. Not to be taken literally, of course. Bad Larry. Bad, bad, bad.

    Class, squirrel is a great foundation word for tongue twisters. Now get busy.

    And speaking of grills, at our last cook-out, after we’d had a few, we discovered a tongue twister, which was, “corn holders”. Horn colders, corn hurlders, doohickey handle thingies! My fingers are burning off!

    Kyoot squirrel! Of course! This *IS* CO.

  17. Theresa says:

    Eeeeeeek! This was the lil skwerl in der pants!!1!!

  18. Khadouj says:

    and that belly there is full with nuts

  19. Skwerl tung!

  20. at first i thought the skwerl was floating on its back in a SWIMMING POOL!

    and i was thinking … do skwerls FLOAT!?

    then i looked harder and realised it was only an aqua-coloured furry cushion.

    *waves hands in front of face in sinuous fashion*

    woo… optical illusion.

    now all that’s left is the question that’s burning a hole in my brain:

    DO skwerls float?

  21. Awww, too fricking cute!

  22. I has a flavor.

  23. SeaBreeze says:

    Skwerl is so cute and so … GOOD at plotting to take over the world while lulling us into complete stupors over his incredible cuteness!!

  24. SeaBreeze – it could be worse, he could be undulating to music…

  25. Shannon Johnson says:

    That is so awesome! How anybody can get that close to a squirrel with a camera and not scare it must be really talented

  26. When, oh when, do we finally get the probosci category???

  27. It is a really cutie pie!

  28. jemanigh says:

    looks like the evil one that steals my nuts before I can harvest them …

  29. But we’ve already SEEN proof that squirrels have tongues! Although ridiculously cute, this isn’t a milestone, sadly.

  30. Is it just me or does this squirrel look like he’s posing very sexy and sultry-like? As if he’s in one of those squirrel calendars for hotties.

    I’m just saying.

  31. Yes, Marie! That’s what I was getting at he’s practically Elvis!

  32. leah b. says:

    That squirrel is praying that no one is real hungry or thats just so he /she makes sure each tock is equally clean

  33. Right on, Marie. He looks totally badass! “Come here, let me leek you. Would you like me to leek you like dees?”

    I think it’s also the lack of beady eye factor…

    And that picture of a squirrel licking ice cream?! WIN!



  35. ThreeCatNight says:

    Delicious little squirrel with that pink tongue and floofy belleh! Once again, another CO winner!

  36. zeldapie says:

    I like his big ol’ belly! Give him a smoochie on it for me, please.

  37. CanadianChick says:

    sooooo cute!

    I loves me some skwerls!

  38. Omigoodness omigoodness he is so floofingly kee-yoot i want to smoosh his pousches and flurf his fuzzle-wuzzles into a squirrelly pancake of poof